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  1. Motorola Triumph's Time without a signal is reporting 86%

    My Motorola Triumph's Time without a signal is as of now reporting 86% and has been as high as 98%. In light of what I've read, this is excessively high and is consuming my battery. I've attempted...
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    Unable to charge Motorola Triumph

    I got my Triumph and it should not charge no matter where I have connected it to with the charger. It makes a point not to matter if it is on or off. I have been utilizing the wall charger this is...
  3. Is it possible to make custom ROM for WellcoM A99 (Huawei Ideos X6)

    Can anyone of you help me do custom ROM for this; these models or devices are available in much country in difference names, such as

    Cherry Mobile Magnum HD A400 (philippines)
    Spice CSL Mi 410...
  4. Haunted: Hells Reach few things need to be fixed

    Hello, I am a big fan this game. The below things to be altered, they need to be altered in place for this event to do well. First and foremost of all, if playing with keyboard you ought to alter it...
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    Latest ideas for Xubuntu 12.04

    Canonical and the developers should quickly modify the topic for the following Xubuntu release. Since as XFCE is so comparable to GNOME 2.x, I could suggest basing Xubuntu 12.04 off the "excellent"...
  6. TAKE ON HELICOPTERS: Realism VS. Arcade style fun

    I have constantly been charmed by the flyable helicopters in ArmA and was trusting that more center could be put on flight show and cockpit items in the fate. Evidently I identify the prospect of...
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    Gaming on Acer Iconia Tab W500

    I know the W500 is not indicated for solemn gaming but was in the process of pondering what you guys have attempted and what the outcomes are. I have attempted Torchlight with all in all exceptional...
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    Tiny wings or equivalent game for Android

    Is there a Tiny Wings for android available, or an equivalent game available? If yes then please do let me know by posting your reply below. Also please give some description about the game.
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    Re: Unable to sync computer iCal to iCloud

    My memos synchronized impeccably on my phone, iCloud and iCal but I could not get my iCal events to adjust to my iPhone or iCloud. I have switched on the calendars choice in System Preferences...
  10. Which guitar are you going to play with the Rocksmith game?

    Hey chaps I am simply curious to have prior experience with which guitar is it accurate to say that you are running to play with the Rocksmith game? I don’t have gloating purposes, unequivocally...
  11. Re: Latest BlackBerry Curve 9360 Official OS from Orange

    Is there a way I am able to concentrate the newly Blackberry Maps incorporated in this OS and utilize it with my Bold 9900? My present form of maps doesn't work.
  12. re: Why Samsung Galaxy Nexus prime is slower than iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II?

    Clearly the Galaxy Nexus utilizes the SGX540, the same GPU as the Galaxy S (one). While the Galaxy S II utilizes the Mali-400 GPU which appears to be on a higher specification wouldn't it be an...
  13. Rocksmith mis-recognizing while pressing fret

    On some of the tests and some expressions the "Rocksmith game" wrongly distinguishes the fret being pressed. Significance that the note is on the third fret and I press on the third fret but it tells...
  14. In Sony Xperia neo V update which ROM I will get?

    I have a neo which I acquired while in Bangkok. Freshly I moved to India and I think I will expect on to remember the Neo as I like it. My inquiry is that in the late upgrade which has 2.3.3 and the...
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    Re: Query related to Returning K3

    Is the detached cover endemic to the K3? Do I stand a shot of getting a "great" one, or could they all be like that? Now that the K4 is out, ought to I regard that? I hold the $139 K3, so for simply...
  16. How to delete the entire books from Kindle 2?

    I actually bought a KT and quickly have a K2. I can be giving it distant to either clan or partners when I get my new K. I need delete every last trace of the books on the K2 before giving it afar....
  17. Re: Unable to find Nvidia's Geforce GTX 570M Drivers for Windows 7 x 64 ultimate

    This would be a basic concern after I never had a card such as this before where there are ZERO drivers of any sort (First gaming laptop I've ever claimed, and was electrified for this card that...
  18. Re: Does DirectX play a big role in Battlefield 3 upgrade?

    Your CPU and RAM should not bottleneck any card on the market. To get a thought of which cards will run the game, what framerate does your companion get on Ultra settings? I know its not heading off...
  19. Black Screen of Death Video card crash because of 270.xx and Adobe Flash Video

    This is an odd issue but it appears to be equitably repeatable. I'm moreover not the one exclusive with this. Whenever playing Adobe Flash video pictures we will irregularly get a dark screen of...
  20. Re: Receiving calls from "ONLINE ALERT”- URGENT SYSTEM NOTIFICATION in Skype

    I accepted an "Alert Call" from a unknown cause asserting to be Skype prompting that my PC framework was at peril and it taught me to visit an online content to verify that my computer was overhauled...
  21. re: How to configure auto entry of passcode on Skype Conference calls?

    Is there an alternative to send the passcode with #at the finish following dialing the phone number? I've made a subscription to go to my meeting calls while I'm abroad or on business excursion,...
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    Re: My Skype menu bar is missing

    I am likewise having a menu bar situation. I've seen your screen shot. None of the alternatives are visible. My menu bar basically vanished. I possess no Skype, Contacts, Call, View, Tools, and...
  23. Unable to turn off the Facebook Updates and Facebook Chat in Skype

    Anyone of please let me know the procedure How to Turn Off Facebook Updates and Facebook Chat? Please reply to this thread as soon as possible. All your replies will be appreciated.
  24. Re: Bluetooth device Explorer 230 pairing failed

    I did go for all the proposed as an introductory stride. I did attempt the strides said in the intuitive film. Anyhow I am still not fit to associate. The LED flashes blue, when I turn on the...
  25. Re: Red light blinking in Voyager 855 when connected to charger

    I additionally have the same situation. Might any individual tell me how to tackle this situation? I saw that there has been sent a private message with the answer. Might this be sent to me also?...
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    Re: Is MS-7226 compatibility with GFX?

    Same with me "The PC doesn't even boot" what I implied was at what time I power on the PC it falls flat to even post and just sits there with a Black screen, this could be a symptom of a under...
  27. Looking for a single ear A2DP bluetooth headset

    As a cyclist and driver I lean toward to just have one ear cut off from the world when I drive and ride. I have not been fit to identify one not too bad single ear headset that is A2DP agreeable. I...
  28. Re: NFC capabilities not available in New BlackBerry Torch 9860

    I have tried each webshop also I'm checking out states but found it does support NFC, some even state that it holds a NFC chip ready. So which is it true that it is?
  29. Re: How to create Linux game client for dungeons and dragons neverwinter?

    Now what I could prefer to see is pure development on all stages and not simply one. DirectX and .NET work fabulous for Windows. Anyway what if the business sector changes advance towards Mac OS or...
  30. Blackberry OS 7 Compatibility failed with 9860/9850 device

    When I run the application which is designed utilizing the 4.5 and 4.7 makes the keyboard open invariably, the showcase size is decreases to bend alternate territories shown as blue in shade. Can...
  31. Re: Is WiMAX still possible in iPhone4S and 4G WiMAX?

    Well here is the whole indicate: Does anybody recollect the ZTE iPod Touch Sprint 3G case? Then actually compose a WiMAX ZTE iPhone 4/4S case? Charge $49.95 for iPhone 4 clients who buy it at launch,...
  32. Re: iphone 4S Notification Center Bug of Calendar Events

    Do you have access to xcode 4.2 beta 3 and are equipped to get into the arranger and give support logs and different debug info?
  33. Will sprint/Verizon permit simultaneous voice and data in iphone 4S?

    Anybody of you aware that if Verizon (or Sprint) could be bringing about SVDO (or something like it) with iPhone 4S to allow concurrent voice and information over 3G? I'm positing not and that we'll...
  34. Re: Testing USB 3.0 on the Gigabyte UD3R and UD6

    Hi guys, I have just read the usb 3.0 review. I have the same issues with a gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R as you described "large drops in performance accompanied by an audible click and the sound of the...
  35. Is Ice Cream Sandwich update available for HTC EVO?

    Taking into account the brand new 18 month update run Google is putting in place it appears enjoy EVO is ensured to get Ice Cream Sandwich. Terrific news but would have liked to affirm the same from...
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    Re: Clock running fast in Toshiba Satellite L775D

    When I run over to windows time aid it was on stop status and manual setting. I begin it and it begin up with no slips. When I reboot to turn off the windows time utility is off besides so I need to...
  37. Complete Restore failed in Toshiba Satellite L675D

    I have been having situations for about 6 weeks with what appeared similar to a situation of something walking on something else in memory. I would be able to never consider anything in the occasion...
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    Re: How to bridge wireless to wired network?

    One time I setup a WDS bridge amidst 2 different brand routers and would be unable to get any frame of wireless security to work (WPA or WPA2). I could investigate that. Not beyond any doubt provided...
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    Re: Mini-ITX Vs the older Simple form factor

    By modding, it is safe to say that you are talking attempting to pick cooling fans that will work within the limitations the case, or is it accurate to say that we are talking cutting, dremeling, and...
  40. How to setup all Wi-Fi Access Points with the same SSID?

    I'm reconfiguring my home Wi-Fi setup. I have 4 access points, all are associated (Wired) to my midway switch. I could prefer to have every one of them setup with the same SSID, Password and Channel...
  41. Re: Kaspersky Internet Security says it’s protected but the detailed report indicates a persistent Trojan exists

    I did that for the application I know and trust. That still leaves numerous that I either don't distinguish (i.e. SUPER\SUPER.EXE, or documents from assorted TEMP folders or filees) or are from...
  42. Stress testing, monitoring and benchmarking tools for both Intel and AMD rigs

    Someone please help me with procedures related to stress testing, monitoring and benchmarking tools for both Intel and AMD rigs. I have done many researches over the internet related to it but...
  43. Re: GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3-iSSD Motherboard featuring onboard 20GB Intel SSD 311 Series

    Does anybody have intimation with reference to what they could be charging for this Gigabyte board with SSD 311? I won't be running out and acquiring one but still I wish I had looked a spot deeper...
  44. Re: The working Ports in GIGABYTE Sandy Bridge Motherboards

    I was looking at purchasing a UD7 but am a small put off/concerned at the instant I could probably see that the right activities have been need for those users even now moved but my inquiry is what...
  45. Re: Gigabyte GA-PH67-UD3-B3 MO feature Directed by Intel Virtualization Technology

    I don't see setting for SMX (But Support should additionally be prepared earlier to VT and VT-d) what denotes SMX? (Safer Mode Extensions) VT and VT-d (Support should likewise be empowered earlier to...
  46. Re: Gigabyte GA-G41MT-USB3- Video card with onboard video

    I comprehend what you have illustrated. On account of setting 'Init Display First' to PEG creates the PC not to boot, I need to set it to 'Onboard'. Therefore I am asking if 'Onboard' and 'PEG' are...
  47. Re: Gigabyte P67A D3 B3 f4 version slow boot until post screen

    Ordinarily its suppose to do 5-6 sec to reveal to me the post and splash screen but as a substitute for that it restarts again and sets aside a few minutes which is about 10-12 sec to demonstrate to...
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    How to put router and switch IPs in DNS?

    Is it true that it is common to make accommodate records in DNS for routers and switches in a venture? I know its really regular in the ISP universe. I don't have much troublesome recalling the IPs...
  49. Re: End of game but still having Traffic Problem in challenge stages in Driver San Francisco

    Same here! Activity design is modified by each part and secured final section's design following story finish. All taxis unified Impala, Crown Victoria is gone. Is there just strategy to update...
  50. Unable to upgrade Time Capsule in 3TB Hitachi deskstar 5400K drive

    Newly I have obtained a 3TB Hitachi deskstar 5400K drive this week. I figured it could be a stupendous update for my Time Capsule. I got the drive today and associated it to my i7-MBP utilizing 3...
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