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  1. Re: How to download eBook from Sony PRS-T2 library

    I was also able to download ebooks from library before updating to the latest firmware that included direct access to the Kobo Bookstore on the homepage of my Sony ereader. After a lot of tries, I...
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    Re: Wordpress sites slowing down on its own

    There might be something that is causing the site to slow down. Here you have to check that once and test it. I am quiet sure that there can be some internal plugins causing the site to work slow....
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    Re: Wordpress performance monitoring plug-in

    When it comes to performance, then you have to work with multiple plug-in. You won't be able to work with a single one and get the output that you are looking for. There are multiple plug-in. But...
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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 dead, ways to recover?

    Many people have reported that the usb port of Kobo Arc 7 is designed very badly. Most of the places the circuit board of this ebook reader is also not available. If you go to any local repair shop...
  5. Re: Does a free Wordpress theme is better than paid one

    Depends on your requirement. If you go with free then you get minimum customization on that. You have to go for the paid version where you get more benefits. Like you get a separate customization...
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    Re: unable to update Nook HD ebook reader

    I would first of all recommend you to try running the CyanogenMod 11 on an external microSD card to test if you like the custom ROM before you can decide to flash it into the Nook HD ebook reader's...
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    Re: Adobe Acrobat application error on Windows 8.1

    I have found that if you uninstall the KB2917929 update from your system then there will be no issues launching the Adobe Acrobat 7.0 application. But then again, it is not recommended to use an...
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    Re: remove demo software from Kindle Fire

    I was able to do a root for another demo tablet but I needed to re-partition it first. This demo unit come with a special partition which helps the demo program and even after I rooted the tablet and...
  9. Re: How to turn off Archive indexing in WordPress

    Well you can fall into issue if the content on your website keeps on increasing. Here when it comes to archive or tags or categorizes then this are kind of duplicate content generator. If you are...
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    Re: Sony PRS-T1 frequent restart issue

    You can try to remove the battery from your Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader and see if that helps but it will require you to perform a disassembly of your device. Or else if the problem is occuring due to a...
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    Re: How to block a IP address in WordPress site

    When you are done with making your WordPress site you have to start working on the security part. There are few set of points that you have to take care. Like making your site more and more secure....
  12. Re: Is it possible to import a WordPress blog to another server

    I had used WordPress Importer and it really works well. It is quiet simple to use and it let you to import various things from another WordPress site. Like you can run this and you can import all the...
  13. Re: Does removing vbseo will cause any issue with vbulletin url

    Take a backup first and then do what you want. Do not just play with the thing. It is right that vbseo is a good tool and it is hard to find something like this. But somehow this url structure is a...
  14. Re: How to get rid of ads from vbulletin header top

    First create a full cpanel backup. And download it. So that if anything wrong happens you can restore all things back again as it was before. Second you have to find the header template. You have to...
  15. Re: ForumRunner ask users to download paid apk on android

    This is really weird. Even I am not happy with the same. I had bought forunrunner for my 3 sites and configured on them. I am also getting the same isue. They must include this in the web license and...
  16. Re: Looking for a simple eCommerce plugin for Wordpress

    There are many good plugins you can try out. It depends on your requirement. If you are having a very vast store then you have to go with premium solution. A complete package of eCommerce store where...
  17. Re: How to convert a old Wordpress theme to responsive theme

    I know the best plugin here that can help you to get what you are looking for. You can try using Jetpack. Great plugin to make majority of changes on your site and making it very effective for usage....
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    Re: Cannot enable FBConnect on Vbulletin 4.2.2

    I think you must try to find a third party Facebook connect plugin instead of using the default one. There is some issue with that. I found a lots of queries like this and none of them are having...
  19. Re: Is there any plugin to check issue with WordPress themes

    Always test a theme before adding. Because there can be certain bugs which can led to site issues. And when it comes to WordPress then we are surely having ample of great themes that will help in...
  20. Re: Looking for a simple bug tracker tool for website development

    It is good to test a few different bug trackers and then choose the final one. Because depending on the work there will be different type of requirements. Bugherd is quiet simple and popular. But...
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    Re: connect OverDrive app with Kindle HD Fire

    All you need to do is just go into the menu like 3 bars in upper left and then you will have to tap the "Add a library". I have setup 4 libraries on OverDrive in my ebook reader and they are...
  22. Re: installing .NET Framework 2.0 via Group Policy

    You can easily try to install .NET Framework 2.0 Group Policy. First of all you need to download dotnetfx.exe from the microsoft website. After that you have to run the below command from the CMD to...
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    Re: Core temp gadget needed

    You can also check that in CoreTemp software. First you will have to launch it and then display the window onto your desktop. After that click Options > Settings and then go to System Tray tab. Now...
  24. Re: unable to see all ebooks in internal storage on Sony PRS-T3

    Download and install Calibre ebook management program. This should help solve your problems. I have transfered 1000 books at once to or from my T1 using computer with Calibre installed. This program...
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    Re: information on Kindle Fire 2014

    I will suggest you to go with the Nexus 2013 edition instead of the Samsung Galaxu Tablets. The Nexus tabler is a good one and comes at a great price as well. The Kindle Fire is very much limited...
  26. Re: How to easily migrate a entire html website to WordPress

    Migration of data is not so tough. The layout is complicated. This consist of theme, colors, content, pictures, videos, etc. And then comes links on the
    page. If you have any gallery then that...
  27. Re: How to easily migrate a entire html website to WordPress

    I am not sure any conversion tool is going to work here. It will far more complicated for you to go with automatic migration. It is essential that you must do that manually. So that you get the...
  28. Re: most of the application not compatible with Kobo Arc

    The problem is actually with the Google Play store that will not allow the installation of different apps on certain devices if one of the thing in permissions is missing like bluetooth, gps, etc....
  29. Re: Nook apps are continuously redownloading on its own

    It seems that you could have installed the Barnes and Noble store version of some of the apps by yourself which doesnt come on HD or HD+ devices by default. If you want to make sure then sign into...
  30. Re: How to get books in Sony PRS-T1 without the store?

    Well, what you need to do is, set up an Adobe Digital Editions account in your computer and then authenticate your pc. After that download the books directly on your Sony PRS-T1 and then it will give...
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    Re: Kobo Aura HD freezes after firmware update

    If none of the above solution is working for you then you can try to do a reset using a paperclip. Just try to insert it into the tiny hole on the right side at the bottom side of the Aura and see if...
  32. Re: multiple link extractor program for windows 7

    There is also another tool called Win Web Crawler which is a very powerful WebCrawler, Web Spider and Website Extractor. With this software you can extract URL, meta tag (title, desc, keyword), body...
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    Re: WordPress website takes long time to load

    No plugin can work if your site has too many heavy elements. Many people us high resolution pictures on their site which makes it very slow to open. That is because of bandwidth. Now everyone in the...
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    Re: How to send scheduled message in php

    Search for PHP SMS Gateway on Google. You will find a site on the top which gives you a ready to use script and a complete manual for sending automated sms through php on a mobile phone. The process...
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    Re: Difference between Wordpress 3.7 and 3.8

    WordPress 3.8 update brings up more new thing. Most of the new things are in the UI and themes. While other things are not really awesome. If you are not happy with the current look then you can go...
  36. Re: Among Drupal and Wordpress which has best feature for Spam control

    I also think Wordpess is good. That is because of many things. This cms has a decent design and it looks really awesome. You can add many themes on it making it very effective in look. You can add...
  37. Re: Among Drupal and Wordpress which has best feature for Spam control

    I also think WordPress is the best one for spam control. Here you have various plugins to use. The best among them all is WebPurify Profanity Filter. Once you apply the plugin you can simply get the...
  38. Re: Facebook plugin slowing down my WordPress website

    If any plugin is affecting the website speed then it is recommended that you must either disable them or remove them. I hope there will be some plugin through which you can migrate the users in your...
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    Re: Desktop Android app maker for Windows PC

    It will be complicated for you to troubleshoot if you go ahead with using a desktop based application.Because there you cannot figure out what is going on the background. I will recommend you to go...
  40. Re: What is the best way to test a speed of website

    I think Pagespeed by feed the bot is the best one. Because along with site score it gives you things that can be applied to fix the site speed. I had used this on numerous website and it has given me...
  41. Re: Shutdown, Restart, or Log Off your computer using VB.Net

    There are few set of codes to execute to switch of your system through Some of this parameters are quiet similar to what you use in cmd. So for turning off your computer through you...
  42. Re: TAG XFX R9 and R7 Series Graphics Cards Launched

    Considering the XFX Radeon 280X R9 Double Dissipation is much better and uses a PCB house offering a total of 7 phases (5 +2 or 6 +1?) and a new cooling house pretty good. It operates at frequencies...
  43. Re: Event ID 55: Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume VHD

    After searching I found out that this error occurs if any of the Apple software is corrupted in the computer. So first of all find all the apple software that is installed in your computer like...
  44. Re: Task Scheduler failed to start ........ Additional Data: Error Value: 2147943726.

    First of all open Task Scheduler and then right click on the Task. After that select Properties and then choose "Run whether user is logged on or not". After that click ok. You can also try to...
  45. Re: Is it possible to add 3D graphics on HTML 5 website

    HTML5 is really amazing. The new changes allow you to do anything. You can build up a amazing website making it fast responsive and great in terms of look. It is possible to embedd 3D content but...
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    Re: Install skype in Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

    Yes, that’s what I also wanted to ask. Why don’t you simply download and test the app whether it works or not. I don’t think it is going to take more than 10 minutes to test and uninstall if it...
  47. Re: Looking for some excellent books on best coding practices

    I am engaged with Perl programming. The book that I had gone through some time ago is Perl Best Practices by Damian Conway. It is a nice book for those who are working in Perl and want to pursue...
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    re: Is it worth to go for HTML5 right now

    HTML5 is launched here to kill flash. In flash you had to work hard separately on different scripting language while if you are good in html5 then you can simply make more better designs with minimum...
  49. Re: How to create a simple widget for Android Devices

    You can begin with the design. Before just collect some information on how android works. What are the coding elements used in that. It will guide you in more proper way. A widget in android is based...
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    Re: Looking for information on Linux Process

    The same is also called as process descriptor. This has information on the current process of memory. I think you can find a information on the same more easily. There are tools available on the web...
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