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    Re: GTX 970 video card in Antec One case

    Well, if you can purchase the EVGA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card then perhaps you can fit this video card in your Antec One Case properly since it comes with a size of 9.5" x 4.376" only. With this...
  2. Re: Games lagging at maximum resolution on Nvidia 650Ti

    If temperature is not a problem then just try to update the drivers. You can remove the existing one from Control Panel > Uninstall programs. Just go in that and get rid of Nvidia drivers from it....
  3. Re: When it comes to gaming which is better Nvidia or AMD

    My system has a Nvidia 600 series card which is really awesome. The output is great and there is no performance issue. I am able to play games on full resolution on multiple monitors. The game works...
  4. Re: Upcoming UltraHD TV's will break the limits of high resolution

    You had not seen the cost of this Tv. At start they will be very high. It was same with plasma and Led which were released before. But later when this technology became common the price felled really...
  5. Re: Adding PC Surround Sound Speakers on TV

    To save your time the best thing you can do is buy a surround sound system. You can choose from 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1. Manual connectivity is very complicated. Configuring speakers on amplifier are more...
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    Re: How to unlock Radeon 6950 to Radeon 6970

    I will say I have a virus that showed him my card. If they will not believe I'm going to send the virus.
  7. Re: Best potential monitors - ASUS VH232H vs. ASUS ML238H

    Asus ml238h has been ergonomically intended to be level with your eyes and notebook screen. It has an incredible picture and is very aesthetically enjoyable, especially in view of the price. The...
  8. Re: 3D TV is not working when connected this way GTX560 Ti→HT-SS380→3DTV

    I think you should try googling around the internet for this issue. Google is the best source that can help out resolve almost all issues. I would suggest you to visit the google website and mention...
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    Re: HDMI/DVI connection failed to register

    In a normal VGA connection, the signal transmission is similar through the DVI digital connection. For VGA connector, the digital data as of the graphics card into an analog signal to be changed and...
  10. Re: Is Viewsonic 21.5'' monitor very big for desk?

    This monitor truly deserves my opinion; it is the one I own is very, very very good. It has a screen that does not stop or flickers anytime, movies are fantastic not to mention the quality of the...
  11. Re: What Percentage of 3D games can be played with a single GeForce Gtx 570?

    I have a computer at home. I also like playing games. I have an nvidia gtx 570 graphics card. I play games on my graphics card. My experience is that, it couldn’t handle the work load at all. I...
  12. Re: Connecting PC (DVI) to the Thunderbolt display

    Well I have the EAH5870, as there is no way you need to upgrade, and yet still running even the latest games easily. I was really hoping that lightning would display the answer to all problems of...
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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    according to me as far as monitors are concerned I would rather suggest that we should prefer the one which is actually compatible with other hardware we have installed in the machine, and the most...
  14. Re: Random arrangement of the red pixels to replacing the Black

    i would like to suggest you the same thing as you should try to reinstall the graphic drivers in your machine and then see what happens as corruption in the drivers may cause such a problem while...
  15. Re: Who is better between NVIDIA 9500 GT & 8800 GT

    Go with 8800 GT just check out for the review on the google for both of them and then you would know why I am suggesting this I have tried 8800GT and its just the best.
  16. Re: Internet and external sound card make noise due to Dell monitor plugged in

    The same kind of noise problem arrives on my system. Then I try to connect other monitor with this system but the same sound arrives on each time. Then I read it on the official site perform the...
  17. Re: Is Real racing 2 are available for Samsung Wave S8500

    I am also a huge fan of real racing game. When I bought this Samsung S8500 that time, I have hard search for this game on internet. However, the real racing is only available for IPhone and android....
  18. Re: Where can i get the ATI FireGl V5200 driver for Windows 7

    I'm unfamiliar with drivers and such for professional grade GPU's. this is the most simplest task and in that you can use the driver installation CD of this video card. This will be provide the best...
  19. Re: GPU recovery and timeout detection with WDDM in windows 7

    If you want to perform this task on your windows 7system then first open the control panel. Then open the device manager and hit on the display adaptor. The next step is to be click on the driver...
  20. Re: Which one would be a better choice from geforce 6950x2 or DCII 580GTX

    Hey I am having DCII 580GTX and I think that this is the best one you need to go with. I have been working out with this one from the long time and have really enjoyed this lot and it has a very nice...
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    Re: 16:10 aspect ratio IPS monitors

    according to me you should get ViewSonic VA2626wm, in which you’ll get

    LCD display / TFT active matrix,
    26 in - Widescreen,
    HDMI, VGA (HD-15), DVI,
    1920 x 1200 resolution,
    VGA input and...
  22. Re: MSI N560GTX-TI GPU crashes after updating the driver to version 280.26

    which operating you have installed in the machine by the way, because see though we have very good hardware and the software by means of drivers but it that is not very good enough compatible with...
  23. Re: Resolution setback in Samsung 2494HS Monitor

    I had the same issue-and utilizing a DVI associations illuminates it excluding my screen in some cases doesn't discover the indicator on DVI, and I need to reboot, additionally as I too anticipated...
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    Re: Samsung BX2250 monitor not working

    Are you having any particular symptoms on the screen? Because through that we can easily determine the dilemma. And by the way you can test you all the hardware’s as well for determining the exact...
  25. Re: How to save my LCD Monitor from Spot and scratches?

    Yeah! Scratches on LCD Screen that’s weird.
  26. Re: is CoolerMaster Xtreme PowerPlus 600 Watts compatible with MSI 560Ti Hawk or MSI HD6950 Hawk

    I would suggest you to go for 9800GTX as it the NVIDIA's ninth generation series of graphics cards. It is ready for Microsoft Vista. What operating system do you have? It is equipped with a...
  27. Re: Comparing touch screen blackberry torch 9810 with 9800.

    Friend (reply 3) same problem I also facing but it seems its opening apps of right side only. I have set my favorite apps blackberry messenger on home screen of my mobile. When I try to open this BBM...
  28. Re: Need help buying GPU for my PSU Budget 12k

    The final decision was been taken by you. You need to use this graphics card on your laptop system. In such condition we need to first check that the real problem of this laptop. If you require...
  29. Re: Need help to buy a full LED monitor in my budget

    I would be asking you to go with the Benq G2220HD and this is the best one which you would like for sure. I have been using this and have really liked it a lot and I have never found any problem with...
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    Re: Where to unlocked Blackberry torch 9860

    All those above solution are for all kind of blackberry phones. Still you are not able to unlock your phones then I will prefer to you visit the Blackberry care point. There your problem will...
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    Re: Widescreen Computer Display

    I’m right now utilizing a ViewSOnic 20" widescreen. It's positively delightful. My set determination is 1600xsomething. Since you are a film individual, widescreen is finest for you resulting from...
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    Re: Vertical color difference in Dell U2711

    This kind of problem arrives when we can’t properly set the setting of this monitor. In such cases, we need to perform an action that will be work to problem. The best way is to be use an proper...
  33. Re: Samsung LNT4661FX 46" LCD TV blinking Shadow covers 75% of Screen

    It's typically a shortcoming with LCD display. You would be able to bring it like a champ with the retailer who sold him the set. Don't let them fob him off in the event that its a small over 12...
  34. Re: Wi-Fi not working in hp palm pre after installing webOS 1.4.5 version.

    Try to update your operating system to latest version. Currently I cannot tell you which WebOS version is launch but you can find through internet and then go for upgrading. However, remember before...
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    Re: Nvidia geforce GT540M keeps crashing

    which operating system are you using, I think there is some problem with the OS itself, thus according to me you should try to recover the missing or the corrupted files again from the disk, or else...
  36. Re: I am getting white dots in Samsung UN46D8000 LED

    I also had the same problem some time before. Then I was searched for the better advice on the web. But I don’t get the exact solution for my problem. Then I call the Samsung advisor for solve my...
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    Re: Popping Noise in Samsung UN46B8000

    If you want to get exact answer for this then you should let the Samsung support know the transaction number of the unit that you are using. So before calling the Samsung support please be ready with...
  38. re: How to activate Skype webcam on Samsung TV

    I want to ask you some question which is related to your webcam. The webcam which you have purchased is it Skype certified or not. There are some webcam available in the markets which are not...
  39. Re: White Spot in Samsung DLP HLT5076S expanding rapidly

    I have model HL-T6176S. I have been holding up for the white spots following my girl acquired the same TV and paid over $2000 for it. White specks showed up in less than 2 years. Had a warranty but...
  40. re: Samsung 580 series interferes with certain cable boxes via IR

    I moreover experience the same IR obstruction issue on my revamped LN46A850 (less than 1 week old). The remote control to my Time Warner HD DVR set-beat box (Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD, with...
  41. Re: Need the best Internet connecting Samsung HDTV

    You began with Internet-union. Essentially, that would not joke about this can head over to some url's that do the http:-order (I trust you wouldn't fret if they don't uphold mailto: or ftp: or...
  42. Re: Samsung LN32B650 LCD TV timer not working

    Adjusting firmware is not simple, its not a brisk methodology and it isn't modest. Those are the realities. So if an alteration is to be made similar to that it could need to go opposite the whole...
  43. Re: Samsung BD-C5500 Internet TV unable to work after Firmware download

    There are several game plans to update the firmware. 1st is utilizing the virtual world union, 2nd is to download the firmware document & overhaul via a USB memory stay, 3rd & my best, is to overhaul...
  44. Re: Samsung HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade not working

    Of late I got 4 DLNA servers to utilize, incorporating a Twonky arranged on a QNAP, NAS, serviio, windows 7 and Samsung. It's not the server unfortunately. Samsung DLNA server is for the most part...
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    Re: Samsung HLR5087 not turning on

    Try and replace the power supply, might be it has got damaged and hence it is giving you such kind of problem it might be difficult for you to perform some changes on it but I would advise you take...
  46. Re: Defective panel of the 26 inches Samsung LCD TV

    These experiences may stem from the purchase of a defective product to difficulties that replace this product with the new TV. I think the Tv is to be provide the best compliment for accessing the...
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    Re: Samsung le40a656a1f LCD TV is messed up

    Ok if the channels are flickering then surely seems to me as a problem with the cable service provider how can a tv be blamed here. I am not able to understand why you are putting the blame on the...
  48. Re: TV Remote signal interferences in Samsung Syncmaster p2770HD and Samsung 46C6005

    Make sure you do keep a fair amount of distance from each other since the remote sensors is near the touch controls on the front and hence it is quite a possibility that they might interfere when you...
  49. Re: Delay Commercial Loading of Philips Net-TV

    Every day new technologies are invented, implemented and deployed on this Net-TV. Hence every time the manufacturer has to be necessary to upgrade the exiting features of this application. It works...
  50. Re: Invalid code when using Picasa on Philips 37PFL7605H

    The other way is to be using an reinstall this application that help to fix this problem. The Picasa has to be providing several facilities that works to perform different editing as well as...
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