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  1. Re: Google chrome doesn't use the same proxy settings to perform the upgrades

    Actually I have also an issue with the Google chrome. In this I am behind the corporate proxy. And in this without going through the proxy you are not able to hit a DNS server. The installer tries...
  2. Re: Getting error whenever I try to access some specific folders or file in windows xp

    I am also going through this problem on my system, which is almost similar to the question that is posted here. Some applications are not allowed through the windows to run, I have always tried to...
  3. Re: Getting error message “Printer Cartridge “in Photosmart C5280

    Hello, I can post here because I have a problem with my printer HP Photosmart C5280. Indeed I cannot print from either my computer or the printer itself when I print a report. As for the printer...
  4. Re: ICQ and MSN error "I have no Internet connection"

    I am also going through this and in my case I think that as you have suggested it is happening because of the firewall setting I agree with this. it can really only be the firewall of the router. So...
  5. Re: Unable to change association of an extension program in windows 7

    I have already installed some time ago these keys in my registry is impeccable! More, it removes the conflict to use Word 2003 as editor of Outlook message, if you have Word 2007 installed also...
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    Re: Are you using iOS 4 on a 3G iPhone

    I am using IOS4 on my 3G and it absurdly slow. I restored it rather than place it up new. If I restore it as new device I am able to add applications once more time without any kind of no problem and...
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    Re: Opera 11 cannot play YouTube videos

    Suffered similar type of issue with various web browsers and I have seen that the issue goes on varying with the various other sites as well. Let me tell you that you will have to install the Flash...
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    Re: iPad is now ineffective as a mobile device

    The solution which is given over here I have tried that and after trying that the good thing is that my problem get fixed and regarding this I am very much happy. Because I have faced this issue from...
  9. Re: Rogers rejects credit card during activation

    Looking for the same query. I am facing this when I try to activate card so Rogers rejects credit card during activation. I do not know why it is happen like that. So regarding this I talk o them...
  10. How to use alternative Linux on Windows vista OS

    I would install Linux on my pc. Recently I have windows Vista on my system as an operating system. Remove Vista seems complicated to me, unfortunately. But adding a new hard drive for Linux should be...
  11. Re: PC hangs at boot time "Windows is starting up"

    Like you I have also faced this kind of issue. So after searching a lot I got the solution for this. And in my case it was happening because of the driver issue. So I have installed the latest driver...
  12. Impossible to complete the transaction, the file opens in Windows Explorer

    If I try to delete a folder residing on the disk of a server along with win2008 from a client with windows 7 pro I get the following warning: "unable to complete the transaction, the file is opened...
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    Network card is not working

    Hello everyone, this is the description of the situation. Three computers, one with xp, with a view and one with 7. All three computers share a working group, are connected through a switch which is...
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    How to connect ipod to PC via bluetooth

    I am having problem connecting my ipod to my pc via Bluetooth. The pc is familiar with it, but states the install was unproductive. Something about a driver. I am not able to come across a driver...
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    Licenses of Microsoft products

    In my class are increasingly facing the question is asked whether it is really in WinXP Prof. version is for the 64-bit version? Maybe someone can post here, how to find them.

    The ReadMe.txt is...
  16. Overclocking of i7 920 do not touch the voltage

    I've o / c my i7 without touching the voltage. 2.66ghz 3.06GHz past. I would also like the booster but first I want to know what temperature my processor can achieve full, 75, 80 ° C? In your...
  17. Automatic shutdown at critical battery capacity

    Tell me, you know, how can I turn off in Windows 7, the automatic shutdown at critical battery capacity? It works for Windows 7 is not just the same way as in Windows XP and the Internet, I do find...
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    LAN Network: No access to Windows 7 computer

    I have a LAN with 4 XP machines, all of which can access each other up. Now I have new computer with Win 7 Server." I can grab him on the other computer but not the other way around: "you lack the...
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    Not able to install Office 2010 updates

    Hello, today appeared in Windows Update An update for Microsoft Office 2007, and I want to install but will not let me (code 8007006E) which is not I locate the cause, I suppose it's because I have...
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    How to use add-ins in the presentations

    Does anyone know how to use add-ins in the presentations? Here's what I tried: A presentation with macros is registered as ppam addin in the folder by default. This supplement is attached via either...
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    Nokia X6 No Software Update Found

    I got to the Treaty of my grandfather an X6 and I have the following problem: There is already a new version of his position came out (something with 20) and I still have the old 10th. I've already...
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    Inspiron 1012 memory upgrade

    I would like to upgrade the RAM on my Mini 1012-0805, as the small but very often stretched to its limits. There is no door on the bottom in the housing anyone can tell me how to get to the store -...
  23. Call of Duty: Black Ops compatible with Sony Vaio Z

    I am very excited that call of duty gets finally released. Hey here I am talking about the Black Ops. How well will Sony Z series laptop handle CoD:Black Op? If any person pay for this or pre-order...
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    OpenSuSE 11 is not free any longer

    It seems that Novell is not offering SuSE for free anymore. What is the deal In between these? I loved the information that Linux was free at the present they are charging 2000rs for it along with...
  25. DRM Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Pc connection problem

    Hello guys!? I have a problem, until yesterday I could play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood perfectly smooth, the game starts up and synchronization with the server was fast, but today I start the game...
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    Online cd key for need for speed most wanted

    Guys I have the some issues! Actually when I attempt to connect online on nfs most wanted it inquires me to validate my cd key! I do it but is says that the key is incorrect or somebody else is...
  27. CD Key issues in Call of duty United offensive

    Hey friend I need your quick help. Actually I want to play the united offensive on the net but teh cd key I have it is not working in my case and it keep telling me that it is already in use, I...
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    Graphic Card Damaged or just not Updated

    I am playing battlefield 2 and all of an abrupt these entire half black half white boxes begin popping up, and there is a lot of. There start shooting in relation to 10000 times per minute. Then it...
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    Facing problem in huawei E1550

    currently I am facing lots of issue with my huawei modem of e1550 actually in this after I improve the firmware from version 11.608.12.04.21 to version 11.608.09.01.21. Regarding this I knpow that...
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    Error in creating the child process

    Ok so I am absolutely a newbie at this but I’m going through a major problem with my Gnome-terminal. Actually it was working very well then I affirmed to compile Linux source so I was able to go on...
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    ATI 5850 Flicker at desktop

    Apparently the ATI 5850 idle down VERY low on core and mem speeds in 2D environments, i.e.: Windows. Anyhow, how do I immediately fix it? And regarding this I have searched on the most of the website...
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    Corsair SSD weird

    I have modified the whole thing out from motherboard to cpu to ram to power supply and not anything has phased it. In the nut shell there are no any issue but at the time when I reboot my PC they get...
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    How to get 3G in Vodafone

    Currently I am using Vodafone network. And till now I do not face any kind of issue related to this but now I have recently heard that Vodafone also going to start the 3G so about this I am really...
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    Netbook- Linux install for Toshiba NB205

    I have got a Toshiba NB205 netbook. And in the battery life is not very much good. And in this I have tried all the windows operating system i.e windows vista windows XP and windows 7 but nothing...
  35. How to Slipstream USB drivers into Unattended

    When I try to use the USB in my office at that time the Operating System tries to install a number of drivers and clearly chokes on an error dialog since the users do not have any rights to install...
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    Unable to Sync on Windows XP

    I have just downloaded the beta products from the windows live. But when I start to use this I have found that I was not able to sync along with my windows XP, it started to modify my mind. Can I...
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    how to manually deploy a .xap to the emulator

    We are put forward builds of our Windows Phone7 XNA project and desired a way to carry the build devoid of transferring them the whole source tree and have them construct it in VS2010 just to obtain...
  38. How am I able to change the name of my homefolder?

    I have Macbook air and in that once my hard drive get crashed and then I have just updated my MB Air just after the crash through the data of my MacBook Pro and also the home Folder and I have got...
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    Fallout New Vegas Hardcore mode bonus?

    When I was playing the fallout 3 new Vegas at that time I have beaten the game on hardcore and also observed the steam achievement but in that I was not able to get the any of the bonus in game? Has...
  40. Re: Calendar is opening very slow in the iPhone 3G iOS 4.1

    The IPhone which is I am using i.e. my iPhone 3 with the iOS 4.1 it is like a pain for me. All the application in it seems to work properly except the calendar. The time when I select the calendar at...
  41. Desktop has turned upside down at 90 degree. What to do?

    Essentially my lovely younger sister has touched somewhat on my computer, and she is not able to keep in mind that what she had done in that. Basically my screen looks to have moved 90 degrees...
  42. how to can I add "Minimize all windows" in taskbar

    I have to ask a question related to the thread. I want to know that if I have to add the minimize all windows so how can I do this. Actually in this I have got the minimize all windows option in that...
  43. Unable to send or receive messages for the Msn account Error 0x80048849

    Currently I am using MSN mail. And I am using this from last seven month. And it was working properly before this week. But in this week when I open my mail account and try to send any message then...
  44. Program Files (x86) is not showing up in start menu

    Currently my program files have not shown up in the start menu. It is my consideration that the x86 files are the 64 bit files. The majority of the games that I install when they come to an end they...
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    How to install and use a saa7231 TV card ?

    I purchased a new computer only some days back and I have a set of problems in installing and using my TV card. The card which I am using is a saa7231 triple capture device from CTX and lspci...
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    Issue with wifi on open SUSE

    I am using Open SUSE operating system and here I am facing problems in that. I have issue with my wifi connection on openSUSE 11.2 64bit (GNOME). So to fix this issue I have configured all with...
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    Asus g71 freezing during gameplay

    When I am playing the game it keeps freezing me. And currently I am using the Asus G71Gx for playing the games. Then when I got this issue at the time of playing I hit the control-alt-delete, and...
  48. Direct3DDevice9: it is failed and there is driver internal error??

    Hi guys, I obtain this Dirext3D Device fault when I am playing Call of Duty World at War. I have a AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core with 4gb of ram, and a ATI Radeon 4670 1gb DDR3 video card. Now I am able...
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    Re: How to fix Dirt 2 is stuttering ?

    Well I have done both, I got the game free with my card and so I set up the vapor account and downloaded it and I have also try this to get it with a disc but obtain the similar special effects, but...
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    How to fix Dirt 2 is stuttering ?

    Hi, I have just build a PC, AMD 965 black 3.2 GHZ, 2 GB Ram and ati 5870 1gb GPU, I have installed all the most recent drivers, plus hot fix but when I run Dirt 2 I am receiving around 30-40 fps but...
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