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    Documents.library-ms is not working

    Hi all, "Documents.library-ms" has stopped working. I can delete this library securely from my computer. If I delete that then it does not affect any other included folders. I am notable to save or...
  2. Exchange Inbox cannot be update in Outlook 2011

    I have installed the Office 2011 in my computer. We were doing Exchange 2007. When I added Exchange account then it populates every initial email of mine. But it would not populate some fresh email....
  3. Error 0xc0070643 while installing AVG Free Version

    I have a computer which doesn’t have the internet connection in that. So I downloaded the AVG 2011 antivirus from my office and take that to my PC via pen drive. But now when I try to install that...
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    Help needed for New Video Card

    Ok, I know very little about computers, just going to make that known. I purchased my current laptop with the assist of my friends who have some more knowledge about computers then me. I anticipated...
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    2GB single sided ddr2

    Friends I need a 2GB single sided ddr2 RAM stick but now I think that it is now desperate of searching for that. I have searched for this everywhere but not able to find that. I have the motherboard...
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    eSATA Hot-Swap?

    I want to make use of the 150MB/sec SATA drive in an eSATA enclosure. I want to do this so that I can plug and unplug this devoid of turning off my computer. There is some contradictory information...
  7. Phenom IIx4 955 showing as PhenomIIx3 b55

    I have recently purchased the Phenom IIx4 955 Black. I have also bought the correct box and CPU was embossed properly when I installed that. When I went to BIOS, then it shows me only three cores. If...
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    Slow internet on Samsung wave

    Friends, I have recently bought a new Samsung wave 525. It is a good in all the features but the only problem that I am having with it is with its internet speed. As it is having latest bada...
  9. I want to upgrade to Widnows 7 in my Dell Inspiron Laptop

    Hello, I wish to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium. I'll buy an upgrade. In short, can you tell me if the configuration of my PC is compatible with Vista:I bought an dell Laptop...
  10. Intel D865 Gsa Motherboard not supported in windows Xp 64

    I have been using an assembled computer for the past 2 years and attractive some care even as choosing the parts ended me to be content with the computer I took and in excess of the period of time...
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    System cannot be cooled with H70

    I did a little overhaul for my system and added a H70 in that. After doing all that when I started the computer then it was running at idle temperature of 40 degree and at the full load it increases...
  12. Driver cd is missing for canon MPC200 in windows 7

    I have a Cannon MPC200 printer it is a All in one. I recently upgrade to windows XP to windows 7. I have no driver cd of MPC200. I am trying to connect printer with my desktop. But there is some...
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    Windows XP cannot be repaired

    I am having some problem with repair installation of the Windows XP. When I do the same on my old computer then it runs fine but on my new dell laptop it is not able to repair the operating system....
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    Acer Aspire 6930 HDD problem

    We've had problems with our Acer Aspire 6930 laptop essentially since we got it and have had hard drive problems with it in the long-ago, and our warranty has currently expired. A fresh hard drive...
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    How to unlock the camera card

    Friends, my memory card for my digital camera is locked automatically. I don’t know what happened to that but whenever I try to capture any image then instead of storing that, it shows me the...
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    My system give warning of crack.exe

    After downloading a crack on e mule my anti virus avast warned me of a virus that I have not yet delete. But the screen of my PC turned blue, the PC was turned off. Since Avast stopped working, I can...
  17. Suggest a motherboard for AMD Sempron Processor.

    I have AMD Desktop Computer. It has Sempron 3300+is the only Sempron based branded company. The think is that Sempron 330+ processor it’s having good speed but 2 week before my mother board had...
  18. xfire_installer_43094.exe is not working

    I have installed the Xfire on my computer. Itv was working fine when I was using the Windows Vista. Now I have upgraded to Windows 7 (32x). Before installing that, xfire was working properly but as I...
  19. ATI Catalyst setting does match with windows resolution

    I installed win7 without a delay it detect my X-Fi great gamer card with no problems and even knows that I have a ATI Radeon HD4650 installed. yet, when I go to play a game, mostly with steam, none...
  20. System gets locked up while playing game.

    I have been having this problem for a small while,but put it down to the some virus. I had that problem so very understandingly helped me obtain do away with of. Essentially, When I play any kind of...
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    Error: Cannot find web page

    Hi all, I am using a computer that is running the Windows Vista 64 bit on it. I have also installed windows mail in it but my problem is that, if I get any email having any link on that and if I...
  22. How long will a HDD last if not used much?

    My friend is having Dual Core computer. It is working well. It has 250 GB internal hard drive but he is very smart boy. He is carrying his system around 210GB data. Now its system is running slowly....
  23. Needed Cisco 2501 Linksys router information.

    I have setup of two computers at my home. I want to setup a router for my desktop. I have seen Cisco 2501 router. Which is branded router manufacturer? But I had also seen D-Link router. I am having...
  24. Intel 82801FB ICH6 Sound Driver is corrupted.

    Hi, I have Compaq desktop at my home. I am using it since last 4 month. Its working smoothly, I have interested in Remix and editing of the songs. I have install Virtual D.J software. But last night...
  25. How to create wireless Network password in windows 2003 server.

    I have recently bought new IBM system for my office use. That for use only server client. I have also bought Belkin router. I have setup everything. But I want to be making more secure of my...
  26. Toshiba Satellite A505-S6005 Creating Recovery DVD

    Hey, friends I have purchase new Toshiba laptop. I am using in my office and there is my note book share to another computer in group networking. so its work fine but there is a one query. When I...
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    Satellite M305D-S4831: Screen goes black

    Hi all, I bought Toshiba Satellite M305D-S4831 laptop 53 months back. It was working fine till now but from last one week, I am facing some problem with the display of it. My problem is that,...
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    Unrecognized CD ROM device on Windows XP

    My CD ROM cannot be detected by Windows XP. To check for this, I opened the device manager and there below the heading of CD/DVD drives I found:

    SBOT KHM7C9URS SCSI CdRom Device

    I am not able...
  29. Cannot remove certain registry keys with Driver Cleaner

    Last week, I was uninstalling an Epson printer driver for the 830U. I found that there was an item called Epson Printer Software in add or remove program in the Control panel. When I clicked on the...
  30. Can’t see windows 7 pc's on network by new macbook

    I have bought a new core i7 macbook and a linksys wrt160n router. I have set a simple home network. When I first connected the router with the setup then I found that I was able to see all the...
  31. How to disable iTunes volume control for remote speakers?

    I have installed the iTunes 10 and it is very good to use. But I have noticed that the option from which we can control the volume for the remote speaker is missing from Preferences>Devices. I click...
  32. Slipstream Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Xp SP3 with nlite

    Friends, I want to use the Slipstream IE8 W/ SP3 with nlite but I don’t know the way to do that. For this I searched on many forum sites and got many solutions to do that but that were not helpful...
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    Intel DX58SO Throttling due to overheating

    Guys, I know that CPU throttling means that CPU makes itself slow to prevent itself from overheating problem. According to the IDCC, the temperature of my computer is 185 deg.F and sometimes I found...
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    Attach picture option gone in hotmail

    I usually attach a picture when I send emails to my friends. Earlier I was doing this by selecting the drop down menu which is there under attach and from there I can select the photos that I want to...
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    Nokia 2690 Memory card password lost

    I bought new Nokia 2690 last month and after that it started showing some problems and becomes very slow. They have given be the warranty for 1 year so I sent it back to Nokia and they replaced that...
  36. Microsoft Security Essentials does not auto-start on boot

    Hi all, I have recently owned my new computer and I want to use Microsoft Security Essentials. But the problem is that every time when I turn my computer on then I have to start the Microsoft...
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    Contact Birthday Date Bug in Iphone iOS 4

    Hi Friends, I am using iPhone iOS 4. The problem is that whenever I add any contact and try to add their birthday then the date for of the birthday moves by one day automatically. Like if I add a...
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    Re: Mass effect for pc... very low res

    When I play games on my laptop then I set the resolution to its highest value and then also I can see that cinematic look like someone videotaped it the original and put it to the game. If I play...
  39. Re: Need a way to monitor wireless bandwidth usage

    Thank you for your suggestion but I want to let you know that it is very natural to do. Any one will do that thing first and will not require any suggestion from anyone. But here I don’t want to be...
  40. Need a way to monitor wireless bandwidth usage

    I am sharing my DSL connection with my three roommates. Before sharing I made it clear that the major downloading should be kept minimum or I have to stop sharing it because that may slow down the...
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