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  1. Re: Disabled CD-Rom, DVD and Floppy "Administrator has restricted

    I found the issue lies with Intel Desktop Utilities. You will need to remove. There are some glitches which commonly cause the error. It is right that if you run a proper driver update the issue can...
  2. Run AVG AntiVirus with MalwareBytes real time

    I am right now running AVG Antivirus in my computer and I want to upgrade the Malwarebytes to the pro version. Actually, I have checked many articles that states that we should not run more than one...
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    Geforce GTX 680 Bottleneck

    I have purchased a new Gigabyte GTX 680 graphics card recently. When I checked in the settings then this card was already clocked a bit and was running at 1150Mhz. I was wondering that if I am...
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    Re: Skype not working on Samsung galaxy s3

    Not sure but I just came across a Samsung galaxy s3 user saying that to get Skype working properly, one must use their Skype account and not just the cell phone number.
    According to him, if you will...
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    Re: Best free downloads manager for windows 8

    Interned downloads manager is the best. It is compatible with windows 8. I used to use it on windows 8 and I have stick to it on windows 8 as well. There are many downloads manager that are...
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    Re: Best PC cabinet under 3 K

    Within your budget, you can check out “BitFenix Merc Alpha”. It is available for Rs. 2937. It’s the only one I see in your budget.

    Its key specs are as followed:
    1 Fan
    Mid Tower Cabinet
  7. Re: Best Motherboard for Intel core i5 3570k within 15 k

    Your system has pretty good components already except the board. So for the board I will suggest you to check out “ASUS Maximus V GENE Motherboard”. It is available for Rs. 15407, you will have...
  8. Re: Best Motherboard for Intel core i5 3570k within 15 k

    First of all you are quite lucky to get Intel core i5 3570k for free. Anyways can you just let me know details of other components in your system so that I can have better idea of it and will suggest...
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    Re: Counter Strike GO – Screen tearing

    What have you tried form your end by now to get the game working properly?
    Have you tried updating the graphic card to the latest?
    Have you tried turning on the V-Sync ?
    Have you tried playing the...
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    Re: Overclocking HP Pavilion G6-2005AX

    Yes it’s not safe at all. If I am not mistaken HP Pavilion G6-2005AX is known for overheating issues even when its gpu run on clock speed. 30 fps for games like Far cry 3, prototype 2 is enough....
  11. Re: Google chrome does not load webpages completely in Windows 8

    There might be something wrong with your browser cache, just try out below steps and let me know if that helps.

    Go to Chrome menu > Tools > Clear browsing data
    Check "Clear browsing history"...
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    Re: Bridge camera under 20 K

    Check out PANASONIC Lumix DMC-FZ62, one of my friends has bought it recently.
    Resolution: 16.1 megapixels
    Image stabiliser : Optical
    Optical zoom : 24x
    It is available for 17,500 only.
  13. Re: Windows 8 installation getting stuck at Preparing

    Its seems windows 8 installation is getting stuck at that point while searching for some device or its driver. I will suggest you to better run Microsoft Windows 8 upgrade assistant first and cross...
  14. Re: Error code: C00D1059 "Windows Media Player cannot play the file

    I want to know if the wmp format file that you have is having any copy right protection or something?? Have you tried playing those files using some other media player?? let me know if you get any...
  15. Re: App store on iPhone comes up with white screen

    Factory reset had not made any difference in my case, anyways a full restore seem to have worked. I can now access app store without any issue, so rather than performing factory reset and wasting...
  16. Re: Why is it recommended to use matched pair of RAM's?

    As far as I am aware matched pairs of ram provides better speed and performance. Even though the optimal speed of matched pairs might not be noticeable but if one really want to know about it, than...
  17. Re: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550's doesnt work in sli

    I want to know if you have installed latest graphics card driver?? If not then install them and see if your GTX 550's is getting recognized in sli mode after that. You should also update your bios,...
  18. Re: System freezing while gaming after Installing GTX 660 Ti

    If you have tried updating your graphic card driver and issue continues, than there might be surely something wrong with your card. You can try installing all recommended updates and keep your system...
  19. Re: System freezing while gaming after Installing GTX 660 Ti

    I want to know if you have installed the latest driver for your GTX 660 Ti or not ? If not than try out that first and check out if that’s making any difference. Just make sure that you are...
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    Re: SBS 2008 removing self Signed SSL Certificate

    The cert is likely still there, you'd just have to re assign it to each IIS site. I'd suggest just have a new cert re issued from Godaddy and install it again. Don’t worry, it will be free of cost.
  21. I think the problem is with NIC/driver issue....

    I think the problem is with NIC/driver issue. Just try updating your NIC drivers to the most recent version. Also ensure TCP, RSS is disabled on both client and server.
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    Re:Office update KB981715 will not install

    I have checked out for error Code 646 and have come across below article. You can try out the fix that has been mentioned there for fixing that error, best of luck.
    You receive error code:...
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    Re: Project Pro 2010 with Project Server 2007

    As you have a licensed version of Project 2010 you are entitled to install Project 2007 Pro provided you keep the 2010 box as your license for it. You can of course then uninstall 2007 and re-install...
  24. after expanding windows 7 partition Boot errors

    I have recently installed Windows 7 by partitioning hard drive. I used GParted Live and compressed the windows xp partition and increased the Windows 7 partition and after that when I tried to boot...
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    Did you bought the trial or Genuine with Product...

    Did you bought the trial or Genuine with Product key? If you dint got the product key that means either your copy is Trial or you got cheated.

    BTW, from where did you bought the copy? If they are...
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    refresh rate override problem

    I know that Windows XP has a inbuilt refresh rate override option but it conflicts either if I use it with nvidia's built in refresh rates override or the ATI Tray tools. If I restart the pc then...
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    mitsumi fx4831t drivers

    I have a Mitsumi CRMC-FX4831T cd rom drive and it is not getting detected into my pc so I needed drivers for it and I have searched it everywhere on google but wasnt able to find it anywhere. I also...
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    halo wars multiplayer info

    I wanted to know if halo wars can be played on multiplayer basis? So can anyone gimme some information about halo wars multiplayer gaming? Previously it was known that this game was playable on a...
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    Word/Excel slow to open

    I am using Windows XP and just had to reformat the hard drive that I have. I have reinstalled Office 2007 and it seems to be working properly, but everytime I am trying to open one of the programs,...
  30. Re: Problem with Conexant audio driver for Windows XP

    Hello eivuj. Actually there are Six different models under compaq presario C700, which one of those 6 is your model? You can find the exact model under your laptop.

    Until then just have a look at...
  31. First of all you will need to take backup of your...

    First of all you will need to take backup of your Outlook in pst file. Once you done that, download and install Outlook Express on your same Windows XP computer and import that PST file to the same....
  32. Re: HP dx2250 disable onboard video and install nVIDIA GeForce 6200 256MBDDR PCI Dual VGA

    I have also got a HP dx2250 Microtower and am also facing this similar issues. I was thinking that the monitor would have died but that was not the case really. I then found out that the onboard...
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    locking icons on windows desktop

    I have Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and I want to know how to lock desktop icon on it so that if you shut down your pc and restart it then the icons remains in the same place. Is there any icon...
  34. How to block facebook by using security polocies?

    I want to block access to some of the websites like Facebook and Youtube. I am using Windows Server 2003 and in my network there is Windows XP. There is one domain, active directory, etc as well....
  35. Re: "error 1304. error writing to file" can't install

    First of all there is nothing like NTFS or FAT32, instead it is good you have NTFS as it is the newer file system. Furthermore, on many occasions upgrading office with existing installed office...
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    Re: connect hp pavilion to tv

    Hey Jaysukh you can also try the following link.
  37. Yamaha FZ-S launched in India

    Not sure about the Yamaha FZ1 ABS bike but Yamaha FZ-S launched in India.

    After Yamaha Fz-16’s runaway success in India, Yamaha India has today launched its more stylized version, Yamaha FZ16-S....
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    Re: directx 10.1 for Windows Xp 32-bit

    Automatic updates is the best way to collect updates. I was also trying to install a game which was asking for directx update. But later on I simply ran windows update and the issue is resolved....
  39. "Suite Integration Toolkit Executable is trying to access the Internet" help

    Although denying the message of "Suite Integration Toolkit Executable is trying to access the Internet" from Zonealarm I keep getting it every time. Should I allow it and what is this used...
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    Re: GPO's to disable software installation?

    Even Microsoft has provided a knowledge base articles describing step by step process for restrictions on Local Computer, for a domain or for an Organizational Unit or a Domain on a Domain Controller...
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    Windows XP and Windows Vista for HTPC

    Hello all people.
    Just a simple question, What is the best Operating System for my HTPC. Thank you.
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    Re: windows\system32\sysclass.dll

    I don’t think there is anything in the registry that can create this problem because registry couldn’t affect a library file. As the error above suggests that the system file is either corrupt,...
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    no icons on desktop

    A small cry for help because when I turn on my computer, nothing appears on the desktop. Only the picture I put in the background are present. otherwise I can not access any program. Someone of you...
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    Download Total irRemote for Nokia Mobile Phone

    Download Total irRemote for your mobile Phone (Trial Version) from our attachments below. Unrar and copy and paste it in your mobile phone and as it a sis file go into your application manager...
  45. Re: Vista install problem - Now stuck on Startup Repair

    Did any of you guys tried to find out whats the actual problem that is preventing to install the 64bit OS on his laptop? Instead you guys are talking about something else. Better Check with Sony and...
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    Windows Live Messenger problem on Windows 7

    I have installed Live Messenger from the windows live site on Windows 7. After the installation was finished, Windows 7 started to freeze and my mouse and keyboard also didnt work. Now when I am...
  47. wanted to know the entrance examination date of engineering course in manipal university

    When is the entrance examination date of engineering course in manipal university ? What is the eligibility for it? Can anyone tell me? Thank you
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    Dual Screen TV issue

    I bought a Sony Bravia TV 32w4000 with a resolution of 1920 * 1080.
    I have a screen of 22 "in 1680 * 1050.
    I connect my PC screen in DVI and by my TV HDMI> DVI on a 8800 GTX
    I'm on...
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    Re: Nvidia Raid controller

    If it can interest someone (or not). I fixed my problem.
    A friend had an A8N Sli cm that were hanging in his home. I reconnected the above hdd raid, installed XP on a 3rd disk (because the OS on...
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    Nvidia Raid controller


    Can anyone could tell me if the RAID controller cards Nvidia nForce4 is the same as the nForce 630a? And if they are compatible? I spend an ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe (just burned) to a ASUS...
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