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  1. Re: Unable to launch Opera Next 15 in Windows 8

    Hello Dylanaa,
    Do you have any proxy settings done in Internet Explorer Settings? If yes, then you will need to disable the same because doing the same has atleast helped me with the latest version...
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    Unable to uninstall Office 360

    I had installed Office 360 and now did not want this. I need some help to remove this completely. I tried to do that through control panel, but it gave me some error. I do not really remember the...
  3. Want some help in overclocking Intel Core i7 on Gigabyte Z77x series motherboard

    This is somewhat I had planned. I have a Gigabyte Z77XUD335 motherboard with Intel Core i7-3770K Processor. Now Intel Core i7 is already a good processor and capable of giving a good over-clocking...
  4. Windows 7 unable to communicate on my home network.

    I have formed a small network at home with 2 computer system both the systems having windows Xp on them and they are doing well. Both the computers are able to view themselves in the network and also...
  5. Getting ‘network keyring' prompt at start up

    I am having a Sony laptop and using the same from last few months and that to with the Linux operating system. Now the thing here is that whenever I am starting the system then at the start up I am...
  6. Cheapest Digital single-lens reflex camera available

    I am looking for a Digital single-lens reflex camera and I want the best and the cheapest one. Actually i am a professional photographer and need the camera which will suit my profession and also my...
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