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  1. Error 0x8007007b while activating Windows 8

    I am having a Dell desktop which came pre-loaded with Windows 8 about six months ago. It was working fine so far but i recently received a critical virus from an infected pen drive. Hence i needed to...
  2. Capcom has decided to destroy video game sales with the one-save game

    On the whole what Capcom has completed is a matter Mercenaries 3D game at a time. Once you've not closed all the goodies and played the whole game will not be proficient to delete the saved game data...
  3. Need to change user-compiled Master list of things for Motorola droid

    Hello everyone. So it was an adopter of the Motorola Q in its day, and a master list of corrections / changes of Q turned out to be very useful. I thought we could do the same for the Droid. Maybe...
  4. Unable to retrieve page in kindle based on page numbers

    Hi guys. Maybe my being new to Kindle cannot come as a surprise to the rest of you. First of all I love the Kindle for novels. But do any of you tried to use reference E-Books? I recently purchased a...
  5. Will Left 4 Dead 2 game be supported by OS Lion?

    I am currently running Leopard 10.5.8, which means I cannot play Left 4 Dead 2 game, which was recently given to me by a friend. Snow Leopard and Lion are the same price, I would get a lion, so I'm...
  6. Need to know about Ono character in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition game

    Could it be that the original AE SSFIV rumors that they were right in all others were right about the six characters as well? I remember that last fall, when someone was in the "know," Henry said...
  7. Want to select text from Email in Motorola Droid

    Hi friends I have just bought Motorola Droid last month which is an amazing smart phone. I have never seen such a smart phone before. Motorola really rocks. As I am just new to this phone there are...
  8. Blood stain on Alices dress in Alice Madness returns.

    Hello all! I was being gifted the Alice : Madness returns on my this birthday and I found it very interesting and just amazing. I love to play the game and I play it regularly. But I have a doubt...
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    The question is should I try STL or not

    You know I hate the usual Template Library. I disgust the truth that you cannot use DEBUG_NEW with him to locate memory seep outs. I also like all the STD: blah blah kind of obsession when no classes...
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    Sense User Interface 3.0 and HTC EVO 3D

    As the majority by now knows EVO 3D is creature I mean a phone made no Sense 3.0 platform. HTC had publicized that Sense 3.0 is going to be partial to EVO 3D, Sensation, and Flyer. HTC has failed to...
  11. Macbook Pro 13 vs Lenovo X220 which one you would go for?

    Hello there! I am bit confused about what to buy or what not to. Till now I had made up mind to purchase the Macbook Pro 1. But my mind changed when my one of the friend suggested for the Lenovo...
  12. Do you see "Whoa? Google Chrome has crashed" Try about: conflicts.

    If you are seeing "Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed" a lot, you may have malicious software or third party that conflicts with Google Chrome. To see if you have any known conflicts, you can write...
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    Re: String is not occurring in array.

    Thank you very much. What can I say about the error I am laughing on myself right now. That why had I not tried it removing the single codes. Thank you very much to all of you and also made me...
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    Re: String is not occurring in array.

    Oops ! sorry I forgot to do that but I will give you for sure. I was doing so but my friend advice not to disclose your code as it can be robbed and why to give your hard work to others and all that...
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    String is not occurring in array.

    Hi all, I am new to t he programming world and I am encountering a single problem while I am coding with the program. Guys I have developed the code and the problem is that I am trying to pass a...
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    Re: Want a bigger disk for Amilo PI 1536

    Thankyou all of you who have helped me out to change the HDD of my computer. I followed the suggestions of you all people. Seagate Momentus is awesome and it works very good it give us a very good...
  17. Sloppy and laggy mouse cursor movement’s with newer Nvidia drivers

    I'm not a kind of noob in PC and this is not my first rodeo. I used almost all mouse and LCD screen in the market. I am very sensitive to delay notice of entry. I'm not sure that the driver requires...
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    Want a bigger disk for Amilo PI 1536

    I am having the laptop. The number serial number of the laptop is PI 1536. I am using it from long back and it is working great. I enjoy working on it. Now I want to ask you all guys that I am using...
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    My Android is locked and forgot password

    Hello friends how are you all? Hope so you are fine but I am not fine as I have some kind of error which I need to solve it out as soon as possible and can get my work done. So please someone help...
  20. Windows 7 indexing incompatible with Bitdefender 2011

    I’d like to report a compatibility issue with BitDefender Internet Security 2011 and Windows 7 Premium 32-bit. I experienced this issue that was not there with Bitdefender 2010. After installing...
  21. I need Nintendo 3DS System Update 2.0.0-2U Information

    Hello my all near and dear friend. Hope so you all are fine as I am and making others also happy. I have Nintendo 3DS System. Its great and I am a big fan it. I have heard that its new update has...
  22. Bad streaming in Operation Flashpoint: Red River game.

    You realize that you can speed up a game and still make a good game in the process? I realize how to make this happen, for some reason negative developers these days, but is simple, the way to do...
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    Nokia X7 unlock code

    I was a Samsung user for around 2 years; recently I have purchased Nokia X7. I have heard about it, got the detail out of the net, made inquires here and there and then finally decided to get it for...
  24. Problem with PCI-E MSI Media Live in MS-7329 Motherboard

    My greeting to all of the members and the visitors of this forum. I have the PCI-E MSI Media Live (MS-7329 Motherboard) and I have some sort of minor problem regarding it so please help me out. I...
  25. How to bypass Android Activation Screen with Motorola Droid X

    Hello friends I have just purchased a Motorola Android phone. Look wise it rate it 80 out of 100. But I have one small problem regarding it, so I am here so seek some help from you all guys. So...
  26. Fail to connect with each other in Hunted: The Demon's Forge game

    HI friends I and my friend just purchased a new game called Hunted: The Demon's Forge. It’s a nice game but now-a-days we are facing a connection problem. We are not able to connect each other’s...
  27. I need help regarding Angry Birds Rio game

    Hi friends I have bought a new iphone which is amazing and has many good features. One day I installed a game in it called Angry Birds Rio. I have heard about this game a lot and my friends also told...
  28. Running 15dbi Omni Directional Antenna or ALFA Network 1w or 1000mw USB Campervan Project

    Hi friends as you all can see that I have bought a new 15dbi Omni Directional Antenna, well you can also say Omni directional antenna or USB Campervan Project. It is basically a wireless LAN access...
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    Conventional MP matches in FEAR 3

    Any explanation on custom matches for MP in FEAR 3? I have really wanted to ask the question regarding the MP gameplay. Custom games can be fun. Or even make some people of the clan, happy that we...
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    Cannot connect SBG on 8.0 console

    I'm having a problem connecting the web interface on a machine SBG 8.0. While I was trying to configure the certificate for the server you've selected is not certified in the interface options by...
  31. Google Chrome gives no error message when sync fails

    Whenever the sync process fails to occur, then it should give an error message. I have saved many bookmarks on my computer but the thing is that Google Chrome says that the sync has successfully...
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    Need to add extra RAM in Windows Xp

    A month ago I noticed that Windows Update had an HP Service Pack 1 of Windows xp appears as an important update. Not installed mechanically, and when I tried to install there was an "unknown error"....
  33. Unable to download apps from appliance world in my blackberry torch

    Hi friends I have just bought a new blackberry torch which is a smart phone but amazing. It has many unique features which I don’t think so that other phones may have. I use internet from this...
  34. Corsair Vengeance and Noctua NH-D14 heat clearances

    I'm building a base of sand bridge, using 2600K Processor, Asus Deluxe and CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 P8P67 Corsair. I am thinking of using the Noctua NH-D14, but the information technology supports are...
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    No players online on steam during EVE

    Hi. Want some friends or others to play online. Although I have a vacation and also others may have but still I am not able to find any players online. I am getting completely bored and thus I find...
  36. Some excellent games you are not able to catch

    There are basically 3 games which I was not able to get into it, they are
    Mass Effect - I bought the wrong version optimized for PC, played for about 3 hours. Conversation and exploration was pretty...
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    Completed any hardest game ever

    I wondered what was the hardest game that really stuck with you to complete and was worth? How do you feel? Now this could be difficult because of the sheer difficulty or frustrating or error ridden...
  38. Do you know that magnet affects the xperia play?

    I just got my xperia play and got a new case for it. I noticed that every time I put the phone in the case it came to life, even if the screen had closed down. At first I thought I had to do with the...
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    Unable to restart my computer

    I have a habit of using mouse in my computer for each and everything. But one day suddenly my mouse appears to be frozen. Its pointer was not moving at all. So manually I restarted my computer. When...
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    Cannot update X3-02

    Hardly a month has passed buying this Nokia X3-02. But now-a-days I am hearing so many problems with this model. Even I got a problem with it. When I was trying to update my phone, there were several...
  41. Need help to get Mozilla & set wallpaper on desktop

    I am using Internet Explorer for past many days and whenever I used to download any images from Google, it gives me a message that “Access is denied”. Then I tried to switch to another browser...
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