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    Re: Windows 7 was invalidated

    Microsoft should serialize each and every copy of the OS ever issued so that the people don’t make many copies for their friends and if the serial key comes up on multiple Mac addresses a warning...
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    Re: Not able to install Ubuntu Natty on Vmware

    It is not really good to find that the above process is just for ESX3 version of Vmware. What about the old one. I had also tried to found some tools which can restore vmware but there is nothing...
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    Re: Change in Windows OEM licensing

    This has been worst news for all of us I don’t know why they have done this but I am really sad with this change and I dint expected this ever. Now I have thought that we need to buy all the best...
  4. Re: Will it be worth to upgrade Windows for gaming

    That is why Microsoft made upgrade adviser. For novice this is very important to use this, before making a upgrade.
  5. Re: Actually, WinSXS Folder not consumes lots of space in windows 7.

    I am agree with your post, I also think that winsxs not uses the lot of space, but the space is still saved by windows none less. The just far to unhinder up that space for utilization is to utilize...
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    Re: unable to delete .flv file

    I was too having and I have tried and even it got done get on your computer

    • killbox.
    • just open it
    • go to file that you want to delete.
    • after that click on processes on the top right...
  7. Re: Intel core I5 on Asus EEE Slate EP 121 tablet

    The Eee Slate will run Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and it will run an Intel Core i5-470UM CPU, 2GB of 4GB of DDR SDRAM, joined Intel illustrations and a 64GB unyielding-state drive. The...
  8. Re: Lenovo ThinkPad L420 Shuts down while playing games

    According to me you must replace the GPU that the area currently have in your laptop with a more efficient and a little more robust than you think you might be able to provide high performance while...
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    Re: Copy protecting a pdf file

    When PDF documents are copy protected, it becomes impossible in the backward-compatible 40bit encryption of the access the same file. There is an alternative to pre-128bit encryption and the option...
  10. Re: Unable to install Windows XP OS in HP mini 210-2002ed

    I am not sure but you might be using some pirated CD to install the Windows XP Operating System in your HP mini 210-2002ed Netbook. You should always make sure that you are using original Windows CD...
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    Re: Unable to delete movie file

    I would like to tell you some procedure to delete the movie file. I have some steps. Please read the steps very carefully and fix your problem. These steps are given as below:

    first of all you...
  12. Re: Getting registry recovery alert with no reason

    I usually do not get time to register for these forums. I have been all over the internet only to get loads and loads of posts on how to solve this irritating issue. No one appeared to know for sure...
  13. re: How to install metasploit and postgresql in backtrack 5?

    You need to use the surround your password with an apostrophe at each side of it::

    <..SNIP..> <..SNIP..>
    sudo su postgres -c psql
    ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD ’your password’;
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    Re: Ubuntu-partition deleted/grub shell rescue

    I have the similar difficulty. Deleted my Ubuntu partition and now I am receiving Grub rescue. I tried Ubuntu-rescue-remix cd boot, separated from magic, and CD Ubuntu 10.10. In all cases it is as if...
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    Re: S.E.T error in backtrack 5

    Sorry for not late response. I tried this myself, and still receive the "Something went wrong, printing the error: unpack requires a string argument of length 8".Adjust the path of UPX seems to help...
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    Re: Backtrack 5 Alfa AWUS036NH

    Alfa awus036neh rt2870/3070 1000mw
    I have been using this wireless card in Backtrack 4 r2 and it’s been large the signal is great but in Backtrack 5 signal is actually little .The more often than...
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    Re: vista monitor sleep after some time

    Sleep mode in Windows Vista simply is an result of the low power consumption and storage of information about running programs and open documents-in memory, but also saves the information to your...
  18. Re: Is there available NetBackup 7.0 and 32-bit Solaris

    According to me, I am telling you that what I know about the NBU 7. Actually NB7 is runs for clients. But as I know about the 32 bit Solaris operating system. It is able to run on the Solaris...
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    Re: Unable to install agent policy.

    Ok, if you require to again installing the agent, you will have to right press on the node in the hierarchy. You will not click in note editor. And you will choose All Tasks. Then after you will...
  20. Re: Need information about sun Solaris disaster recovery plan

    As I know about the data recovery plan I am telling you that I am no Data recovery specialist but I would suppose you want the following at least. Postulation is that your server has moved out off...
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    Re: iPOD Driver for Windows 7 available

    Thank you Cameronman, that was an amazing solution submitted by you. It was truly very kind and generous of you to spend your quality time in sharing your knowledge with everyone of us.I was also...
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    Re: The dependency service or group failed to start.

    After reading your problem query, the only solution which i think will work for you is uninstalling the current Windows Vista Operating System form your system and reinstalling a proper version of...
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    Re: Windows Vista, Cant install anything.

    To resolve this problem, install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility as administrator. To do this, click the Setup files (msicuu2.exe). And select Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an...
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    Re: Global Catalog Server 2003/2008

    you can activate the Schema MMC snap-in by going through the following steps:

    Go to: Start > Run > mmc and click on OK button.
    MMC Console menu will appear
    Now, click on the Add/Remove...
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    Re: want to work on pink artifacts on the screen

    You have not described whether you are using desktop or laptop. So I will advice you in both the cases. Desktop as well as on laptop. In case on desktop you have to check its power supply. Then cross...
  26. Re: Photoshop stops responding while editing is in process

    I don’t think that there is need to scan for viruses. This problem is related with excessive use of memory or graphical interface. I think you might be not having a GPU added in your system. As you...
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    Re: Unable run Arch Linux

    Hello according to my knowledge and experience In reality I liked the Red Hat system and simply altered to Debian for the reason that of my failure to be capable to resolve package dependence an...
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    Re: Compaq 2000 laptop fails to boot

    Ooops, this problem is related either with the charger or the change in the settings of the laptop. You should try making default changes in the system. There is also another option but firstly the...
  29. Re: Graphics card is getting excessively heated

    Brother I think you are really crazy about games and it is affecting your brain as well. I think you should also check up your system temperature. If it is above 60 degree c. then you can consider...
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    Some quick tips to work on Linux Terminal

    Terminal is an most efficient way to access your Linux system completely and work on the root level. Ubuntu Linux allows you to change system settings and to work without entering to the terminal....
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    Compare Caph and Numpty Physics

    Recently I have observed the new game Caph, I have downloaded this game and it is similar to Numpty Physics. The only difference I have found is that this Caph is not too much artistic but it is...
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    Re: Display issue in Linux Mint

    On your advice and since I'm not a die-hard, I made a new install. I come to the interesting point, it is that I use cairo-dock but instead of installing from the repositories (because it had not...
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    Re: Display issue in Linux Mint

    First of all thank you for the quick response. I used mint mint 7 and 8 before so even before the live cd (cd as its name suggests) I stay just long enough to start the install, but a priori, RAS. I...
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    Display issue in Linux Mint

    I have a recurring problem at startup Mint9. The display windows is jerky, the animation when moving not a part of my screen is gray. Sudo apt-get update appears to resolve the problem after closing...
  35. Re: Problem with trash on a Windows Server 2008 R2

    Thanks for the quick reply. Now I am not sure if you understand the problem that I am facing. The folder redirection works in Windows 2008 R2 and in Windows 2003. What is not working, that the files...
  36. Problem with trash on a Windows Server 2008 R2

    We used as a Terminal Server 2003 and Windows 2008 R2. The domain is already on Windows 2008 R2. The user has a home drive on which all folders Umgeletiet. The Group Policy, which is the folder with...
  37. Re: Gigabyte X58A-UD7 and Gigabyte X58A-UD9 memory support

    I am having the idea that both the memories are supporting the KHX2000C9D3T1K3/3GX because this thing is mentioned in the memory list for both the mother boards that I am going to use. That is not my...
  38. Gigabyte X58A-UD7 and Gigabyte X58A-UD9 memory support

    I was thinking that this Gigabyte X58A-UD7 and Gigabyte X58A-UD9 that is supporting the memory block with the module P/N KHX2000C9D3T1K3/3GX will be able to support the module for memory of P/N...
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    Re: Playing USA games on PSP - 3000

    Thanks for providing me the solution. Well from the above given solution I installed the game on my PSP 3000 by using the installation CD. After the successful installation of the game I can play it...
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    Playing USA games on PSP - 3000

    Recently I have purchased a new PSP 3000 i.e. PlayStation Portable which is developed by Sony Company. The PSP 3000 have upgraded PSP 2000 with enhanced screen and it is also having an inbuilt...
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    Cannot update Nod32 to 5709

    I have installed Nod32 in my system which is of version It was running well from when I installed it. From last few days it was showing me the message that the database is out of date and...
  42. Overclocking Intel Core i7 950 on Air Cooling

    I want to overclock my cpu. Here is an short description of my system. It is Intel Core i7 950 on Intel based motherboard and a cpu cooler by Cooler Master. Now I want the things which will happen to...
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    How to browse iPhone through USB

    Currently I am having iPhone 4 and it is working smoothly, I mean to say that it is working without any problem. I think I am wrong, it is having one problem; I mean to say a small problem. The...
  44. Redsn0w is crashing during jailbreak on my iPhone 4

    I used the search function, but the problems the others had always been resolved. I have the following problem. Every time I try to jailbreak my iPhone 4 crashes with redsn0w from it. The mobile...
  45. Compare Nvidia NVS 3100M vs. Intel HD Graphics

    I am thinking of buying a Dell laptop or to be more precise Dell E6510 in accordance with FHD 1920 x 1080 with the good screen. I was thinking which video will be better Nvidia NVS 3100M or the Intel...
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    Getting low FPS on BFG GTX 260 OCMaxCore.

    I am getting very low FPS for most of the games I am playing. I am getting around 22 FPS. The processor that I am using is Phenom x3 8750 OC to 2.80GHz, I am also having stock cooler. One more thing...
  47. Need details input on i5 760 for overclocking

    My first question would be whether it is really useful to gain performance for gaming, overlock my processor? Configuration of my system: haf 922 case and noctua nh U12P se2 cm:-e asus P7P55D....
  48. Which is better between ASUS G51Jx, ASUS G53Jw and ASUS G73Jw

    I was thinking of buying any of this ASUS G51Jx, ASUS G53Jw or ASUS G73Jw. To be true I am going to use this laptop for the purpose of gaming and using all types of multimedia. In short I want to use...
  49. TS-L633M ATA Drive is not working on windows 7

    Please help for solving my problem. My DVD burner that is TS-L633M ATA Drive is no longer visible in the workplace; in short it is not working on my windows 7. Previously I was having windows vista...
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    Problem with Magic Jack on USB

    I am having windows xp and also have a Magic Jack on the USB Drive that I am using. As far as I know the magic jack requires two drives for its smooth working but the problem is that I am not having...
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