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    Re: The Sims 3 Showtime Genie Children

    Kind of off the subject, but the same thing happened to my Sims, got pregnant when they were a Vampire and changed back to human, they had a vampire baby! Freaky little baby. When I was trying to...
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    Re: PC Tweaks for Syndicate Game

    I have turned off the DoF and motion blur and but I unable to find where I have to disable the awful bloom effect. By disabling the bloom effect these game looks very good, as I noticed in a video. ...
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    Re: How to get Special Miis on Nintendo 3ds

    I've got a few gold pants Miis, they're regularly of celebrities or characters and can be acquired via a QR code; though I think most of them were available for a limited time only. Does the Japan...
  4. Re: How to troubleshoot General Loading and Connectivity in Zynga Hidden Chronicles

    I cannot load the Colonial Hong Kong scene. I have tried several times, and it takes my energy and shows that it is loading. Then it never loads even after waiting for a very long time. Second every...
  5. Linksys WRT120N Wi-Fi Connection Speed Settings

    I have bought a new Linksys WRT120N router which is having some issue with the Wi-Fi network. When I connect any smartphone which knows the N speed then the connection speed is only 65mbps which...
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    Which is the best launcher for Kindle Fire

    I am looking for some launcher for Kindle Fire. Where can I find the same. I had seen my friends having android tablet and they are able to apply new launchers in it. But I cannot add anything in...
  7. Re: Unable to download drive for AMD Phenom II x4 965

    My configuration is as follows

    Asrock M3A770DE ATX
    Storage: 1 TB Samsung Sata
    Amd Phenom2 x4 965 3,4GhZ
    8 GB DDR3 Ram
    Cooler Master Hyper 212
    GTX 560Ti
    Corsair CX 600W v2
  8. Unable to download drive for AMD Phenom II x4 965

    I have an AMD Phenom2 x4 965, 3.4GHz, 125W and from starting only I am getting random BSOD with various Error codes shown on my screen. I think its third party driver issue. Actually I tried to...
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    Acer Aspire AS5755G-6823 Build Quality

    i am planning to buy new laptop and i was wondering if anybody had any experience with Acer Aspire AS5755G-6823 laptop .please share your experience with this laptop.
  10. A/C Power Cord Connection is loose in Dell XPS l702x

    Recently brought Dell XPS l702x, It is losing A/C cord connection frquently . Battery charging working absolutely fine. I move the laptop. Is this normal? Anyone have any suggestion on how to fix the...
  11. Tascam US -800 is unable to work properly in OS X Lion

    I bought a Tascam US-800 interface for audio / MIDI to replace the US-122 that stopped functioning when I installed lion.

    I'm using it with Garageband. It works fine the first time you start /...
  12. From where i can get ibSystem.B.dylib in OS X Lion

    I'm trying to make use of Dashcode in OS X Lion .But getting message unable to find my "ibSystem.B.dylib." i think it should be in

    / Developer / use / lib /

    But I checked and do not exist....
  13. Re: Auto negotiated failed with Dell Powerconnect 5548 on Macbook Pro/imac 27

    Attempted disabling the switch, and have yet succeeded in getting self-working link. Should it be possible in the current firmware to disable this option and have self-link to work appropriately?
  14. Re: Dell Dimension E520 unable to recognize Samsung SATA HDD

    A thought, I have removed all peripherals except the monitor, keyboard and mouse?A Stop error 0x0000007B also indicates that the unit damaged / failed hard.Observe if you will be capable to run the...
  15. Dell Dimension E520 unable to recognize Samsung SATA HDD

    I'm trying to reinstall the operating system on my Dimension E520. The operating system (Windows) does not distinguish Samsung SATA hard drive in it. Samsung does not have the drivers on your site...
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