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  1. WD My Passport X 2TB hard drive announced for Xbox One

    For the owners of the gaming console of Xbox One, Western Digital offers a 2TB hard drive to store more games.

    Noting that video games now weigh very heavy in storage space and the integrated hard...
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    Re: Life Is Strange crashing while loading

    I found a solution for this problem on Windows 8 where you need to also start applocale.msi in compatible mode or else it will not install. Check the below thread for more information:
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    Re: passport not accessible on other pc

    It could be possible that the usb controller inside the enclosure might have failed. You can try to remove the hard drive from the enclousre and connect it to USB adapter and then put it into another...
  4. Amazon launches Unlimited Cloud Storage via Cloud Drive

    Unlimited storage no longer requires the perseverance of Membership from Amazon. Two new plans to Cloud Drive offer to move to the unlimited storage.

    The mad race for storage continues. Google,...
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    Acer introduces 15.6-Inch Chromebook C910

    Google partners with Acer for its Web-oriented operating system unveiling new notebook with Chrome OS.

    This new Acer Chromebook signed carries the C910 reference and adopts the format of 15.6...
  6. ASRock introduces two new USB 3.1 motherboards at CeBIT 2015

    USB 3.1 motherboards arrive in force. At the event of CeBIT in Hannover, there was an opportunity to discover some models.

    While CeBIT in Hannover is about to open its doors for motherboards with...
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    Re: what is wd my cloud wired hdd

    The WD MY Cloud external hard drive is a very pretty and affordable backup solution for home usage. There is no trouble in its setup as well. However when you are copying data on this drive using...
  8. Google rolls out new Android 5.1 Lollipop update

    Google rolls out Android 5.1 update of its mobile operating system with its general availability.

    Android 5.1 Lollipop was already a reality for entry-level smartphones of Android One initiative...
  9. Re: Resident Evil Revelations 2 stuttering and frame drops fix

    The same problem was faced by many players on Resident Evil HD REMASTER and to fix this issue they downloaded a dll file called 'D3D9.DLL' and pasted it in the game folder to fix the slow motion on...
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    Re: Intel Core i7-5820K overclocking hangs

    If the overclocking hangs up then try to do smaller intervals since your overclock doesnt seem stable and try to increase the voltage as well. If there is too few voltage given to the CPU then it...
  11. Dying Light 'My Apocalypse' edition costs £250,000 announced

    The title is out there about a month on PC and next generation consoles, but this week the ultimate version of Dying Light arrives for the wealthy.

    Techland has not finished to promote Dying Light...
  12. Microsoft Lumia 1330 image teased with "Coming Soon" in Indonesia

    The Microsoft Phablet Lumia 1330 is rumored to be coming soon in Indonesia. It is indeed the subject of a teaser.

    After the traditional leaks on the Web, now its time to the very first teaser. The...
  13. GeForce GTX 970 can be returned as per users wish

    Following the finding from users, the GeForce GTX 970 may be recoverable by select retailers.

    The owners of the GeForce GTX 970 have found an unexpected partitioning of video memory onboard....
  14. Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A I9506 started getting Android 5.0 Lollipop

    A previous Samsung's flagship smartphone begins to receive the update to Android Lollipop with so many manufacturers, HTC and Motorola having being delayed because of bugs. Some European countries...
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    Re: How to play Dying Light in 60FPS?

    I am guessing that the problem you are facing is because of your processor. I was also using the same CPU of FX-6300 and whenever there is any FPS drops then my CPU utilization goes up to 40-60%....
  16. Dell Precision M3800 Ubuntu-powered Developer Edition 'beast' unveiled

    The manufacturer Dell has updated its Precision M3800 laptop which now offers Ultra HD 4K display.

    Primarily aimed at the professional market, the ultrathin laptop Dell Precision M3800 leaves...
  17. Battlefield Hardline multiplayer maps revealed in pictures

    Electronic Arts has released new images of Battlefield Hardline FPS game that focuses on multiplayer maps which will be available in March.

    Being finalized within the studio Visceral Games,...
  18. Google reveals unpatched vulnerability in Windows 7 and 8.1

    While Microsoft has publicly criticized Google for the publication of a vulnerability affecting Windows, the Mountain View company has raised new details.

    Last week it was reported that Microsoft...
  19. Windows 10 dark theme and Spartan browser leaked

    Like Windows Phone, Windows 10 will propose a clear theme and a dark theme.

    Well-known source of leaks, the Chinese site cnBeta published a post on the Spartan browser but also leaves open the...
  20. Alcatel launches OneTouch Pop 2 4G-Enabled Smartphones and Tablet at CES 2015

    Many smartphones were introduced by the Alcatel One Touch brand at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas. On the menu: 64-bit processor, 4G/LTE and a hint of Lollipop.

    In addition to its hybrid device 2-in-1...
  21. Re: after overclocking Radeon R9 290 computer crashes constantly

    Yes, even I am guessing that the Power Supply you are using is not strong enough to run the graphics card. What other things you can do is, if your motherboard has an integrated graphics then simply...
  22. Archos unveils new 4G smartphones and tablets

    While the CES show will be open in a few days, the French company Archos announces new upstreams. On the menu: four smartphones and three tablets.

    The French manufacturer Archos unveils its 50...
  23. Re: Nokia C30 Mini Java / Lenovo C30mini Java - Repair It With Secret Service Codes!

    I wonder these codes will work with any android mobile phones and tablet, havent tested it yet but when I will get home i will test it on my tablet and phone running android kitkat 4.4.
  24. Android 5.1 Lollipop update possibly coming out by February-end 2015

    An update for Lollipop 5.1 should arrive in the first quarter of 2015 with many bug fixes and the return of a feature.

    After minor update of 5.0.1, things seem to accelerate to Android 5.1. To...
  25. Re: After installing patch of Dragon Age: Inquisition, game pauses randomly

    Even I am facing this same problem, after installing this patch I get a random 2-3 seconds freezes in Dragon Age Inquistion. The patch made it worse and now the game is not even playable at all. I...
  26. Samsung Galaxy E5 and Galaxy E7 technical specifications leaked

    The mid-range, Samsung is expected to release a series of Galaxy A smartphones. But the South Korean giant is also preparing a Galaxy S series small midrange smartphone.

    With families like Galaxy...
  27. Lenovo K3 smartphone at $100 to compete with Xiaomi's Redmi 1s

    Lenovo decided to go to the front with fellow Xiaomi by unveiling a smartphone called "K3" positioned below the 100 euros that offers a SoC 64-bit, 4G, a 5-inch screen and a large autonomy.

    If the...
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    Microsoft Lumia RM-1052 pics leaked

    The Nokia Lumia 1020 with its 41 megapixel PureView camera sensor will be a successor to the Nokia RM-1052, or is it just a prototype of abandoned Nokia McLaren that appeared on a Chinese auction...
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    Re: removing black bars and borders in Far Cry 4

    On the Steam community there are many people who are facing this black bars/borders problem in Far Cry 4 game. One of the game's developer has said that they are working with Nvidia to get this...
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    Re: I cannot type in the browser - help

    Try to perform a clean boot in your computer and see if that helps:

    Log on to the computer by using an account that has administrator rights.
    Click Start, type msconfig.exe in the Start Search...
  31. Activision is Taking Down Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Glitch Videos

    The case begins to make noise and raises a soft hint of scandal. For several days, users of the online video platform Machinima received an email warning that the latter publisher Activision has...
  32. Re: Far Cry 4 Error "application was unable to start correctly 0x00005"

    This error is related to a dll file. I know that. I got the same on my friends pc also. If there is any damage dll file in your system then it will crash. It is not going to work. You have to...
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    Mozilla releases ads to Firefox tabs

    If you are used to navigate the software from the Mozilla Foundation, you may have noticed some strange behavior of the Firefox browser these days, particularly in terms of advertisement displayed....
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    Skype for Web beta announced by Microsoft

    Microsoft ports Skype for Web for use of instant messaging directly in the browser without plugins. For audio and video calls, a plugin is still needed at the moment.

    Microsoft today announced the...
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    Re: Assassin's Creed Unity unlocked already

    Most of the companies are now letting their fans know when the game is going to be released via twitter or whatever other social platforms in the market. I have heard that Ubisoft is getting worse...
  36. Firefox 33.1 version now available for download

    To celebrate ten years of Firefox, Mozilla publishes a 33.1 version of the popular browser.

    This is the time for the festivities celebration for Mozilla Firefox over a decade. Developers will be...
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    Re: how to add CSS program to my blog?

    You can try to copy and paste your CSS styles by putting the HTML markup (in green) above and below your raw CSS code and then paste it above </head> in the template and check if that works for you...
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to have 16 free DLCs

    CD Projekt RED has announced that additional content will be available following the launch of the highly anticipated game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The special feature is that the DLC will be free...
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    Re: How to play Angry Bird Transformer on PC

    For that you have to install a Android emulator. And then you can play the game. It works well if you are having a good graphic card. I had tested Real Racing three on Andy Android Emulator. I am...
  40. Re: error "Cpu does not met minimum specifications" while playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Well, I think that even though your processor seems to be inadeqate still this game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare should run just fine without any warning. The only that is going to prevent a game...
  41. Re: Plantronics Calisto Pro pairing with windows 7

    Incase you have a built-in bluetooth in your pc then you will not require USB adapter but if you dont have then you will need it. You can try to use the Voyager Pro with Dragon without any issues....
  42. Unlimited OneDrive storage offered by Microsoft with Office 365 subscriptions

    To believe that 1TB was not enough, now all Office 365 subscribers will switch to unlimited storage space for OneDrive.

    In terms of storage space, Microsoft cannot do better. After various...
  43. Nexus 9 listed on Google Play Store in India for Rs. 28900

    Nexus 9 tablet tumbles on Google Play Store and will be the first device to receive Android 5.0 "Lollipop".

    As expected, Google has updated the "equipment" of Google Play to accommodate the Nexus...
  44. Samsung paid Microsoft $1 Billion for Android Patents

    Samsung has certainly paid $1 billion to Microsoft as part of a patent agreement. But it does not intend to pay anymore.

    If manufacturers do not hesitate to go to court to even assert their...
  45. Samsung S27D590C 27-inch monitor with curved screen released

    The South Korean manufacturer Samsung releases a curved screen monitor called S27D590C that ensures players immersion into simulation securities or for first person shooter.

    To enhance the...
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    Re: Kingston Hyperx Predator DDR4

    Are there any DDR4 RAM motherboards available in the market? What will be the cost of these RAM sticks? I was hoping that DDR4 memory's would be above 2400mhz in speed but it seems that it is kind of...
  47. Acer announces S277HK 27-inch UHD/4K and H257HU 25" WQHD monitors

    The firm Acer unveils two PC monitors that will land soon on the market. It is about fine margins and 4K support.

    With these PC monitors, wearing references of H257HU and S277HK for respective...
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    Re: Intel Pentium G3258 overclocking

    Also, what is the CPU temperature you are getting? You can also try to use either Intelburn Test or else Prime95 and while using anyone of these software you will be getting error messages from both...
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    Re: Lichdom: Battlemage crashes, save game gone

    Were you playing the pre-alpha version of this Lichdom: Battlemage game? If that is the case then all save files get wiped everytime when the developers of this game do a major update, that is from...
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    Re: undo GeForce GTX 660 Ti overclocking

    If still you are not able to boot into Safe Mode which can be used to bypass both the cards drivers and the overclocking software, then your only chance is to reinstall Windows operating system...
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