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  1. Re: Tips to setup Media Center on Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Using XMBC for Media Sharing in Windows 10 Technical Preview -

    The next thing you can do is use XMBC as a third party software for sharing the media files. You have to install XMBC in all the...
  2. Tips to setup Media Center on Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Media Center is an easy to use option through which you can get several media streaming features on your pc itself. Windows 10 Technical Preview does not comes with any Media Center options by...
  3. Tips to deal with low memory message on Android Smartphone

    Low memory or insufficient space is one of the most common error that we get on any android smartphone. It does not matter if you are using a entry level device or if you are using a high end mobile...
  4. Tips to keep your system driver updated for maximum performance

    Drivers are essential part of every operating system. Each hardware installed on your pc works through drivers. Without a proper driver your system might face serious crash issue. Also blue screens...
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    Tips to customize Windows Phone 8

    I am going go give you some short tips by which you can simply customize your windows phone. Compare to android the phone is bit different. But has ample of customization options through which you...
  6. Re: How to create Personal Cloud Storage in Western Digital My Net N900 Router

    Guys you all can check out video tutorial for creating Personal Cloud Storage in Western Digital My Net N900 Router here. If anyone has any query at any point then they can revert back to me for help.
  7. How to create Personal Cloud Storage in Western Digital My Net N900 Router

    The following tips will help you to configure a Media Server or your own Personal Cloud Server using Western Digital My Net N900 Wifi router. My Net N900 comes with two USB ports on the back side....
  8. How to change your Facebook Page with different Color

    Are you all tired of blue color bar on Facebook? Dont worry, because now you can change it to other colors with a utility called Color My Facebook!

    From beginning, Facebook has not changed its...
  9. How to copy files and photos in memory of the Apple iPhone

    Both the ' iPad from Apple and even the iPhone is a great product for fast visualization of albums or individual photos, thanks to the IPS display and interface combining simple and catchy. But if it...
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    How to Install Picasa 3.9 on Ubuntu

    In this How to I will provide you steps to install Picasa 3.9 in Ubuntu operating system because installation of Picasa is not easy. The program Picasa manages all photos and videos on your system...
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    How to Install Opera on Nokia N9

    Today we offer this guide to install on your Nokia N9 alternative web browser that almost everyone uses. We have translated the information to facilitate the work, so if interested in having an...
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    Poll: Re: Do you like Facebook Timeline?

    I don’t like the way posts show up in the Facebook’s timeline. They all seem to be jumbled up and become difficult to find. If I post something now and after three or four posts later, the...
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    re: How to Install Winamp on Android

    With the free WinAMP Android classic MP3 music playback from PC and notebook is now available for smartphones and Tablet PCs. The Android WinAMP has left the beta phase and in this paper to learn...
  14. Re: Tips to customize your camera Flash light for better picture

    Light has color

    Actually light is not a colorless substance. It is having definite color associated with the same. it is well known as color temperature and it can be measured into degrees...
  15. re: "An operations error occurred" error message while checking User in Active Directory

    Try to put your code into a COM+ component and run it with a domain user's identity, use delegation (<identity impersonate="true" />). Run the process (IIS process or ASPNET process) as a domain...
  16. re: How to wireless controlling a light switch located in different location

    There are several 'wireless switch' available in Market you can make use of any one according to your need, so you can Google for 'wireless switch' and then based on the features you can make use of...
  17. Re: Tips to get Windows 8 Features on Windows 7

    Mosaic, gives us a new interface on top of Windows 7, strongly inspired by Metro, the new style / look of Windows 8. We have "Tiles" or panels, we can customize. Initially, we have only one, but...
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    Re: Tips for Email Marketing

    Don’t send the emails daily to the same users. If you send email to some user then just wait for few days, at least for one week and after that send them email again. There is more chances that...
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    Re: Tips to Secure WPA2 Wifi Network

    WPA2 uses to encrypt the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and is considered today by state at a sufficiently complex as a key not be cracked with reasonable effort. The old security options such...
  20. Re: How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step

    You have mentioned that the game file is corrupted so I recommend that you should Click here and download NES file and let me know whether it is working or not.
  21. re: what is ecommerce and what is it advantage and disadvantage

    Ecommerce benefits are as followed:

    It Helps in Creating New Relationship and increase the Opportunities as well
    It increases the awareness of the brand and the products
    It helps in...
  22. Re: Discussion on Highest Paid jobs in India

    Oil and natural gas is another area that gets enormous profits and therefore pay very high salaries to their employees. Some of the best known professions in this sector are geologists, marine...
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    re: Bada OS tips and tricks

    here go some of the tricks on Bada:
    1. *#0*# for LCD test
    2. *#0673# OR *#0289# for Melody test
    3. *#0842# for Vibration test
    4. *#2663# OR *#2664# for TM Command
  24. Re: What Is the Difference between an Apple Macintosh and an IBM Computer?

    There are a few key divergences between Macintosh and IBM (non-Macintosh) computers; but, as stated above, the most incredibly imperative is the managing framework. The prevailing distinction between...
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    Re: Compaq 56-261EA Compatible Cpu?

    In my suggestion, the Dual-cores will be the best for you if you are not running many programs and require having the maximum performance with the single as well as dual-threaded applications. You...
  26. Poll: Re: Which is the better game IGI or Call of Duty?

    You've survived worse, but not by much. Now you need to wrap your wounds, penetrate a braced Russian Base, incapacitate the security framework, and get the merchandise? Then the pure fervor starts!...
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    Basic tips to setup Arch Linux

    There were lots of people planning to use Arch Linux this time. Here is a short tips thread which cover basic information on Arch Linux whith its setup, basic commands, etc.

    What are the benefit...
  28. Re: Verify / Repair the protected system files of Windows

    In addition, other commands exist for the use of SFC:

    sfc /scanonce: check all protected system files once at the next reboot

    sfc /scanboot: check all protected system files on every boot ...
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    Re: Add Shortcut to Start menu in Vista

    Thank you for mentioning the steps to add shortcuts to the Start menu in Windows Vista. I would like to share the steps to delete those shortcuts, if anyone wish to delete them

    To Delete a...
  30. Re: CPT (Common Proficiency Test) on 28th June 2009

    Section – A: Fundamentals of Accounting ( 60 Marks )
    Level of Knowledge : Basic knowledge.
    Objective . . .

    To develop conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of financial accounting...
  31. Re: Power Eject gadget allows you to manage any external drive

    It also has 4 buttons with the following roles:

    EJECT: Ejects the CD / DVD is selected in the menu (or prepare your USB selected to be withdrawn).
    INFO: Shows information about the selected...
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    Re: Tips to Lock a USB with BitLocker

    You can also use the following USB Encryption Software to Lock USB Drive

    Truecrypt - TrueCrypt is open-source disk encryption software
    USB Lock - Block or allow Removable Drives
    FreeOTFE -...
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    Re: Run Commands For Win 7

    These are some more run commands:

    • ODBC Data Source Administrator = odbcad32 "New"
    • Optional Features Manager = optionalfeatures "New"
    • On Screen Keyboard = osk or Windows key + U...
  34. Re: Downclocker to consume less for my system.

    It's already a nice compromise. In general apart, not much can be regulated automatically. Should see the ATI control panel if there is no opportunity to create a profile with a frequency of GPU and...
  35. Re: Files and folder are affected in external hard drive

    As per my opinion which operating system you installed into the external hard drive, the problem might also be occurring for that one also. For that I suggest you to plug the hard drive into your...
  36. Re: Desktop wallpaper keeps disappearing in windows XP after reboot

    According to me the screen flickering problem that you mentioned in your post, is occurring for the graphical interface, for that I would like to recommend you to open the device manager, under that...
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    Re: How to create waterfall in Bryce

    All components of the wire model are now completed. Click Master model and the holes it. In the Nano window model is now all textures to see with everyone. So that nothing moves unnecessarily click...
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    Re: How to create waterfall in Bryce

    Customize - just - again, a copy of the master model, and then return to the editor. It is in this phase of work about the two rocks on the right and left to work out of the waterfall. Drag the red...
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    Re: How to create waterfall in Bryce

    First, the flow is cut off. The work of the editor window circumcision clamp on the right is seen. Move the mouse arrow on the lower end of the clip and pull it as far up until the lower part is...
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    Re: How to create waterfall in Bryce

    Now set the value of the brush back on top after by red dot with the mouse to drag the top. You are painting with the white brush, giving you the lowered surface heights now build on. Paint the edge...
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    How to create waterfall in Bryce

    First, create a mountain as usual, by the appropriate icon in the "Create" - click palette. Then go to the "E" in the Shortcut bar next to the mountain to terrain editor to enter. Click above links...
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    Re: Why do I always loose in Zynga poker

    This is a tough question and the answer can be somewhat intimidating. Let me explain. There is no trick really. You should always push your stack with 25 because that is one of the secrete combos...
  43. Re: Color management tips for Silverlight 3.0

    If, however, we are so lazy to want to create color side code, using its name firendly, we use a pretty neat trick, but for which no guarantees regarding the performance in case of intensive use....
  44. Re: Color management tips for Silverlight 3.0

    Even though this is quite inconvenient, as we always know the values to be given to property R, G and B for the construction of the color we need. As for creating a new instance of the Color class...
  45. Re: Color management tips for Silverlight 3.0

    Side code, however, we do not have the same ease of choice. This is because the Color class has only a default constructor without parameters. This means that simply wanting to use it, then we must...
  46. Color management tips for Silverlight 3.0

    The use of color in Silverlight 3.0 is usually made directly into the file. Xaml mainly due to the presence dell intellisense, which allows the choice of its friendly name of each color available,...
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    Re: List of shortcuts for Publisher 2000

    Formatting text

    CTRL + E ---- Center a paragraph
    CTRL + J ---- Align text regularly on the left and right margins (justify)
    CTRL + L ---- Align the left margin
    CTRL + R ---- ...
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    Re: List of shortcuts for Publisher 2000

    Modification and repositioning objects

    CTRL + D ---- Add a drop shadow
    CTRL + T ---- Make transparent or opaque
    CTRL + SHIFT + G ---- Group or ungroup objects
    F6 ---- Bring to Front ...
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    List of shortcuts for Publisher 2000

    List of shortcuts for Publisher 2000 a shortened list to help you work smarter and faster.

    Keyboard shortcuts

    CTRL + SHIFT + N ---- Add a page after the current page
    F5 ---- Go to page...
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    Re: Best Tips for Publisher users

    Copy formatting repeatedly text or a graphic : The Painter tool formatting saves you time when you want to copy the formatting attributes of text, for example the police, the font size, style or...
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