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    Re: Wifi Configuration on BSNL VMC AN1020-21

    You can watch the video here to setup the wireless IP camera to your router -
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    Re: ADATA PV110 10400mAH Power Bank

    It might be possible that the transformer in the power bank could be making the noise because it might be failing. Your power bank will work for sometime but it will be good to contact its...
  3. Re: How to install BlueStacks program without admin rights?

    I dont think that it is possible to install any software without administrator rights, you will need to get it. Otherwise you can try to install the same software on other computer and then copy all...
  4. Re: dell inspiron need help resetting all passwords

    You can download the touchpad driver for your Dell machine from the below link and install it in your computer:
  5. Re: How to find out which hardware is reconnecting?

    Can you please let us know what is your computer specifications, which motherboard, cpu, video card, etc; are you using? When you are starting your pc then enter BIOS menu and try to disable the USB...
  6. Re: How to connect You BroadBand to my android mobile

    Follow the below method to connect your wifi to your mobile phone:

    First of all click on start or press window key and then go to Control Panel.
    Now you need to choose Network Connections and...
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    Re: which wd drive to buy

    Yes, you can use WD SmartWare for all Western Digital Hard Drives. You can check more details on this link -
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    Re: wd cloud drive

    Well, if it is making clicking sound then surely it is soon going to die. You can take the backup of all your data by visiting this page -
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    Re: FTP on Windows Server 2008

    Just google for "Installing and enabling IIS and FTP on Windows Server 2008 R2" and you will find all the detailed steps given to perform what you want.
  10. Re: Could you please tell me of some websites for downloading music

    What type of songs do you listen to? Is it English songs like rock, pop, hip-hops that you listen to or songs from bollywood? In any case you can easily download all songs from iTunes or some other...
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    Re: Viber Registration

    If you are not using your previous SIM card then how can you register on that same number, it is not possible at all. You can tell any of your friends or collegues to use that sim card and register...
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    Re: I cannot type in the browser - help

    Try to clean reinstall of Firefox following the below method:

    Use any browser to download the Firefox installer from (or from here) and save it to your desktop or other location....
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    Re: USB 3.0 PCI Express Cards

    Check out the Anker Uspeed USB 3.0 PCI-E Express Card with 4 USB 3.0 Ports and 5V 4-Pin Power Connector for Desktops [VL805 Chipset] for Rs. 1,555.00 from this link -...
  14. Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 Energy Management and OneKey Theatre button not responding

    I think that you can try to installed the Lenovo software in the wrong way and that is why it is not working. Try to uninstall all lenovo software from your laptop and then clean all the MSReg and...
  15. Re: Plantronics Calisto Pro pairing with windows 7

    It seems that the headset is working but not with your computer. Do you connect the USB adaptor directly in your pc and not a hub or docking station? You have said that you have noticed the adaptor...
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    Re: Raid volume test

    I think that Raid-0 offers you to use all of your drive capacity. So, incase you have 4 drives with 100GB each then you can have 400GB raw capacity for usage.
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    Re: analytics website hit counter

    I have heard about some free Analytics & Website Hit Counter services or software that can be used to get web stats information. There are also some website like alexa which gives some analytics...
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    Re: Raid5 Disk problem

    Well, the only thing that you can do is if it is under warranty then you can try to RMA your drive or else you will have to take your drive to a data recovery center to get it fixed.
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    Re: Raid5 Disk problem

    It is not recommended to keep a failed drive, you should start taking measures because if the second drive also fails then you will eventually lose all data.
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    Re: Lava Iris 406Q gets kitkat update !

    Normally, the new updates of mobile phone carries a lot of features. After the update once you restart your mobile phone then you will see different kind of tutorials showing you what you can do on...
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    Re: Small Question on Eclipse?

    The new moon occurs when the moon is positioned between the earth and sun. The three objects are in approximate alignment. The entire illuminated portion of the moon is on the back side of the moon,...
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    Re: Roku questions

    Here is a complete guide to setup Roku 1 with your TV and Laptop and other things -
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    Re: Error 0x8007045D?

    Try to perform a clean boot in Windows. Log on to the computer by using an account that has administrator rights. Click Start, type msconfig.exe in the Start Search box, and then press Enter to start...
  24. Re: Media Center error - Component Registration

    There was one guy who had same problem and found out that the recording shedule data (Recordings.xml) had become corrupted. So, after deleting this file which is located under Users\All...
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    Re: Norton is horrid!

    This is a known problem that Norton is asking Microsoft to solve this issue. In the meanwhile you can try to use the Microsoft Security Essentials that can be downloaded for free from Microsoft. Also...
  26. Re: HP Pavilion g7-2217cl Notebook PC not charging

    Since your battery is not charging while the notebook is turned off then it seems to me that there is something bad with the charging circuit that might be a part of the motherboard. Can you also...
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    Re: Suggest me the Top ICAR Colleges

    If you want detailed information about the ICAR Colleges then visit its official website from this link -
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    Re: Biostar P4M900-M4 socket 478 Motherboard

    Can you try to follow the topic on "BIOS Update per bootable CD under DOS" from the below link and see if that helps:
  29. Re: Wordpress Login Error due to 2-Step Auth

    I think that the SMS codes should be sent by the wordpress support team as well. What you can do is proceed ahead and fill out the below form for more help from the account recovery team:...
  30. Re: AMD Athlon 64 / Cool'n Quiet related question

    I had updated my D1845 with the FSC bios CD which worked fine for me. You can also try this similar method that I choose. First make a bootable CD with Nero software. After that burn the unzipped...
  31. Thread: Movie Making

    by JAMES_911

    Re: Movie Making

    There are many softwares like Magic DVD and others that can burn all movies in one dvd disc. All you need to do is just apply some settings while burning all the movies in one disc. But note that the...
  32. Re: Printer freezes after windows update in Windows 8.1 64 bit

    Please follow the below steps and then reply back:

    Click WIN+Q, type "Services.msc" in the open box and click OK.
    Double-click "Printer Spooler" in the Services list.
    Click Stop and click...
  33. Re: If i do flooding in the chat rooms it leads me to cyber crime?

    I dont think that if you post spam messages continuously in the chat rooms then it will not lead to cyber crime, but they will ban you from their chat rooms and you wont be able to use it anymore. I...
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    Re: Identifying Sender of Text Message

    It seems that only the network provider or Aircel can provide you details about the company and no one else. You can even try to reach Police Stations and ask them about the locations since tracking...
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    Re: AD forcing "user must change"

    Can you try to use the below script to change the LDAP string to reflect your users OU:


    Set objOU = GetObject("LDAP://ou=Accounting,dc=fabrikam,dc=com")
    objOU.Filter =...
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    Re: Word 2013 Auto Correct Option?

    Well, it seems that microsoft has removed the feature of AutoCorrect from the menu. But in order to access AutoCorrect you will have to click on File > Options > Proofing (from the menu on the left)...
  37. Re: Beetel 450TC1 ADSL Router not saving changes made to configuration

    The problem that you are getting might be happening because of a communication issue between your computer and router and also mostly caused by your PCs firewall software. Therefore you will need to...
  38. Re: Is there something else besides Oculus Rift?

    Yes, Sony has announced its virtual-reality headset for Playstation 4 called Project Morpheus. The current dev kit has a 1080p HD display and a 90-plus degree of view. It will include 1,000Hz of...
  39. Re: Reinstalling WXP 32bit from USB Bootable

    You can try to follow the suggestions given in the below threads which is similar to your questions:
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    Re: Disc managment

    The problem that you are facing could be because the Volume Shadow Copy service and SPP services are not started. To restart the Volume Shadow Copy service and SPP services, follow the below steps:
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    Re: Recover Bookmark from deleted apps

    Nobody said for reinstalling the operating system to the OP? But I think that if the apps were deleted from the first place without any backups, then it might be lost and bookmarks cannot be...
  42. Re: How to restore factory setting in china mobile

    Well, it is very difficult to get a user manual for a china mobile phone that you have from the internet because they are brandless and dont have any manufacturer's website behind them. So the only...
  43. Re: Error 0x80070057 Cannot make system restore disk

    It could be possible that your hard drive is going bad. So, you can download a free bootable hard drive test to check it and for that you can get Hiren's boot cd which comes with a program called...
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    Re: Change fonts in Outlook 2007

    In Mail, on the View tab, in the Current View group, click View Settings.
    Tip: To open the Advanced View Settings dialog box, right-click the message list heading where Arrange By appears, and...
  45. Re: All shares on a cluster are good..but one!

    Can you try to grant NTFS read permissions to the service account that is being used by the cluster server on all of the shared folders. Check here for more information -...
  46. Re: After editing & saving General data of mp4 file in vlc, Now Mp4 file not workin?

    You need to first reset the VLC preferences from this link - After that run Vlc with the below command line:
    vlc --extraintf=logger --verbose=2...
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    Re: Anti Virus On Mac

    It is the hard drive that usually get infected with the virus, although I cannot say if it will effect the overall performance of a MAC pc. In any case you should try to clean up the hard drive or in...
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    Re: SwiftKey App Review

    Swiftkey keyboard is the best keyboard for android mobile phones. I am using it from last year now and have not had any spelling mistakes after it learned my typing style. The only thing that I...
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    Re: 2.1 speaker setup! Please help!!

    Maybe, something like this will work - "50ft RG6 (18AWG) 75Ohm, Quad Shield, CL2 Coaxial Cable with F Type Connector - Black" -...
  50. Re: trouble in activation of tally.erp 9...

    That serial key was purchased by the user who had posted this guide. It will only work for him and nobody else since he has purchased the software legally. If you want to use tally.erp 9 then you...
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