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  1. Re: How To Triple Boot MAC OS X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 8.10 Linux

    I never said it wont work. also on an external drive, what performance can you expect. Also the bootloader will be on the first hard disk. And if you want even on the external hard-disk, in that case...
  2. Re: How To Triple Boot MAC OS X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 8.10 Linux

    Well as far as i know, you cannot install Mac OS on USB hard drive. But, you can try it out. I haven't tried this, and thanks for the idea, Would try it out tonight! As for Ubuntu is concerned, its...
  3. Installing the FreeNX server on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

    Installing FreeNX on Ubuntu 10.10 by modifying the repository after you have installed it.

    Open your terminal and type by : Applications > Accessories > Terminal

    Now type :

  4. Re: Can rooting and using custom ROM improve reception or 3G problems?

    Network reception can be also caused due to a faulty sim card. Try changing your sim card and check it with someone else's sim card before getting a replaced sim. And yes, micromax a60's after sales...
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    Re: Android Phones with Front Camera

    I would not say that unless i knew something else. Google's messenger Gtalk and yahoo messenger for android and many other messengers like fring and skype offer their software for android support....
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    Poll: Re: Andriod vs iPhone?

    Well I personally feel Android is a better choice to go with. Why do i feel it? There are a lot of points :

    Android phones are manufactured by many brands
    They are cheaper then iPhone 4
  7. Re: Apple software copy will be on USB stick in future?

    OSX on USB would be the best thing apple could ever do. I'm really hoping that the new Macbooks Pros show up without the optical drive. It could help to solve many of the current problems like...
  8. Re: How To Triple Boot MAC OS X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 8.10 Linux

    Update grub settings so that it detects the Mac OS. By default it does detect mac but doesn't write its entry into grub.cfg Follow the commands :

    sudo update-grub
    Grub will check if there are...
  9. What is Android custom ROM and why it is used?


    Ever thought what is Android custom ROM and what does it do? What does aftermarket upgrades, custom upgrades on android phone means or what it does? Have you wondered why do people...
  10. Re: Cannot download zip files on my Android Phone

    What errors do you guys get when you try download these particular files? It must be giving you some error? I think your phone doesn't support the files you are trying to download and hence it is not...
  11. Installing Busybox on Micromax Andro A60 Andriod Phone

    Installing Busybox on Micromax Andro A60 Andriod Phone
    In order to install Busybox, your android device should be rooted.
    Root your android device first by the method posted here :...
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    How to Root Micromax Andro A60 Android Phone

    How to Root Micromax Andro A60 Android Phone

    All android phones can be rooted. What does rooting mean? Rooting means gaining full access rights on the android device which is otherwise not...
  13. Re: Linux Maemo Development Guide For Nokia QT SDK

    6. Creating 'HeyAll' Program

    Lets just make a simple push button, which when pressed, will pop up a message on the screen saying ‘Hey All!’

    Make sure you are on the Welcome screen of QT...
  14. Linux Maemo Development Guide For Nokia QT SDK

    This guide is for Nokia QT SDK for Linux OS

    Though of creating a quick and easy to refer guide to getting started in Maemo including setting up the environment, creating a basic ‘HeyAll’ program...
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    Re: Encryption of binary file

    You must check your algorithm first. Your algorithm is at problem according to me. The decryption algorithm should do the steps exactly opposite of what the encryption algorithm does but in reverse...
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    Re: New Intel Processors with built in GPU?

    Now Intel is developing many new processors along with the others its developing octa-core processors which are rumored to have built-in GPUs. May be thats what you have heard about. Its not a rumor...
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    Re: Fn Key on my HP laptop doesn't work

    You will need to download and install Touchpad driver/software from HP's website. also now a days HP and all other laptop makers have started providing drivers for Windows XP as many of their...
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    Re: Core i5 650 or Core i5 750?

    Processor's cache is really important as mentioned by hardwareman. So it has to be Core i5 750. also if you would like to have a look at complete specification of both Core i5 650 and Core i5 750,...
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    Re: Laptop with USB 3.0

    Currently the USB3.0 technology know as SuperSpeed USB is under development and not yet out in the market for usage. You may have to wait for a while. I think USB 3.0 will be implemented with new...
  20. Thread: CPU config ??

    by Rudra.J

    Re: CPU config ??

    A bit more then 4000 but its worth it. The nvidia 9500GT with 512MB graphics memory. It costs upto Rs.4500/- max not more. So why don't you try to contact a harware vendor in your locality. :thumbup1:
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    Re: graphics card

    Well, You can go for Nvidia 9500GT. Its a good buy within 5k range. It costs upto Rs.4500/-. Its a 512MB graphics card with optimum performance... :thumbup1:
  22. Re: Study material for ADBMS for Master of Science in IT

    There are a lot of online studying materials available on the internet. These days all the books that you buy come with a CD which has the entire book in eBook format, Why don't you try that out?...
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    Re: Monitor switches off?

    First of all, try this think : Start your machine and enter into BIOS. Keep it ON and stay in the BIOS menu. Check if the same thing happens with the machine? If yes, then there's something not right...
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    Re: Installation Problems

    Make sure you have Admin rights before installing the software. Also make sure the packages that you installing is not corrupt. The problem which i think in your case is virus infection. The virus...
  25. Re: ATI Radeon HD 4870 Cross Fire X Graphics Card drivers not compatible

    Ok, the first thing i could suggest is download the latest drivers from Ati's website. Then install it and reboot your PC, Let the display be a bit weird, you can configure it. Now try to adjust the...
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    Re: partition of harddisk

    You will need a bootable disc of any operating system that you intend to install. While you advance at the OS installation stages, you will get a prompt to partition your new disk and install the OS...
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    Re: sata not working

    SATA to PATA converter aren't the best option to use. The converter's help in interchanging the ports but then speed is highly degraded. Also it is not 100% sure that it will work. Specially when you...
  28. Re: Please Tell Me Price Of 2333sw And 2233w Lcd ,monitor In India

    Hello there, I would recommend you to have a look at these topics :
  29. Enermax introduces extremely quiet and 80Plus gold certified power supplies

    Enermax has introduced new power supplies that have been awarded the 80Plus gold certification for a particularly prime efficiency. The Series Pro87+ and Modu87+ have a rule to "reduce energy losses...
  30. Re: Any Video Conference download that is free not trial?

    I would suggest you use the free and inbuild software which comes with Windows XP, that is Net Meeting. The main advantage is its inbuild windows and the second one is, its free... :biggrin:
  31. Re: Installing Windows XP: STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

    When you boot the laptop, it will generally show you press "some" key to enter setup. This "setup" is BIOS. For dell the key is F2. But you need to check it out. I hope this is useful... :thumbup1:
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    Re: Please insert a disk into drive problem

    Your Pendrive is somehow corrupt. These can happen due to many reasons. As the file-system on it is showing 'RAW', your data is already lost. Now there's only one thing to save, your pendrive itself....
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    Re: 16GB 2.8 Inch Full Touch Screen MP4 Player

    The possibility is that you may have got the player bricked. Or may be it has become slow due to all the memory filled up. The reason why these Chinese Devices aren't trusted is because these don't...
  34. Re: Need to buy External Hard disk , Need some info

    There are no thing as such as exact specification for an external hard disk other then these stuff :
    Storage Capacity [in GBs]
    Drive Speed [in RPM or GB/s]
    Power Specification [USB or External]...
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    Re: 2003 SBS 2 NIC configuration

    What type of network are you planning to implement? I mean 2 NICs work with all Windows and Linux OS. It would be helpful if you mention in detail what you are trying to do...
  36. Re: Install motherboard driver for ASUS M M4A785TD EVO without operating system?

    You will need to download the drivers for Windows XP and copy it to a floppy driver. If its an archived file, extract the contents and copy it to Floppy drive, if the file size is larger then 1.44mbs...
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    Re: Playing ISO files in Windows 7

    Well, yes, you can use VirtualBox, but then it is too long process, like install Windows XP first then install the desired software, share a folder, extract files to that folder, copy it to Windows 7...
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    Re: Playing ISO files in Windows 7

    I would recommend you to download and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7. This would let you run your Windows XP compatible softwares from within Windows 7. Also you can try some software like MagicISO...
  39. Re: Best combination of forum software with gallery?

    There are so many forum software which has Gallery already integrated into it. All you need to do is install a suitable plugin or modification and you are ready to go. You can also integrate two...
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    Re: Hyper-V standalone vs. Win svr 2K8 R2 role

    Yes, Hyper-V is a free package with Windows 2k8 R2 server. Its similar to VMWare. The only difference is that on Hyper-V you can use the hardware to its full potential and use a 64-bit OS with it......
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    Re: Asus N81VP-X1 - Good for DECENT gaming ?

    The configuration is sweet. 1GB GFX if obviousbly enough for Gaming, but i would suggest you to go for Windows XP, Windows 7 is a bit graphics demanding... :whistling
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    Re: mid-range graphics card

    I would suggest you go for Nvidia 9500GT. Its a 512MB graphics card which costs upto Rs.4300/- This is a best intermediate card. Have fun... All the best!
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    Re: Computer Shuts Off by itself....

    By what you have mentioned i suppose your computer has virus infection symptoms. I would suggest you to start your machine in safe-mode. Make sure you have purchased a genuine Antivirus software...
  44. Re: Unable to open HTTP sites, but can open HTTPS and FTP sites

    Then may be you would like to repair install your windows. There may be soem conflicts or some problems. Well Repair the Windows OS first, then the internet should work, If it does, you must first...
  45. Re: access 2000 mdb changes when copied in windows 7

    Yesh do can do this. Provided that you save the database in Windows 7 with Office 2007 in Office 97 format. There is an option to save it in previous version so that it can be compatible with...
  46. Re: Unable to open HTTP sites, but can open HTTPS and FTP sites

    This may be due to your ISP has problems or your computer is infected by virus. The ISP side problem can be solved only by your ISP. The virus related problems can be solved with a little expertise...
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    Re: BPL WAP Settings for Java Application on Nokia

    Hello friends. I would make the proxy settings for each of you. The thing is i am online form my mobile phone and i cannot make the provision settings here. Also i have been out of town and will only...
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    Re: Ubuntu upgrade made me loose X

    Try to remove the X Server and reinstall it again :

    sudo apt-get remove x-window-system-core xserver-org
    sudo apt-get install x-window-system-core xserver-org
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    Re: Turn Off Indexing Service in Windows XP

    Follow these steps :

    Open up My Computer
    Right-click on your system hard drive where windows is installed (mostly "C:") and click on Properties
    Uncheck the box at the bottom which says "Allow...
  50. Set Outlook Express as your Default E-Mail Client

    Copy the following code to notepad and save the file as Outook.reg :

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Outlook Express]...
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