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  1. Re: After updating to ios 5, wifi unable to work in iphone

    Not to be indifferent of such suggestion and understand their attempts to assist us, nevertheless please note that none of the probable troubles loading / hardware / / use of the network, so that...
  2. Need help with changing default shutdown dialogue box in Mac OS X Lion

    As populace are discover, you cannot "entirely disable unchecking Resume Pref> General> Reset the windows when leaving the application.

    Although this curriculum vita is not controlled, they still...
  3. Re: Keyboard light does not work in MacBook pro with Mac OS X lion

    I have the identical trouble - the keyboard backlight does not work at all, and only observe the top half of the preferences display keyboard shown above. Pressing F5 or F6 has no consequence, and...
  4. Re: What is difference between AT&T model and unlocked HTC TITAN?

    I do not know if any other owners of Titan euro we are experiencing this, but I have a great guy and an unlimited data plan with AT & T, because the device is not recognized on your system, if I were...
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    Re: HTC Titan Frequently reboots

    I've had this identical trouble - and I just received yesterday the phone! I'll wait for a response from HTC before flashing a ROM but was disappointed by the fact that your website does not even...
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    Re: New Broadband Plans

    I went and got the BSNL BUSINESS PLUS UNLIMITED COMBO 3300. However no details of this particular plan. Does anyone have any information on rates and facilities of this plan?
  7. Re: After closing Airtel Broadband, Got Reliance DSL Broadband

    Yes I have experienced a similar dependence. It is good that he drove them all these days the consumer confidence rapidly disconnects accepts wonder why? May not need as much work as
  8. Re: Airtel broadband internet connection frequently disconnecting with Linksys Modem router wag 120n

    Used to disconnect haphazardly for a few days after I got this router, nevertheless since then has been steady. Is there any noise on the line? Have you tried to raise a complaint with Airtel?
  9. Re: 4mbps unlimited @ Rs 999 New plan offer from Airtel

    SPECIFICALLY asked About FUP! He said yes boss, are totally unlimited FUP free! I asked."That's for all of India?" Said it’s not only for Hyderabad and its surroundings. I asked why? The beam that...
  10. After removing my channels, Tata sky unable to refund my money

    I have been using Tata Sky connection for a while. And led us in this regard, especially for the last few days Malayalam channels. From I realized that Tata sky channels removed 3 Malayalam. I was...
  11. Re: EPG App for Java & Android Phones has improved

    I just installed the android electronic program guide application on my handset. Nevertheless the application in the Android version is completely dissimilar from the screenshots released by you....
  12. Re: New channels going to be added in Videocon D2H DTH

    Nevertheless why would anyone go to the downscaling as a high-definition channel perfectly normal for an HD one? Utvstars should load for high-definition feed, as is their food only. Downscaling D2H...
  13. How to upgrade 10.5.8 to Mac OS X Lion with new internal MBP Drive

    Been trying to bring my 17 "MacBook Pro Core2Duo in the 21st century, but the lack of 90GB disk space is small so it is difficult. Not enough space on it to load the new operating system or backup of...
  14. Unable to save user preferences in Mac OS X Lion

    From the lion update my user preferences are not saving. In Mail, to keep the setting to display classic view, but defaults back the next time I use it. In iTunes, With Snow Leopard I would have been...
  15. Re: Unable to print in Mac OS X Lion even after completing troubleshooting

    Everything seems in order, except for the stopped state, and I expect this is the result of the print job is in error and therefore to pause the print queue. If resumed the print queue and attempt...
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    Re: How to restore ical from time machine

    Nevertheless I cannot seem to discover the folder Support / iCal. Am I doing something wrong?Anyone facing the similar trouble than let me know.Any solution for this than please share here
  17. Re: How to disable auto restore with TextEdit in Mac OS X Lion

    When I go there, the library / / Container / / Data / Library / Application State Saving / folder is vacant. No file there. Even if I open TextEdit ,...
  18. Programs frequently request for password in Mac OS X Lion

    OS keychain asks me for mail, address book and Safari. This did not start immediately after installation of Lion, but I wonder if these updates are performed when the Lion group programs are...
  19. Re: In MacBook pro Mac OS X LION System temporary freezes

    Did you know a clean install or an upgrade of Lion through SN? What is the console saying? (Applications> Utilities) to keep it open until it freezes and paste the errors once more in the forum. And,...
  20. Re: Need help with disabling secure trash with MAC OS X lion

    Next, choose Apple menu> Force Quit. > Finder and click prelaunch. Any improvement? If not, put back the file to be moved to the desktop, replacing the latest creation in its place, and then restart...
  21. Re: How to unhide file in finder using Mac OS X Lion

    Do you have backups of all data on disk? If not, the primary thing you do is a backup. Let me be acquainted with your trouble. So I will be able to help you out.
  22. Re: Need help with Apple Remote Desktop, VNC and screen sharing in Mac OS X Lion

    So this means that it is able to use OS X Lion Screen Sharing to access my quad core in my old XP box with Real VNC Free Edition, unless you pay out money as a. Windows VNC server, which supports the...
  23. Unable to use Samsung M2 750 GB with MAC OS X lion

    I bought a Samsung external hard drive M2. Samsung icon is visible in the Finder; it's not that nothing happens. Success that I have attributed to my laptop with Windows and automatically download...
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    Re: HTC Vivid Benchmark

    How does the device actually feel? He was incredibly gentle when he played briefly with him. I necessitate people to put less weight on the benchmarks.
  25. Re: Unable to use Amazon mp3 downloader in Mac OS X Lion

    Have you checked the Amazon page for the Program Compatibility with Lion? And, curiosity, do you need the software to download your purchase (I've never bought any music from Amazon)?
  26. Re: What is the need to boycott the HTC vivid for AT&T USERS?

    I'l just start off by saying I am not a developer and do not know much about boot loaders and from one to the Captivate Vivid, I see a difference in favor of development. Is it really so bad?

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    Linux mint won’t detect network

    My experience with Linux Mint so far has been a pleasure. I love the interface, I love how fast you run, and I love that it's free. But for the love of God, I think I'll go sweeping the streets if I...
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    Re: Gnome help missing in Linux Mint 11

    Yelp is the built in help system, right? The use I be able to acquire an mistake note more."The file xxx could not be parsed because one or more of its included files is not a well-formed XML...
  29. Re: Unable to get sound using Nvidia 9300m GS via HDMI in Linux mint

    Can you twist HDMI audio somewhere on the NVidia X Server Settings program?

    inxi –Gx
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    Unable to move windows in Linux mint

    So I was getting trying to install an OS X theme in Mint 11 (64 bits). I go after a guide made for Mint 9, as it was the only one I could discover. In the process, and I'm not convinced what I did, I...
  31. re: Is it possible to auto logout in Linux Mint ?

    I tried to put the "TMOUT = 300" (which is just a trial value) in the / etc / profile and / etc / environment file - only one at a time - nevertheless none of these worked. I’m more or less at a...
  32. Re: Unable to use Reveal Service in Mac OS X Lion

    Is first suggestion is what does not work for me. When I click on the title bar of the mistake "The" Reveal "service could not be used." File window. Any other thoughts to make this work once more?
  33. Re: How can I adjust screen brightness, contrast and gamma in Linux mint 10?

    What kind of laptop do you have?

    Every laptop I've had has been a key combination to regulate the brightness of the display. On the one hand, I'm in now is to the keys you have what looks like a...
  34. Re: IOPs on storage device is pegged by VMware View Desktop

    I have never seen vmx difficulty. The major storage troubles I have ever seen have resulted from AV dat downloads or exploration. Is it the identical desktop or desktop computers in a different way...
  35. Re: How to automount share as system user or non root in Mac OS X Lion

    I was now capable to "wake up" to the mountains and make it perceptible once more by issuing a command "automount-vc" in the shell as root. It took a minute or two for all folders to be visible...
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    How to fix Dashcode in Mac OS X Lion

    Has anyone else experienced crashing Dashcode in Mac OS X Lion and if so, have you established a clarification? Anyone who can help me to overcome this issue.
  37. Re: Getting Error with keychain -can’t be verified in Mac OS X Lion

    Obtaining a secure certificate –

    To obtain a password, you have to first get hold of a certificate of signature unless a third party, such as VeriSign or Thawte Communications. Certificates are...
  38. Re: Opera accidently included in MAC OS X Lion

    I've never installed Photoshop Elements. Why do I see my menu operates in Development? Internet Explorer version 7, 8 and 9 are also shown. These are PC applications only. How could they be...
  39. Re: Unable to install Mac OS X Lion due to improper file Permission

    I tried this. It works for most files. A series of files gives a respond "permission is not permitted."Here are some other problems: with an application, I get the message: "Please make sure you have...
  40. Re: Where to find Spaces management in Mac OS X Lion

    I a bit of space, but I'll make some arrangements with the comments of this post. I hope to have some guidance from my back .who actually use every day Thanks
  41. Where to find Spaces management in Mac OS X Lion

    In Mac preference lion in the system, where to locate the space management? If anybody know about space management than help me.
  42. Re: After updating to Mac OS X Lion, Mouse Pointer Disappear on my second monitor

    Same issue here. Since upgrading to Lion, the cursor begins to disappear from time to time. If I try clicking on the desktop and the application that runs a couple of times (blind), the cursor will...
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    Re: Cannot access Canon MF8450 from Mac

    As for Lion, Canon has indicated that it can be printed from Preview or Text Edit with UFr2 v2.25 driver. So for the PDF, we suggest you use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to produce an official...
  44. Re: If time machine is enabled, Mac OS X Lion Crashes

    Does this happen only when a backup is running?

    Does it occur at a different user account? (If you do not have one, create a system via Settings> Users and Groups). You can also attempt checking...
  45. Re: How to Start Application from .dmg in Mac OS X

    I want to start an application only once to export the information I have in a proprietary format to a text file. That's why I would like the implementation of a DMG, because I have no plans to use...
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    Re: How to Show hidden files on Mac OS X Lion

    I do not observe this function within the software, simply program all hidden files. What I want is to observe some of them as my css js that are hidden. I do not want to see everyone as DS Store ....
  47. Getting video stuttering when using VMware workstation 8

    After upgrading to video Workstation 8 was fine, however as soon as updating the tools I get video VMware stuttering (sticks sandwiched between two frames) after about 5 minutes on a number of video...
  48. Unable to resolve font conflict in Mac OS X Lion

    I noticed that my iMac OS X Lion (10.7.2) was running a little on the slow side, the applications were beach balls a lot. I remembered reading somewhere that the font management problems can slow OS...
  49. Re: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 and Corsair TR3X6G1866C9DF

    Do we have BIOS settings for the table sniper G1 (Corsair TR3X6G1866C9DF) (Kit of 3 x 2048) 1.65V?
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    Re: Getting BSOD with Corsair CM3X2G1600C9D6

    Old I know, probably dead, but I have the same computer, in the same place (ugh) and I have a club that has died. I have emailed on this cyber and I'm awaiting a response.

    Would sun if I called...
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