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    Re: Mp4 codec problem in windows movie maker

    There are many tools on web that can be used for this purpose. What matters the most is proper conversion quality. The converter usually spoils the video and audio output after generating the final...
  2. Re: How to Open PowerPoint and Excel Files on Toshiba Satellite

    If your files under the Microsoft Office 2010 are not working properly then there may be some installation problems happen or there is some file missing during the installation. So for that reason...
  3. Re: How to swap Outlook personal storage table to MBOX

    The MessageSave support the conversion of .pst file to Mbox. So if you want to convert the Outlook messages in MBOX format perform this simple step.
    First of all you have to invoke this following...
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    Re: Very poor performance of ATi Drivers

    I am quiet happy with Ati. I use HD 5870 gpu and from last 7 months there is no issues. For incompatible drivers you must report the same to ATi to get an quick fix.
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    Re: PDF creator for Apple OS X Lion

    PDF Combine is a truly reliable tool to easily combine many PDF files into one. I think that this is the best application for combine PDF's or even just normal images. If you are having the problem...
  6. Re: Changing the font color of outgoing mail message body or make it default in Mac OS X

    When God gave Man email message, he gave us 7-bit ASCII message. Countless fundamentalists think that it is waste of assets and a burden to unite the people that individuals such as to combine in...
  7. Re: Where to find Service Pack (SP1) for Microsoft office 2010?

    Friends after installing Microsoft office 2010 in my computer I am facing lots of problem. When I use the display Map function then office 2010 is not showing correct map. Therefore, I consult to my...
  8. Re: Side by side configuration error in MS office 2010

    Hi mate, I am also having the same problem both Publisher 2010 and Live Mail. Except this two, Live Messenger and Movie Maker application is working good. But I had decided to revert the Windows Mail...
  9. Re: MS word 2003 files open as read only in MS word 2010

    That thing is also happening to me, while I have tried to making the new file using the word 2010, and this is opening fine and no problem with this. I have some files, which are not copied to the...
  10. Re: Actually, WinSXS Folder not consumes lots of space in windows 7.

    I think when you are running some files like ctts.exe, it appears to demonstrate that an overpowering larger part are "genuine" records and not hard channels. In my case, out of practically 6GB...
  11. Re: Windows 7 is writing desktop.ini files everywhere, how to stop it?

    Yes, I know I will lose some customization capacities, but the actuality is-I don't require them which is, why I need to see hidden documents-to erase them assuming that I don't require them. I...
  12. Re: Need some feedback on Asus Version Firmware update

    If you are facing any problem with the Firmware update version then leave it and download beta version. This version is released and more recent on the download page. It supports...
  13. Re: Features of Acronis true image home 2011 software

    Following you first install Acronis True Image, you would promptly be able to duplicate your machine's hard drive and alternate vital records. From there, it is effortless to arrange your settings,...
  14. Re: When using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer on Sony Vaio VPC-L13M1E, screen get blanks. Need help.

    Hey, I am using the same machine. But I am no suffering with the same problem. I think that you’re your is affected by some virus program. I will recommend you to update your antivirus utility. Try...
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    Re: latest firmware for Sony DW-Q520A DVD-RW

    Don’t worry about this problem last week I’m also facing same problem after reinstalling window XP. Then I come to know that I have to update my DVD-RW firmware. So for this solution I search on...
  16. Re: Disabling the buttons to be animated even while playing the background Music in Nero 9?

    Well I have some personal experience with this and would like to share it up with you and I would be expecting that this would be helping you a bit and you would get rid of your problem. So the...
  17. Re: Latest Lion Developer Preview 3 and Xcode 4.1 Preview 5 has been released

    This lion developer preview 3 has 250 additional features then compare to previous version. I like to tell some features about this enhanced software it’s got automatic save option. It saves...
  18. Re: Lenovo ThinkPad W510 does not comes out of the sleep mode on windows 7

    This sound like you have problem on the display driver and so therefore you might updated the display driver and after that you’re able to solve the issue. To updated the display driver your need...
  19. Re: Nokia C3 mobile showing wrong time on messages

    Well, the problem is common in many mobile phones in the days of SMS are not synchronized and I guess you're one of them. So do one thing only update the software of the mobile phone of their own. I...
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    Re: Using PHP how can I send auto reply?

    Take my advice don’t use auto reply cause sending an auto reply to the email addresses that has been entered in you form will prohibit your email server by major ISP in short order the reason is...
  21. Re: drivers for Toshiba Satellite A500-1EE after reinstalling window

    I will suggest you to reinstall window in your Toshiba Satellite A500-1EE but only try to install window 7. Because window7 has one great features when we installing window 7 that time window 7...
  22. Re: Need microphone drivers for HP mini 110 netbook

    You will probably have to use the installation CD that you must have received at the time of purchasing the HP mini 110 netbook. Almost everyone is given the driver CD when purchasing a laptop. So I...
  23. Re: How to add more video files on a DVD disk with Nero 10?

    Would be suggesting you with certain basic steps which I have got, I to has the same question some time ago but now I know the solution and this solution does helps me a lot to get out of such...
  24. Re: No audio in imported video from other DVD Disc by Nero?

    Well this might be because the audio file must have not been copied on the disc so I would ask you that if you can please just try to get that if the problem is this and try to copy the audio file...
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    Re: How Find and Replace words in WORD 2003?

    Ok I will show you the exact way to how to Find and Replace it.
    Go to the Word 2003 and open your file (project) in which you want to do corrections.
    Now click on the “find” option that would...
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    Re: How Find and Replace words in WORD 2003?

    I would defiantly try to help you, as I remember my early days when even I had done similar thing and did not know how to find and replace so I had edited each word manually. But then later I had...
  27. Re: Need help in recognizing missing drivers shown in Device Manager

    I also faced an issue with the SM Bus controller and this is how I fixed it. Visit the official website of Intel and directly download the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility and install the...
  28. re: Unable to delete video file as it is open in windows explorer

    Yes, and it did not work. On further analysis, I got out that unlocker does not work on the 64bit Windows 7 professional. Yet, Lock hunter has a 32 and 64 bit version. Then after I downloaded the 64...
  29. Re: The positioning of Adobe Flash player is on top left side

    This is the following which i did in order to solve similar problem in my Internet Explorer 9.

    Right click on Internet Explorer icon
    Select Properties
    Now go to the Advanced tab
  30. Re: Installer and Uninstaller of Adobe Flash Player is not working

    Once you are done with uninstalling the corrupt Flash Player from your system, make sure that you have deleted all the related files and folders from your system as well. Once done with the...
  31. Re: Adobe Flash Player is not saving any Website data

    This problem seems to be occurring with your Mozilla Firefox web browsers settings. And, as you have mentioned that the problem recently started occurring, there is a high chance that somebody or...
  32. Re: Disk I/O Error message while starting Skype for secondary account

    According to me the problem might also occur if there is some kind of compatibility issue between the installed Skype and any other application which is running in your system or any other installed...
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    Re: Install SMF Free Forums Software on a website

    SMF is the software free software package written in PHP - the popular programming language used to write applications characterized by great flexibility and customization in terms of functionality...
  34. Re: How to convert Microsoft Office 2003 to 2010 in Windows 7?

    I think that shifting from office 2007 to office 2010 is really easy cause nothing much is changed in there and you can easily learn and use office 2010 without much headache and if you go online you...
  35. Re: where can i get driver for AMD 880G, SB710 chipset

    I think you when you had purchased the laptop. Then HP provides the driver CD. If you didn’t get the driver CD. Then you can get the driver CD from the service center. I think this is best option...
  36. Re: audio out of sync with video in full screen mode

    Recommended Specification for Windows Media Player 11

    Operating system - Windows XP Home Edition SP2, Windows XP Professional SP2, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition SP2, or Windows XP Media Center...
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    Re: How to prevent the deletion of IE history

    If you have XP Pro (not home), as an administrator can enter the user folder with the browser and change the security permissions for the History folder (right click on the folder / properties ... /...
  38. Re: Unable to open embedded PDF documents in excel 2007.

    I want to suggest you something about this problem. Before one month I did R&D on this problem. Because I had faced same problem. I asked this problem many people and forums. I searched on the...
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    Numpty Physics freezes after update

    Hello friends I have got this game called Numpty Physics installed in my computer for last six months and all these months I had enjoyed the game too much, this game requires allot of human skills...
  40. Error: Extras-Devel Repository Down on N900

    Hello friends I have got this software called Extras-Devel installed and running successfully on my Nokia N900. The software was working fine until yesterday I got an error message saying the the...
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    8GB kit for the P67 motherboard

    Hello friend I have been configured my system to install the new P 67 motherboard and I would like to know which is the best 8GB RAM that this motherboard will gradually support. I would want to...
  42. Installing drivers for 5/6/7/8/9/200/400 Series motherboard

    Hello friends, I am using the EVGA 5/6/7/8/9/200/400 Series motherboard and I would like to know the steps that are required to install and update the drivers of this kind of series. I have had...
  43. Re: Does EVGA support Sandy Bridge Motherboards

    Hey can some one help me to know that what does this Sand Bridge actually means. Does it helps in boosting the performance of the processor or is it even better than that. Can some one please provide...
  44. Loading WMAs on LG Chocolate through Windows Media Player Sync

    Hello friends I have got this huge problem with my LG chocolate VX8500 as it is not allowing me to install music with WMAs extension on my mobile. I have tried every thing but then also, I was unable...
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    Specification for Dell Latitude C840

    Hello friends I am looking to buy a used Dell Latitude C840 laptop from a friend of mine and so I would want to know the specification of the laptop as he is not able to give the exact detail of the...
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    Tron Evolution Crashes on windows 7

    Hello friends, I have brought this new game called Tron Evolution from my friend to install it in my computer so that I can also enjoy by playing it. But as soon as I installed the game and the tried...
  47. Tron Evolution : Gridlauncher.exe fails to execute

    Hello friends I have brought this new game called Tron Evolution on the day it got released and i have successfully installed the game on my system. But the problem which I am facing is that the the...
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    How will BFBC: Vietnam work?

    Hello friends I have heard about the news of the release of the new BFBC series game and I have also heard that the game has allot of interesting features in it. I even came to know that there are...
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    Super Meat Boy steam overlay crash

    Hello friends I have been playing this new game which I had purchased since the day it got released and till now I really loved the game. The game has really step up to my expectation since I was...
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    Microsoft Security Essentials, what port

    All ports in my system are blocked. I had did that with an third party security application. I had done this before but now I had removed the application and still my ports are blocked. That is a...
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