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    Re: Want help to create a online photo gallery

    There are many free photo galleries, but they are limited for free users. For a full access usage you will have to simply go for a subscription. You can start with Zenfolio. I found this bit better....
  2. Re: using gmail account to sign up to Microsoft account

    Even though the above trick works but still it will be good if you make a new account on The outlook email will always give you the best experience on a Microsoft Exchange device and...
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    Re: how to change email tied up with OneDrive

    There is a way to do that but I dont know if it works for sure or not, still you can give it a try. You will need to right click on your OneDrive icon in your system tray and then click on settings....
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    Re: How to remove .lnk malware

    I would suggest you to download Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2015 and run a scan with it on your computer. First of all run the same program. Click the Start scan button. Wait until the scan is...
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    Re: Firefox 35.0.1 freezes until mouse is moved

    If the above solution doesnt work then try to create a new profile and test it with no extensions or themes installed in Firefox browser. To do that click the menu button and then click Exit. After...
  6. Re: fix for Dailymotion thumbnails blacked out in firefox

    Have you tried to restart Firefox in Safe Mode and checked if that works. To start in Safe Mode, Click the menu button, click help and select Restart with Add-ons Disabled. Firefox will start up with...
  7. Re: Can I stream my gameplay video on youtube directly

    You can do that by I think it will be done through a capturing device. That means through some kind of web camera. Without that it is not possible to stream the content. If you use some third party...
  8. Re: Paypal page badly formatted in Firefox browser

    I am thinking that the issue might be happening due an antivirus installed in your computer where parts of it might not be updating regularly with the latest firefox version installed in your pc. So,...
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    Re: Firefox user profile gone bad

    Have you been trying to set up the other user for a reason? Incase that is also an Admin account then it should not be for guests. But in any case, I was just thinking that you can still have more...
  10. Re: Lots of spamming issue on WordPress how to fix

    There is one tiny plugin that can sort your issue. Mostly spam is done through comments box. And you can turn that thing off permanently then there will be no spam at all. You can simply add a...
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    Re: Firefox 30.0 sluggish and freezes sometime

    If the above solution doesnt work then start by making a new profile and see if the issue still occurs. The main point of the new profile is to run it without customization to check if it runs...
  12. Re: How much time does it take for Godaddy DNS propogation

    It depends on the domain registrar I think. Last time I remember that when I had taken a site from Godaddy it was live around a hour. But you had done changes in the server. You had removed the ns...
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    Re: How to bypass bandwidth capping

    There are many tools which you can use to limit the internet bandwidth. In this way people will be allowed to use a specific amount only and other will be left. The bandwidth will still remain for...
  14. Re: commenting on youtube automatically marked as spam

    I dont think youtube is ever going to disable their spam filter. I do agree that they will have to improve their commenting system which are automatically getting marked as spam. I dont know if this...
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    Re: Error Code 9C59 with Internet Explorer 11

    You can also try to reset Windows Update components to solve the Internet Explorer 11 problem which is not installing in your pc. To automatically reset Windows Update components, click Run now, and...
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    Re: accessing other users OneDrive public folders

    There is no way to manaully search for the public OneDrive files, you will have to ask for the links of the necessary OneDrive public files from its owner. There are usually 2 options in OneDrive,...
  17. Re: How to share content with encryption on internet

    I am using OneDrive. This was shared drive before. OneDrive is easy to use. Anyone can figure out how it works. One can upload files and download them instantly. I think most of this cloud service...
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    Re: How to block domains from Bing search result

    You are looking for a skip option. And you can do that through Bing. You have to go in Advance Search options for that. You can exclude a web page if you do not want to see that in the search page. I...
  19. Re: How to auto-share Youtube videos on Facebook fan page

    I am doing it manually. I already gave up searching for different apps. I found one but that add many unwanted post on my wall. They use it for advertisement purpose. It is better you stick with the...
  20. Re: Entry Point Not Found error message with firefox.exe

    After removing the old version of Firefox from your pc you should check to make sure that you have completely removed all the traces from your browser. After that when you will install clean version...
  21. Re: How to install Skydrive on OS X Mountain Lion

    Also, try to make sure that you dont end up having both the old and new version of the Skydrive client installed in your Mac. It will simply create a confusion and its login item could be pointing to...
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    Re: cannot join Bing Rewards program

    The problem that you are facing might be related to the Internet Explorer browser cookies. So try to clear it up and then test again. To do the same, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete buttons together on...
  23. Re: Google Drive is continuously refreshing, help

    I was having this same problem but later I fixed it somehow. I first looked at all the extensions running in the background in Chrome Task Manager which can be found in the system tray. After that I...
  24. Re: Google Search for a particular Website showing its "Recent Post"

    It seems that only for the top websites Google is showing "Recent Post" in a box that is located at the right side of the search results. But for websites that are having low ranking the results are...
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    Re: delete blank page in Word 2013

    I guess that the previous page could be full and the paragraph break at the end might be forcing the page to break. Try to display and choose that paragraph break and format it as 1 point and it...
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    Re: Where can I get list of secure websites

    It is a bit issue to find whether a site is trusted or not. When you visit a site it might offer you a secure connection. This is mostly done by email and banking sites. While others are open. You...
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    Re: connect skydrive to linux

    Instead of looking for Skydrive why dont you use Ubuntu One which works the same way also. It is nothing but a cloud service operated by Canonical Ltd. to let you store data within cloud. All you...
  28. Re: Some helpful advice to cleanup the browser and make it more secure

    That is a common issue with every browser. The more tabs you open the more slower it will be. The best thing you can do is work on around 3 to 4 tabs at a time. Instead of working on multiple you can...
  29. Re: can I access skydrive files offline on Windows RT?

    I dont think that the Skydrive sync client is supported on Windows 8 RT version, since you are using the Windows 8 version of the Skydrive application. So, it simply means that you will not get any...
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    Re: Nook Simple Touch software update

    I think that there is a Software Update Version 1.2.1 available for NOOK Simple Touch and NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight that you can directly download from the Barnes & Noble website. It includes...
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    Poll: Re: Which is the Best Home Theater PC

    The best that I have personally used is Alienware Hangar 18. This Media Center PC is based on AMD configuration that comes with Athlon 64 X2 processor, up to 4GB of RAM and a hard disk of 250 GB to...
  32. Re: Opera 12.14 consuming high memory usage on Windows 64bit

    So, you are saying that Opera 12.14 browser is using 2gb of ram, if yes then could you please tell us how many tabs you have opened of the browser, that usually gets the browser to use that much of...
  33. Re: Manage Search Engines in Firefox does not work

    You can try to restore default search engines. Default search engines that come pre-installed in Firefox currently include Google, Yahoo, Bing,, eBay, Twitter, and Wikipedia. If you have...
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    Poll: Re: Best Games for PC 2013

    Well, I liked Dead Space 3 game till now and hope that the game that are listed here will be also good. In short, if one were to summarize Dead Space 3 in one sentence, we get this: "A game full of...
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    Re: How to earn from Youtube Videos and Ads?

    If you have good video content quality, original, with a large audience, and you are the author of the video (or that you have all rights), you can enter the advertising program of YouTube/Google...
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    Re: Home Phone to make free Skype to Skype calls

    The Skype is the Software application that allows the user to make call and phone with the Help of internet. And if the calls are within the services then that call is also free. The Skype also allow...
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    Re: Error code 0x800f0902 on Internet Explorer 9

    One of the other reasons behind that it as a "bad file name or number" error in JavaScript. For solving your complicated problem you need to clear all the temporary files of this web browser. This...
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    Re: possible to make avatar photos with google+

    Like people went crazy for facebook when it was initially on the internet .people liked it coz of new things found to play with and its same with the google+ …I think google are always been...
  39. Re: splitting of preview pane section in Gmail inbox

    I have accounts on yahoo and rediff and both of them are providing with the split pane . since I Don’t have account on Gmail I don’t have any idea about it whether they are available the option...
  40. Re: Railworks 3 Train Simulator 2012 forgets Multi-core setting

    Teach Simulator 2012 will incorporate all existing trains and tracks from RailWorks2, in addition to a fresh out of the box new EMD F7 train and a late British train should be declared quickly....
  41. Re: Unable to see recent messages in yahoo Messenger 11

    are you having this problem with any particular contact or with each and every contact?

    Because see if that’s with the particular contact so at that time you have to delete the contact and again...
  42. Re: Configuring and check YM 11 Voicemail on your PC

    no you don’t have to install the lower version as there is a way through which you can configure it on newer version as well, and for that follow the mentioned steps.

    1. In the Messenger window,...
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    Re: What is remand mode in Resistance 3 Game?

    From the excellent intelligence of the enemies that how the opponents behave towards the player in a meaningful way if they react to it. Gracefully told story about right to perfect the handling of...
  44. Re: Wired computer internet speed is slower as compared to Wireless computer internet speed

    Attempt-New cable, new network card, both affordable as chips. Slipping up that get a late router off Virgin, you might as well have their unique super center assuming that you don’t right now. The...
  45. Re: Slow Streaming Video even after having Fast Internet Comcast Connection

    Yet with a rapid Internet connection, a user might recognize that a moderate processor will be unable to handle streaming motion picture and still take into consideration speedy Web perusing. The...
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    Re: facebook search engine optimization

    I am not that much aware about the facebook SEO but still I would like to give your some useful tips about the same.

    Search outcome continue to comprise people’s profiles as well as relevant...
  47. Re: Accessing router with Linksys E4200 Lan-Lan Connection

    The problems of the interface bug when sharing USB storage space will eventually complete the most skeptical. It is very bad as the E4200 has strong assets on paper (gigabit, high-speed Wi-Fi, USB...
  48. Re: Full Version of Google plus and script mishandling on Opera mini

    Opera Mini web browser intended to help for browse web in comfort and at high speeds. The scripting provides the facility to maintain the kinds of appearances and its related information onto it. The...
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    Re: Does it is bad to use torrents

    First of all what you are asking is illegal. You are trying to download movies and games which are not free. You have to buy a legal disc for the same to use them. You can simply caught under...
  50. Re: Linksys WRT54G v2.0 crashed with Firmware Ver.4.21.4

    What you can do is, just switch back to the earlier version that you were using and see if that is showing you any problem with this. I am saying to downgrade because I have seen many of the people...
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