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    Re: Is Vodafone 3G is the costliest one

    The network coverage depends on the type of telecom provider. Some are having broader coverage due to more antennas in a location. Like in my region I am having a reliance antenna just near to my...
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    Re: Tata Photon 3G slow on facebook and yahoo

    Most of this usb modems does not work well if you are having poor network coverage in your area. When you connect it you can see network icons on the software in your pc. It must be full to give you...
  3. Re: What is the limit of maximum deposit on HDFC Saving bank account

    Well it depends on your bank policy. As far as I know there is no limit for the deposit. When you are putting more than Rs.50000 then you have to provide your pan card details. Because your all...
  4. Re: Any recent changes in mobile internet tariff plans

    Prices are going to slash but limited to specific region only. There is a nice drop in the 2G plans but yet 3G are quiet costly. Docomo is offering you the most cheapest mobile internet package which...
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    Re: Join Tikona Broadband with Ease!

    That sound good. By the way from which state do you belong. Because I stay in Mumbai, and I am having a big issue with Tikona. I had applied for a wireless connection and unable to get a continuous...
  6. Re: Which telecom provider offers a budget 1mbps unlimited broadband plan

    Recently it was in news that BSNL has released the most cheapest 1mbps plan. The cost of the same is just Rs.725. This would be the cheapest plan in the market. BSNL is the largest internet service...
  7. Re: Study reveal major cities will face hottest climate change in the next 30 years

    You cannot do about that. The increasing population and use of vehicle are common cause. If you seen a report which was recently released it shows the temperature hike is much higher in few decade...
  8. Re: Can I file my own Income Tax Return without taking help for CA

    The process of filing a income tax return for individual is quiet easy. But you will need a bit guidance for that. I had seen in Income Tax Dept at Bandra, at the time of filing returns, special...
  9. Re: Any scheme available right-now that offers free mobile over contract

    You can find contract basis phone on the official website of telecom provider. Recently in news there was some info available on MTS. They were offing a good phone at a reasonable contract price. The...
  10. Re: Which telecom provider offers the best sms pack

    I am having a reliance connection. I also think Vodafone here is one of the best. It offers great value for money plans. I am using Reliance from long time and I usually move ahead with sms plans....
  11. Re: Videcon is planing to launch 4G in Gujarat

    Major issue here lies with network coverage. That is one of the drawback. It does not matter what you are using. Because I had seen even on 2G if your network coverage is poor you face a lot of...
  12. Re: What are the different kinds of Unlimited Plans of GPRS in India?

    For your kind information let me tell you that not just TATA Docomo but none of the services provider in India provides its customer with any unlimited plans. All of them follow the same rule. And...
  13. Re: How much max speed we can get from MTS Mblaze data card

    Yes there is a special offer that is being offered by MTS right now. According to their play if you go for MBlazer 444 plan you will get the monthly free usage of 3GB obviously with the validity of...
  14. Re: How to configure Airtel modem Beetel 110tc1 for MTNL broadband?

    Entering your modem’s user id and password sometimes becomes quite difficult if you have set it by yourself and forgot. Therefore it is always suggested to keep your router/modem’s user id and...
  15. Re: List of Android Apps Compatible with Blackberry smartphones

    Yes, Android and iOS devices are indeed good with the number of applications they have on their respective stores. blackberry stands too far behind them in terms of this. but anyways, there are few...
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    Bad service from Reliance customer care

    I live in Mumbai and just last month I purchased a Reliance Netconnect for internet service. The internet plan for which I had applied was to give me 3.1 Mbps of speed and 5 GB of data usage per...
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    Re: Nintendo Wii sensor bar cord broken

    I was also having this problem but mine was a very thin cable break which use to go to sensor bar. So I was without the sensor bar. And if I would have given my Wii to the Service center they would...
  18. Re: Best way to protect save data of Nintendo Wii which needs to be repaired

    As per me I think both the things are the same if you keep your data in the SD card or you keep your data on your system as if you have keep your data on your system and the service center guys...
  19. Re: How to over-ride "autocomplete=off" parameter in Firefox

    Yes you can ignore this by using two methods. First one is using "Remember Password" bookmarklet. Try and use this bookmarklet before sending the form with your password in it. because when you send...
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    Re: Looking for Cheapest 3G plan for tablet

    In my views still the 3G plan are costly. I can provide you information the lowest price plan provided by different providers. Like Airtel offers 100mb usage for Rs.99. And 1Gb for Rs. 250. While if...
  21. Re: Homepage is automatically changing to findamo search in Firefox 12

    Look as you already mentioned in you post that you previously tried out changing and editing the default homepage from the General Tab of Tools option I would like to know whether you have ever tried...
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    Re: Best Desktop Search Utilities

    Hey bro you have not mentioned about Copernic Desktop Search. As it is one of the best Search utility, very experienced and impartial product. Am using the same since year. Copernic Desktop Search...
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    Re: Is there really a 4G auction in India

    Airtel is really interested to take part into 4G auction. So far 3G service was completely failed into India as it is highly charged by Telecom operators. As far as 4G service concerned, I don’t...
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    Poll: Re: Reliance Big TV v/s Dish TV v/s TATA Sky

    I am using TATA Sky and found this as better. I found this one of the cheaper solution available right now. I had seen they are providing a new promotional offer called as Dhamal Pack for Rs.180. It...
  25. Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonbone vs. Daedric Armor

    There are certain things that are needed to be corrected. First Dragonbone armor and dragonplate are same. According to me Daedric is much heavier while comparision to that dragon scale is more...
  26. Videocon DTH Channel Packages Price List in India

    Videocon DTH service offer you around 6 different packages that you can get on your home. I am listing in detail information this package includes. The list of packages and their price are :

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    Re: Red screen of Death with GeForce GTX 680

    Red screen appear while using monitoring programs of the card, and have taken the blame on GPU-Z, AIDA or other monitoring programs. AIDA makers themselves have said that the source of the problem is...
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    Re: BSNL reduced Unlimited plan rental to Rs 500

    Below is latest updates on BSNL Postpaid and Prepaid Plans

    LIMITED USAGE PLANS ( Both for Home & Business Users )

    BB Standalone Plans
  29. Re: AI on marksman difficulty is easily spotted in Sniper Elite V2

    Sniper Elite V2, which I had the unexpected pleasure of testing the demo some time ago, and now to try the final version is a little gem. Nowadays you can hardly admit of being in front of a game...
  30. Re: Free gprs settings for idea, hutch, airtel, bsnl, airtel live, airtel mobile configure manually

    Below are additions in gprs settings of idea mobile internet. Another way to get this settings is simply sending a sms to idea.

    Put IDEA GPRS in Connection Name
    Then add GPRS or Packet Data...
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    Re: Aircel free GPRS Trick

    There is one more trick that can help you to get free gprs trick for Aircel card. I am not sure how much helpful this it, but it has work with some card. You will need to create a new configuration...
  32. Poll: Re: TATA Photon+ vs Idea Net Setter vs Reliance Netconnect

    I think the technology still not upgraded in the section of usb modems. Till yet Reliance and Tata are good. It depends on the network coverage. If the coverage is lower or if you do not have much...
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    Re: Making of Risen 2: Dark Waters

    Risen 2: Dark Waters is a direct sequel to the previous game. Together with the other members of the Inquisition, you live in a large fortress near the beach. There is still a battle against the...
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    Re: Items included in Prototype 2 Franchise

    More than 20 years of experience in creating stunning video games and more than 30 million sold units are distinguished from Radical Entertainment, the studio that is responsible for Prototype second...
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    Re: How can I do BIOS dumping?

    Most of the information is easily found by doing some research on google about the memory card exploit (aka Independence Exploit), in no event will insert any reference to these sites and things...
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    Re: Tribes: Ascend Flag defense countered easily

    I also believe that the combination of cheap tac strikes and long range spinfusor spam makes flag defense hard against even a mildly competent team. Larger spinfusors can take out my fully upgraded...
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    Re: Good graphic card to handle three screens

    I am using the Galaxy MDT GeForce GT 520 Graphics Card and I can tell you for sure that this can do the thing that you want it to do. I have connected three screens with it and those are running...
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    Re: How do I get back start button on Windows 8?

    This is totally depends on the use. If you have many programs and so having them all on the desktop is cumbersome. In this case execute the command is very useful. So making use of the Start8 with...
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    Re: Lenovo Thinkpad X220T turning of randomly

    Remove the battery from this and then try to run that directly by connecting the AC adapter. If this does not shows that problem with the Ac adapter then the problem is surely with the battery and...
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    Re: How do I get back start button on Windows 8?

    Start8 is software that allows you to find the start button in Windows 8. The menu looks like the start of the new screen of Windows 8. The program gives you the quick access for the applications and...
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    Re: Windows 8 Metro Skin Pack Concept

    I am not going to get this pack because I am waiting for the final product. I will get Windows 8 as soon as it is released. I don't want to spoil my Windows 7 by installing additional skin pack. I...
  42. Re: Intel Desktop Board DX79SI and DX79TO experience

    I am using the Intel Desktop Board DX79SI and that is giving me the best performance till now. I dont have experience with other one and so I cannot say anything regarding this. you can get the Intel...
  43. Re: My opinion about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Legend of Dead Kel

    This is one of the best games that I have played till now. there are some of the bugs that you have mentioned but I think that these are very minute bugs and we can avoid these bugs as it will not...
  44. Re: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Special Edition

    Hey, I have purchased the special edition but it was not mentioned anywhere that I will get something else in future. All you get is in the set only and there is not going to be any additional thing...
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    Re: How is Diablo III as compared to WoW?

    Currently, I am feeling that the Diablo III is the better one but we all know that as the things become old we lose the interest of it. I was a big fan of WoW but now I am enjoying the Diablo III. I...
  46. Re: The Sims 3 Showtime: Lady Gaga Magic expansion

    There aren't any different official confirmed reports that the rumor, not of The Sims Studio as girl Gaga herself. The rumor may additionally simply be true; several celebrities have already recorded...
  47. Re: The Sims 3 Showtime: Cannot book / send / host / accept friend Request from Simport

    How many new items that I mentioned before, there are also many new elements in Create a Sim. I think there are so many pretty dresses, I like a lot but I think two new hairstyles that I will use...
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    Re: Software for Encryption of USB Drives

    I .am agree with koman that Cryptainer is the best one for this purpose. If you search for this then you will get many result but Cryptainer is the best one among them.
  49. Re: Are you looking forward to genies in The Sims 3 Showtime?

    By becoming a magician your Sims will be able to make magic, do not expect to win the masses at the beginning, we have to work hard in meeting the demands of people. The Wizard will start with small...
  50. Re: What implementation do you wish in The Sims 3 Showtime?

    The players who dabble in the construction of the boxes can customize your sims using objects and special effects to create unique places like a trendy concert hall, a massive stadium or an indie...
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