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  1. Re: ASUS P8H77-I with Kingston HyperX Fury problem

    Most the new motherboards have XMP settings, so try to enable it by going into your bios. You can find the XMP profile by going into Advance Mode of the bios and under AI tab, it will be present. If...
  2. Re: Intel DH55TC issue with Kingston Hyperx Fury

    After checking the comapatible RAM list for your Intel DH55TC motherboard from this link -, I am not able to find this...
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    Re: Asus M5A99FX PRO Raid installation

    You will need to install the AMD raid driver from this link - and also download the ASmedia driver from this...
  4. Re: best mobo between Asus Z87-A and Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H

    All the Z87 motherboard that you will choose will work at the same leverl and give you decent overclocking rates. So, you should try to select the motherboard that comes at a lesser price and utilize...
  5. Re: Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer bios reset issue

    I think that you can find a junper for a backup BIOS on your motherboard, you can try to move that jumper cap to pins 2 and 3 on the BIOs selection jumper. It looks me to that clearing the CMOS might...
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    Re: Gigabyte Z87X-HD3 usb 3.0 problem

    Well, for using USB 3.0 you will need to install drivers for same in your system and then only usb 3.0 devices would work on it. As you are describing, even after installing the correct usb 3.0...
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    Re: upgrading RAM on Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5

    It usually depends on the motherboard's RAM slots configuration. There wont be any problems with the processor though but you will have to check with the motherboard manufacturer itself because it...
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    Re: XFX 650W vs Antec HCG-620M

    Both the Antec HCG-620M and XFX 650W 80 are great power supply and modular too, so it really does not matter which one you get from one of them. You can try to grab the XFX because of the additional...
  9. Re: Kingston HyperX Beast or Corsair Vengeance Pro RAM

    If you are going for a RAM with 2400mhz then note that old motherboards will not be able to run the 2400mhz RAM at the current speed but they will generally run at 2133mhz at CL10 which could be a...
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    Re: restart problem with Asus Maximus VI Hero

    You might have to do a Bios update and you can do this by using the USB Thumb drive. First of all connect the usb drive and format it with a Fat32 file system. After that download the latest bios for...
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    Re: Kingston HyperX Fury RAM good for gaming?

    Well, I think that you will not notice any major differences on Kingston HyperX Fury RAM compared to any other brand. But you could get some difference when you will overclock the RAM though....
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    Re: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 wont post

    Does the problem happens randomly or continuously? What I mean to ask is that if sometimes your computer boots and sometimes the fans dont even move or something? Can you try to use one stick on RAM...
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    Re: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P booting issue

    If you got a good power supply then it should be enough to power your motherboard. You need to also ensure that both power connections to the motherboard are snug and you should also try to drop and...
  14. Re: Kingston HyperX Beast RAM issue on Asus A88xm-A

    Are you facing the freezing issue while you are gaming on your computer or such? If that is the case then it might be an overheating problem. Can you try to check what is the temperature of your CPU...
  15. Re: kingston hyperx fury problem in MSI H55M-E33

    Well, incase your memory is not compatible with your motherboard then it will be a good idead to contact the reseller from where you purchased the RAM sticks and ask them for a return policy. If you...
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    Re: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 audio problem

    Can you please specify in details what do you really mean by saying that you are getting one sided audio only? Are you trying to say that when you connect either your headphone or speaker then you...
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    Re: Kingston memory or unbranded memory

    I will suggest you to first compare the cost of the branded RAM to the cost of upgradng the RAM after purchase, like choosing for the lowest cost RAM option and then replacing it later. If there is...
  18. Re: Kingston HyperX FURY RAM showing less in BIOS

    I would first suggest you to remove and reinsert the RAM sticsk in Dimm1 or Dimm2 with another set of RAM sticsk and also make sure that all the memory kit are firmly seated. You might not be able to...
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    Re: Asus X79-DELUXE Usb 3.0 problem

    Did you try to remove all the devices one by one and check what kind of impact they are having? The main problem might not be what it looks to be at first. Can you also try without the front panel...
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    Re: Asus Z97-A black screen problem

    You can try to test the output from just the motherboard via a hdmi/dvi cable and then take the graphics card out of the setup. I am guessing that the video card is not able to support the UEFI GOP...
  21. Re: Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP booting problem while using 4 Dimm slots

    This issue is not solely happening to the Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP model motherboards but with people who have Z87 boards are also suffering from this problem while using all the 4 memory slots. Some...
  22. Re: no response from Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X in my computer

    Are you actually connecting the eight pin 12v CPU pin block the the motherboard? Normally, the power to start the card fan comes through the PCIE slot. So, the eight pin gives an extra power phase to...
  23. Re: ASUS P5G41T-MLX wont start with Kingston RAM

    I think that there could be a problem with the voltage of the ram and nothing else. Lets say if you have bought 1333mhz model RAM for a 1333mhz (overclocking) motherboard then you will have to do...
  24. Re: computer fails to load because of overheating

    Have you tried to put a new Thermal paste on the CPU? Incase all the fans are turning on and the dvd drive is also getting power then you should try to reseat the power connectors to the motherboard....
  25. Re: computer fails to load because of overheating

    You can try to start off by making sure that the Heat Sink and Fan is mounted perfectly and it is also plugged in properly? Can you tell us whether the fan spins up when you turn on the computer? Are...
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    Re: GA-X79-UD3 mobo wont boot with I7-4930K

    I think that you will have to install the F16 BIOS version for your motherboard. But first could you please tell us what revision is the motherboard, whether it is 1.0 or 1.1, you can find this...
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    Re: BSOD with Kingston HyperX Blu RAM

    Well, if the above solution doesnt work for you then try to clear the CMOS from your computer. First of all you will have to shut down your computer completely. After that you need to disconnect the...
  28. Re: Kingston 6GB 1333mhz RAM compatible with Medion MS-7658

    Can you try to check your 4GB RAM module whether it is Single Rank or so. If that is the case then this high density ram is not supported in your motherboard model. Kingston has stopped supporting...
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    Re: Asus P9X79 WS wont turn on

    Since this is your new computer build, so try not to use SSD but use an internal hard drive first. You should also not use any DVD optical like the Blu-Ray ones. Also, do not install RAM with the...
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    Re: bios update on asus maximus vi hero

    I was also getting the code 00 error when I did a BIOS update on this same Asus motherboard. I was using the original bios that came with the mobo and was getting the 00 code after restarting my...
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    Re: Kingston KVR13N9S8/4 with Intel DH55TC

    The Intel Desktop Board DH55TC that you have does not supports the Kingston KVR13N9S8/4. The compatible RAM with the motherboard that you have is KVR13333D3N9H/4G, so you will need to check from the...
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    Re: Gigabyte ga-ma785gmt problem with GTX 750TI

    Well, how long have you been using your motherboard? Have you tried to download and install the latest BIOS for your mobo because it looks to me that the old motherboard bios is having some problem...
  33. Re: is there any problem using 2 different Kingston RAM sticks

    I also agree from the above reply, you will have to buy RAM sticks not just with the same frequency but also to the same CAS Latency and Voltage. The best thing that you can do is grab a paired RAM...
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    Re: MSI X79A-GD45 Plus wont boot

    I remember when I was first assembling my computer then I found out that there is a 4 pin Molex power hookup at the bottom of right side of the motherboard new the Sata connectors, just check if that...
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    Re: error with CPU fan on Asus P8Z77-V PRO

    The error that you are getting is just related to some BIOS error and you can ignore it if you would like. You can also try to disable the message by going into BIOS and changing the CPU temperature...
  36. Re: Which is the best Motherboard for Intel Core i7 4770k

    Intel Core i7-4770K processor is made for overclocking purpose only and therefore I would recommend you to go with none other than the Z87 series motherboard. There are other series mobo's also like...
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    Re: EasyTune 6 Error on Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P

    Can you try to make sure that your chipset and intel managment engine components drivers are updated to the latest one. Only after applying the latest patch you will have to try and again install...
  38. Re: Biostar G31-M7 TE and Kingston Ram compatibility

    It will usually depend if the RAM that you are using in your motherboard will be compatible with Kingston or not. You will have to check their timings (CAS Latency) or speed. You might face some...
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    Re: ASUS Z87-A good for overclocking

    Whether you use a single video card or multiple GPUs the performance is going to be exact. When you do a SLI setup then it will only increase the video performance by doubling the output and there...
  40. Re: Kingston HyperX Red or Corsair Vengeance memory

    I would ask you to select the Corsair Vengeance memory stick which is good for dual channel memory support incase the motherboard that you have supports dual channels. And if you want to use 2x4gb...
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    Re: Server OS problem with Asus Z87 mobo

    Did you try to use the Desktop Windows drivers because there are no server drivers available for your motherboard. I think that the desktop drivers will work in Windows Server because one of my...
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    Re: Asus P8P67 Pro B3 usb problem

    I think that there might be some settings in the AI Suite II called the Ai Charger. I think that either you need to uninstall it or install it in your pc. This software usually gives some more power...
  43. Re: MSI Z87 error Command Center is using generic VGA driver

    Many people have reported problems with Command Center that is not working incase the intel turning utility was not installed. So, first of all make sure that every tools are installed properly and...
  44. Re: Asus M4A785TD wont boot with Kingston 4GB RAM problem

    If you have bought the KVR1333D3N9/4G model of Kingston RAM then it should work with the mobo that you have since it is compatible. But if you have bought a KVR13N9S8/4-SP then it is not compatible...
  45. Re: problem with Kingston HyperX 8GB and Asus P5Q3

    Can you please tell us in which RAM slot you are trying to install the Kingston HyperX 8GB memory? Since this kingston ram is 1600mhz so it will only work in the Orange slot of the RAM on your...
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    Re: Asus Rampage III Gene cold boot issue

    Even I was facing the same problem after some minutes of gaming on my computer, it used to freeze. After some research I found out that the PCIE slot on this mobo was defective on which I had my...
  47. Re: Gigabyte GA-G41M wont boot with kingston 4gb ram kvr13n9s8/4

    Well, have you tried to boot the pc with 4gb RAM itself leaving the 2gb RAM outside of the board? I can see that you motherboard supports both DDR2 and DDR3 memory, so there should not be any issue...
  48. Re: HD 7970 with Antec High Current Gamer 620W

    The Antec High Current Gamer 620W power supply will be more than enough for a HD 7970 video card. Additionally you will also get a two 6+2 pin connectors on the power supply. With this video card you...
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    Re: SLI on Abit IP35 pro motherboard

    The motherboard with a P35 chipset doesnt generally support SLI but they do support Crossfire. If you want to use SLI then you will need a Nvidia Chipset or Skulltrail that supports both SLI and...
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    Re: best power supply for ASRock G31M VS

    Yes, the PSU requirement depends upon the rest of your computer specifications, so can you please tell me what is your whole computer specs? As for guessing, if you got a system with only onboard...
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