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    Re: Importing ppt presentation in movie maker

    You cannot do that. Movie maker is not having any of those feature. For that you have to first convert that ppt file to any video playback file. Like an mp4 or avi. And then you can import it and...
  2. Re: Unable to install Advanced System Care in Windows 8.1

    Try running system restore. I am quiet sure that this will help. There can be some problem in the system. By running system restore you can get working settings back then you can install. If you are...
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    Re: unable to install Office 2013 in Windows 8

    You should try to uninstall the Office 2013 by download the Fix it tool from this link - A file you will need to download which weighs 2.8mb called as...
  4. Re: Evernote desktop app is quiet slower as compared to tablet

    It might be a bit heavy to use. I had seen that sometime Evernote takes a quiet long time to open any note. And the same thing is also on the web based application. It is having lots of nice feature...
  5. Re: Wintoobootic stuck on creating a bootable usb

    It can be due to the damage ISO file that you are trying to use. You can try changing the same and test back. It happens that sometime if the ISO file is damage and you face such problem. I got this...
  6. Re: Which eBook is nice for understanding Android programming

    There are tons of eBooks on the web. Bit it is good if you start working more practically instead of going deep in the theory. When you test something then you gain more knowledge then just by...
  7. Re: cannot uninstall app in Windows 8.1, error code 0xc0000142

    There is also another tool called RegOwnit that can be used to take ownership of the file and folder. This software was developed by Lee Whittington for the Windows Club and even though it works fine...
  8. Re: How to measure fps of gaming monitor in Windows 10

    There are many fps software you can try out. In Windows 10 there is some issue with graphic drivers. I am also finding the same thing with Far Cry 4. It is not working well. It use to lag a lot....
  9. Re: Increasing the storage capacity of Bluestack

    You cannot do that. Bluestack does not allow you that features. You have to stick with the same type of storage. This can be done by adding a app that can offer you to install virtual sd card in the...
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    Re: DVD burning not working in Nero 9

    It is good to re-install that once and test. Try to disable all background services from your system. Like turn of antivirus, or any download or any kind of application that can affect the process....
  11. Re: How to get full hardware details in Mac system

    If you only want to find information about the model, cpu and ram then you can find that quiet easily. For that you have to just go inside Apple menu and there you have to select About This Mac. Here...
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    Re: Skype video chat not working on Linux

    If Skype fails to work then there is one more application you can try and it is the best one I think. You can go with Gtalk. It is really amazing video calling and chatting software. This one provide...
  13. Re: Microsoft Excel crash after downloading files from Microsoft Outlook

    It can be due to your antivirus also. Most of the antivirus will scan your download and uploads. And after that only the attachment will open up. That is my people are advising you to download the...
  14. Re: Unable to re-install Microsoft Office on Windows 8

    The problem can be with the setup file. You have to locate a new one and try with that. I am quiet sure it will work. Once you are done with the installation then you have to activate your windows...
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    Re: News reader application for Ubuntu

    I agree with the above one. I am also using LightRead. I was using Thunderbird before, but it gets slow down at launch. This application download mails and rss both whenever I start it and it takes...
  16. Re: MSVCR80.dll missing error while installing iTunes

    I think that the above solution works for everyone and I also followed it but had used some of my own methods to solve this problem. Since I used Quicktime a lot of time so I didnt uninstall it. When...
  17. Re: How to clean face of old photos in photoshop

    There are many tutorial online for that. It can help you to clean the images and make a face more clear. This things are mostly done through blur effect. I am using ACDSee Pro. This tool has noise...
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    Re: iTunes crashing after Maverick update

    A number of application can be unstable once new updates are applied. This is not a new issue. If after update also the app is not working then you have to use diagnostic. Diagnostic collect all...
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    Re: Automated android backup on Windows 8 PC

    There is one app you can use. It is called as G Cloud. You can use this app to sync all your data on cloud. G Cloud Backup offer you unlimited storage. You can download a android and pc edition both....
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    Re: Installing Office 2003 in Windows 8

    After searching on the Microsoft Compatability list, I have found that Microsoft Office 2003 Professional is compatible with Windows 8.1. This Office version is showing as compatible but with the...
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    Poll: Re: Best Advertisement blocking software

    I have found that AdFender is the best free software which can block all the annoying advertisements on the Internet. It is the most comprehensive, easy to use filtering software that gives you the...
  22. Re: default location of Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 7

    The Windows Photo Viewer program is an instance of dllhost.exe that wont be invoked directly by the user. You can find out the location of any executable by running the task manager. To do that, open...
  23. Re: Adobe Updates notification keeps on coming up after installation

    You will keep on getting those notification due to broken updates. Your system is unable to find whether new updates are properly installed or not. A easy way to fix this issue is running system...
  24. Re: Simple tool to control network pc through single mouse

    There are many tools for using different monitors. You can try input director. It works like Share Mouse. This tool is bit advance. You can control or group systems in it for usage.
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    Re: Weird audio problem

    I am going to provide you a tiny fix. See whether it works or not. For that press the Start key with R from the keyboard. This will launch Run box. In that type services.msc and hit. You can see a...
  26. Re: dotnetfx35setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application

    This error is common if you are trying to run a damage exe file. There are three possible cause of the problem. First if in your system the file system is corrupt or damage. This also affect windows...
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    Re: wisecustomcalla.exe

    This file belongs to McAfee. Just check whether you were using this product before in your system. This is a left over file. If you still think that your system has some serious infection then you...
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    Re: Error 25004 Config.XML is not specified

    This error appears when there is already a existing revision is detected in Windows. It is not removed properly due to which you are getting the error. To fix the issue first run System Restore. It...
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    Re: Project 2007 - Scroll wheel Zoom function

    You can also try to zoom and pan by using the Pan & Zoom window

    Open the Pan & Zoom window in either of two ways:

    In the status bar, near the zoom slider, click the Pan & Zoom...
  30. Re: MS Project 2010 - How do I save it in landscape? as a PDF?

    I am using a third party software called as DoPDF. This tool is quiet easy to use when you need something in pdf file. Before whenever I want to print something in pdf I first export that in one...
  31. Re: Where can I download a German proofing tool for MS WORD

    Microsoft Proofing Tool 2013 can help you in getting what you want. This tool support a set of various languages. It offers you spell check for huge amount of languages. You just have to install and...
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    Re: Ie7 bdb57ff2-79b9-4205-9447-f5fe85f37312

    I will recommend you to change your web browser. Try to use the latest version of Firefox. It is stable and does not has this kind of security issues. Some sites spread malware and they might promote...
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    Re: Missing files "ieshims.dll" and "wer.dll"

    Even I was facing this problem on my Windows XP machine. But I was able to solve it by simply rolling back to Internet Explorer 7 from Internet Explorer 8. I am thinking that Internet Explorer 7 was...
  34. Re: Help to convert hand written html codes to digital for college project

    OCR is not so effective. I had tried many things in my college project work but that does not work so well. I always tried to convert many text to digital files but they won't work so fine. It is...
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    Re: How to split folders in different size

    It is better to use it through archived. Because in that you data remain intact and organized. And then you can use it as per your need. Through folders it will be bit messy. I use winrar small packs...
  36. Re: How to protect Word files from being shared on internet

    You can go with copyright stuff. Or you can convert those files to pdf with password. There specific tools available for the same. This makes your job more easier and simple when it comes to file...
  37. Poll: Re: Advanced SystemCare vs Advanced System Optimizer

    There is new one recently released called as TuneUp Utilities 2014. This tool offer you smart features and easy way to make your system work more better. It is a advance tool. It has a duplicate file...
  38. Re: New features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

    I had recently switched to the new edition and it really work fine. It is not having any issue. It has a smart way to remove object from the image. You can apply a background and it will show that no...
  39. Re: Not able to install Ubuntu on my Lenovo laptop

    It is better if you install Ubuntu inside windows. It is possible and your system will not be affected. And if you don't want you can remove it through control panel. I always install a Linux os in...
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    Re: Cross platform online backup solution

    You can find ample of free online storage solution instead of going for paid one. There are many available. One among them is Dropbox. This service is common and works really well and also offer you...
  41. Re: Need a backup software for continuous backup

    When we talk about continuous backup software then there is only one thing that can help. That is Tape Drives. You can hook a Tape Drive storage on your network which will keep on taking data backup....
  42. Re: How to scan a file in docx format instead of pdf

    There is a big problem with all OCR tool. The issue lies with junk characters. I got a book. It is a pdf file which I had later on converted to jpeg files. There are in total 40 images. And I am...
  43. Re: Advance sound equalizer software for Windows 7

    I am using DFX and it really works well. It is an amazing audio enhancer software. If you are having a good set of speakers then you can enjoy amazing sound output on the same. It works really well...
  44. Re: Encrypting file with common standard and sharing through SkyDrive

    There is a simple way of sharing file. Just archive your files and add a password on that. Winrar offers you a powerful password protection service. Which is not easy to unlock by any software or...
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    Re: Reliable registry backup software

    Registry bacukp is a very basic troubleshooting stuff. By restoring your system is not going to work faster. The best way to keep your system working well is avoid installation of any unwanted...
  46. Re: Tuneup utilities slowing down my Windows 7 PC

    I am also using the same Tune-Up utility and it works well. I am using the same on my netbook and there is problem in it. It enhanced the system performance. I am unable to understand why it does not...
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    Re: Reliable registry backup software

    Registry backup is a very basic troubleshooting stuff. By restoring your system is not going to work faster. The best way to keep your system working well is avoid installation of any unwanted...
  48. Re: Tuneup utilities slowing down my Windows 7 PC

    I am also using the same Tune-Up utility and it works well. I am using the same on my netbook and there is problem in it. It enhanced the system performance. I am unable to understand why it does not...
  49. Re: Audio not working after I am connecting my Laptop to a secondary monitor

    It looks the audio applet is crashing. When a audio driver is installed a volume control panel utility is available in the system tray. From where you can configure a set of different sound settings....
  50. Re: How to train Dictation pro to get accurate dictation

    To use a voice to text software there are certain things which you have to check. First of all you must have a really good quality noise cancellation mic. Many regular mic does not has noise...
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