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  1. Re: ASUS P8H77-I with Kingston HyperX Fury problem

    Can you tell us what CPU are you using? I am guessing that you will require a 3rd generation of CPU and only then you will get the full speed of the Kingston memory. You might also need to set the...
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    Re: Gskill vs Kingston Hyperx Savage RAM

    The Gskill Trident RAM are not expensive as compared to the Kingston HyperX Savage ones. But incase you are already using the Kingston memory modules then it wont be a good idea to go for Gskill's....
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    Re: MSI 970 Gaming vs Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0

    The MSI 970 Gaming comes with a good audio codec and Lan hardware compared to the Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 motherboard. Other than that both motherboards have similar features. But still I would rather...
  4. Re: kingston hyperx fury problem in MSI H55M-E33

    Did you try to set the RAM speed and timings? You will have to set them for all the RAM sticks installed on your motherboard and not for any single stick or pair of them. When you are mixing RAM...
  5. Re: How to find a processor that will not bottleneck graphic card

    I will not recommend you to buy anything that is recommended you on the web. The best way is to take advice from some person who is technically strong and understand computer hardware. I had seen...
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    Re: Antec VP 550W for GTX 760

    There is also another model named Antec BP550 Plus 550W which you can go for the GTX 760 graphics card. I have been using this PSU for more than 2 and half years now and it is working great till now....
  7. Re: computer fails to load because of overheating

    The motherboard that you are using is quite old and it uses the Pentium 4 CPU I guess. I think that it will better that you retire it and build a new computer. Although, if you have already reseated...
  8. Re: Biostar G31-M7 TE and Kingston Ram compatibility

    I was previously using that motherboard and also 2 sticks of Kingston 512MB DDR2 533MHz RAM which was not working properly. I found out that unless the CPU has FSB speed of either 533mhz or 1066mhz,...
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    Re: SLI on Abit IP35 pro motherboard

    I have heard that there will be some hacked drivers out in the market for SLI support in this motherboard but still now there is no information given out for till yet. There might be some company...
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    Re: antec 750w vs corsair 750w psu

    The Corsair TX750M power supply has a good air flow and it will always run very quiet and cool. Even if you overclock it will give ample of power for the hardware components. One of the friend had a...
  11. Re: NVIDIA driver 320.49 crashing constantly

    Many people are facing issues with the new version of the graphics driver from Nvidia that is not meant for the Nvidia 400/500 series graphics card. Also it was noted that this issue happens because...
  12. Re: Asus Maximus V motherboard wont boot with A2 error

    Even I was getting the A2 code error with my Asus motherboard. But I was able to solve it. I dont know why you cannot get into bios but I was able to get into bios and then I set my hard drives to...
  13. Re: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P problem with usb device

    Have you tried downloading and flashing the latest BIOS for your motherboard, you can download it from gigabyte's official website here -...
  14. Re: Intel Desktop Board D850MV long beeps problem

    How many beep sounds you are getting when turning on the computer? If it is long beeps then it could be definitely a RAM problem. This problem occurs due to some cheap RAM's used in the system. Can...
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    Re: ASRock Z77 Pro4 worthit?

    I am using the ASRock Z77 Pro3 motherboard but I actually wanted to buy the Extreme4. I have heard many reviews about Extreme4 board with good overclocking and higher quality. Also with ASRock Z77...
  16. Re: Enable Ahci or Raid mode in Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4P mobo

    When you start the computer then immediately try to press the dell button on the keyboard to get into the bios. After that locate the Integrated Peripherals section in the Bios and then try to change...
  17. Re: Gigabyte X58a-ud3r -Unable to write in usb 3

    I have just bought the same problem twice Nexstar 3 USB dock and when I connect to USB 3 will be shown and then connect unconnects connects three times under devices in windows and see the drives in...
  18. Re: How to check actual Model of corsair VS8GSDSKIT800D2 is CL6 or CL5?

    When installing or upgrading memory you need to match the exact type and speed. I know that the lower the number the fast the ram is. But when we compare the two RAM then we consider the memory size...
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    Re: Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H Rev.2.0 not working

    If you have done the upgrade BIOS then you need to use an chipset driver update task on it. this chipset of the motherboard has been not work if BIOS upgraded. Updating the chipset driver has to be...
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    Re: HP pavilion dv4 CPU not functioning

    I have the same issue. I took my computer to a repair shop. The expert person on that shop helps me to solve this problem. I think you also use this type of help for solving your complicated problem....
  21. Re: Advice about updating CPU on HP Pavilion 061

    If this is the process related to the over clocking then you needs to upgrade the BIOS of the desktop system. This upgrade task helps for improving the necessary task onto it. This will be work to...
  22. Re: How much ram do I need to run Sims 3 type of PC game? ‎

    I also think that this hardware is necessary but if you want to play this game then the 512MB RAM must be increment to the minimum 1GB. Otherwise it gives loading problem.
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    Re: Best Cooling product for a RAM

    The so much popular product helps to provide the solution over this problem. In that case, the CPU FAN is an best. Use this CPU FAN and for your kind of information this type of CPU FAN help to keep...
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    Re: Explorer.exe not booting. Need major help.

    Have you turned off the rundll32 in MSCONFIG from starting. If you have done so then explorer will never work.
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    Re: How to set different Alarms in Nokia X3-02

    Why don’t you read the manual for the phone? It must me mentioned in the manual that whether this is possible or not and if possible then what is the method to do that.
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    Re: Cannot start emachine E4252

    I would suggest you to first make sure that all the cables and wires are properly connected to each other. It is possible that there is some lack in connection. I would suggest you to most...
  27. Re: Components swapping on EVGA SR-2 motherboard for upgrade

    The highlighted thing of this motherboard is that it has two LGA1366 socket. You can run two processors on the same board. The performance is simply much better and nice. The new model in the market...
  28. Re: Asus M4A88TD-V Evo/USB3 Problem with no monitor signal, keyboard and mouse doesnt work either

    In some cases, there is possibility that the connectivity problem arrives on your system. yes, it could be possible that the kinds of monitor or the something else cable has been broken at the time...
  29. Re: Motherboards support Light Peak / Thunderbolt

    Intel is acting similar to a Bad Actor as of this moment and you're truly much right that there's no principal explanation why you could not venture to purchase what you desire to purchase. At this...
  30. Re: Need some feedback on Sandy Bridge Performance

    Sandy Bridge is here to add more performance and stability especially when the overclocking phase is developing fast. We face major issue due to heat only because of which systems broke fast. Nehalem...
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    Re: USB ports and Mobo USB ports on PC Case

    I also faced the similar kind of problem and that time I have not knowledge about it. The reset BIOS will be mostly I try to do but can’t work. Then I read this BIOS process on the official...
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    Re: USB ports and Mobo USB ports on PC Case

    The other way is to be use an latest driver of the USB port installation on this system. At the time downloading this driver task you need to use the proper process. There is also necessary to avoid...
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    Re: Help in Choosing GPU vs CPU Gaming Computer

    I think that the motherboard is also plays an important role on this gaming computer. The motherboard has to be providing the interface within the video card and the CPU. Hence we also need to take...
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    Re: Intel Xeon vs. Intel core i7

    Actually I was also about to take Intel I7 only, and the reason was the price, anyways thanks for the prompt replies you have made.
  35. Re: Windows 7 64-bit uses 10 GB instead of 12GB RAM

    I had the same problem, which is apparently common with the P6T. Then I decided to perform an BIOS update task on it and I do this task. In response this will be works. At the end it solves my...
  36. Re: BIOS showing BCLK as 99.8MHz instead of 100MHz

    Well I have small suggestion to give over here, so what I would like to suggest you is that in the cpu-z go to the over clocking tab and then disable the spread spectrum. So that’s what you need to...
  37. Re: Latest Fix for MSI K7N2 Delta2 LSR/Platinum Users

    My temp perusing is fine.
    Utilize speedfan for most obviously exact effects.
    Presently utilizing Mobil Bartona 2400+ running at 11.5x205 = 2357 MHz at 1.825Vcore full stack max temp 56C utilizing...
  38. Re: How To get rid of Google Instant Search Results

    We have already posted the thread too many times I think you haven’t search it ever before, anyways you can simply refer those threads for sure. And see if you are getting the solution or not, and...
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    Re: BSOD with ASROCK Z68 Extreme 4 motherboard

    If you still having the same issues please do try an substitute SATA cable, because I have found too many times as some cables are just not up to Sata3 drives thus you should try to utilize devoted...
  40. Re: Do ASrock Z68 Extreme4 have problems with their memory slots?

    I have just brought the board back to the shop and got it returned with a new one Slots #1 and #2 are faulty it appears that this is quite common in ASrock boards. It does often happen on the p67...
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    re: overheating MSI P67A-C45 Chipset

    according to me this kind of problem only occurs with the VGA cards they actually occupy two slots same as the geforce gtx 560. and if i will go and take the out the heatsink and will pertain my...
  42. Re: help on Asrock Z68 Extreme4 motherboard fan control

    For the third case that you are asking well they will slope up slowly.
  43. Re: Acer Aspire TimelineX 4820TG/5820TG share the same BIOS.

    According to me Flashing process takes about two-three minutes. After flashing BIOS, the laptop automatically restarts. Wait at least 5 to 10 minutes. Just stop the process if no response from the...
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    Re: Need power supply unit for dim e520

    I would suggest you to go for the corsair’s CMPSU – 750TX psu. As you have mentioned that you are a gamer and like to play games so I would tell you that go for this one. This psu is somewhat...
  45. Re: Motherboard supporting Intel C2D + DDR2 RAM

    Well are you sure that it has been damaged have you consulated any engineer or so if not just check it once and see if it can be repaired simply then you can get it done and well if it isn’t then...
  46. Re: unable to power up the system having gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H motherboard

    Make sure that CPU power connector is plugged in both the connectors. Also try to purchase a new psu. You can also take your system to any hardware shop for testing process. If your system is in...
  47. Re: system freezing on splash screen in gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 motherboard

    You need to replace the battery of your motherboard. Replacing the battery would certainly help. Many a times it is the battery that creates such problems. As far as I think there aren’t any...
  48. Re: system unable to boot up and memOK led is on constantly in Asus P8Z68-V

    I thing you need to follow the following steps for Clear RTC RAM.
    • Shut the processor and unplug the power cable.
    • Shift the jumper cap from pins 1-2 (default) to pins 2-3. Stay the cap on...
  49. Re: Unable to find free resources in MSI K9VGM-V and SB X-Fi Extreme PCIe

    You can do a BIOS modification lower than 1.8 and 1.0 above, there are many revisions. You can always go prior to 1.0 runs. Seems to be a USB device at random - sometimes the VFD does not work,...
  50. Re: Unable to install 1394 OHCI compliant Host controller

    Well I would like to ask you that have you installed any driver or so which would be causing a problem to you because I have found some of the cases in which the problem is been faced by some driver...
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