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  1. Re: Windows 8.1 'App couldn't be installed. Error Code 0x80073cfb'

    Count me in too guys, Me too getting the same error, tried several things but nothing worked. Not even reinstalling the apps seems to be making some difference. Any other help please?
  2. Re: Automatic removal of flags in OS X Lion Mail upon deleting a message

    thanks for your i have reported this trouble to apple support team. i explained them my difficulty which i am facing.waiting for their reply.Hope they resolve my trouble as soon as...
  3. Automatic removal of flags in OS X Lion Mail upon deleting a message

    I love that items marked in the mail from Lion now appear together, classified by color, Notices category. However, when I observe a particular color flag, all messages, including items in my trash...
  4. Re: Fast User Switching crashes in OS X Lion with Screensaver

    Just had the difficulty again after many detours suggested work. This time, a user connected to the left, went to switch users on the Logon screen and wheel of death. Had to hard boot the entire...
  5. After installing Mac OS X Lion, Ethernet quit working

    I had a clean install of Lion and everything seemed to be working well. Suddenly, after three days, my Ethernet connection stops operational. I can continue to connect through my airport. I tried on...
  6. Keyboard light does not work in MacBook pro with Mac OS X lion

    The keyboard light does not work when in the dark, nevertheless the screen will darken. When training camp in windows it works extremely well had been to the keyboard preferences and not their box...
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    HTC Titan Frequently reboots

    I put the Titan on the table and went for a cup of coffee. As I was standing next to the coffee machine, I restart the phone. "Okay," I thought, "That was weird." But I let it boot, with the hope...
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    Increasing Speed in BSNL Broadband

    I received an SMS from BSNL days ago, in this way: "broadband speed increased ULTD 4times to certain customers, for new bookings contact BSNL-1504". Anyone who got more info on this
  9. Internet connectivity (via LAN) from Tata Sky HD plus coming soon!

    I have the HD + box installed a few days ago and yesterday got a call from TS asked if the engineer had connected to my TS HD + box with Internet or not. They amused by what he told me that if I...
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    Siri for Mac OS X Lion available or not

    I have heard somewhere that siri will be soon available for Mac OS X Lion. I don’t know whether this news is true or not. Anyone here who got any info on this. Please reply here.
  11. After loading MAC OS X Lion things not opening correctly

    After loading Mac OS X Lion things not working properly. Finder does not open correct and launch pad does not open at all, spot light will not run .All in all it is just unfinished or something.
  12. re: High CPU utilization caused by BTServer in Mac OS X Lion

    I do not imagine it has anything to do with Lion. I have the same trouble in Leopard 10.6.8.I think it's somewhat in recent betas IOS5.I'm a developer too, and this trouble only occurs when I'm open...
  13. Team feature was removed from VMware workstation 8

    While I appreciate that you have given some of the "Device Specifications" for the VM's former team has not occurred a net loss of functionality here that is hard to swallow. I make use of computers...
  14. Re: Unable to recover my Mac OS X Lion with Mac mini

    Are you sure you cannot boot in Lion? It seems that you did nothing for the operating system. Boot into Recovery and select Disk Utility and try to repair the unit
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    Re: How to fix slow file drag in Mac OS X Lion

    Thank you very much for your help! I repeated all procedures (reset PRAM, reset the SMC, the disk check, restart the computer) and now drag the file on my MacBook Pro (15 "late 2008) seems to be...
  16. Corsair HX3X12G1600C9 and Asus Sabertooth P67

    I built two new desktop with Asus P67 board and Sabertooth HX3X12G1600C9 Corsair. The memory is 12 GB and I have installed in the ranks of both XMP memory. This RAM is Asus QVL for this motherboard....
  17. Corsair GT 60 drive freezes and shutdown unexpectedly

    The installed system windows 7 64 constantly freezes or shuts down unexpectedly. I performed a firmware update to version 1.3.3 but it did not help. AHCI is enabled. When I cloned the same system on...
  18. Re: Corsair Force GT 120GB taking long time to boot

    I just have the Force GT plugged into the Intel sata 3 controllers. I am also going away to attach 3 TB 7200 rpm Hitachi storage later, although my cable Serial ATA power adapter requisite; by the...
  19. Corsair Force GT 120GB taking long time to boot

    My boot time is more than a minute, and I Quick Boot ACHI enabled and disabled. I looked all over the place, and everybody has dissimilar settings that have distorted, nevertheless nobody has the...
  20. Re: Unable to write at faster speed with Corsair Force GT on Macbook Pro 2010

    Well, I think the limit is by configuration and not SSD. So your SSD is faster than any driver can go fast in the system.

    I know nothing about Macs, but do not you get updates for your system on,...
  21. Re: Unable to connect VMware view 5 via EVGA Client

    Did you set the property of VMware View in the PD02? It is one of the last pieces in the setup menu. (No default).If you’re in the menu you require to update the firmware.
  22. Solution for HTC’s Amaze 4G dirt under the screen

    I am having a HTC android phone but the dust is starting to accumulate under the screen. Because of the best buy it will be not sustainable for me if I return it has been looking for an HTC warranty...
  23. Need help for Asus P8Z68 with Corsair Force 3 90 GB

    I used the Motherboard install cd to merely install network driver to acquire on the net. Then downloaded and updated Asus driver’s official website onto an usb at the same time as doing a Windows...
  24. features and drawbacks of Blackberry Curve 9360 (OS 7)

    Hi Guys ,require a little help at this time please I lately got my new BB Curve 9360 (OS 7), I didn’t used a BB earlier and I had noticed great features in my friends phones like when you enter...
  25. Favorite Finder unable to work in Mac OS X Lion

    Just upgraded to Lion after updating my iPhone to iOS 5 and deciding that I want to utilize the icloud features.

    My latest trouble is that aliases to files that I had placed in folders in my...
  26. How to get rid of Front Row in Mac OS X Lion?

    I was about to go see what movie trailers were new in Front Row. However, when I pressed the shortcut (command+esc) nothing happened. Can anyone tell me, does Lion get rid of Front Row? I used it a...
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    Spider-Man: Edge of Time unlock codes

    Hi friends, I have got new spider-man game with me. But it requires code for unlocking Big Time Suit for Spider-Man 2099. So can any one help me with this?
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    Windows with MAC OS X lion CD

    If I buy the CD from Mac OS X Lion here, and place in it into my PC or laptop with Windows 7, Mac OS X install or do I have to pay money for a Mac? I have a PC running Windows 7 64-bit and a laptop...
  29. Need information on ASUS P7H55-M/USB3 Marvell Controller

    In my Motherboard I have a habit SATA2 3 GB / s ports and then there's the Marvel controller, which provides 2 ports for SATA3 6 GB / s.I recently purchased the OCZ Vertex 120 GB 3 (updated to the...
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    RMA MSI 890fx board or Upgrade to MSI 990fx

    I’m thinking I killed my bridge to the north in my msi 890FXA-GD70. No power, try the power supply tester Antec power supply and it was well. When things died during the main test and a burning...
  31. Mac OS X Lion unable to detect Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex

    I bought a disk of 500 GB FreeAgent external GoFlex work equally on Mac and PC. That worked completely when using Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my system, although now that I updated to Mac OS X Lion, my...
  32. Is it normal for PSU voltage to drop on 3.3V and 5V RAILS?

    Corsair VX450 have one that show a drop from last 2-3 years of present at 3.3 V and 5V, as exposed in this chapter.

    Three months ago I changed the video card and cooler and I noticed an increase...
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    Cables missing in Corsair HX620W

    I brought the last corsair HX620W but then lost the bag containing the cables leaving me with about 1 Pcie, 1 molex and SATA cable. Unfortunately, I live in uk, close to the land down under. Is there...
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