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  1. Re: Which is better among Frostwire and Limewire

    Vuze is one of the most trusted and powerful bit-torrent client available. The pro edition of this client offers you direct dvd burn and play options. The tool comes with integrated search box that...
  2. Re: Facebook mobile users rate increasing day by day

    What I think this has became possible because of smartphone. Smartphone had given a better platform to people to interact with each other. You can chat, find friends, use apps, etc. It is now a...
  3. re: What are the benefits of upgrading new Linux Kernel 3.5

    Linux is widely used on servers and to keep them more proper, you must upgrade it. It is necessary to run all the latest updates that you find.
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    Re: How to send SMS from email?

    Hey, there is also one site which can provide this facility to send SMS via email. You need to only register in that and you can also send bulk SMS. If you want then the site name is “smsmail”....
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    Re: what is the use of Vocaloid software

    Vocaloid 3 is basically audio editing software. User can mix and match music along with sound. It is mainly used to make karaoke along with the instrumental music.
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    Re: HP Pavilion DV9715nr wifi issues

    In fact I too have a laptop HP Pavilion dv7 1103ef and I have since the beginning of his worries. These microphone mute appear when I conect to the internet in wifi. I made more thing on the net and...
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    Toshiba Satellite L305 S5919 do not start

    Hello, I have a problem with my Toshiba laptop, following a disassembly to change the battery in the bios, it does boot up and the power LED industry is content with orange flashing (battery or...
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    What do you think about Bulldozer

    As my title suggest what do you think about the AMD BullDozer Processor is it worth buying it. Till now what i am using is an Intel Pentium IV processor. But from last few days it has stopped working...
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    What is an ebay Partner Network

    Recently heard that eBay is offering paid advertisements. I am not at all familiar about the program just have heard of it. what are the terms and conditions of the ebay or similar kind of affiliate...
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    ASUS M4A87TD DRAM LED light Flashing

    I just build my first PC, start the DRAM red LED was on, so I changed my two bars of black slots into the blue slots. Now, the DRAM LED flashes! But I did not rely on memory switch. Both times I...
  11. What is wrong with the google PageRank update

    what to do with Google PR it Google is updating the Page Rank number of times in a year. Please tell me whether Page Rank which appears in the browser toolbar Matters gaining traffic. What are the...
  12. What is Social media optimization and how to achieve it

    Please tell me what is social media optimization i have been confused between the two please tell me what exactly can be considered as Social Media optimization. Even i would like to know what are...
  13. Re: Dell inspiron 1525 restarts after shutdown automatically

    Here again no success! Where was noted even when and where a computer can start. Spikes I will surely have shut down almost every time. What could be the problem is there a hardware failure please...
  14. Dell inspiron 1525 restarts after shutdown automatically

    After reinstalling my Windows XP Home comes recently my system is restarted automatically every time whenever i try to shhut it down. What can I say that is raised but not, for the same programs that...
  15. Re: ASUS TFT Screen Resolution changes on its own

    Did something similar to auto adjustment ... shows all this in the middle is so 50/50 does nothing

    Display off and, unfortunately, does nothing

    Because Graphic Card, fan-I've made are clean,...
  16. ASUS TFT Screen Resolution changes on its own

    I have been using the Asus TFT Screen So, the following problem I have. Run my screen resolution to 1680x1050. Latest drivers I've been on it about a week ago. Wherever he came out. Since 3 days I...
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    Re: HP Pavilion dv1000 won't turn on

    I already tried removing the ram, remove the battery and put in another. I still may be the ability to remove the battery from the motherboard but I'm not sure it solves my problem. If anyone has...
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    HP Pavilion dv1000 won't turn on

    Have a huge problem. Got my laptop shut down normally on Win XP An hour later I wanted to turn on again. Just as is happening now suddenly nothing. I am getting only a black screen and nothing else...
  19. How do I delete an app that still invites / installed partially

    I've downloaded an app but now there is "waiting" icon cheer all day already. If I let my finger down encouraging icon I can not delete it anyway. on itunes I've also tried but ego has not worked....
  20. re: How to change memory in compaq presario v5000

    Thanks for the installation and i would like to know the whoel preocdure to add the memory stick to my laptop as i am a novice please tell me how can i increase the memory of my laptop and also tell...
  21. How to change memory in compaq presario v5000

    I have a Compaq Presario V5000 laptop with Win XP Home Edition Version 2002, Service Pack 3. Components: Mobile AMD Sempron (tm) Processor 3000 +, 789 Mhz, 384 MB of ram. Now i need to increase the...
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    Need a Pay as you use plan

    Recently I have purchased a new Nokia E63 cell phone I am currently a Vodafone subscriber and I wanted to know whether there is a plan in Vodafone which allows me to pay as I use. Even I would not...
  23. Re: My realtemp is showing me a too high temperature

    You are working by means of your 920 at 4.3 and 1.325v. My 980 is at stock by means of 1.1v. I would encompass the similar opinion the cores in the 20's are extremely well, additional than two at 35....
  24. An error occurred while viewing pdf in iPhone 4

    Recently i downloaded some pdf files from a site. These files have the characteristic of being quite large (50MB). When I try to read a message says "The file is damaged, but under repair" followed...
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    Error " rejecting password"

    I configured the account in OE as prescribed and box, Login and Password Remove, and Re-typing anything. Receiving a message I was just wondering if any one had come across a fix for the above...
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    Canon SX130 OR Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7

    Need a Digicam but am confused between Canon SX130 OR Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS. Which of the two digicam is better to purchase. Formerly i have been using a SOny handycam. But now i think that i should...
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    Benefits of a amd 1090t system

    I had observe the 1055t owners additional I desire to know the Benefits of a amd 1090t system. I signify actually anybody up for starting one. Answer it and let’s get one started It would be a...
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    Need help to overclock the athlon I x4 640

    I just recently position this PC simultaneously today and am having a number of troubles by means of overclocking it. I am not innovative to Building PC's etc. Additional than have comprised by no...
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    Startup crashes on G3 Powerbook

    My pismo (firewire working with a 400 cpu for the reason with the intention of they are cheaper) would not start. It beeps 5x (1 long, 4 short or impressive in between), and does not chime. I have...
  30. Virtual pc XP mode Resolution error in windows 7

    I have been playing a lot of games till i upgaraded my operating system to windows 7. Finally i came to know that i can play games of windows XP even in windows 7 with the help of the application...
  31. My network card is not compatible to play fallout 3

    So a small number of days ago I determined endeavor the innovative DLCs for Fallout. I downloaded the GFWL client, completed a gamer profile thing and the entire by means of the intention of it. ...
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    Re: Dell Inspiron 1545 CMOS error

    I have a critical problem. My DELL laptop is not working perfectly up to the general Vista. So it is not fallen down yet other. I've tried to defragment it and check it for errors. Height -> blue...
  33. Need help to understand desktop environment

    The GNOME project was in progress in August 1997 to make available an substitute to KDE. The KDE is a free of charge software desktop surroundings by means of the intention of relies on the Qt...
  34. What about SSA and ZDPP issue with dead rising 2

    Well SKIDROW fractured the game previous to its release date, so too terrible for ZDPP. I be familiar by means of I am going to get flamed to death for the reason by the intention of of this...
  35. Which is better between altec lansing BXR1220 and VS2620

    The Altec Lansing have comprised and announced innovative speakers in its Value Series promising by means of the intention of low price does not encompass to equal low superiority sound. The VS2620...
  36. Does anyone google battlestations pacific Mustang Pack

    I am having one problem each time I hit it off for purchase it says a tribulations has occurred by means of this request. Give pleasure to endeavor the entire in excess of again later I be familiar...
  37. My Windows live games is not updating Dead rising 2

    The most recent update has broken the game for me. When I commence DR2, it opens up GFWL and says by means of the intention of there’s an update obtainable and if I do not apply the update, I would...
  38. Western Digital Scorpio Blue 2.5 inch 1 Terabyte price and specifications

    What is the price of the Western Digital Scorpio Blue 2.5 inch 1 Terabyte portable hard disk. I have been using a seagate hard disk 350 GB and it would be better if you can provid the specifications...
  39. My server permission and security settings are messed up

    I stupidly messed approximately by means of the sanctuary settings on my Western Digital external HDD. I endeavor to revolutionize the permissions for CREATOR OWNER, additional than received the...
  40. Acer Extensa touchpad stops working in Xorg 1.9

    I have comprised an Acer Extensa 5630EZ by means of an ALPS GlidePoint touchpad. I am working with Arch Linux 64bit by means of KDE 4.5.2 and Xorg 1.9. I have encompassed and been working with Arch...
  41. Web App working so even when running on local server

    I am receiving intermittent sluggish response times during presentation testing on a .net 1.1 web submission during a web service call and I am not certain what is the cause of it so I am speculate...
  42. Which gives better scaling performance CrossFire or nvidia

    The Nvidia currently began a bit of a price war by means of AMD. The retail prices for graphics cards similar to the GeForce GTX 470 and 480 are tumbling convey the fight to AMD’s entrance way. The...
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    Need help to upgrade raid

    I am wondering what my most excellent path is. Endeavor to install Dual Boot or clean install in excess of my present XP. My biggest concern is receiving Windows 7 to be familiar by means of and load...
  44. Need help with multicast specific interface on opensuse 11.2 vlc

    I am having a tribulations by means of the intention of I not be able to solve. I am endeavoring to watch multicast stream on a PC where I have encompassed generated two VLANs. The VLAN 1 I utilize...
  45. Weird Glitch in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer

    I desire there were a number of kinds of theater system in this game. Additional than extremely hardly ever some strange glitch occurs. It occurred to me two times at the same time as playing...
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    Need help with wd 4k sector on Debian

    Hi, as you are almost certainly aware by means of the intention of WD released innovative drives ranging commencing 1TB to 2TB by means of native hold for 4K sector size. And as the majority of stuff...
  47. Can I set a neutral partition between mac and windows xp

    I have encompassed a MacBook by means of a 500GB hard drive separation connecting Mac (400GB) and bootcamp (NTFS, 100GB, working with Windows XP). Regrettably I am utilizing old software which does...
  48. Need some information on the launch of 3G on idea and airtel

    Which time airtel and idea commence 3G in india. The Bharti Airtel Ltd. supposed it determine to launch third-generation mobile telephony by the finish of this year, attractive the third private...
  49. I need a series of images based on overclocking

    Many people almost certainly do not be familiar with what over clocking is additional than have comprised perhaps heard the term utilized previous to. To position it in its simplest terms, over...
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    Printer not responding error in Canon MP560

    I was using the canon MP560 printer in the Windows Vista operating system from quite along and there was no problem in that but recently i switched from that to the Windows 7 OS and suddenly the...
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