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  1. Re: cannot copy more than 2-3gb of data on Kingston MicroSD card

    Even I have noticed that if I copy a ISO file of a pc game or some data which is more than 1.5gb or so then the copy process will work but as soon as it is going to be completed then I get an error...
  2. Re: computer wont detect Corsair Vengeance M90

    To resolve this problem, do the following.

    To open Device Manager, click Start, click Search programs and files, and then type Device Manager. A list of available matching items appears above...
  3. Re: recover files from Kingston DT 101 G2 32gb usb drive

    Another tool that you can use is EASEUS Todo Backup Home Edition software. This is a data backup software for Windows and it allows you to create images of your hard drives to always keep a copy of...
  4. Re: problem with Atheros AR3012 bluetooth card settings

    Can you try to turn off bluetooth and then turn it on again from PC settings and then check if the bluetooth settings option in the quick launch works or not. I also dont know whether your Artheros...
  5. Re: Device Descriptor Request Failed error in Windows 8.1

    The other way around instead of corrupting up the factory install is to purchase a second hard drive and then use the new drive to install Windows 8.1 Also try to keep the factory drive in a safe...
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    Re: Asus P8B75-M/CSM booting problem

    Well, instead of buying all the power supply testers you should actually try to buy a new Power Supply to solve your problem. You should also test the RAM to make sure if that is not the problem. To...
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    Re: Antec 750w for MSI R9 270X enough?

    Instead of going for the MSI R9 270X card I would recommend you to upgrade to the Radeon R9 285 graphics card which has almost the same performance to a R9 280X and it will also cost you less. It is...
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    Re: Antec or Cooler Master PSU for Radeon R9 280

    The Antec TruePower Classic TP-650C 650W is a 80 PLUS GOLD Certified power supply. It is a good power supply that will give ample of power to your Radeon R9 280 graphics card along with all the other...
  9. Re: Antec VP650P 650 watts psu compatible with Haswell processor?

    Even the Antec VP650PM 650W Power Supply is compatible with the Intel i5-4670K Haswell processor that you have. Check out its below features:

    650 Watts of Continuous Power
    Up to 85%...
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    Re: cannot paste anything on USB flash drives

    The error message is occuring because you are attempting to transfer a file to the destination computer which is not allowing network computers to write to the folder you are sending it to. To solve...
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    Re: Antec Eco NEO 620w for GTX 750 TI

    How long have you used your Power Supply in your system? If it is really old then check to make sure that it is not running low. What I mean is, go to BIOS and then check in hardware monitor and...
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    Re: Sansa Fuze mp3 player not turning at all

    You can also try to hold the UP button longer, lets say, for 30 seconds to 1 minute and the Sansa Fuze will reset itself as well. Another method would to connect the device to the computer and then...
  13. Re: WD Black2 Dual Drive Installation Software has stopped working

    Can you check whether the Sata driver installed in your laptop is the latest version? To see that open Control Panel and then go to Device Manager. After that, under Device Manager expand IDE...
  14. Re: Unable to connect HP Officejet Pro 8620 on lan

    The printer mode which you had mentioned has a lan and wifi connection. Now there is a way through which you can access the printer web panel through its ip address. And you can get that detail from...
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    Re: All files lost on WD My Book 2.0

    If the drive is showing up in the Disk Management as unallocated then you can try to right click on the drive and then click on Change Drive Letter and Paths to check if you can access the drive...
  16. Re: How to add more cpu fan on Dell Studio 550s

    That is right. The cabinet has openings only at the backside. There are no other option available through which you can simply add different fans on the same. If you think your processor is heating...
  17. Re: What does caution message in Crystal Diskinfo means

    This type of errors usually appeared on very old or damage hard drive. But as per the discussion it looks you are using a new one. So better backup data first. Because if the drive stopped working...
  18. Re: What are the different type of wireless display device

    In the same way Intel provides WiDi. This is intel technology to connect your device to an wireless display. But I am not really sure how it works. Chromecast is the best. Because here you just have...
  19. Re: Sculpt Mobile keyboard not recognized in Windows 7

    I was facing the same issue and even after uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard the issue dint get solve. So I tried to do a Windows update and also check marked the option for "authorize...
  20. Re: recover data from dead Seagate Barracuda 500GB Hard Drive

    Can you tell us what was the firmware version of the Seagate Barracuda 500GB Hard Drive that you have? Did you try to perform a firmware update in the past? Is the drive still spinning or so? It...
  21. Re: gaming mouse problem in Windows 8.1 preview

    The above fix doesnt work for most of the game with Logitech gaming mouse. I just want to know about an official fix from the logitech support team. There are many people who are saying that this...
  22. Re: Need advice to capture HDR videos from digital camera

    For beginners it is always better to go with a software. Because it is easy. One of them is easyHDR. This software is simple to use and has amazing output. If you need a advance output then you can...
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    Re: Antec 520W for Radeon R9 280X TOXIC

    If you are talking about Antec High Current Gamer HCG-520M 520W Power Supply then it will be fine for the graphics card that you want to buy. But can you tell us about the rest of your computer...
  24. Re: WD My Passport drive backup fails with Smartware

    There are many people who are facing problems with the latest version of Smartware and still the company has not done anything about it. Anyways,I was able to find the Western Digital SmartWare...
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    Re: Noctua 120mm NF-S12A for my new build

    The fan is not good for overclocking system. They just add some extra ventilation on the existing system. It is necessary that you must go for a more smaller one. Or else the space inside will create...
  26. Re: Looking some battery saving tips of OS7 devices

    There are many things you can turn off. Like the gps. Gps is used by location services. If this is working then it will drain your battery fast. Location service helps apps to locate you and add...
  27. Re: Cannot print pdf files from HP Officejet Pro 3620

    Just verify the page settings. Try to print it again by modifying the properties. Set everything as per A4 size and then try back. If still it does not work the file is having some issue. Try...
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    Re: kingston 16gb pen drive shows zero bytes

    You might need to format the pen drive again to get back all its proper size. To do that download a tool called HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool by searching it on google. After installing it, just...
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    Re: Corsair Force GT SSD 120GB not recognized

    Well, have you tried to move the SSD to the intel sata port and then move the drive with the programs to the Marvell Controller and see if that works. Or else you can try to upgrade the firmware of...
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    Re: update firmware 5.06 on Corsair Force GT SSD

    I believe that there are no information given about the release of 5.06 firmware for Corsair Force GT SSD 240Gb model and given for public download. Do you have any proof of the same firmware that is...
  31. Re: SetPoint Crashes in Windows 8 with Logitech T650 Touchpad

    Even I was facing the same issue and after some research I found out that once we disable the LAV Video Decoder that is installed in our computer, then the problem of crashing will be solved. Also,...
  32. Re: Logitech Webcam C910 autofocus disabling help

    I was having a different model Logitech webcam with me and it allowed me to turn off the autofocus completely even after restaring the pc, but after upgrading the logitech software, I used to get...
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    Re: Why Left Hinge Broken in Lenovo SL500

    The better is to make the replacement of the Hinge from the service center, because once I have also seen the same issue with my Lenovo Laptop, and finally I have contact the service center for the...
  34. Re: Lenovo SL500 shutdown due to overheating of Video Card

    There are some application and program, available which can be used for determining the temperature of your system. HWMonitor is one of such app which you can make use to see your system temperature,...
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    Re: Sound not working properly in Dell GX620

    This kind of issue is mostly seen if there is lack or failure of some software, so verify whether you have to reinstall the driver in your System. One of the better solutions for this issue is to...
  36. Re: Audio and video Distortion in Dell XPS Laptop

    For this issue I have visited the official site of dell, and there I have found that this is somewhat not a common issue, they have suggest to make use of application DPC latency checker. So try to...
  37. Re: Core i7 3930k processor will works without CPU cooler or not?

    The thing that I know about this type of connectivity is that, if you do this then there might be the chances that your System will turned off after few minute or your System will Hang due to...
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    Re: Heatsink Computer by Cooler Master

    According to my information, I have seen that the Cooler Master is now a day’s showing off quite the unique heatsink.

    So there is an actual computer present...
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    Re: Bluetooth Audio not working in OS X Lion

    I would say you should try to reinstall the software that you are using for Bluetooth connection, because there might be some problem with that software only, and at that time finding an solution is...
  40. Re: Image stretchy appears stretchy on ViewSonic PJD6531w 3D Projector with 1280x800 resolution

    yeah I would say you have made a mistake only, because according to me we should only visit the service center for any such activity rather than doing on our own, and I think that’s the only last...
  41. Re: Partition table disappeared in corsair F120 drive

    If you are willing to update the firmware then let me tell you as you should try to visit the service center and let them do this for your drive, because as it seems that you haven’t done it ever...
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    Re: corsair Force GT Drive stuck and freezes

    I think there could be some issue with the virus in your machine, because I haven’t seen any such problem ever before.

    You should try to install any good antivirus software in your machine and...
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    Re: Corsair HX1050W vs. Corsair AX650W PSU's

    I think before buying any of this you should at least once refer the PSU buying guide from the internet, because though your selection is too good but still the guide will help you choosing the best...
  44. Re: Wants to upgrade my rig containing dead video card NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT for gaming

    I think you must acquire the 64bit edition for Windows 7 as a result you can use the complete 4GB of RAM. as well I get memory problem with sure drivers when running 32bit Vista and be very well as...
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    Re: Why CPU Fan is always broken

    Sometime this happens when the Thermal Paste is not there in between the Heat Sink and the CPU. So first you have to place the best thermal compound in between this two. Since thermal paste play the...
  46. Re: Is it Safe to Turn on Power Supply Unit with Nothing Plugged In?

    Well there is no problem to trying doing the above user methods in order to test your PSU. As the above user has told you that you can easily use a paperclip to "trick" it into turning on such that...
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    Re: cleaning cooler master HAF 922 cabinet

    there are too many websites that provides better information regarding cleaning each and every part of your computer and it would be better option to work under some expertise guidance.

    I used to...
  48. Re: Getting slower speed after installing RAID 0 PCI Card on drive

    I am not sure about this but it might be possible that the card that you are using might have been corrupted. Have you tried is it working perfectly or not, I mean to say you should try to re-attach...
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    Re: Is Sony Vaio VPC-L21M1E Desktop PC worth?

    I have the same machine that you are about to buy, and I would say really this is worthy to have, with this machine you’ll get some feature such as,

    with no trouble interrelate with your...
  50. Re: How to Get an Old Printer Working with a Mac OS X 10.6.6

    The Lexmark Printer Driver Update includes the latest drivers for printers. This printer update is specially designed for the Mac OS X 10.6 system. If you want to use such high configuration based...
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