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  1. Re: Quick Heal Antivirus won't update even after registration

    Did you try contacting the technical support team of Quick Heal? On the official website, you will find the contact number or email address where you can directly contact and ask queries regarding...
  2. Re: Unable to reset admin password for Buffalo Linkstation LS-CHL

    Hey buddy for resetting your admin password try with force firmware update. Even after trying force firmware try to call tech support.they will send you new email with an LSrecovery file, which is...
  3. Re: Ram Size locked at 256mb on Toshiba satellite 2805 laptop

    In earlier days, the 815 chipset from Intel was one of the best chipset due to its various features and the support of PC133 memory as well as PC100 memory. The Intel PC133 specification denotes,...
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    Re: Sync Live Mesh with Windows XP

    Whenever you install Windows Live Essentials 2011, you will also be offered with the Live Mesh. The fact is you cannot run the Sync Windows Live Mesh. There is no data sharing between the two...
  5. Re: AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer performance for Gaming only

    As far as I know, when it comes to the games and gameplay performance the FX range, it was really better than the Phenom II. Gaming experience on these high-end processors is something that is...
  6. Re: How to Replace paper feed roller in Dell 1100 laser printer

    For repair and replacement of any part from the printer you have to refer the printer manual. It will contain detailed instruction and step by step guide about printer and its components assembly as...
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    Re: Dell OptiPlex GX620 is not turning on

    Bad capacitors almost certainly have found the root of the problem. Little remains in that case to make, and the solution left is to change the motherboard. Sometimes damaged capacitors can be...
  8. Re: How to run Exchange 2010 alongside Exchange 2003

    It is known that MS has offered a document a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. It will consist of migration of an Exchange 2003 server with mailboxes, public folders,...
  9. Re: SkyDriveSetup.exe is not a valid Win32 Application, help

    SkyDrive is a free service from Microsoft Live, and offers a large 25GB virtual hard drive. SkyDrive was NetReview of months ago here tested. At that time, the files could only be uploaded with a...
  10. Re: Firefox 12 Menu Bar and the Navigation Tool cannot share the same line?

    I assume that you are looking forward a way to customize or rearrange toolbar items. Am I right? To do this:

    Right-click an empty section of the Tab and choose Customize. It will open a...
  11. Re: ASUS shipping faulty P8Z68V-PRO Gen3 motherboards

    Just assembled my new system:

    Asus P8Z68 V Pro
    i7 2600k
    2x4 Gb Corsair Vengeance 1600 (the two blue slots)

    After connecting the power plug I press the power button and the CPU fan jerks...
  12. Re: How to dual boot Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X on two HDDs

    For dual booting, no particular problem. You can put them on a single unpartitioned disk but you cannot use the famous "alt" key at startup to select boot your system. Therefore prefer the partition,...
  13. Re: Remote Desktop Connection Disabled for all computers in WHS

    Open the Start menu of Windows Home Server and click on "Terminal Services Configuration" (Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools).
    A window opens with some content.
    Click with the left mouse...
  14. Re: Is it possible to upgrade Lenovo IdeaCentre D400 to WHS 2011

    As far as I know that the Lenovo IdeaCentre D400 home server does not meet the minimum requirements for Windows Home Server 2011. You must know about it and it is mandatory for the upgrade or...
  15. Re: Bitstreaming capability of Nvidia GeForce GTX 680

    The real reason why I would opt for the GTX 680, which are really promising features such as adaptive Vsync and the limitation of frame rate. Since AMD has (finally) caught up in image quality - and...
  16. Re: How to upgrade Blackberry 9900 firmware without BES Activation

    The web update has nothing to do with the BES itself, which can be carried out normally. It "may," if things get released, do a WebUpdate via BES / carrier, but it will still take some time.
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    Re: Daylight Saving time in LG Spectrum

    You need to set the time zone to GMT +2:00 on the phone (by DST) and reset the time on your phone so if you go forward one hour. With these settings I have no problems like syncing calendar events...
  18. Re: Inaccurate aiming due to Logitech G700 in Battlefield 3

    I've made. SetPoint uninstalled in the device manager and all the "equipment" including the drivers required for the G700 also deleted and uninstalled. Have tried to install it all again after manual...
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    Re: Safe vcore for Core i7-3960X

    As far as I know that the core i7-3960X as well as Core i7-3930K CPU does not need any kind of BCLK adjustments. These processors are very good at overclocking and can be easily overclocked. You just...
  20. Re: How to setup VPN on Netgear DG834 ADSL Modem/Router

    Since the beta firmware v 2.10.09, the Netgear DG834 (G) establishes 5 tunnels VPN (Virtual Private Networking). A VPN tunnel allows a secure, encrypted connection between your local network and a...
  21. Re: Windows Media Player 12 won't add/show music files in Windows 7

    The issue normally indicates that the library or folder that contains data streams is not read or supported by the windows media player. Otherwise it could be an issue of MLS type classification...
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    Re: HP xw9400 Workstation motherboard upgrade

    I think that problem is due to the incompatible CPU’s on the motherboard. As far as I know that this HP workstation does not support all the processors even it has a same name. There are several...
  23. Re: HP t5740e image Capture does not keep all Settings

    I use template to move the image and apply a setting. The sysprep or the image clone seems like to use default settings only. I do following things:

    Upgrade agent and copy new image
    Set the...
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    Re: Enable WebGL in Firefox 10

    WebGL is a standard specification that is currently being developed to display 3D graphics in web browsers. The WebGL allows you to enable accelerated 3D graphics hardware on websites.

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    Re: Cannot sync Windows Vista to IPhone 3G

    In fact the solution is simple you must disable automatic sync when starting Itunes. After that you need to manually transfer the files and whatever thing you want. We must also take a look at the...
  26. Re: Norton 360 Firewall blocking all my applications

    To allow the internet access:

    Open "Norton 360"
    Go to"Settings" >"Firewall." There in firewall settings check the list of programs with the "Auto" drop-down selection. They are blocked by...
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    Re: Changes of AMD K10 Microarchitecture

    AMD is going back to his strength with which you could score a few years ago fully: the energy consumption. AMD announces joyfully that the quad-core series, the loss of power classes 68 -, 95 - and...
  28. Re: AMD FX-8150 or Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition

    The 1100T is great but is becoming an architecture that has now passed. In my opinion, but to buy and be sure and satisfied of BD should wait for the next step and updated versions of software as...
  29. Re: Acer Aspire 5750G Screen Resolution Upgrade

    Entry in the configuration dialog screen resolution (accessible from the desktop context menu or from Control Panel-> Appearance-> Display-> Screen Resolution) so we can not set any higher, but if we...
  30. Re: Cracking Audio in Dell studio XPS 1640 and 1645 when volume set to 60-80%+

    Well I have a problem very similar.

    I too have noticed the sizzling unpleasant,especially on the right. I had to stick my ear on it and compare it with the left. Apparently it actually does not...
  31. Re: Voice messages cannot be retrieved in HTC Incredible S

    My HTC Hero is now unlocked and I use a customized ROM (12 VillainROM for info), and it works very well ... the origin of the phone has no impact on the operation of this App. Finally managed to get...
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    Re: Minecraft 1.0 world generation glitch

    For almost a week now the version 1.5 is available from Minecraft Bukkit and is a stable version does not yet exist. So I opened my first alone, and looked at the stats and Achievements. But since in...
  33. Re: MSI Z68A-GD65(G3) Motherboard error: Event ID 41

    I'm obviously not in front of your computer and do not have it configured, but from my experience, it is dependent mostly on the hardware if 2 can of course be stuck 2 times that you have installed...
  34. Re: Zoom Google Maps with scroll wheel in Opera 12

    Impressive hack discovered from Philipp Lenssen Blog, changing the URL of the pages on the satellite view (although aerial photos) of Google Maps is accessible to a much more powerful zoom that...
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    Re: Hydrophobia: Prophecy worth the price

    Fortunately, the answer is positive and the fact that it is also for those who, like myself, had already completed the first or the second version of the game, only makes the work of Dark Energy even...
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    Re: How do I improve Yahoo PageRank

    In bulk, here are some ideas for links:

    Inscriptions on directories.
    Submissions of articles about Digg-Like.
    Publication of a press release on specialized sites.
    Leave comments on...
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    Re: Fifa Manager 12 stopped working

    I had the same personal problem, I install the drivers updated my graphics drivers and I still had the same problem and I downloaded the patch 11.1 and I have no problem apparently Otherwise you can...
  38. Re: Download ebook reader for Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V

    Aldiko is one of the e-book readers most traditional in the Market and also one of the most complete. It has support for ePub and PDF, save those that are protected by DRM. We add new e-books...
  39. Re: Netgear WNCE2001 could not connect to wifi network

    For all the owners of the routers standard wireless LAN secure, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), pre-configuration is as we will see a formality. With Push 'N' Connect, a simple press of the WPS button...
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    Re: GTX 560 TI SLI overheating

    The side fan should see the perforated near the fenestration on the left side of the case. As for the 720W, because you're not overclocking, should be no problem, the CM power supplies are still...
  41. Re: How to upgrade Windows 7 drivers on Dell Vostro 1500

    It is a laptop.... It is basically everything has been installed automatically with the Win7 installation, but in Device Manager is just still an unknown device and the battery level is a yellow...
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    Re: OS X Lion excessive Memory Usage

    Firefox updated to version 7 on all supported platforms, reducing memory consumption on OS X and increasing the speed of loading web browsing.
  43. re: Any Multiplayer top down shooter game like Renegade Ops

    I am a (very long) time ago spent Shoot 'm Up. I have now so far extended that with several people can play this game. A few features in the game:

    Multiplayer up to 32 players
  44. Re: HP HDX 18T reboots randomly when playing 3D Games

    I'm not the technician and I am no expert but surely if the problem occurs when the stress is vga the first thing that comes to mind is the pc goes into protection for time. is in fact seen the...
  45. Re: No help from Seagate customer support about disabling spin down of HDD

    Someone has even run a little more difficult to investigate and it turned out that the spin-down is caused by the hard disk itself and not by the electronics of the external housing. It closes the...
  46. Re: Download Asphalt 6 for Sony Ericsson Xperia Play free

    Gameloft has confirmed that FoneHome against the Xperia from Sony Ericsson comes with play two of their games on the market, which will be pre-installed. That's even the brand new racing game...
  47. Re: Cannot root Acer Iconia A501 using GingerBreak

    In my opinion this is only the proper way to root your device.

    Enable USB debug (Settings> Applications> Development)
    Put a FAT32 format a memory card
    Install the attached ginger break...
  48. Re: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay is not same as CS 1.6

    I think one of the strengths of CS and the fact that it is easy to play, but it required a lot of training to master the various skills that the game required (tactics, aim, movement, throwing flash...
  49. Re: Trine 2 game Mac version and PC version in same disk

    What is certain is that the PC version is first released on Steam and at least make the online co-op use of protection mechanisms and technical capabilities of the download shop is. Since Frozenbyte...
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    Re: Nvidia 3D Vision + Optimus technology

    To take advantage of this superior performance, NVIDIA developed the technology Optimus, which has the capability to dynamically toggle connecting integrated as well as discrete graphics. That’s...
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