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  1. Re: Getting error code:”0xe0ef000e” while system recovery

    What hard drive are you using, if it is in warranty then you can probably get it replaced in the warranty period.
  2. Re: getting only 0.80mbps speed in Reliance 2mbps internet plan

    You can try to fill up the Reliance Customer Care form by clicking on this link - It will take maximum of 3 days to reply. If still they dont...
  3. Re: Is BSNL giving 3G mobile data packs at cheap rates

    Yes, it seems that BSNL mobile internet data plan are revised and it is now one of the most providing 3G internet at a very low rate. They also have the largest 3G coverage and are even expanding in...
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    Re: low signal issue with Tata Photon Plus

    If you have a good compound outside your home then you can try to purchase a router and then hang it outside your compound area. Or else you can also hang it on the terrace if you have that bunglow...
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    Re: Should I go for Reliance GSM or Idea?

    You can go for Tata Docomo which has good 2G data plan and better International Call rates with special vouchers at cheap prices. One of my cousin has ported his 2 numbers already to Tata Docomo from...
  6. Re: Idea Roaming from Uttar Pradesh East to Mumbai incoming call free plan?

    There is a Rs.73 plan that you can do via Topup Recharge for roaming incoming free and roaming outgoing to local/national @1.5p per second. However, note that you might be required to take the topup...
  7. Re: getting missed calls from scam numbers and when called back huge amount is deducted

    Even I used to get all this scam numbers and after searching a bit I found that those are all international numbers so DND or Do Not Disturb wont work on these mobile numbers in anyways. So, please...
  8. Re: Flashed Wrong Firmware on UTStarcom WA3002G4 ADSL 2+ Router/Modem? - Don't worry! :)

    You have to login to the Router page, the default user id and password will be admin for both. After that you will get menu with Wireless as an option where you need to enable the Wifi.
  9. Re: wlan setting in nokia siemens residential router 1600

    There might be some problems in the settings or else the router itself. So try to download and install the latest firmware for your Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600 and see if that helps. Just...
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    Re: Tikona wifi ssid name

    "tikonawifi" is the SSID but you will need an active Tikona userid and password to setup the 802.1x authentication. After that select EAP method as PEAP/MSCHAPv2. WPA2-AES is the encryption used and...
  11. Re: disable entering password to log into Windows 8.1

    You can try to use the AutoLogon.exe and enter your username/password from this link - Autologon enables you to easily configure...
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    Re: i have safe mode error

    Do you get any username that you can click? Try to restart your PC again and then tap F8 keys and then start with last known good configuration options and see if that works for you. If not then try...
  13. Thread: Disc managment

    by newtech

    Re: Disc managment

    Do not download any tools or whatever they are suggesting you, those are all scammers. Recently one FBI team were able to capture these thugs and were asked to pay a huge amount of money for looting...
  14. Re: How to use Everywhere TV of Tata Sky Mobile app for android?

    Well, I think that you need to be a subscriber to use this service which includes live TV, catch up and Video on Demand. For only Rs. 60 per month you will be able to watch 50 channels on your phone...
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    Re: MTNL DSL Combo 1249 plan question

    I like the MTNL broadband speed for whatever plans I have taken so far and they give what they promise for. I havent used the 4mbps 1249 plan but I was using another plan where I was getting 2mbps...
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    Re: Appcrash maya.exe

    Hi arihantjain26662,

    The error that you are getting might be related to the graphics card that you have installed in your maching. The same video card is not supported for Maya application and...
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    Re: Syscon DC++ Hub

    The application or the DC++ installation files can be found on the website after connecting the internet. Simply click on the folder DC++ Software and download a file called Axisdc.msi....
  18. Re: cant use binatone DT 845W wifi modem installed by airtel broadband for bsnl broadband?

    Did you try to downgrade the firmware to DT4W-A1.002? You can even watch the video on how to configure Binatone DT 845W for BSNL Broadband from this link -
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    Re: Hathway Docsis 3.0 broadband plans

    I had also recently heard about this new Docsis 3.0 network which is going to launch soon. Hathway clams that they will delive a Ultra High Speed broadband upto 50mbps in the South Mumbai side of...
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    Re: error 80242009 while Windows 8 update

    Microsoft has confirmed that there was some issues related to the September Windows Update of Office 2013 released for Windows 8 and have corrected the issue. Just go to the below links to resolve...
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    Re: clean install windows 8 on ssd

    I think that the small SSD drive in your laptop might be used for the Intel Smart Response Technology to boost up the performance of the hard drive, so you wont be able to install any OSes on it....
  22. Re: How to unblock File Sharing Website for BSNL Broadband

    Well, you can try to use a VPN or Proxy service. If you want to use the proxy server in your browser, then you have to open its options and then go to preferences and find the place where a proxy...
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    Re: Sonic MyDVD Plus driver problem

    You can fix this problem by removing the My DVD Plus application from your computer and then reinstall it by clicking on Start and then PC Help and then Tools > HP Application Recovery > Choose...
  24. Re: Pls. help me with system recovery in Windows 7

    What you need to do is set DVD drive as first boot device in Bios. After that start your computer with Windows 7 DVD inserted in the dvd drive and then press a key when it asks to boot from DVD....
  25. Re: Tools to automatically optimize Windows performance on boot

    I do not think relying on third party tools will be effective. The best thing you can do here is simply check your system bootup stuff. You can go in msconfig and remove all applications which are...
  26. Re: How can i remove "C:\ProgramData\TheBflix\background.html" from my Windows 7

    Can you check in the Control Panel if you have got something called Bflix, if it is there, then immediately remove it since it is the root cause of this problem. Just go to control panel and then...
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    Re: Windows 7 Home premium 64 Service Pack

    They are not abandoning Windows 7, actually what the thing is, Vista being their complete failure, made Microsoft realize to make a operating system that can stand in the leagues of Linux and Mac OS...
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    Re: Windows 7 Home premium 64 Service Pack

    It looks to me that microsoft has not made any plans for a Service Pack 2 for Windows 7 as mentioned in many news articles. The people working for same also dont have much information about it....
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    Re: Problem with 2 Operating Systems

    There might be some softwares like adobe or something else installed in vista which is not supported by Vista anymore and hence you are getting those error messages. You should remove Vista once and...
  30. Re: Windows 7 Page_FAULT_IN_UnpagedArea in normal boot only

    Well, the error message says it all that the problem is with the ram. You will have to download and burn memtest86 to a cd and then boot the same CD and run atleast 2-3 complete cycles on each stick...
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    Re: System Showing Blue Screen

    First of all can you please tell us which operating system you are using? Also what is your computer specifications? Stop errors (also sometimes called blue screen or black screen errors) can occur...
  32. Re: Unable to use Product Key to activate Windows 8 Professional Upgrade after a clean install

    Did you try to go to Start and then in Search/Run type "slui 3" without quotes and then put in the key that you have purchased. Incase, that is not working for you then you can try to contact...
  33. Re: Acer Aspire one win 7 starter restarting randomly

    So after installing the new operating system the restart problem also disappeared? I wonder if it is the case, then surely it might be some driver or some virus issue on the netbook which might be...
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    Re: windows xp error message bootmgr missing

    I think that Windows XP will not utilize BOOTMGR error. The equivalent function in Windows XP is NTLDR. Have you by any chance installed a Windows 7 or Windows Vista on your system and uninstalled...
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    Re: No ipconfig file.

    Well, first of all you didnt say us which Internet Service Provider service are you using? Normally, when you take internet services then you will get the ip address and all the other DNS details...
  36. Re: Acer Aspire one win 7 starter restarting randomly

    Are you having a Windows 7 DVD that you can use to try to do a repair on your computer? Also, you could try to uninstall the video drivers from your computer and then check if the issue persist....
  37. Re: Acer Aspire one win 7 starter restarting randomly

    Try to do the below:

    First of all right-click on the 'Computer' and then select 'Properties'.
    After that you need to select 'Advanced System Settings'
    Now you can click on the 'Settings'...
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    Re: Must have apps for windows 8

    These are most commonly used and must have apps according to me:
    Windows 8 Start Menu Replacements – One of your choices
    Fresh Paint
    Remote Desktop
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    Re: dell inspiron 5030 not booting

    What was the error that came up on the screen about the memory, can you post it here? Are you getting any type of beeping sound from the machine, if so then it may be possible that there must be some...
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    Re: Dell laptop BIOS password lost

    Usually, Dell laptops have factory locked BIOS for each of their machines that have some kind of service code that you have mentioned and all the password to unlock those are kept with the Dell Tech...
  41. Re: No compatibility mode tab in property dialog for Windows 8

    Could you tell us what games you are trying to run in Windows 8 and is it the final version of OS that you are using? If the game is not running then do you see any kind of error with the same...
  42. Re: Computer keeps on rebooting after installing avast!

    I want to know if you can boot in to safemode?? If yes then you have a better option rather than try systrecan try uninstalling avast from safemode. You just have to perform below task.
  43. Re: Windows 8 driver for Belkin F5D8055 Wireless N+ Adapter

    I want to know if you get any error message while you install windows 8 driver for your Belkin Wireless N+ Adapter?? If yes, than post it in your nest reply, it might help me in understanding your...
  44. Re: Windows 8 driver for Belkin F5D8055 Wireless N+ Adapter

    I want to know if you get any error message while you install windows 8 driver for your Belkin Wireless N+ Adapter?? If yes, than post it in your nest reply, it might help me in understanding your...
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    Re: Worms Revolution wont start

    First make sure that your system meets requirement of this game. If that’s not an issue than try updating your graphic card driver first and re-launch the game. You should install recommended...
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    Re: How to update Samsung gt s5233s software

    Use Samsung Kies 2.0, you might not be able to use all functions of Kies for your phone but you should not have any issue in connecting to internet and update firmware of your phone.
    You just have...
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    Re: Patch to run Ram drive on 98se

    You can try to add umbfill from umbpci package as a last file to your autoexec.bat which might be able to solve the memory grabbing from Windows. I also never faced any problem with my system with...
  48. re: GeForce GTX 570 SLI or GeForce GTX 670 for triple monitor

    SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7950 OC 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card ( 11196-02-40G) can also be a good choice but you will have to check out for their...
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    Re: Best motherboard for Intel Core i3-3220

    Under $100 below ones will be the best choice:
    ASRock Z77M LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - $89.99
    GIGABYTE GA-Z77M-D3H-MVP LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA...
  50. Re: Best Motherboard to overclock i5-2500k up to 4.4ghz

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO will be a good choice, anyways I wanted to share that motherboard does play important role in overclocking but its more to do with your cpu. Anyways under USD$150 I think...
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