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  1. Re: RoboForm Password Manager problem with Internet Explorer 11

    Did you tried uninstalling and installing the roboform extension again? If not try it, after all it is also an add-on and just like other add-ons it not work if there was any problem during its...
  2. Re: Windows 8.1 'App couldn't be installed. Error Code 0x80073cfb'

    One of my friend has this exact problem on his laptop after upgrading to Win 8.1 Preview. We tried several things for couple of days and finally reached the working solution. What we had to do is...
  3. Re: Getting airtel prepaid balance back for accidental recharge

    I don’t think you are going to get the money back because as you said you received a sms saying “talktime Rs. 4 and service charge Rs 67”, that means there is some plan activated which costs rs...
  4. Re: inbuilt wallpaper changing feature not working in Windows 7

    I had this problem once with my computer. After struggling a lot finally I managed to find out that it was due to virus. There is no compulsion that it could be because of third party application or...
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    Re: When Transformers Game is coming on Android

    There is not information on it. Somehow it is not possible to work on Android version of every pc game. The hardware used inside a portable device, is weak and cannot carry out heavy graphics....
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    Re: Viber 2.1 for iPhone and Android

    Viber is a fastest growing VoIP service and free of cost. You don’t have to pay extra money except for data plans. So far more than 20 million downloaded and registered for the viber service and it...
  7. Re: Gigabyte Z68 chipsets getting locked with Ivy-bridge multiplier

    Yes, it is a BIOS issue. Intel P68 and P67 chipset based motherboard are suffered most. But if you have got a Asus z68 board, you will be fine with Intel core 3XXX series processors but if you are...
  8. Re: System shutdown repeatedly on Asus Sabertooth X58 and Corsair TX950W PSU

    Yours is not a overclocked computer and that is quite sure. What makes you think that the Corsair TX950W PSU culprit for the Asus Sabertooth X58 motherboard? It could be anything like improperly...
  9. Re: How to fix No Internet Connectivity on OS X Lion

    WLAN was worked perfectly on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard without any problems. Since I recently switched to a new iMac with OS X Lion, am the wireless was extremely unstable. The iMac lost with the...
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    Re: Blades of Time playing only at 30FPS

    I think a human can see a difference that below 24 FPS and that from one can discern no difference between the 30 or 60 FPS . So personally I do not see where is the problem since I don't feel any...
  11. Re: Truly Hilarious moments in The Walking Dead game

    You play a black man named Lee, and according to American usage start the adventure back of a police car. You are chatting with the old cop behind the wheel and he asks you if "you did it." What,...
  12. Re: Microsoft introduces HomeOS Prototype for smarter homes

    The video which revealed in Microsoft Home OS website clearly shows that this system is an abstraction layer that itself handles the details of communicating with the hardware and functionality of...
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    Re: How to view and print PDF files in Firefox 12

    In my case also it is not working at all and seems like the plug-in is not compatible with Firefox 12.0. I could not able to find an application/pdf or PDF file inside my...
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    Re: Cannot move tabs in Firefox 12

    It now seems to me that Firefox 12 moves to the Aurora channel which comes with a long-awaited New Tab Page and Home Tab. The new tab page is very much like Chrome’s but with ton of Firefox-unique...
  15. Re: ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3 does not show BIOS screen with iGPU and D-Sub connector

    Did you try clearing out the CMOS?

    Make sure that you have properly seated the CPU on the socket and not over torque the backplated/CPU cooler. If needed try a new CMOS battery and check it’s...
  16. Re: Netflix not working in Android v.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

    Updating the Netflix application in Android 2.2 and 2.3 allowed you to use its service in all tablets and smartphones, given the exponential growth of users of these devices. Now, Netflix application...
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    Re: Performance of AMD Trinity APU using crossfire

    Information has recently emerged regarding AMD Trinity in which we can see some of the features that have these APU. A 59% increase in productivity and 29% in graphics performance compared to the...
  18. Re: Sony Vaio Z2 display Freezes and Lock-Ups randomly due to Power Management Settings

    In my case I am getting hardware failure and a BSOD both on Vaio laptop. To fix it, first I went into the BIOS > Frequency > Voltage Control. There I have enabled Intel Speed Step and Intel HT Tech...
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    Re: How to make Video calls on Creative Ziio 7

    This is really a big disappointment for all Creative Ziio users. Even if it is running Android, there is no option to make video calls from it and this is completely undeniable. However one more...
  20. Re: Best Keyboard settings for Blackberry Storm 9500

    The first edition of the BB storms (9500) had to contend with long display problems. They were pretty much fixed by updates (which were initially very hesitant). It also speaks of the failure to...
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    Re: Long Lasting Battery for Sony VAIO PCG-7R2L

    The VAIO consume a small amount of battery power even when they are completely extinguished. This feature is characteristic of the model and can not be changed. To keep your notebook and keep the...
  22. Re: Sony needs improve Sound/speaker Quality of Vaio Z laptops

    There is a configuration problem. Realtek, at the request of Sony and its time at the request of the RIAA and at their discretion, have made a mod of your drivers. In short, these options have been...
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    Re: Blackberry 9900 shows illegible Email Text

    The services of the Blackberry mobile phone company again recorded yesterday for a second day problems. The Blackberry Messenger chat service and the Internet did not work well. The manufacturer...
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    Re: Daylight Saving time in LG Spectrum

    With the phone itself, there are no problems when you change the DST setting. But if you then using programs such as MyPhoneExplorer read the organizers agree the times do not match. If the phone...
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    Re: Team Fortress 2: Mac OS X or Windows

    Valve has the Mac version of the 3D shooter Team Fortress 2 and makes them available via Steam. As always, must go together as a team player, for example, to capture flags or defend own territory....
  26. Re: WD Caviar Green 2.5 TB internal HDD seen as only 280GB

    I believe that this issue can be fixed by a BIOS update. Usually due to the older version BIOS some controllers could not able to recognize newer drives properly. The latest version of BIOS might...
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    Re: UEFI BIOS on MSI 990FXA-GD80 motherboard

    By seeing at the user interface it seems that the graphics of UEFI MSI is a hybrid between the one chosen by ASUS and Gigabyte, ASUS has opted for a fully graphical, Gigabyte has actually preserved...
  28. Re: No video signal on PC configured with MSI 760GM-P23

    The easiest way to check if your motherboard is working to make it beep by removing the memory for example. If it is Beep then it works. Then verify that your processor is compatible with your...
  29. Re: Inaccurate aiming due to Logitech G700 in Battlefield 3

    It seems to me that mouse battery become flat and due to this you are getting skipping pixels or something like that. I've also been a while G700 and Battlefield 3 plays well with this mouse fits...
  30. Re: How about a "send Ctrl Alt Delete" option in LogMeIn Rescue

    I think that there is a key or button which you can get on the LMI toolbar. This key can send the ctrl-alt-del combination to the host computer. The icon should be 3 keys. You should simply hover...
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    Re: Breathing noise in Audacity Recordings

    I think that there are 2 ways to reduce the breathing or noise level.

    First, in order to prevent the breathing sound from mic, you may try tying a bit of cloth to the mic head.
    If you can...
  32. Re: Temperature limit for Benchmarking Intel Core i5-2500K

    The multiplier of 2500K can be set to 57, which in theory a speed of 5.7 GHz is feasible with a BCLK of 100MHz. Because of the new architecture is also no longer been possible to increase as shown in...
  33. Re: Cannot access the Netgear WNR2000 control panel for configuration

    There is a only possible way and that is connect netgear router and Pc directly. Do the factory reset of the device and then again try to access the interface by the use of default IP. This might...
  34. Re: Improper AVI sync when converted from Videotape

    You can try to repair it:

    First of all download and install the VirtualDub which is a video capture/processing utility. It is compatible with 32-bit Window OS.
    Now launch the VirtualDub and...
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    Re: A Good eReader for note taking

    I think that you should go for Sony T1. This eReader will let you to write and take notes on your own. You can open a blank page and in that you can either write it by hand or simply type it using...
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    Re: New VPN for Android via Security suite

    The Network Access Control solution Junos Pulse in this context supports secure remote access via Layer 3 SSL - VPN to protect applications and resources on the corporate network. The Junos Pulse...
  37. Re: Gold Sets are useless in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    I can barely say that, Gold sets are cool but you need to scale them before you get past the quest. There are also two mini-games to remove spells and lock-picking, which will help you unlock special...
  38. Re: Zune freezes between songs in HTC Windows Phone 7

    At first for this issue HTC has released the firmware fix, 2250.21.51101.111. If you haven’t got this update, you should complain about it to the mobile manufacturer. But the MS tech support tells...
  39. Re: With slackware Linux cannot access NTFS partition as user

    The error might be indicating that you have not provided the proper mount parameters. Actually the parameters are dependent on driver vendor. So for that you should take a look into the...
  40. Re: How to use multiple monitors in Dell Precision M4600

    As far as I know that you can go up to 5 monitors (on the right docking station) due it ATI technology. On the notebook itself you can use the Display Port, HDMI and VGA. At ATI, I had run so far...
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    Re: FBSync - A Sync App with Dropbox for FBReader

    I have heard that this FBsync does not fit in all versions of android OS. The latest version called Ice Cream Sandwich does not support the FBsync. The developer had disabled this previously. Even if...
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    Re: Root Access denied in LG Optimus V

    Rooting a device really helps a lot; a user can gain access to its own device by unlocking it. The same is known as a jailbreak into the iPhone, but here it is known as Android Rooting. Rooting is a...
  43. Re: Final Cut Pro frequently crashing in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

    As far as I know that Final Cut Pro X shares video by the use of Quicktime engine. If there are any incompatible components on the Quicktime, it would reason to severe crashing. Most of Quicktime...
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    Re: How convert VHS cassette Audio to mp3

    The Sanyo MCD-760EN ($ 459.99) digitizes the audio from a cassette and records it as MP3 on a USB key or memory card. There are also USB vinyl trays, such as those manufactured by Ion-audio, which...
  45. Re: How to remove Blackberry Curve 8520 Hard lock (MEP 0 Left)

    Do you know what the meaning of “0 left” is?

    When you try to unlock the phone with an INCORRECT unlock code 10 times, the MEP shows 0 left. The phone is HARD LOCKED Now. Some may say that...
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    Re: BIOS update failed in HP xw9400 Workstation

    It seems to me that you have flashed it with the different BIOS which is not meant for HP workstation and due to this you might have screwed up the system. Otherwise I can simply assume that there is...
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    Re: QT Support for Symbian phones

    As far as I know that Qt in Symbian is extremely integrated to the OS features. The features may include graphics as well as file system. This integration feature helps you to increase the...
  48. Re: CPU Clock Gadget doesn't allow Windows 7 shutdown

    I am also getting the same issue and it is driving me crazy. In my case every CPU and RAM scanning gadget causing the system not to shut down by itself. I have to manually kill the running process in...
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    Re: Can we use Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 as eReader

    Reading books with the Galaxy TAB Reader's really good and also the arms are not tired with more than a 1000-page book. This is was the one obvious reason I have bought the Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.7....
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    Re: Enable WebGL in Firefox 10

    This extension should however be supported by the video card drivers and that's not always the case. Khronos said to work well with the video card manufacturers. The Group proposes that the extension...
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