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    Re: getting redirected to

    I think that it might be an add-on that is installed in the web browsers, so you will need to open Firefox and go to its Extension area and check if any weird add-ons is installed. Just remove it...
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    Re: removing Vosteran search

    Vosteran search is a browser hijacker so you will need to reset Internet Explorer settings to get rid of this malware. Follow the below steps:

    Close any Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer...
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    Re: getting rid of QuickShare program

    There are many such tools to get rid of this kind of adwares. One similar tool is called Adwcleaner. This tool is completely free and once downloaded can be used directly, without dealing with...
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    Re: infected with virus

    If the above solution doesnt work for you then download Junkware Removal Tool. It is a handy and reliable application designed to scan your computer for malware entries such as adware, toolbars and...
  5. Re: computer locked after clicking on install.exe

    Even I was facing this similar problem but after some fiddling I was able to solve this issue. First of all shut down the computer and then turn it on again. Once the screen which requires the...
  6. Re: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\\nengine.dll module cannot be found?

    If you are having NewNext in your computer then it simply means that it is an adware. It might be removed from your pc but at the time of starting the computer, your system is calling it because of...
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    Re: removing trojandownloader.win32/adload.DA

    You can also use TDSS Killer software, just download it by searching it from google and install it in your pc. It is a tool to help you remove malware belonging to the family Rootkit.Win32.TDSS....
  8. Re: How to remove Conduit Malware with Microsoft Security Essentials

    Yes, it is true that Microsoft Security Essentials along with different antivirus are not able to detect and remove conduit kind of adware which is termed to be potentially unwanted software. When...
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    Re: enterprise.ww\ during install

    Have you tried to make a new folder on your desktop and then attempted to copy all the contents of the Office installation disk to the same folder and checked whether installing from the same folder...
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    Re: Runas error 1326

    If I am understanding your question properly then you are attempting to use the domain credentials to log onto a machine which is not a member of that domain and it cannot be done as such. On the...
  11. Re: windows cannot start cluster service in local computer

    This problem can be solved by modifying a registry setting to match the paired server. So, click on Start and then in the Run box type Regedit. After that go to this following registry key - HKEY...
  12. Re: internet connection drops continuously on Windows 8

    Have you tried to make any changes to your computer before the problem started. What is the make and model of the computer that you have? Do you also get any error message when you run the network...
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    Re: remove Trojan: JS/Seedabutor.C virus

    If nothing is working for you then you can install some third party scanners like Malwarebytes Antimalware software in your pc and remove this trojan. You can download the same software from...
  14. Re: Sony PRS-500 eReader Firmware update available

    Well, if you want your ebook reader to work with epub then you will have to send it to Sony to get it updated with the latest firmware. But for Windows support, you will have to get some special...
  15. Re: How to remove NIS 2013 with Norton Removal Tool

    I was able to remove NIS 2013 by uninstalling it from the Program in Control Panel through Add and Remove feature. After that I restarted my computer and then ran the Nortol Removal Tool. And when it...
  16. Re: How to remove MyPC Backup and Optimizer Pro

    I would recommend you to download AdwCleaner and save it to your desktop. After that close all the open software in your pc along with all the web browsers. Now try to double click on AdwCleaner.exe...
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    Poll: Re: Vote for Top Benchmarking Software

    Fraps is another utility which is designed for gamers to find out the number of frames per second displayed in a game OpenGL environment and DirectX games. This can be displayed as an overlay in the...
  18. Re: Getting rid of HackTool:Win32/Keygen trojan/virus

    Well, if the trojan virus alert pops-up in your computer then try to check the integrity of your files. For that you can run the SFC.exe tool that can be found on the microsoft article. Check the...
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    Re: problem with GetDefaultBrowserError:2

    Have you tried to test your Java Installation to check if the version of Java was installed properly in your browser? Just go to the link here - and then...
  20. Re: McAfee will stop running and goes to sleep, please help

    After some searching on the net, I found out that it is a very common problem which is faced by many people who are using this antivirus product. There was something told about this issue, like in...
  21. Poll: Re: Micromax vs Karbonn vs iBall vs Lava vs Zync

    Micromax has recently released its new A110 SuperFone Canvas smartphone which is one of the cheapest dual-core phones launching at Rs. 13000 approximately. There are also other smartphones like Spice...
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    Re: Crysis 3 game preview

    Well, you should be aware that to play Crysis type of game, you need to have a heavy gaming machine with a high end graphics card that can give better results of gameplay while playing. Crysis series...
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    Re: Dell N5110 not awaking from sleep mode.

    Have you tried putting your laptop to sleep with every other peripherals disconnected from all the USB ports. If it wakes up fine then one of your peripherals is the problem. I would suspect it could...
  24. Re: Asus VG278HE 27-inch, 144Hz Gaming Monitor Announced

    It is no doubt the first monitor in the market to pass the 120 Hz refresh rate, used in 3D displays. This new monitor offers not less than 144 Hz, which means that it would give just about 12 fps in...
  25. Re: why share option is there for youtube video, eventhough youtube is sharing website?

    Actually, when you have created an account on youtube, then it will give you options like, share your uploaded video to the general public or either with your friends only, or dont share any video...
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    Re: Opera 12 RC6 build 1467 patch information

    You will find a patch for Opera 12 by name Release Candidate 6 build 1467 on Opera’s website here. You can download this patch which will fix the problem of Opera 12 not working on computer if not...
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    Poll: Re: Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720

    It is definitely going to be a battle between Microsoft's Xbox 720 and Sony's PlayStation 4 in the upcoming month or year, since all news that come for this gaming consoles seems like a rumors itself...
  28. Re: Google improves security for Chrome browser extensions

    It will be really annoying to see, when we want to install extensions one by one at a time, but there is a tool called One click extension manager that will list all the extensions we have installed...
  29. Re: Adobe confirms no Flash Player support for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

    Although Adobe says that it will not release or support flash player for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean mobile phone, but there are mods for it that can be done by mobile phone users and developers which...
  30. Re: HP Introduced "Passport 1912nm" and "2311x" Monitor

    I dont get it because amazon is already offering the HP 2311x 23-Inch LED Monitor at $168.17 which is comparatively cheaper to what is mentioned here and even they are shipping it for FREE with Super...
  31. Re: Linaro Android is twice as fast ICE Cream Sandwich

    CyanogenMod already is one of the most famous ROMs modifier and by using their codes it can be possible to see a further improved version in the performance. Linaro team did a great job of optimizing...
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    Re: Panasonic DVR K17 ATA

    You mean to say that the HP dv6500 dvd drive is missing from the device manager? Can you try to do a hard reset of your laptop by removing the battery and then removing the dvd-rom as well, check...
  33. backup and restore Skype Contacts on Mac OS X

    If anyone wants to backup skype contacts on Mac OS X then they can also do so with a manual procedure given below:

    First of all go to this location where mac computer stores skype contacts:...
  34. Re: Turn iPhone or Android device into a laptop with Clambook

    Clambook incorporates a 11.6-inch display, a 3D Cinema Sound audio system, a full keyboard, and comes with a dock to connect an Android smartphone or an iPhone. It is unclear how it can work with...
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    Re: AMD Brazos 2.0 E-Series APUs launched

    It is noted that in the platform of AMD Brazos 2.0 a number of innovations designed are implemented to improve productivity and efficiency. In particular, it is claimed to achieve longer battery life...
  36. Re: I have a problem with Vista - Windows Explorer keeps crashing

    Hello fleart1,

    You are getting an error event 41 which is used to report that something unexpected happened that prevents Windows from shutting down correctly. Therefore, I will recommend you to...
  37. Re: Yahoo! Babel Fish is now replaced with Microsoft Bing Translator

    "We worked closely with Yahoo! to facilitate this transition. The integration of Yahoo Babel Fish Translator to Bing is a natural evolution for the use of this service", said the Microsoft Translator...
  38. Re: I have a problem with Vista - Windows Explorer keeps crashing

    Hi fleart1,

    What do you mean by saying "clock rate". Which operating system are you trying to install in your laptop by the way? Have you checked if there is a fault with the hard drive cable or...
  39. Re: Absinthe 2.0 Jailbreak Tool for iOS 5.1.1 Devices now available for Download

    Absinthe 2.0 works just like its predecessor, that is to say, very simply, since the procedure is performed with a single click, once the device is connected to your computer. But be careful to save...
  40. Re: VPN Error 5 : No hostname exists for this connection entry. Unable to make VPN connection

    I have found some information about this error that can occur in the case of Cisco VPN client crashing or the system restating unexpectedly when the client is connected to the local host. So to solve...
  41. Re: Internet explorer: Ulead MP3 Codec v 1.0.18 pop up message keeps showing

    There is a simple fix to solve the Ulead MP3 Codec v 1.0.18 pop up problem on Internet Explorer browser. All you need to do is simply disable add-ons on Internet Explorer startup and the problem will...
  42. Re: iPhone update server could not be contacted, but why

    There is a simple solution for this issue, refer to the below method:

    First go to start and then open Control Panel
    After that click on internet options
    Then click on the connections tab
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    Re: New Dual-Sim Touchscreen Handset Samsung D980

    At first glance, not too much of difference comes from this Samsung SGH-D980 Duos mobile as compared to the D880 mobile phone. The design and characteristics of the two devices are actually quite...
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    Re: Samsung SGH-i780 flagship business phone

    With the Samsung i780, the Korean brand has finally installed its first Bluetooth into the mobile phone and it's a PDA phone running Windows Mobile. It takes the form of i600, which has been very...
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    Re: Samsung Mobile Phone code

    Some more secret codes are shared below for the Samsung mobile phones that can used by users all accross the globe:

    Help Menu: *#9998*4357#
    Java menu (GRPS/CSD settings for JAVA server):...
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    Re: Removing write protected from USB flash drive

    There is also a tool called HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool that allows you to format a USB key or MP4 READER. It also allows to make a USB Drive bootable. Incase if you are using WindowsVista then...
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    Re: Samsung STAR S5233 mobile phone

    The Samsung Star S5233 mobile phone is a good range of Samsung touch phone with ultra complete features and perfect mix of beauty and technology. It is very thin of about only 11.9 mm, as this phone...
  48. Re: Magnetic sensor not giving desired result in Motorola DROID XYBOARD 8.2

    There are lots of sensor test apps that are available in the android market that you can use to test the Motorola DROID XYBOARD. With new devices it is possible that app developers need to tweak...
  49. Re: Samsung Instinct S30 vs. Samsung Instinct M800

    Something that I noticed in the original Samsung Instinct while comapring the other one was that, under the fun menu, there is a permanent Nascar button and a permanent NFL button which are listed...
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    Re: internet not working on htc wildfire

    Well, I would recommend you to flash the phone back again to its stable version of android operating system. The problem might have risen due to the phone flashed to cricket which is some...
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