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    Re: Wifi lan card vs usb wifi dongle

    I am using a 150mbps usb dongle on my pc which has a projector connected to the same. It works really well and there is no issue on the same. I am quiet sure that you can go ahead with a wifi usb...
  2. Re: Windows 8 boot fail after adding a new 1TB Seagate Hard drive

    Your boot order might be changed due to which you are getting the issue. You can fix that through bios. Just go in the bios and look for changing boot order priority. You have to use the + and - sign...
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    Re: Want help in fixing a damage dvd

    Well it will be possible but you have to try various methods. It is very important that the dvd surface must be clear and readable. Or else it wont work well. You can try out by using some kind of...
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    Re: What to do if computer does not turn on

    This happen sometime. You have to leave your pc aside. Check the cable first. Try to connect the power cable to your monitor and connect it on the power socket. Turn it on. If there is a light on the...
  5. Re: Loud cpu fan sound while uploading video on YouTube

    It can be a common thing but if the sound is continuous then it means your cpu is not working properly. The fan on the same is not capable of draining out maximum heat and you will keep on getting...
  6. Re: How to manually change hard drive of Macbook Pro

    You will have to buy a compatible kit that will give you tools to open the macbook. Without that it is not going to work. Macbook is not like regular hardware. It is different. It is slim and has...
  7. Re: Want advice on buying a reliable photo printer

    If you go for quality print then you wont get good cartridge output. You can go with standard one that can offer you enough printing output. Epson Stylus Photo R2000 is a good model that brings many...
  8. Re: Disk usage 100% instantly after updating Windows 8.1

    I am quiet sure this is some kind of virus issue due to which you are facing the problem. You have to scan your system for the same. You can use a bootable antivirus cd for the same. Because I am not...
  9. Re: Slow file transfer through TeraCopy in 16GB Kingston Pen Drive

    My old pen drive has already stopped working. For usb hub there are some which comes with power adapter. You have to simply hook the same and you will get more speed. I had got one from ebay which...
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    Re: How to use a motion controller on a pc

    Razer Hydra Portal 2 Bundle is more like a wireless joystick. I am not really sure how it can work on system which are not having any motion based game settings. The controller has a simple motion...
  11. Re: Can I cool down a hard drive through a external fan

    Very high temperature is not good. It looks that your drive is not getting enough power to work. You have to use dual usb connection for your drive. Many drive comes with dual usb cable. You have to...
  12. Re: Sandisk released the first 4TB SSD drive

    Optimus MAX 4TB by Sandisk is actually designed for data servers. That means for those who need reliable storage solution. Still today many data server are running on regular internal hard drive. The...
  13. Re: HP Z1 All in one Desktop for photo editing

    It comes in different models. Like you can go with Core i3 or Core i5 or Intel Xeon processor support. Check the configuration before buying. For your job go with the model that gives you NVIDIA...
  14. Re: Does external sound card process audio better than internal

    External sound card brings limited usage. Internal are more accurate and long lasting. External sound cards are usually designed for laptops. Because there you have less option to open up and upgrade...
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    Re: Normal cpu temp of Alienware X51

    Alienware X51 is a portable computer. This system has a very less space for air ventilation. I think the cpu fan can be the issue or there is too much dust inside which is blocking the hot air. And...
  16. Re: 80GB IDE hard drive connected through raid card not working

    You had bought the wrong card. Raid are used for backup and they need identical hard drive. You cannot use them on drives with different sizes. You can find more ide pci card which are cheaper and...
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    Re: Which 2.1 speaker is best for gaming

    Antec has a Rockus 3D Speaker System. This speaker system produce amazing sound output. But I am not really sure whether it is available in the local market or not. I think this one is the best...
  18. Re: Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 vs NZXT Phantom 630 Gunmetal Grey

    The benefit of buying NZXT Phantom 630 is that you will get a removable tool-less drive bays. Many high end cabinets comes fixed. Due to which if you have a long gpu then it is a bit problematic to...
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    Re: Accidentally formatted the wrong drive

    You should always take care before doing that. Last month I had accidentally deleted my important formats. I was formatting my pc and forget to take backup from My Picture. The camcorder which I use...
  20. Re: Planning to buy Razor BlackWidow Ultimate Gaming keyboard

    Razor BlackWidow Ultimate is a very costly keyboard. I t is ideal for those who are gaming freak. You need something really high end for their gaming work. But if you are a casual gamer then it is...
  21. Re: Which portable heat-sink for can be good for overclocking

    You cannot go for any portable fan or heat sink if you are planing to overclock your pc. It will be extremely complicated to cool down the processor. And regular heating can permanently damage your...
  22. Re: Error 0x80070057 while formatting SSD on Windows 8.1

    The drive might be damage. You said it is a new one so it must not give you any error at the time of formatting. You have to contact the seller to give you a replacement for the same. Just for...
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    Re: Microsoft Excel fails to detect printer

    I had configured my printer on cloud. Through this anyone whether the printer is installed or not can access it easily. I had added the printer on Google through cloud ink. And I share that through...
  24. Re: Budget fan with heat pipe for a overclocking system

    You have to pay around Rs.3000 for a good cooler. And by adding a bit more you can simply get a good liquid cooler. Like Corsair CW-9060010-WW Cooler. This one comes for Rs.4500.
  25. Re: I Really Need A Hardware Techs Help On This One

    If it is a dead psu then the system will not boot. There can be various reason behind the issue. We will check then one by one. First disconnect all the extra hardware connected to your system. Like...
  26. Re: Cost of Cosmos SE Computer case by Cooler Master

    The case cost around $169.99 in international market. Now it will take some to get the same in India. I hope there will be more options available through which we can simply get the case ship to our...
  27. Re: Printer with high ink output for heavy duty Printing

    You can find good models under Dell. It is a mono laser printer with good quality printing and affordable solution. It allows you simple network connectivity options. You can also perform a fast...
  28. Re: Need help to make a new fan slot for gaming pc

    The best thing you can do is simply get a new cpu case. There are ample of great case available with full size atx design. Buy a bigger one this time. it will give you more space and proper air...
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    Re: Printer with OCR facility

    OCR software is far more better I think. Because here you can save a bit money. Instead of buying a full size mfp printer get a decent scanner and just use a ocr software to capture text from a image...
  30. Re: Suggestion for a good keyboard mouse combo for laptop

    At a budget price of Rs.1,300 you can go for Dell KM113. This a wireless kit that provide you simple yet effective operation. The design is simple and straight and I found it more strong in terms of...
  31. Re: Printer with simple web printing options

    The easiest way is using Google Cloud Printer. Through your gmail id you can configure the printer for online printer. It is necessary that the printer must be connected to internet. It must be...
  32. Re: Is it possible to wipe out HDD password from Dell Laptop

    Password lock hdd has a tiny chip on them. Which stores the password. It is not controlled by the motherboard bios. Due to which you cannot remove them easily. Especially for dell systems I had seen....
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    Re: What does HDD Smart failure means

    Smart is a internal feature that predict drive failure before it happens. So that you can take backup of your important data. Smart Failure mostly appear due to bad sectors. Try to run chkdsk once...
  34. Re: Want some help to assemble 7 case fan with reasonable psu

    I can recommend you some psu based on the needs. Seasonic ECO 500 Watts PSU is the cheapest one which comes under gaming series. It comes for Rs.3500. For extra peripheral it offers you 3 additional...
  35. Re: Toshiba working on 240 mb/s SD card for portable devices

    That is simply amazing. For a memory card this is a really high speed card that can process hd videos and movies instantly.But for that you will also need that kind of device which can process data...
  36. Re: Looking for a mini-tripod for perfect macro photography

    Table tripods are usually three leg tripods that offer you low height and bit of stability. IT is great for taking portrait shorts also. Tripods comes with a universal connector which is quiet easy...
  37. Re: Silverstone Milo ML03B vs Antec Three Hundred Cabinet

    Sliverstone Milo will be surely costlier for you. But you can go for a more cheaper one which I am using. It is BitFenix Merc Alpha which comes for Rs.3,000 only. It is a standard ATX case that...
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    Re: Kingston HyperX 3k vs Samsung 830 SSD

    Samsung is also not bad here.There are some nice models provided by it. I had seen some thin SSD's by Samsung offers a SATA 6 gbps interface with more better flash cips. The 830 series here belong...
  39. Re: Which 3.5inch hard drive will be good for a professional work

    I trust on WD here. I found it really awesome in terms of performance. There are series available in WD under Green, Blue and Black series and all of them are different depending on the requirement....
  40. Re: CPU fan making noise while playing games

    I will recommend you to open the system case and use the blower to remove the dust from it. Regarding the fan noise it is necessary that you change it. You can contact some technician to fix the...
  41. Re: What is the reason behind system reading low memory

    There can be some software level fault also. My system was not reading another 2GB RAM. I was having 4GB in total. I am using Windows. I found a solution on Microsoft site that really worked. On...
  42. Re: Asus Zenbook UX31A keyboard key stop working frequently

    If this issue is with some specific keys than I guess there might be dirt underneath those keys. I don’t have Asus Zenbook UX31A but I have checked out some pictures of the keyboard and it seems as...
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    Re: Logitech G700 Battery is rechargeable?

    I don’t think that using rechargeable batteries in Logitech G700 is not a good suggestion. These batteries tend to degrade after ten to fifteen recharges. Also if they degrade, they don’t just...
  44. Re: Getting BSOD continuously on Intel DH77DF with i3-2120T

    Since you mentioned that your computer crashes when you play video or some game. This two things need to have graphic support to operate properly. Many times it is noticed that an overclocked graphic...
  45. Re: SanDisk Extreme 240GB is not passing TRIM commands

    Actually I tried the SanDisk Extreme 240GB SSD with the series 5 firmware that the SanDisk had released some time ago. This firmware had upgraded the performance f the SSD by a noticeable level and...
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    Re: How to get apk on Nexus Q

    Yes you can install apk on Nexus Q but then you will first have to unlock it, root it. If you want then you can refer to the below steps:


    For unlocking Nexus Q you will have to use...
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    Re: High temps with Intel i7-3930K

    As you mentioned that you are using the water cooler in your computer to control the heat, I would recommend you to check the flow pipes that you are using along with it. Many times if the pipes get...
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    Re: Best speakers for Nexus Q

    I think JBL Control 5 will be a better choice it will cost your around $388, it is ideal for portable studio. Once can carry it anywhere they want, it has great power handling capability. The...
  49. Re: Firmware CC4H download for Barracuda 1TB/disk platform

    I must say, go for this firmware if your drive fulfill all the necessary requirement and criteria for downloading it into your machine. I tested the firmware in my ST2000DM001 and guess what? It’s...
  50. Re: How to disable APM on Seagate ST1000DM003 completely

    If you want then you can try using Hdparm, if you are not aware of the same then I will lie to inform you that Hdparm is basically a Linux native command line tool which is used for changing APM. It...
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