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  1. Re: Windows 8 default tiles missing from Metro screen

    Hello Atticus,

    If you haven’t re-installed the windows yet, I will suggest you to just try out clearing the Windows Cache. It is just like browser cache where you wont see the changes even...
  2. Samsung releasing Note 3 in India this month (September)

    This may be a good news for Samsung fans in India. According to a report that went online today, Indian users can have their hands on Galaxy Note 3 very soon. According to the report, Samsung is...
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    Re: Reliance offering 1GB 3G data for Rs. 123

    RCOM has launched 3 tariffs with the cheaper rates in 3G. Those are as follows:

    1GB of data costs Rs 123
    2GB of data costs Rs 246
    4GB of data costs Rs 492
  4. Re: File location in Windows Phone 8 smartphones

    Actually Lumia doesn't have any built-in file manager like Android, Nokia or Blackberry phones. You will either have to connect the phone with your computer using USB cable and navigate the folders....
  5. Re: Leaked images of Windows RT based Nokia tablet

    Here is the complete list of specifications for Nokia Windows RT Tablet:

    10.1-inch full HD 5-point multi-touch display
    Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution
    2.15 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800...
  6. Blackberry Messenger coming soon to Samsung Galaxy devices

    Couple of months ago blackberry officially announced that hey will officially release BBM messenger for Android and iOS devices. So far Blackberry Messengers were seen only on their blackberry...
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    Re: Download Plants Vs Zombies 2

    Yes, it is real. The developer POPCAP has already released the same but it is only available for iOS iPads, and not for any other device, neither for PCs. Now if you try to download on your iPad then...
  8. Re: Lumia error c00d5212, unable to play media file

    Thats not a big deal buddy, even there are many windows file formats which is not supported on iOS or Mac OS. We cannot do anything about that. What is possible to do is, either change the file...
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 WiFi Problem

    Who told you that this is Phone's problem? How many wifi connections did you tried?

    I mean, you experienced the problem with only one network or tried other wifi connections as well?
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    Poll: Re: Best CDMA Service Provider in India

    As of now these are the only service providers that offer best services. If you want to go with anyone among this, better choose anyone between Tata and Reliance.
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    Re: ipad2 not joining network

    Whose wireless network is it? Yours or someone else, hence he blocked you for the excess download. If that is the only reason you can talk to the wifi administrator to allow you again.
  12. Re: Unable to view age-restricted videos on youtube even after having over 18 years of age

    Hello Babette

    Here is something you need to try out to get rid of this age restriction problem:

    Open Safari on your iPhone or on Desktop and visit Google
    From the left pane click on your...
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    Re: Steps to expand text boundaries in Word 2013

    Just try out this. Go to Tools menu and select Options… Click on the View tab. Under the Print and Web Layout options section, place a check in the box beside Text boundaries. Hope it helps.
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    Re: Homegroup error "network path not found"

    Here are the steps to edit the settings of the network that you have connected to your PC or laptop with Windows 7.
    1) Click on Start and type ‘secpol.msc’ in the search bar at the bottom. Now...
  15. Re: Can we depend on stock CPU coolers for overclocking

    Liquid cooling can be a costly solution, but yet worth to go for. I am planing to get a cpu case that comes integrated with all the stuff. That would be easier. I am thinking to check some models...
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    Re: What can be cost of budget 1000w psu

    1000w is recommended for 3 way or 4 way sli. And also for system which are runing high number of hardware. I am sure you do not need that. Just get a good regular psu that would be more than enough....
  17. Re: iBall Andi 5C - One more 5inch display Android smartphone available for Rs. 12,999

    Here is the complete list of specifications for iBall Andi 5C

    5-inch (480×800 pixels) IPS capacitive touch screen display.
    Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) with Dual Standby
    Android 4.0 (Ice Cream...
  18. Re: USB or wifi tether working on Motorola Photon Q

    I haven't got my hands yet on Photon Q but i guess there will be some option for tethering as it is android device. Did you checked for the same in Options properly? oopss, you must have checked it...
  19. Re: How to install Office 2013 in Windows 8 CP

    Process is very simple friend. Just follow the below steps:

    Launch your Browser and visit to this URL:

    Now select Options from Home, Business or...
  20. Re: Tweaking Ice Cream Sandwich for better Performance

    There are no tweaking apps we can find on web. If there would be any I must have deleted a number of things from my Android ICS tablet. Somehow I hate those apps which collect regular updates. This...
  21. Re: Is it safe to kill all background processes in ICS devices

    Nope, i dont think there would be any problem by killing the background processes. Those are just unwanted processes running in background like it runs on Windows systems. But while killing those you...
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    Re: Nexus 7 App Incompatibility

    Ohh yeah.. you are correct. There are many apps and games which i have tried and dint worked are as follows:

    TETRIS free
    Quick ICS Browser
    NBA Jam
    Dead Space 1 & 2...
  23. Re: Why Yahoo Messenger keeps crashing on Ubuntu

    I wonder in future Yahoo might plan to release a version of its chat tool for Linux users also. You can find skype and teamviewer, but you can't locate popular Yahoo Messenger. Even you can find MSN...
  24. Re: Do we need to register with MTNL for using its broadband on WiFi

    yeah, that MTNL page is just for WiFi modem registeration. For your information when you apply for MTNL broadband, they provide you connection in two variants, one is wired line and other is wireless...
  25. Poll: Re: Do you use Desktop PC or a Laptop or Netbook or something else

    Well no matter how much technology is increased today or how portable gadgets are launching, i still love to work on desktop pc. Though you cannot carry your desktop along with you like netbooks,...
  26. Re: What are the common problem in using more than one antivirus

    This can be due to number of issue. I think antivirus do not like each other. I tried to install Norton over AVG, and it did not worked at all. I though adding up multiple antivirus will surely guard...
  27. Re: how can i know if my Asha 302 is connected with 3G or WiFi

    As far as i know, when you are connected on 3G data, your mobile should show a sign of 3G or H. And if you are connected to wifi, it will show up a an icon of 4 boxes. Am not sure about this but this...
  28. Re: is HTC and Facebook really making Facebook Phone

    yeah, that is correct. The CEO itself said that there is no sense in making a Facebook phone. instead he is planning to integrate Facebook with almost all smartphones. he wants FB to be the integral...
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    Poll: Re: Zen UltraTab A100 vs Funbook

    Even I will vote for Funbook. It is the best in low cost tablet pcs available in India. You get everything including HD video playback, good gaming experience, Flash, fast web browsing, number of...
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    Re: PC suite for lg optimus 4x hd

    Well me too always used Nokia, and i know everything about Nokia devices and its softwares. But just to help you and for my knowledge i tried searching for LG PC Suite. But i dint found any. not even...
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    Re: How to add Live Wallpapers on Windows 7

    Yes, there is another way that need expertise. You need to do it using a custom script. That also requires latest Java SDK version to be installed. You also need to make your sequence of images with...
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    Re: How to create easy mobile website

    There is a online site called as bemobilized. This allows you instantly convert your existing site to a mobile version. The service is free to some extent only. For full version you will have to pay...
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    Re: How to use Simplenote on iPhone and iPad

    Instead of going for any chargeable stuff you can find many free apps on App store. Search search in that category. I think there are ample of similar apps which provides the same type of...
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    Re: How to add Live Wallpapers on Windows 7

    Well, there are many ways to add live wallpaper on your windows 7 desktop but as you said you are not so technical, you can simply use a small software called ‘Dreamscene Seven’ and set those...
  35. Re: How to improve Windows Media Center Performance

    Switch to a lighter version of any open source media player. Like XMBC. This is the best I found and very light to use. There other also that you can try and the interface is more better than Windows...
  36. Re: Korean and Chinese fonts wont display in Windows 7

    Well its completely the problem with language pack. I think there is no Korean and Chinese fonts installed on your system. So in order to fix the same, you just need to install the same. You can...
  37. Re: Sony Unveils new Xperia P and Xperia U Android Mobiles.

    As per the specifications mentioned above, yes they are worth. Also if we analyze, all Xperia Series launched in 2012 are worth buying. They are not like the ones launched in 2011 with speaker and...
  38. Re: Iron Front - Liberation 1944 stopped working Error

    I have been through this error with my copy. I was able to fix it by simply restoring the game settings to Factory Defaults. So i think you should try out the same. It may fix your problems too. in...
  39. Re: Best between Audeze LCD-2, Denon D7000 and Sennheiser HD800 Headphones

    Denon D7000 is really impressive with the perfect stereo sound. Low and high in balance and good shooting makes you really get into the real music. It doesn't matters whether you are listening...
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    Re: iTunes Store running very slow on ipad 3

    Hello guys, actually the problem is with iTunes Match. If you guys have noticed (like i did) there was no such issues earlier than iTunes Match launched. Since i enabled iTunes Match, even i started...
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    Re: Best Company between Cognizant OR TCS

    I would say to go for TCS as if you see ranking wise after Wipro and Infosys its TCS and they also offer a pretty good salary as well as they give you job security. Thats not all, they also provide...
  42. Re: frames lock up while gaming with 3 EVGA GTX 470 SC

    I was also going though similar type of problem and updating the BIOS and running the graphic with its default setting does not helped me. I tried to find out the solution on internet and I came to...
  43. Re: Can we transfer warranty of dell laptop without previous owners name

    Hey pal try to call Dell customer supports over the phone, they will ask you for service tag. Provide them service tag which is back side of your laptop. You may have to call twice, it won’t done...
  44. Re: How to downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7

    You just need to do an fresh windows 7 installation like we do always. Put Windows 7 DVD, boot from CD, format your hard drive and complete the installation process. Simple.
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    Re: Is it worth to buy GoTech Android Tablet

    I agree to you upon that point but then I will like to inform you that the Go Tech has launched 9.1 Fantasy and 7.1 Fudge tablets under Funtab series by tieing up with Across World Education...
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    Re: Should i buy Macbook Air or Apple iPad

    Macbook and ipad both are the different devices. Macbook comes in laptop category And iPad comes in tablet. I am mentioning what are the differences between these two devices .

    So please kindly...
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    Re: Samsung Vs Dell 20'' HD LED monitor

    As per Samsung i'll suggest you to go with Samsung BX2031.

    It is a 20inch LED monitor that offers 1680 X 1050 resolution,
    rightness is 300 cd/m.
    contrast ratio is DC 10,000:1,
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    Re: Loftek sentinel-D1 can work with iPad3?

    I guess Yes, if Loftek CXS 2200 can work with iPad 3 (as mentioned in the thread URL you have given), than Loftek sentinel-D1 should also work with the same. There must be some app for the same...
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    Re: Configure a gaming cpu, budget 20,000 Rs.

    Yes piyushs96, you seems to have a great config if you got all these under 20K. But the config is good enough as per the gaming. I only doubt about the Windows OS you mentioned. is it Xp or 7?...
  50. Re: Defragment your hard drive automatically in Windows XP

    Create automatic Defragment with Windows XP:

    To set up an automatic defrag in Windows XP, as is the case in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you must create a scheduled task. Follow the below steps to...
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