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    Re: LED Monitor with HDMI under Rs 10000

    I find Dell 21.5 inch LED - ST2220L Monitor to be a better choice within your budget. It will cost you around Rs. 9128 approximately.
    Key Features
    21.5 inch LED Monitor
    Full HD Display
    1 HDMI...
  2. Re: Windows 8 personalization setting are grayed out

    Option for changing personal setting was disabled in my case. Anyways I have enabled it after following above steps and I don’t see any improvement. Personalization setting are still grayed out in...
  3. Windows 8 personalization setting are grayed out

    I have installed windows 8 on my system today and for some reason its personalization settings are grayed out. I can’t use any of those settings. I did not had any issue in installing windows 8. Is...
  4. What are new enhancement of Microsoft Project 2010

    From long time I am working on Project 2007. Before that after when I upgrade from 2003 it was very complicated for me to get used to the new interface. Now my office people are planing to upgrade...
  5. Windows Vista do not boot after installing on Ubuntu external drive

    Just for testing purpose I had downloaded Ubuntu on my system. This was a iso file. I do not want to install it directly so that use Unetbootin and installed the entire operating system on a usb...
  6. Comparison of different Microsoft Folders & Document Sharing tools

    I had use everything here. I am talking about different file and document sharing tools provided by Microsoft. Like Live Mesh, SkyDrive, FolderShare and Microsoft Office Groove. Yet I am not able to...
  7. High standby power usage of Panasonic Plasma TV

    I want to confirm first that only I am the one who is facing this issue or there are other members too. I have a Panasonic Plasma TV. It is a big widescreen Tv. I had used some tool to find the...
  8. Need some tips to use vSphere 5 Dell R710 Servers

    I need some help to get a small overview of understanding a vSphere 5 environment on Dell R710 Servers. I am going to setup a virtual environment where a number of systems will be connected to it....
  9. Barracuda 7200.11 1 5TB Hard drive is recognized as 0MB

    Here is the issue I am facing. I have client who send me his 5TB hard disk. It is a Barracuda 7200.11 1 drive which he purchased some months ago. He had configured automatic backup on this drive. The...
  10. Error "Windows was unable to open service WdiServiceHost for writing on local "

    I am getting this error Windows was unable to open service WdiServiceHost for writing on local. Anyone know a fix for the error Windows was unable to open service WdiServiceHost for writing on local...
  11. Sound not working after converting wtv to dvr-ms on windows 7

    See I have recorded a TV series in my computer. My pc consists of windows 7 operating system in it. the TV series that I have recorded in windows 7 media center and I have converted the first two...
  12. Need a template for Shipping/Reeving Log for Excel

    I am looking for a shipping and receiving template to use. I need to the referencing of: Packing list, date of shipment/receiving, ship to, goes to, job #<----most important, tracking number.
  13. Where can I find bank check template for Microsoft Word or Template

    I have bought some pre-printed checks (voucher style) to run through my laser printer and am looking for a simple template for word or excel that I can use to ill out the check on my computer.
  14. How to find out if there is any special character in Excel

    How do I test if a cell has any of the special characters e.g. *,?,/. Thanks
  15. How to fix Microsoft Excel error messages "Compile error in hidden module"

    Whenever entering Exec, I get the error message: Microsoft Visual Basic: Compile error in hidden module: AutoExecNew. on exit, the error message reads: Microsoft Visual Basic: Compile error in...
  16. How to create type of Counter button on Microsoft Excel

    How would I go about coding a command button to advance a number in another cell by 1 each time the button is clicked, like a counter ?
  17. Generate some quality of random number via Random Number Generation function

    For various ranges of "parameters", I routinely generate the same quantity of random numbers using the Data Analysis, Random Number Generation function ("uniform" distribution). Because I need to be...
  18. How to convert Daily DATA in Excel into Monthly, Weekly and Yearly

    I am looking at share prices across a five-year period and have them on a daily basis. If I want to graph them, there is little point in charting five-years worth of daily prices, as the graph loses...
  19. I need a template for Employee annual leave tracking

    I need a template for Employee annual leave tracking template. I tried to find out some templates and ready to use samples but nothing is working. Can anyone please help.
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