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    Re: Antec 1200 vs Antec 900 case

    I dont like either of those because they are pretty old and at a similar price you can get good cases around as well. In any case I would suggest you to go with the Corsair Carbide Series 300R case...
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    Re: Antec HCG 750W vs XFX Pro 750W

    If you have the money to buy the Antec-HCG 750W then you should probably go for it. There is no doubt that this psu will give plenty of powers for your components and you can even use 2 video cards...
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    Re: Antec Three Hundred Two vs Antec One case

    Go for the Antec Three Hundred Two Black Steel which would cost you only $67, which is also in your budget. There is no doubt that it is a wonderful case that comes with smooth and flat design in the...
  4. Re: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 driver needed for Windows 8.1

    You can try to install the latest updated version of Logitech Webcam Software for the HD Pro Webcam C920 from the official Logitech website here -
  5. Re: unable to format SanDisk 64GB SDXC Class 10 microSD card

    Many users were facing similar problems with this SanDisk 64GB SDXC Class 10 microSD card and in the end they called up their customer support and asked for a RMA or replacement for the card. You...
  6. Re: Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e firmware update failed

    I was searching for a solution for this issue and it seems that many users who reported this problem to Logitech support were told that there is no solution for this problem. The only possible...
  7. Re: How to charge PlayStation 3 controller in Windows 8.1

    I do not think that it is a driver problem because charging any kind of device through a USB port is not driver dependent. The computer will charge anything that you connect into a usb port. The...
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    Re: Samsung 840 EVO vs Kingston V300 240gb SSD

    I would recommend you to go with the Samsung 840 Evo SSD because it is the best drive you can find in the market and out performs the Kingston V300 SSD quite easily. But if you are looking to save...
  9. Re: problem with Atheros AR3012 bluetooth card settings

    Even I was facing some problem with bluetooth and Windows 8.1 on my laptop and the only fix for this issue was to update the bluetooth drivers. I also think that there is Artheros Bluetooth adapter...
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    Re: Leadex Gold 650W vs Antec TruePower 650W

    Yes, even I agree that the Antec HCG-620M is a good power supply that comes with modular cables which is quite easy to work with. You can easily fit the Power Supply securely without any pain to add...
  11. Re: Kingston HyperX SSD not recognized in my computer

    I would also suggest you to log into BIOS menu and check if the SSD is set to RAID or AHCI. If you are not running any RAID setup then most probably you will have to set it up for AHCI mode. Incase...
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    Re: Antec HCG-850W vs Corsair HX-750W

    I will recommend you to go with the Antec HCG-850W power supply because this is one the best units ever made by the manufacturer. This PSU had a 9.5 performance rating if you check its review on any...
  13. Re: usb mouse stopped working in Sony Vaio laptop

    Did you try to use the other usb ports on your laptop? Also, did you try to use other mouse on your laptop and checked if it is working fine or not? Have you tried uninstalling the LG mobile drivers...
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    Re: Antec Neo ECO 620w for R9 280X good enough?

    I also agree that the Antec Neo ECO 620w is a good power supply and the graphics card uses only a 250 watt TDP. The review of this Antec PSU is also good and it is also similarly build with the same...
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    Re: laptop's touchpad showing as PS/2 mouse

    I am thinking that this might surely be a driver related issue. So what you can do is simply go to the Device Manager and then choose Touchpad and right click on it to select Properties and then go...
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    Re: Antec power supply making crackling noise

    Can you first of all tell us whether the old Power Supply had any issues and therefore you changed the PSU? Normally, you are supposed to get crackling noise from cheap inductors on power supply. But...
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    Re: Wireless keyboard of Sony VAIO Tap 11 problem

    You might be having a USB recovery drive with you. I will suggest you to do a clean install and see if that helps. First of all try to press the Assist Button. Once it starts up then you will get the...
  18. Re: audio problem with Gigabyte GA-B75M-HD3 motherboard

    Can you first of all tell us what Operating System you are using? If you are using the Windows 64bit edition of the OS then try to go to the gigabyte official website and download the latest version...
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    Re: Antec Eco NEO 620w for GTX 750 TI

    I dont think that there is going to be any problems with the Antec ECO NEO 620w Power supply, it will run all your hardware components along with the new Gigabyte GTX 650TI graphics card pretty...
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    Re: AMD Radeon R9 290 with Antec 620W PSU

    The Antec High Current Gamer HCG-620W is a high quality power supply, so it should be enough to provide ample of power to your Amd Radeon R9 290 graphics card as well as other hardware components....
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    Re: Sansa Fuze mp3 player not turning at all

    Incase the filesystem on the internal SD is damaged then you will notice that you are in a situation where the database refresh in the OF hands and you will not be able to boot in the OF and canot...
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    Re: SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD slowing down

    You will require to check some settings for SSD speeding up. If IDE mode is enabled then it is much slower compared to ACHI mode. If you have a SataII interface then it will bottleneck the SATAIII...
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    Re: unable to eject a disk from Dell XPS One 27

    Can you go to Start and then in My Computer search for the CD/DVD drive in the list. Now right click on it and then choose to Eject and see if that works. It this is not working then check the front...
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    Re: blue screen with Kingston HyperX 3k SSD

    There was an article given on the microsoft website to solve the problem that you are facing, please follow the below troubleshooting method:

    For Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment...
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    Re: Kingston DT-101 G2 pen drive data vanished

    After reading your question, I think that your pen drive might have got infected with some virus. So, you will need to first scan your computer and drive with some antivirus software and then remove...
  26. Re: USB 3.0 external hard drive disconnecting constantly

    Can you let us know about your computer sepcifications, what operating system you have installed and what is your external drive? I was using a western digital hard drive that used to disconnect on...
  27. Re: Antec 302 or NZXT Tempest 410 Elite or Cooler Master HAF 912

    Even I agree that there is plenty of space in the Antec 302 cabinet and it is very subtle and sturdy. You will not find any cracks inside the case or on the outside as well. The front panel...
  28. Re: Error: Unable to determine volume version and state. CHKDSK aborted.

    Have you tried to re-run the chkdsk using different options like /f and /r? If still it doesnt work for you then you can try to reformat the drive and install a fresh file system. But all the data...
  29. Re: use cloning software for Kingston HyperX 3K SSD?

    In your BIOS setting if the hard drive is already running in AHCI mode then you are all set to go forward. Just try to get the cloning software and then clone the hard drive to your new SSD and after...
  30. Re: recover data from dead Seagate Barracuda 500GB Hard Drive

    Incase the Bios is not able to see your Seagate 500gb hard drive then you cannot do anything with the drive till you get it to be seen. The boot record will be problematic after you get past the BIOS...
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    Re: best between SSHD and SSD

    My friend is using a 500GB SSHD in this computer and has set it up as the boot drive. His system with Windows 8 boots very fast on the SSHD compared to SSD but there are some tasks when you perform...
  32. Re: Lifecam Cinema Webcam initialization error on Windows 7

    Even I was facing the same problem with my logitech webcam. But I was able to fix this problem, just go to Start and then in the Search box type regedit and then open registry editor. After that go...
  33. Re: Epson Stylus Photo R220 problem with Windows 7

    Can you try to clear the printer spooler files and then restart the service again. To do so, click on Start button and then type Services in the Search box. After that double click on Printer Spooler...
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    Re: Kingston HyperX crashes Windows 7

    What motherboard make and model do you have? Can you try to go to Bios and then check if the memory are running at 1333mhz by default, you will then need to do a manual setting to change its mhz in...
  35. Re: Seagate 3TB ST3000DM001 hard drive firmware problem

    The model of the hard drive that you have got a production error but it seems that seagate doesnt want to remove it from the shops. All the solutions given do not work at all. I did an update to my...
  36. Re: Windows 7 64bit driver for ENUWI-N3 wireless adapter

    Have you tried downloading its driver for Windows 7 64 bit from the official Encore website or even checked if there is any driver for this new OS? If this device is only able to run on a 32 bit...
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    Re: driver for unknown device acpi\hpq0006

    Download the Quick Button drivers for your Windows 7 OS from this link which will help you to resolve the missing driver issue. If you want Windows 7 to work with some old Windows mobile devices then...
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    Re: Toshiba portable hard drive error 0x80071AC3

    Try to run the chkdsk utility on your computer and see if that works. To do the same, click on Start and then click on Control Panel. After that go to Administrative tools > Computer Management >...
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    Re: overclock Kingston 1333MHz memory

    The overclocking will depend on a good CPU as well, which processor do you have? For overclocking the memory you need to set every settings manually which includes the Timings, Voltage, Divider, etc....
  40. Re: SONY DR-BT21G stereo bluetooth headset not working in Windows 7

    I have found that SONY DR-BT21G stereo Bluetooth headset is not compatible with Windows 7 operating system. I went to Windows 7 Compatible Center on microsoft website and found that this device is...
  41. Re: Corsair 300R or Antec Three Hundred Two Case

    Antec Three Hundred Two case accepts ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards quite easily. With its perforated front panel and the integration of two "TwoCool" fans (120 and 140 mm plus four option...
  42. Re: Antec EarthWatts 500W PSU enough for HD 7870 card?

    If you plan to do some overclocking of the CPU or the graphics card then you might require some extra power to +12 Volt continuous current ratings and then you will be fine for overclocking to meet...
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    Re: Seagate 4TB hdd showing only half capacity

    I guess that you will have to make that hard drive a dynamic disk and then use the GPT before you can use it in your Windows operating system. For that I am afraid you will also need either Windows 7...
  44. Re: SetPoint Crashes in Windows 8 with Logitech T650 Touchpad

    I was facing some problem with the Setpoint videos and k-lite and to fix this problem first I went to the Tweak Tool of K-lite codec and then open Preferred Splitters and then replaced "Merit" to...
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    Re: Antec Skeleton ATX case available

    I got one Antec Skeleton Black ATX Tower Computer Case and it gives nice Air Flow because its all open air thats why. It also got good lights and is very quiet on minimal settings. The best thing...
  46. Re: disable Logitech Couch M515 Mouse hand proximity sensor

    I should let you know that if you will follow the above suggestion to disassemble the logitech mouse that you have, then you will also void the warranty. So it is better to contact a Logitech...
  47. Re: after installing Antec Kuhler H2O 620 computer is not booting

    I think that you might have disconnected a cable or a ram stick or something else, the cooler cannot do this. You will need to check properly on the motherboard if anything is not connected. You can...
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    Re: HP Compaq 6830s battery failed

    I would like to suggest you to contact your HP web site and so that you can solve your issue. To do this go to the official website of HP and after that go to the product support and troubleshooting...
  49. Re: HP Officejet 7139 printer not working on windows 7

    I would suggest the following steps, so you can solve your problem. First make sure you or the paper feed tray into the printer is properly aligned and / or the regulator used to hold paper in place...
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    Re: HP Officejet J3680 cartridge error

    I've been through this same problem and I'd suggest checking the cartridges. The printer gives this error because the issue of the cartridges as well and I would suggest that to remove the cartridges...
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