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    Re: Default lock screen replacement for Oppo R5

    There are not very great lock screens, but it is easier to find a launcher. Many popular launchers will allow you to have your own lock screen and then you can customize that as per your need. I...
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    Re: Sony Xperia Z3 download manager issue

    I dont know whether this is a bug or something else in the Sony Xperia Z3 phone but have you tried to do a Factory Reset using the Sony's PC Companion software on your computer. But before that...
  3. Re: What are the benefit of buying a mobile under Android one series

    There are many things that Android One models can offer you compare to other phone series. Like you are going to first get the latest android update on the same. Most of the phone that are under...
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    Re: How to speed up your Android browser

    For any phone if you have a 512MB or lower ram then it is better to avoid using launchers. And when you install app disallow apps to use gps or location. Because that is the one thing that slow down...
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    Re: Vodafone SIM not detected on Moto G

    Just try to cut that properly and check back. I had got this issue with idea sim. I had not used the sim cutter to make regular sim to micro due to which it failed to detect properly. I went to the...
  6. Re: How to separate videos and pics in Samsung Galaxy S5 Gallery

    This is not a problem.By default almost in all phone you get the same thing. When you tap on Gallery you get different folders. Like Camera, Bluetooth, etc. Content remains inside them. All you have...
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    Re: Cpu overheating on Dell XPS 8300

    For system like that I recommend to go with portable liquid cooler. There are ample of them available. Portable coolers are easy to fit. You just have to make place for the radiator. Corsair H40...
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    Re: How to reset Samsung Galaxy S5

    If the above solution is not working then try to first charge the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S5 fully and then do a hard reset. You will need the ClockWorkMod recovery first. After that you need...
  9. Re: Which tablet will be good for mobile virtualization

    There is a app available called as VMware Switch. I think this will help you to run virtualization on the portable platform. But you have to check the hardware first. Low end tablets cannot help you...
  10. Re: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact error "close external connector covers to secure waterproofing"

    There is an option that you can select in your smartphone to not show the message or something like that that you are getting after turning on your Xperia Z1 Compact. If it is not there then you can...
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    Re: How to make Wifi Tether to work on LG G Flex

    There was a guy on another forum who found a beta app called wifi_tether_v3_3-beta2.apk for wifi tethering. When he installed this app on his LG G Flex, it worked flawlessly according to him. You can...
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    Poll: Re: Gionee Elife E7 vs Google Nexus 4

    If you compare Nexus 4 with Gionee Elife E7 then you will now why Elife is better. It terms of hardware it is higher. Nexus has a 4.7inch screen size while Gionee gives you 5.5inch hd screen. It...
  13. Re: 3G not working in Acer Liquid E2 Duo while traveling to other country

    My friend was having the issue. He is having a Acer phone but some different models. He travels a lot and was complaining about 3G issue. At last when there was no help from Acer, he installed a...
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    Re: Wifi issues with Acer Aspire S7-391 laptop

    Try to enable the IPv6 on your wireless router and see if that works. To do that you need to right click on the network icon and then choose Open the Network and Sharing Center, After that select...
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    Re: WD Passport Not Recognized on my System

    You need ot right click on My Computer and then go to Manage. After that click on Disk Management in the given option. At the right side you will be able to see WD Passport drive written with some...
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    Re: How to share data via bluetooth in lumia 720

    First ensure that your Bluetooth is turned ON in your phone settings or else you will not get a bluetooth option if you tap share. The share menu usually displayes the active options only, for...
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    Re: Hiphone mt6225 driver download

    All you need to do is download the driver and pc suite for your mobile phone from the link given in the above reply in your pc. After that install the driver by connecting your mobile phone in your...
  18. Re: Samsung Monte GT-S5620 Re-set Exchange Activesync?

    When you are at your Home Screen in your phone then touch on Email and then go to Email address field and insert the Exchange email address. Then touch the Password field and then enter the Exchange...
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    Re: LG X170 Netbook pricing and Specification

    LG X170 netbook has a wonderful 10.1-inch screen with LED backlight with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels or 1366 x 768 pixels and it is based on Intel Pine Trail platform. It is available in two...
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    Re: BlackBerry tools with Mep Reader

    It seems that this BlackBerry tools with Mep Reader is a is a kind of calculator that unlocks most of the blackberry phones by generating some kind of code. The only thing that is need to know if the...
  21. Re: "unexpected error occurred please restart camera" problem on my nokia 500

    Did you install any kind of modded or third party software on your Nokia 500 mobile phone? If you have installed it then try to flash your phone with the original firmware and see if that work. If it...
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    Re: Galaxy TAB 3 vs iPad Air for new year gift

    Android is quiet popular today and offer you all kind of apps which are required to open a office file or to edit it. You can simply go ahead with modifying the videos, images, and many more thing....
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    Re: trackpad issues with Acer Aspire S7

    Even I was having the same problem with this laptop and after doing a search on google I found out that the right bottom corner of the trackpad is used to emulate the right button. Similarly the left...
  24. Re: TechArena & Kingston Christmas Giveaway Contest

    My email address is

    Ans 1. I will play games on my pc whole day long since its holiday for me and I would also hope to win this RAM to give extra boost to my gaming...
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    Re: Nokia Asha 210 dual sim restarts constantly

    If you dont want to reinstall the software on your mobile phone via connecting it to the computer then you can only try to reinstall the firmware by going to Nokia Care Center. You can even try to...
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    Re: Where to buy Lenovo S650 or S930 online

    This devices are launched but they are not yet out in the market for sell. Lenovo is quiet popular for launching some impressive models in the market. e first one is Lenovo K900 which is a phablet....
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    Re: performing factory reset bricked Lumia 920

    There are many people who are complaning about the gears spinning on their Nokia Lumia 920 phone and it only happens when you do a hard reset. The only solution is to use the lock + volume down...
  28. Re: Handwriting Input not working on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Go in the settings and disable direct input first. You can find that under controls. Disable that and then turn it on back. Then try again. If still it does not work fine then resetting the phone is...
  29. Re: voicemail integration of iPhone 5S is bad on Vodafone

    I dont think that Vodafone will add visual voicemail to its service because it is very costly for the service to develop such option. You can try to use Hullmoil which seems pretty decent enough. It...
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    Re: how to unlock Iphone 5

    Since you are using an iPhone 5 so the unlocking will be done through Apple or iTunes only. You will need to connect the phone to iTunes with a non-network based Sim card inserted. After connecting...
  31. Re: Is there any Andorid 4.4 custom rom download available for Galaxy S4

    I can see some stock roms. This are open source stock rom which are released and they do not give you any special features. You can get benefit of the stock features that comes pre-installed on the...
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    Re: Galaxy Note 3 Camera bug when wifi is on

    I have heard about this problem from many Note 3 users and they say that it only happens with the stock camera of this phone. So, if you use a different camera app like Camera Zoom FX then you wont...
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    Re: How is the GPS of Google Nexus 5

    I have recently got myself this new Google Nexus 5 for a week and I dont think that the GPS performance is quite good in this phone. My Nexus 5 is able to lock onto a position quickly but it looks to...
  34. Re: Is Fingerprint USB is secure and safe to keep confidential files

    I have a usb that has a password protection and I am using this from long time. The drive works well on many system. After inserting it, I can see a password menu on the screen through which I can...
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    Re: Google Nexus 5 charging problem

    Once you have plugged your phone and its charging then go to Settings > Battery and then check what it says at the top side of the word charging. If you can see AC then it might be going up aroung 1%...
  36. Re: Is it possible to get PS4 type of graphics on a PC

    It is possible if you have a nice hardware configuration. Most probably the console works on the a high end gpu and high memory. There is a bit difference between the a console hardware and pc. You...
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    Re: Good Caller ID app for Andriod Smartphone

    For our country Truecaller is the only solution available. There is no other app which can give you so much detail. Truecaller is free to use and provide you simple solution to locate call details...
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    Re: How to find that my IMEI number is valid

    Imei number are also used to track your phone. Many criminals are tracked through this. It is a important part of every device and the one which has a blacklisted number is risky to buy. It is always...
  39. Re: Comparison of Gionee's Elife E6 with Nvidia Tegra Note

    I do not trust this alien brands. There is a huge reason for the same. The first is that they promise you good hardware config, but they are not really so great in terms of output. Branded products...
  40. Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 audio quality good or bad?

    I have heard that if the phone uses the Wolfson DAC and then gets powered by voodoo sound or tweaks then we will get the best sound quality for a mobile phone. I have used this in my Galaxy Note 2...
  41. Re: Motorola Moto X phone supports Qi Wireless Charger

    Yes, Moto X does not supports wireless charging but it still does have NFC I guess. This information was confirmed by some guys on tweeter that this phone doesnt not support wireless charging. So, it...
  42. Re: Will SSD boost up battery life of a netbook

    SSD's are reliable in terms of performance. They give you proper data transfer speed. They are fast and boost the system performance. While for battery I think it is not really going to put any...
  43. Re: wifi connection drops in Sony Xperia tablet Z

    I have noticed that many owners of Xperia Tablet Z are facing this wifi diconnection problem, so it could be hardware related. Anyways there were someone who were able to solve this issue by just...
  44. Re: Some serious puzzle game for Android devices.

    There is a game called as Cogs. The game offers you around 50 different levels to play. It has set of different challenges which you will need to full fill. It also offers you a 3d environment which...
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    Re: How to use Usb on the go with Sony Xperia Z

    Yes, you can buy the Micro USB Host OTG Cable Adapter for your Sony Xperia Z which will work properly. Usually, to get the phone to work properly with this USB Host OTG cable, Sony Xperia Z must have...
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    Re: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    There are speculations that HTC One will be very costly. It will launch at a market price of Rs. 45,000 approximately. Where else you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at low cost of Rs. 35000...
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    Re: Asus TF300 Tablet Bootloader Unlocking

    Come on people, when Asus said that they will be figuring out some way to unlock the bootloader in Asus Transformer TF300, then they will do it later or sooner. I don’t think that anybody will be...
  48. Re: T-Mobile SIM can be use in Samsung P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 or not?

    The thing that I know about the Samsung P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 is that it is the 3G model. There is cell radio and a SIM slot, there you can make use of the SIM card and I m making use of T-Mobile SIM...
  49. Re: Need Help for Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.18

    There are lots of bugs were fixed in this latest firmware, the issue for this Music player for not recognized most of the SD card is fixed and also the sound clarity also become some more good....
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    Re: Why 4GB Sansa Clip Locked Up

    According to my information may you have upgraded your Firmware for this Music Player? And maybe you have set to shut down the Music Player Automatically, because of that reason some of the time the...
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