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  1. Re: Auto Editing images software for sharing on Facebook

    You can reduce the image size through many third party video editing software. But this will affect the overall image resolution. When we take pictures in HD quality then it is on very high...
  2. Re: Unable to create bootable Windows 7 USB after formatting pen drive

    Go in My Computer and just check the the drive drive partition format and also see that you are able to open it. After double clicking on that if you are getting a format disk message the it means it...
  3. Re: DVD video lagging on Windows 7 Starter edition

    There can be problem with the media player you are using. Try to find the most latest version of VLC player for your pc. You can get that from the official site. Download it and then install the...
  4. Re: Yahoo Messenger keeps on reconnecting on Windows 8

    This type of issue occur when your internet connection is weak. Like it is breaking in between. That is why you can see the yahoo messenger box on your desktop screen again and again. You will have...
  5. Re: Virus detected while creating a bootable usb through WiNToBootic

    That is because you are not using the right tool. You have to use a tool that is officially provided by windows. That will be faster and better to use. You can download that from the Microsoft site....
  6. Re: Panasonic Lumix PhotofunStudio 5.1 crashing on Windows 7

    Just check first whether the program which you are trying to install is compatible with your operating system or not. You can right click on the icon and choose properties. From there a popup box...
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    Re: Effective backup solution for SMB

    There are different types of solution available for smb. There are cheaper and expensive both. It depends on your need. It is good to consult with some expert. There are many online solution provides...
  8. Re: Should I use Windows 7 drivers or update the official one

    If the system is working fine then you can leave it. There is no need to update the drivers. It is good if you can check all the things in your pc. Like pay a audio and video files. Play some game...
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    Re: iTunes crashing after Maverick update

    Just re-install iTunes. That will resolve the problem. Remove it and download the latest version from official site. Then install it back again and done. It will fix the issue. There are chances that...
  10. Re: How to replace Windows Explorer with more effective file manager

    You cannot replace it but you can use another one like XYplorer. You have to add this on the startup. And you can then use this to navigate in your hard drive. When Windows Explorer crash you wont be...
  11. Re: What are the different file formats that Windows Movie Maker support

    For different file format you have to use a different video edition. The most advance is adobe premiere pro. This tool is amazing. It is a advance video editing tool that give you all features. One...
  12. Re: It is possible to stuff multiple dvd videos into one

    I do not think so that is possible. You can get all those videos in a Blu Ray disc. But you cannot get them in a single DVD. This is because of the video size. And if you try to compress the video...
  13. Re: How to remove faded background from scanned pages of old book

    Paint brush cannot help you in getting rid of that. You can just remove some portion not the part which has text. Here you have to take help from some person who knows to use Photoshop or experienced...
  14. Re: How to remove old AMD Catalyst drivers completely

    You can go in Control Panel > Uninstall Programs. From there you can wipe out the tool and then go ahead with fresh installation. I think this will be more than enough to clear the internal...
  15. Re: Adobe Photoshop is not using my gpu and lags while editing raw images

    Adobe Photoshop do use your video card for giving you more better output. But there can be some problem. The best thing you can do here is run a fresh update for graphic driver. This is the best way...
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    Re: Animation software for creating story books

    You can go ahead with a 2d animation software. I can list you some. A 2d animation tool is smile to use. It comes with all objects which you need and you can create simple intro videos. One among...
  17. Re: How to scan a file in docx format instead of pdf

    You have to find a good scanner for that. Many scanner comes with that features. It can give you a editable text file at the end. But that will be txt. You cannot get a word file from it. HP...
  18. Re: Which is the best free cloud software for Windows

    What actually you need. A cloud software to run your apps online or you just need a storage solution. I think it is best to go with Google drive. It is free and provide you enough space to keep your...
  19. Re: Windows 8.1 will be available for $119.99 from October 18th

    Hello Tungar, unfortunately you cannot do upgrade from XP to Windows 8.1 as it doesn’t supports transferring files from XP or Vista.

    Users running any of these windows (Xp or Vista) will have...
  20. Re: Encrypting file with common standard and sharing through SkyDrive

    Linux platform offers you a more powerful way of sharing encrypted. Before using the same you have to first understand and learn the technology. This is very effective and recommended for advance...
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    Re: Forgot my Lumia 620 lock screen PIN

    Here is the perfect steps for Lumia 620 particularly:

    Switch off and press and hold the volume down + power + camera buttons.
    Once the phone vibrates, only release the power key, keep holding...
  22. Re: Lumia Cinemagraph not saving animated images any more

    You can simply try out re-installing the application. There are possibilities that software may stop working or starts behaving weird after updates, we have seen this on Windows PCs as well. But...
  23. Re: Lastpass wont work with IE but works fine with other browsers

    How did you installed LastPass on other browsers where it is working good? What i mean is there are two ways of installing this password manager in your browser, first, by simply installing the...
  24. Re: Which compression utility is faster on Windows 8

    I think Winrar is best here. It offer you simple archiving feature. It is widely used and supported many email services. So I will simply recommend you to stick with winrar. That is quiet more better...
  25. Re: Wireless Connection too slow on Surface Tablet

    I don’t think the problem is fixed yet because I found a discussion thread on Microsoft community which has now reach about 63 pages containing the same problem with many surface users. Although...
  26. Re: usb 3.0 not working after updating to Windows 8.1 preview

    I dont think that you will be able to find the Windows 8.1 drivers for the USB 3.0 Controller. So, you will have to download the drivers that are available for either Windows 7 or Windows 8 and then...
  27. Sony rolled out 14.1.B.1.510 update for Xperia Z Ultra

    I guess there wont be many but whoever using Xperia Z Ultra has got a good news. Sony Mobiles has started rolling out a new Firmware Update for Z Ultra with build number 14.1.B.1.510. This is the...
  28. Micromax launches Canvas Doodle 2 A240 for Rs. 19,990 with 5.7-inch HD display

    Micromax's Canvas Doodle A111 remained successful in the Phablets market with large screen and stylus. Following the same, Indian manufacturer Micromax today released its successor in form of Canvas...
  29. Re: Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie releasing October 10th?

    Well, there was a need to release the 4.3 and google knows it every well. Hence they are known as Google. Probably there would be something in 4.3 which they are implementing in the new Android 5.0....
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specifications

    I don’t think that is any valid reasons that will make Samsung decrease the screen size. BTW who told you that Mega series failed in the market? Samsung was the first brand to bring the trend of 6+...
  31. Mark Zuckerberg launches to connect entire world on Internet

    Most of the people around the world today know who is Mark Zuckerberg. He is the one who made the Social Networking giant, Facebook that connects about 2.7 billion people around the globe today....
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    Re: Unable to do system refresh in Windows 8.1

    I dont know if you will format the entire drive/partition, how it will install windows 8 because this feature works only if you have windows 8 and if you format the partition there wont be windows 8,...
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    Re: Unable to restore Lumia 920, error 0x0

    I agree with you Maq, but that’s not completely correct. Sometimes, the restore works even if the phone’s hardware is changed. Yes, I have been through this and it has worked for me with...
  34. Re: Samsung to launch "Galaxy Note 3" on September 4th, confirmed

    Here is the final specifications for upcoming Galaxy Note 3:

    Android 4.3 Jellybean operating system
    5.68-inch Full HD Super AMOLED
    1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.
    1.8GHz Octa-core Exynos...
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    Re: Looking for good free movie organizer

    You need a catalog software DVD Profiler is one of them. This tool is simply great to maintain a huge collection of dvd's with simple software. The best tool which I found is available for mac only....
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    Re: How to convert .exe to .swf file?

    I dont know if there is any direct conversion method for converting the exe to .swf file but you can try to use some tool to record the exe file and then save the file to the different formats that...
  37. Re: best software to play .CDA files in my computer

    What you can do is simply copy the .cda file from an Audio CD with the Windows Media Player's Rip option which is nothing but the Copy option only. To do this, you need to simply insert the Audio CD...
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 625 leaked specifications

    Yep, the phone will cost about Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 19,000/- in Indian Market. While in Europe it is set for launch at £200. Not bad at this price, isn’t it.
  39. Re: How to open last session in Internet Explorer 10

    For me, it works fine. Even i work with multiple tabs, and while closing i directly turn off my system. Next time when i boot up, the tabs restore comes up fine. I think there would be some...
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 625 leaked specifications

    Well last week Nokia only launched the device officially, they haven’t started it shipping. Most probably the device will start shipping in quarter 3 in countries like China, India, Asia Pacific,...
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    Re: Micromax Canvas 4 rooting help

    Yes, few guys have already rooted their Canvas 4 successfully. I can let you know the process but let me first tell you that Rooting will kill your warranty and also if any mistake made during the...
  42. Re: Connectify disconnects continuously in Windows 7

    There is another tool called Virtual Router Wifi HotSpot to share the internet connection for your computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8, that also doesnt require any installation. It turns your PC...
  43. Re: Delete SkyDrive folder from Windows 8.1 Navigation Pane

    Yes, it is possible. In fact it is very easy if you access the SkyDrive right from the Metro Screen. Whenever you open the skydrive Application from Start Screen and select a folder, you will see...
  44. Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 showing only 3Gb built-in storage

    Hello Leisl , unfortunately there is no way to do so. If you remove the bloatware and built-in application, most probably your phone will start behaving weird.
  45. Re: Lumia 620 wont boot after failed update process

    Did you tried hard resetting the phone? If not, do it because i guess something went wrong with the phone's firmware, hence it is not able to boot. In such cases Hard reset is the only one that fixes...
  46. Re: Unable to download apps from store after updating Windows 8.1

    There could be another two reasons. First, hopefully you are trying to download apps which are not suitable for children or Age restricted, but in background your Family Safety settings would have...
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    Re: Multiple 3D desktops on Windows 8

    Nope, DeskSpace wont require high end system. Though it has so many 3D features, you can also run the same on system having the following configuration:

    Processor: 800 Mhz CPU.
    RAM: 256 MB.
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    Re: LG Optimus G Pro value pack update Features

    Well he have clearly mentioned at the end of the post that the update is hitting only for AT&T customers at present and that also only in US. The update will take time to reach for other users and...
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    Re: is running very slow

    Yeah, many people have noticed outlook running slow including me. But the better fix to get rid of this issue is compatible and updated web browser. First of all clear the cache and temp files as...
  50. Re: Cannot install KB2849636 update required for Windows 8.1 preview installation

    I dont think it could be the System requirement problem because it requires only 1GB RAM and CPU higher than 1GHz. So probably it could be the operating system. You might be knowing that in case you...
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