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  1. Re: Windows Phone 8 WhatsApp unable to attach recorded videos

    This is ridiculous. I mean, whatsapp is available for almost all mobile platforms but none of them have such problem. WP is such a huge platform and they cannot fix such small problem. Quite...
  2. Re: My experience of using Facebook on Blackberry phones

    The specialty of Backberry phone is they can converse wirelessly through Facebook at no cost. By using free software you can connect to the people in many ways. You can write message and post on...
  3. Re: Dell Dimension 4600 - F1 to retry boot, F2 to enter system utility

    I have found a solution somewhere and it fixed a problem without much effort. When you see the screen with F1 OR F2, make sure that

    CAPS LOCK light is turned on
    NUMBERS LOCK light is turned...
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    Re: Extras available in Blades of Time

    As far as I know that there is a "Limited Edition", for console version which has some benefits over the PC version with additional content. I think that you may get things like Mission Addon "The...
  5. Re: Getting error on Windows Live Mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    As far as I know that in this situation you have to go the account recovery process for that reason to regain the access of your Window live/Hotmail account. The Microsoft will take the account...
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    Re: Tab size doubled up in Firefox 12

    I have an easy way to troubleshoot your problem and I hope that this will work. To do this first go to the profile folder via Help > Troubleshooting Information. By the use of CSS code, it will be...
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    Re: HTC One S GPS is inaccurate

    In order to check the Precision I have used the application GPS Test on a street in Paris..
    Precision of HTC One S 9.1 feet = (2.7m) and precision of HTC One X 11.4feet = (3.4m).
    So by looking at...
  8. Re: HTC One S receiving Gmail notifications very slowly

    It seems to me that you are having very serious problem and I don’t think that you will have any option or settings in HTC one S to customize and do anything. The only settings you can find is on...
  9. Re: GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 System unstable even with different memory settings

    I don’t know about this DualBIOS update at all but I am currently using F11 BIOS. It runs as fast as before but with the same problems. It takes about 20 seconds to load Windows. Windows then takes...
  10. Re: Long Lasting Battery for Sony VAIO PCG-7R2L

    Before searching for a replacement battery you should always know about the part number of previous one so that you can get the compatible one. To get it, first take out the battery and see what...
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    Re: PC Crashing randomly with Geforce GTX 680

    It seems me to me that your system configuration is not compatible with that Graphics card.

    What version of BIOS version you are using?

    Did you install the latest version of BIOS?

  12. Re: 3TB Internal WD Hard Drive recognized as 746GB

    This same thing has happened to me, and not easily solved problem of the plate or the controller but the driver software is not updated and therefore you only recognize up to 2TB. In order to fix it,...
  13. Re: Crackling noise from Windows 8 Consumer Preview with VIA HD Audio Deck

    There won’t be a problem with your sound card or VIA HD Audio Deck. It is about the drivers, they might be buggy. When I had the same problem simply uninstalled the VIA drivers and deleted every...
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    Re: AMD Zacate mini PC for HTPC setup

    There is no active cooling device that is quiet, sometimes almost silently but it is never completely silent. If the CPU has to work significantly better then the device which is audible, but when...
  15. Re: How to merge clips using Windows 7 Movie Maker

    As far as I know, in windows movie maker you can only combine the contiguous clips. Do you know what the meaning of “Contiguous” is? It means the start time of the second clip should follow the first...
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    Re: Is there any E-Ink tablets?

    Majority of programs which needs to be run on tablets require a higher refresh rate but it cannot be get through the e-ink because the e-ink screen cannot deliver that much amount of refresh rate. So...
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    Re: Price of 3 Amazon Kindles less than iPad

    If you want to read EPub books, there are plenty of alternatives in addition to the Kindle. I have chosen for precisely the reason for the Kindle, since I did not want to make from a vendor (in this...
  18. Re: Zune freezes between songs in HTC Windows Phone 7

    Actually you are wrong. The real and confirmed firmware is update 2250.21.50002.707 and this could fix your problem. I don’t say that, the problem is of Microsoft and Zune but it is everything...
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    Re: Download Error on MID-709B Android Tablet

    The Android Market is a showcase for the mobile platform, because the system consists of applications. Based on my findings and complaints, there seems to be a widespread bug in the shop. It would be...
  20. Re: Which is the best and accurate free backlink checker

    Backlinks are links from other websites to yours. It is often thought that, the more you have, the better your website scores but unfortunately that is not so... When Google first started was the...
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    Re: Number of HDDs recommended for RAID 5 array

    In my opinion the RAID 1+0 is far more better than RAID 5 in terms of performance view (especially during rebuilds). You can get much higher reliability. By RAID 1+0, only thing concerned on both...
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    Re: Enable WebGL in Firefox 10

    WebGL implementation is based on OpenGL, but in the case of Windows, this API is not always available. Temporarily are using a Windows port open source project officers , but there are plans to...
  23. Re: Samsung Series 9 Notebook or Asus Zenbook UX31

    After so much thinking I finally bought the 13'' Macbook air after seeing wifi issues with series 9. In my opinion the Macbook air much better in every aspect. It has a very good screen but the I...
  24. Re: Change iPhone 4S camera settings to get better print

    A cell phone camera is not really a camera. Given enough light, you can absolutely make a good image, when the light is bad, the captures are just garbage. If you take a photo, you must not forget...
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    Re: Performance of Infinity Blade 2 in iPhone 4

    Outstanding! This means that the 4S is far from being exploited; I do not think the new fund to that of Apple hardware that is seven times more potent in the management of graphics is limited to...
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    Re: Changes of AMD K10 Microarchitecture

    Launch of the second Generation processors with K10 micro-architecture. The first Phenom II processors have been temporarily plugged into the socket AM2 +, with the consequence that they had to work...
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    Re: Radeon 5650 vs 6550 on Acer Aspire 3820TG

    If we want to also play between 2 definitely DV6 15 "then .... the 17" (dv7) has a resolution too high for that type of video card (higher resolution = more power = more poligioni to process the gpu...
  28. Re: Cannot wake up system with Gigabyte G1.Assassin Motherboard from sleep

    For a computer into sleep mode and wakes up, all play parts of the computer. These items are the hardware, but also the so-called driver. Drivers are small programs that allow the operating system...
  29. Re: LG Optimus black stuck on firmware update screen

    So I would replace it or Sending. Of such an error I have not heard.

    On the subject of self-blame: Of course you've installed the app, but since you have to assume yes, the apps that do not...
  30. Re: Wrong time showing for Incoming messages in HTC Incredible S

    I was right with my guess: it was actually on the setting of the GMT value under Settings -> Phone -> Date / Time. There I had to put on the GMT +2:00. The figure was previously registered +1:00 -...
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    Re: Minecraft 1.0 world generation glitch

    To the card is always provided with an update where your current zone, it must be selected and located in the hand of your character. However, it will not obstruct your view, as soon as ye it moves...
  32. Re: Unlock config variables Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Please do not give me that crap Modern Warfare 3 brings nothing new compared to Modern Warfare 2, because a multiplayer that really something new can start bidding within the series. It's the most...
  33. Re: 3D support in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for PC

    Whether you need due to its expected During car with longer load times of the game remains to be seen. Unfortunately even used in the Black Ops 3D mode is not used. This was completely eliminated.
  34. Re: PC using MSI 990FXA-GD65 motherboard will not turn on

    You should find connectors CLR_CMOS written next to your motherboard, but good or bad are identical to all! To make the clr_cmos jumper just to get up and move to the right so as to make only the...
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    Re: Growing apps in Android market

    Experts believe that the problem of fragmentation has been exaggerated. "When we say this is always thinking in comparison to Apple i Phone, playing with model grids, Android, by contrast, is an...
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    Re: Localization Bug in LG Optimus 2X P990

    But you get what appears, at least. And as I said before, I have really no problems with English. I find it rather unfortunate that Amazon discontinues the shop-language based on the system language...
  37. Re: Error while trying to install Nero Vision Xtra

    I forgot to point out that I had already tried to use this tool because I had read on the site of the black could be a solution. However I did not get any positive results: previously I had the black...
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    Re: Google Backlinks vs Yahoo Backlinks

    I realize that every time those huge differences occur in the counting of backlinks from Google and Yahoo. In my opinion, the ejected-yahoo backlink count is the more realistic. But how do these...
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    Re: How to buy Nokia Lumia 800 in the US

    Nokia has just unveiled its first 2 smartphones with Windows Phone 7. The Lumia 710 as well as 800 devices listed have all identified features of Windows Mobile, except have some apps and services,...
  40. Re: Windows 8 touch input not working in Acer W500

    By creating Windows 7 (with few skills "touch"), Microsoft realized that the existing interface of Windows must not these fresh uses for the nearly all tactile. With Surface, Windows Phone 7,...
  41. Re: OS X Lion error: The software could not be verified and corrupted during download

    Here is a little known fact about the installer of OS X Lion - that is erased after it completes the installation of OS X Lion, and also to save bandwidth DSL. Especially if you plan to update more...
  42. Re: HP Pavilion dv7t-2200 laptop battery wont charge

    It seems strange and yet, despite the efforts of large companies, one of the components that did not progress over time is the battery of the laptop, the maximum duration of which, although increased...
  43. Re: Laptop Battery drains out and shuts down Without Warning

    Many users have complained that causes problems with Windows 7 laptop batteries. Support forum for Windows 7, write from users who notice how the battery lasts a little less than in XP, to others...
  44. Re: How to connect Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to PC using MTP mode

    Sony Ericsson has a new accessory for its line of Xperia smartphones 2011 (except on Play ): The LiveDock. Much more than a dock, where you can connect devices using the USB Host. Being a USB Host...
  45. Re: Necessary things included in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I am thinking about the following things needed in CS so that the game looks like more original and realistic.

    No Block
    New Sounds
    Character Models
  46. Re: Gigabyte's new AM3+ black sockets motherboards

    Obviously, the AM3 socket + is backward compatible with AM3 and new cards are always able to accommodate, without any concern, an Athlon or Phenom II II supports DDR3. Please note that the reverse is...
  47. Re: How many of you people played Resident Evil 4

    It's a great game, which have failed to put it as survival horror, is a game more action. No more puzzles, and travel with keys that made you go and storing items long. Now it's all much faster,...
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    re: New v1.02 Patch for Dead Island

    Dead Island is a game that a lot lately in the news. A bad start was converted into a good result and the sales are great for the game developer Techland. Since the game at the moment still suffers...
  49. Re: How to hide or remove the new Facebook chat sidebar

    How the new Chat Sidebar off and return to the old Facebook Chat to Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler?

    Download Chrome Extension
    Download Firefox Extension
    Download Opera Extension
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    Re: Cannot Turn off the 3D vision IR Transmitter

    The transmitter is in 2D mode inactive (dark green), and begins to send in 3D mode (light green). Activate the button on the front is used for / disable the 3D effect during the game, and then it...
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