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    Re: Messenger Live Sign In

    You have to run the repair setup of Windows Live Messenger and then try back. Just go in Control Panel > add remove program and in that look for Windows Live Messenger. At the lower right side you...
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    Re: Company Profile Template

    You can do that but the process for the same is bit long. Also there can be some bugs when the template fails to load properly. I am giving you a link below that will give you more information on...
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    Re: Open xlsx in Office 2003

    It is not at all possible. You have to upgrade Office to 2007 to run the most latest file format. Or else it just a waste of time. It is necessary that you must upgrade. Any Office 2007 format does...
  4. Re: "The Ultimate Steal" deal Licensing Terms - Multiple Computers

    If you are getting any of those edition you can simply go for the same. Microsoft releases this kind of offer at a time period on some editions only. This edition allow you to get more license on...
  5. Amcap (USBPCCamPlus) doesn't seem to work, does it work for you?

    I need some help here in using AMCAP software on my system. I am using Windows XP. I am using the same on my laptop and it works well. Now for my desktop I had bought a usb webcam. I had copied the...
  6. Re: Does Office 2007 contain Microsoft Office Document Imaging?

    You have to add that separately. But if you need some better than I can removed you more. Microsoft Document Imaging gives you some limited features only. There are some nice software like DocPoint,...
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    RE: Windows Movie Maker file won't open

    adrin, Did you get a response to this? How did you fix it?
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    SBS 2008 - SQL sa password

    This is SBS 2008 Standard server box which is running without any problems. Due to some reason I want to install Bit Defender server and use the default installation of SQL instead of loading SQL...
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    Locate the RAS properties and ensure that it is...

    Locate the RAS properties and ensure that it is you are getting proper response from the dhcp. So somehow if the dns fails to register the same you can get the problem. This is not a complicated...
  10. MS Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 Sticky/Stiff Spacebar Fix

    I recently replaced my old MS Natural Elite Keyboard with the brand new Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000. I was happy to get this keyboard but after setup I found that the pace bar was stiff and sticky. I...
  11. Re: Which drivers are needed for 3 Base System Devices and 1 NetworkController on Dell Inspiron E1505


    Here is a small update i wanted to share. I just installed all the drivers from using Service tag and after that the internet connections is working and Network...
  12. Which drivers are needed for 3 Base System Devices and 1 NetworkController on Dell Inspiron E1505

    I am having a Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop. Due to some Virus problems i needed to re-install Windows XP on the same. I just did fresh XP installation after which when i went to Device Manager i saw...
  13. Configuration error on Xbox360 extender and Windows Media Center V

    I am having a laptop that has windows vista home premium in it. There is a internal wifi in the same. I had also installed a netgear router at my home. Now I am having a xbox 360. It is connected to...
  14. System error 58 on using shared disc through XP on Vista server

    I am using a 64bit version of Windows Vista. It is the central server on which different clients are connected. There are some 32bit XP computers also. But after installing SP1 on Vista server I am...
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    It looks like a IIS problem to me. I think you...

    It looks like a IIS problem to me. I think you will need to boot back normally and verify the settings of IIS. I hope that would help you more in dealing with the problem that you are facing. There...
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    I will not recommend you to go with some kind of...

    I will not recommend you to go with some kind of automated process. It is better if you try to do all those stuff manually. It is simply going to help you much. Later on you can run a forest upgrade...
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    WSUS 3.0 clients failed with error 0x80244019

    I am working on a very large network. There are around 300 computers. I am not sure about the other branches there will be more. Now the problem lies with WSUS. There are some set of updates which...
  18. office 2007 error file currently in use please try again later

    This is a Windows Vista Business 32 bit computer connected to a Windows 2003 64 bit server domain. Whenever I try opening an excel file from server I Keep getting an error message saying “File...
  19. Error: 0x80070079 The semaphore timeout period has expired.

    What does Error: 0x80070079 stands for. I got this when I was trying to copy some files from a external hard drive. I have a SeaGate 320 GB external drive. I coped around 50GB of data at one time...
  20. Re: Outlook 2007 Error "Either there is no default mail client....

    It is a registry bug. Even when the software is installed Windows is unable to identify it due to wrong values in registry. You have to remove outlook and go inside registry. Type regedit in Run box...
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    Re: unmountable boot volume

    Looks like some serious issue with your hard drive. Go in bios and just check whether the hard disk is detected or not. You will need to check the cable connectivity also. Just open your system case...
  22. CPU on scheduler id 1 is not synchronized with other CPUs.

    I am constantly getting a popup message every hour on my screen. I am annoyed with it and not able to find out any solution to stop it. I need some help on the same. The error is related to some...
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    I think there is no way to use msp through gpo....

    I think there is no way to use msp through gpo. The configuration settings might really does not work. You have to try to create a proper config.xml file before pushing the installation and that...
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    Re: Time Sync on a Windows 2003 Server

    If you are facing a problem with time sync then you can try a fix that is available on the below link for download. You can find the same through windows update also. Just download fix and run the...
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    According to me if you go with recovery and...

    According to me if you go with recovery and remove the old mailbox then that would be better. You can also go with a manual process which is a bit time consuming but do not need to add any 3rd party...
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    An Error Event occured. EventID: 0x00000457

    Hi, I’m new to Active Directory. I’m receiving some error on the same and hence need you guys helps. When I ran the “dcdiag /v” I received the following:

    Can anyone please tell me what...
  27. Re: DHCP quit handing out IP Addresses after SBS 2003 SP2 Installed

    I think running CEICW will be more helpful in your case. There is nothing to much worry on the same. It is necessary that you must check out all the components inside Administrative services. If...
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    Re: Print Screen Function

    There are some nice screen recorder software that can help you. They also offer you printscreen features. They are called as screen capture tool. You can download the same from web for free and use...
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    I appreciate your help Manik. As you suggested I have enabled loggin. Since then I getting the following message: (0xd and 0x7) on the only 2 DCs. Still I’m not able to understand why there is the...
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    We are running a Windows 2003 server since long time with several users connected. Since past few days users started complaining for slow logon. When we started troubleshooting I found a load of...
  31. Re: Alt-Tab causes Windows hang-up when internet explorer 7 is open

    Hey guys, even i am facing similar problem. In my case it is worse than you because no matter i am running Internet Explorer 7 or not, my computer freezes every time i press Alt+Tab. My system specs...
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    Here are some useful links based on the error...

    Here are some useful links based on the error that you are facing. You can find ample of information on the same. It is not a big issue. You just have to check your logs properly so that you can find...
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    You are certainly dealing with some kind of...

    You are certainly dealing with some kind of problem with Active Desktop and I am having a link that can help you to deal with the issue. Check the link below and I think it will help you in fixing...
  34. Getting Access Denied Error while joning Windows 2003 domain

    I need some help with Vista RC1 clean installation. I am not able to work with the same. At my office I am trying to put my Vista laptop on Windows 2003 RC. When I try to put the same on domain I am...
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    Can connect to router but not to internet?

    I am facing problem with Windows Vista. It only desktop pc. It is newly assembled system and I had configure router on the same. I had attached everything and it looks all stuff is working fine. But...
  36. Vaio lost keyboard shortcuts for volume, brightness, etc

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ120P laptop. I had just finished installing Vista on the same. It looks to be working fine, but some keys are not working. The laptop has a volume and brightness button which...
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    Re: Difference between JPG and JPEG

    The benefit of using jpeg is that it offers you a nice output without loosing the image quality. The compression method used in the jpeg is far more effective on photographic images. So that colors...
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    Re: CHKDSK

    Go in Event Viewer. You will be able to find more information on the error you are facing. If you are not able to find out information on the same then you can try more advance tools. Like HDDscan....
  39. ad2mpegin.dll of Adobe Premiere Elements 2 ruins media Center PC!

    I am constantly getting error after installation of Adobe Premiere Elements 2 in my system. I am using a Media Center 2005 PC at my home. The setup was proper. At the time of installation there was...
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    wmiprvse.exe taking over server using %100 cpu

    I’m having a SBS 2003 running fine from a year. Since past couple of days I noticed some slow down in the performance. Today when I checked the task manager I found there were more than 30 instances...
  41. Msi error while opening a document in Document Viewer

    I am using Movie Maker in Windows. I got this error when trying to open a project in it and somehow it failed to open properly and crashed. I am not able to find any option to re-install the same....
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    Re: dsquery for users last logon time???

    I appreciate your help friend but when i tried running the same it gives me the following error message:

    You are connected to a domain that does not support this query.

    Now What? I just want an...
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    dsquery for users last logon time???

    Hope you guys understood from my Subject line what I want to know. I have already tried searching for the same on web but dint found a working solution. So if anyone of you have any idea about any...
  44. I am going to give you certain links below that...

    I am going to give you certain links below that will give you appropriate output on the error that you are facing.

    AD replication is not working with event 1865 logged
    Event ID 1865 — KCC...
  45. Re: What to do when windows/system32/config/system is corrupt or missi

    Try to restart your pc in safe mode. It is essential that you must restart your pc and choose safe mode with command prompt. In that simply type chkdsk /r. Wait for sometime. Checkdisk will simply...
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    I have a very old desktop running with Windows...

    I have a very old desktop running with Windows XP. I installed this OS about 4 years ago with an original windows xp disk. Now due to some reasons I need to format my entire hard drive and do a clean...
  47. Re: Help Please insert a disk into drive Device\Harddisk3\DR5.

    The issue can be due to some removable drive which is configured on your system. It is necessary that you must ensure that no removable drives are connected. Or else you will face issue. The problem...
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