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    Re: Nokia N8 not recognized in Windows 8.1

    Have you made sure that the computer is able to recognize any other Wifi connections at all? If it is not then you will have to run the Windows Network diagnostics to check. You can do this by simply...
  2. Re: wireless printer not found by Windows 8.1

    Just click on the 3 horizontal lines to the right of the address bar and choose the Print option. After that the default location will show as PDF, just click on the Change button and it will bring...
  3. Re: error 0x80070652 while installing Windows 8.1

    You should first of all try to remove all the external hardware except mouse and keyboard. After that you have to ensure that all the drivers for all the devices are updated in your pc. You can...
  4. Re: Flight Simulator X crash fix on Windows 8.1

    Even I was facing the same problem and after a lot of search I was finally able to solve this problem. All you need to do is right click on the game exe file and then run it in compatibility mode and...
  5. Re: How to enable Charms Bar in Windows 10 Technical preview

    If you are on a touch screen model then you can still get to the Charms Bar by swiping from the right edge of the LCD or on the monitor quite easily. You can even get there if you also have one of...
  6. Re: hard drive not working after installing Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9879

    If you are seeing a message when powering up your computer that says " No boot device", then it means that the BIOS is not able to issue a PUIS spin-up command to the hard drive before querying for...
  7. Re: unable to install KB3020114 update on Windows 10 Technical Preview

    There were many people who were not able to install this update in their Technical Preview of Windows 10, but later on a workaround was found to solve the installation problem. First of all you need...
  8. Re: Windows 10 Build 9879 keyboard lights problem

    The problem that you are facing is because the operating system is still in beta phase even though it is quite annoying. After you sign up for any program, you eventually acknowledge that you will be...
  9. Re: some applications not working in Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Well, if you are looking to install any third party antivirus application then I have found that Bitdefender antivirus can be installed fine on Windows 10 Technical Preview. There is another...
  10. Re: installing windows 7 on Acer Aspire X AXC-603G-UW31

    You can try to press F12 key on boot to choose the drive from which you want to load the operating system on many Acer laptop. But if this F12 option is not working then you might have to enable it...
  11. Re: after installing Windows 8.1 update cannot uninstall RealPlayer Cloud

    Even I had the same problem removing the RealPlayer Cloud from my system. Eventually after a lot of research I finally found a solution for this problem. I was just navigating the Windows Explorer...
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    Re: playing Risk II game on Windows 7?

    You can try to make older games run in the latest version of Windows. To do that open the Program Compatibility troubleshooter by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then...
  13. Re: Windows 8.1 error message "Your computer is low on memory"

    Can you try to run System Maintenance troubleshooter which might be able to scan and perform the needed maintenance tasks and also solve any incorrect settings which might be causing the problem. To...
  14. Re: In Windows 8.1, how to remove popup tip box

    Can you tell us whether this tip box appear while using applications or features for the first time? I was also facing the same thing and I was not even using any touchscreen display but still...
  15. Re: Asus taichi back screen solution after Windows 8.1 update

    Incase you are using the Asus Taichi 21 notebook then you use the 2.11 bios or if you are using the Taichi 21A then use the 2.05 bios version and 3412 VGA drivers that you can get from the support...
  16. Re: thread_stuck_in_device_driver error in Windows 8.1

    It seems that you are getting this error because a device driver installed in your pc is causing the OS to stop unexpectedly. I suspect that you have a defective graphics card driver. So to solve...
  17. Re: Ad-Hoc network disappeared after upgrading to Windows 8.1

    There are many people who are suffering with the same problem where their Ad-Hoc networks are nor shown in the Wireless Network list in Windows 8.1. So to solve this issue you need to use the...
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    Re: how to use ctrl+ brk in remote desktop

    You can try to access break the VBA code by executing this key "fn + Esc" without the quote marks. I was using Macbook Air with OSX 10.7 through a Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac...
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    Re: bluetooth device driver Motorola SYN0717A

    Well, havent you got any CD/DVD with your Motorola SYN0717A that has all the required software including the bluetooth driver with it. If you dont have it then I will suggest you to go to the...
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    Re: Changing default "Send To" Mail Recipient

    The problem that you are facing happens if you try to send mail by right clicking a file and selecting Send to and then click Mail Recipient because the solution described use the simple Messaging...
  21. Re: Error "the file name you specified is not valid or too long-how to delete"

    If the files that you are having problem with has characters from another language which cannot be read by your pc then you are suppose to get this kind of error message. Also make sure that the...
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    Re: Diskpart and dumpcfg download

    You can also download the dumpcfg file which is required to assign disk signature after restoration from the below links. Note that I am providing you both the 32 bit version and 64 bit version of...
  23. Re: Event ID 1076 Reason Code: 0xa000000 server unexpected reboot

    The reason that you are getting that error code is because of the failure explained by the EventLog 6008. If the first user with shutdown rights logs onto the computer after an unexpected restart or...
  24. Re: install 2 operating system onto single usb flash drive

    There is also another tool called MultibootUSB which can be used to install multiple linux based operating system on a USB flash drive. It is a portable application and you just need to run its...
  25. Re: windows 8.1 update error "Setup has failed to validate product key"

    It looks to me that you are attempting to install a different version of Windows 8.1. You need to match the different version of Core or Pro or single language with the upgrade path on your pc. You...
  26. Re: mouse lags after upgrading to Windows 8.1 Preview

    Are you using a gaming mouse with high frequency then you might be getting lower frequency than you are expecting. So you will need to follow the instructions given in this microsoft KB2908279...
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    Re: BCCode: 4a error with Windows 7

    If there is no problem with the RAM then I will recommend you to fresh install the operating system again in your computer. But before that dont forget to back up the data so that after formatting...
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    Re: mouse pointer invisible in windows 8

    Try to perform a clean boot and see if that works. To do the same press Ctrl+F to open the Search bar. After that type msconfig in it and then press Enter. Go to the Services tab and then choose to...
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    Re: clean install windows 8 on ssd

    I dont think that it is worth it to install Windows 8 on a 24gb SSD which is very small in size or space. After installing Windows 8, you will not have much free space for applications and other...
  30. Re: English language pack for Windows 8.1 Preview

    It was noted that Windows 8.1 comes in many languages and if you try to install this upgraded version in a different language than the previous one, in your case it might be german language, then the...
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    Re: Windows 8.1 Preview File History problem

    I was facing the same problem but I guess there is a troubleshooting method for it. What we have to do is open File History and then check the Exclude Folders. After that open File History event logs...
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    Re: Gtalk issue with Windows 8.1 preview

    The problem that you are facing with Google Talk that is installed in your machine happens because of a proxy server that might be limiting the duration of the internet connection that you are using....
  33. Re: Bluetooth not working in Windows 8.1 Preview

    Try to check whether any new Windows Updates can be installed to Windows 8.1 Preview, if it is available in your computer. After you have updated, you should also set your computer to install Windows...
  34. Re: Windows 8.1 Preview upgrade to Windows 8.1 final version question

    You can pretty easily do a inplace upgrade from Windows 8 RTM to the Windows 8.1 Preview release and all your installed files, settings and applications will not be harmed at all. You will just not...
  35. Re: Windows 8 installation 0x80070002 on Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13

    Can you try to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot the problem in Windows 8, just follow the link given below on how to do that:
  36. Re: Windows 8.1 Preview error “The update is not applicable to your computer.”

    If you are facing the problems mentioned in the above post, then you can try to install Windows 8.1 Preview by downloading the ISO file of the OS from this link -...
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    Poll: Best Video Sharing Website

    There is no doubt that, youtube is the best and famous video sharing website compared to any other sites. It is also the best substitute for Television since it started telecasting LIVE Sports and...
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    Re: delete user accounts in Windows 8

    You can try to open Control Panel and then click on "More settings" option. After that a new window will popup, just search the User Accounts and Family Safety options. Now you need to click on the...
  39. Re: Unable to use Product Key to activate Windows 8 Professional Upgrade after a clean install

    The solution for this issue is to change a registry key. It worked for me without any problems, so hopefully it will work for others too, follow the below steps:

    First of all go to Start and...
  40. Re: How to download free audio driver for dell Laptop in windows 7

    Hello Moshiur_Joy, Do you having this same issue? if yes then i will suggest you to visit the dell support site there you will get the appropriate Audio driver for your Laptop.
  41. Re: Receiving black screen on login after restoring factory settings

    I have faced the same issue on mine system as well and I would like to give the below steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this go through the below steps: first make select on the start...
  42. Re: Volume icon disappeared from taskbar on Compaq Presario CQ60-211DX.

    Did you install any hardware device driver or application is more, basically any related graphics on your system, because in some similar problems I found this missing icon problem can be caused by...
  43. re: I need to check the BIOS because my HP Pavillion dv4t is slow

    As you said that your system was working solve and so I would like to suggest you to download the CCleaner and so that you can solve your issue. CCleaner is software which is used to remove the all...
  44. Re: Windows server 2003 64 bit crashed on HP pavilion G6 notebook

    I've seen plenty of cases of blue screen and I saw that the blue screen occurs because the problem with the RAM that is on the laptop. And in that situation we have the memory diagnostic tool to...
  45. Re: Recovery manager works partly only instead of restoring all

    I would suggest the following steps, so you can solve your problem. To do this, restart the system and then you hit or hold down F8 on your keyboard after rebooting continuously. Now you have the...
  46. Re: Windows explorer does not shows newly installed 2TB hard drive

    I'd suggest downloading the latest drivers for drive C: and to be able to resolve the issue. The driver install setup.exe is located in the C: drive in the download folder you chose. I think there is...
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    Re: PID problem with wifi mouse on Windows 7

    Try connecting the receiver to a different port. Then ensure that the activities of the device. In dealing with the receiver in a different port, you will be able to eliminate all the problems that...
  48. re: Error message:” Mass Storage Controller has no driver” on device manager.

    Perhaps the best way to keep track and update all drivers is to use the updated driver software. Learn how to update the driver files is not really a difficulty among this type of software for the...
  49. re: How to increase capacity of extend system drive partition

    I think you need to perform the disk cleanup and so that you can solve your issue. To perform this go to the start icon on the desktop and after that make hit on the all programs. Now on the all...
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    Re: Blank Screen on HP ENVY 15 Series

    There is another way you can perform through the thing and make essential for carrying out or work required. It will be useful for you and get that worked as needed. Then you may be able to work as...
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