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    Re: How to remove fixmyregistry.exe file?

    There is a anti-adware called ADWCLEANER that you can use to remove the fixmyregistry.exe file from your computer. It is powerful tool that allows you to remove the spyware, adware and other malware...
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    Re: removing heur.ffd(link) virus

    You can try to disable or enable all Autorun features in your Windows 7 system. To disable or enable Autorun automatically, click the appropriate Fix this problem link. Then, click Run in the File...
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    Re: removing Bizcoaching info virus

    You can also use another software called Junkware Removal Tool to remove the redirects while surfing internet. It is a program that allows you to remove any unwanted applications from your computer,...
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    Re: removing ICE Cyber Crime Center virus

    To get rid of this virus you should download the HitmanPro.Kickstart by searching it on the net and put it on the usb flash drive and then boot up your system with the usb plugged in. This way the...
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    Re: should I remove CompuClever Systems Inc

    Download a tool called Revo Uninstaller which is not a replacement for the famous "Add/Remove Programs" built into Windows because in addition to uninstalling some programs it researches associated...
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    Re: how to remove Win32.downloader.gen

    If you want to remove the Win32.Downloader.Gen processes then press ctrl+alt+del to open the Windows Task Manager. After that click on the processes tab and search for the Win32.Downloader.Gen and...
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    Re: Nook GlowLight eReader freezes all the time

    I dont know much about the Nook Glow Light but usually I have found that the ebook readers are very delicate and they will crash if you try to download and read any book that they dont like. So, I...
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    Re: Is JDI backup limited safe or virus?

    I had the same MyPC Backup installed in my computer. After 2-3 days I was completely annoyed by this program displaying me pop ups every now and then in the right hand corner at the bottom asking me...
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    Re: How to install Kobo app on Kindle Fire HD?

    First of all you need to open Settings panel by pulling down from the top of the screen. After that tap on More and then go down to Device. Now find "Allow Installation of Applications" and turn it...
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    Re: is cltmng.exe virus?

    You can try to download MalwareBytes Antimalware software and install it in your pc to remove cltmng.exe file which is considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP) in your computer. This...
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    Re: VSS Error - Catastrophic failure

    Can you try to change the registry key and see if that works. To do that click on Start and then in the Run box type regedit and press Enter. After that locate this registry key:...
  12. Re: Accessing "http://companyweb/default.aspx" From remote location

    If the above solution doesnt work then there could be a DNS problem. Can you try to make sure that the computer only has the SBS server as its only DNS server. Just try to ping the...
  13. Re: Microsoft Security Essentials error code 0x8024400a

    Can you check the date and time in your computer, if it is not wrong or such. Also try to run a cleanup tool that will remove any kind of previously installed malware in your computer. If nothing...
  14. Re: Stuck on the "Please wait for the group policy client" screen during startup

    Can you tell us how many policies are applied to the OU in which the problematic machine account resides? Have you tried to block the policy inheritance? Did you enforce any policy? You can try to...
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    Re: get rid of TBVerifier.dll

    Download and install a tool called CCleaner and then run it on your PC. After that click on Tools in the menu and then click the Startup tab. After that find the entry on the list that is related to...
  16. Re: error message BackgroundContainer\BackgroundContainer.dll

    Download a utility called Autoruns for Windows from this link - It is a software that will allow you to control all the applications...
  17. Re: manually download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Virus Definitions

    You can click on this link to download the offline database installer. It was already present at the bottom of the official page of malwarebytes website. Just download it and then install it in your...
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    Re: infected with DMUninstaller

    The DMUninstaller is generally a potentially unwaned program. So to remove this you can download a tool called AdwCleaner. With this software you can immediately remove adware from your computer,...
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    Re: cannot remove Adware:Win32/FastSaveApp

    Can you try to download tool called AdwCleaner from the net save it to your desktop. Available for free AdwCleaner does not even requires installation. It is a tool to remove adware (advertising...
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    Re: How to remove Advanced System Protector

    The Advanced System Protector could be a malware that is installed in your computer and it can be easily removed as well. All you need to do is start Task Manager and then find the process with the...
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    Re: organizing ebooks in Kindle fire ereader?

    I believe that you might be able to create collections but wont be able do a folder within folder organization. You can try to get a sideloaded book that you dont have to buy from amazon, but put it...
  22. Poll: Re: Which is the best anti-spyware software for computer

    The best that I have used so far is Spywareblaster. It is a free software that protects us against spyware, adware, dialers and other threats. It prevents many such unwanted files that settle on our...
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    Poll: Re: Which is the best Laptop Brand in India?

    I am using a Sony VAIO E series laptop from the last couple of years and I really have to say that I am quite satisfied with it. Sony has a long occupied niche of high-end notebook in the market....
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    Re: Alureon.A Infection, how to get rid of it

    To remove this nasty, download TDSSKiller.exe tool from Kaspersky's website and then follow the below steps:

    After downloading it, right click on TDSSKiller.exe to run it as administrator..
  25. Re: How to get Nvidia 3D Vision to work with Resident Evil Revelations

    This game works perfectly with Nvidia 3D Vision, all you need to do is disable the crosshair altgether or set to depth. Or you can download the SHADEROVERRIDE from here and install it on your pc....
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    Re: How to remove Easy Life Virus app

    Can you try to download AdwCleaner, by searching it on the net, and save it to your desktop. After that double click on it to run the tool and then click Search. Now, when you can see the scan is...
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    Poll: Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy S4

    Samsung Galaxy S4 will surely be unveiled during the month of March, but the marketing may take place at the beginning of April. Galaxy S4 is subsequently marketed at the beginning of April in Europe...
  28. Re: Linksys LNE100TX Windows 7 64 bit driver download

    Even I was able to find a modded version of the driver that you can try out and see if it works, download it from the below attachment. You wont find any .exe file inside but to install the same...
  29. Re: Netgear GS748Tv4 upgrade caused poor Network Bandwidth Performance

    I guess there is no one to help us sincerely even not the Support center itself. I have tried calling them number of time but all the time they either keep me on hold or behave like help me but never...
  30. Re: HP G62 system freezes while scanning for virus

    I have gone through this same problem and I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this go through the below steps: first close the all application...
  31. Re: Error code: Ox800705b4 on Microsoft security essentials

    I've been through this same problem and I reinstalled mine safety critical Microsoft and after that I removed the virus to everyone. This requires removing all the essential elements of security that...
  32. Re: Microsoft security essentials update error code: 0x80072ee2

    I have gone through this same issue on mine MSE as well and I would like to advise you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. Make sure that you have turned off the third party...
  33. Re: Unable to connect to wireless network after dual booting

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this go to the start and after that make hit on the run. Now under that write cmd and then hit ok button....
  34. Re: Fake antivirus denies access to all programs on windows XP

    I have faced the same issue and I would advise you to following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this follow below:

    Close the all current program.
    Make hit on the start icon on...
  35. Follow the below steps: Open Kaspersky...

    Follow the below steps:

    Open Kaspersky Antivirus.
    In the lower part of the window, click the Settings link.
    In the Settings window go to the Performance component and then:
  36. Re: Apple Macbook pro: Not able to connect iPad via Bluetooth

    This problem sounds as the issue for the Bluetooth software application that you are using in your laptop. If you are using any third party software application, then I would like to suggest you...
  37. re: Macbook Air: visual output is not proper with windows 7

    Did you tried to play the same video file in another video player? I found somewhere that, some of the video output problems are occurred for the additional video effect, those are comes with some of...
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    Re: HP pavilion err2err3

    Hm, I'll try it immediately. Thanks for the fixed answer. I sign wiederm wenns so far is. So, the error is gone now, unfortunately, is now available on the black screen does nothing more. Vista is...
  39. Re: How to overclock Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz processor

    after overclock the processor, be sure that the processor clock speed is running well, because some of the time it encounters as the clock speed is getting slow after over clock any particular...
  40. Re: Acer Aspire 5515: system Freeze after recovering from Hibernate

    You can try by put your machine into sleep mode. According to your problem it might be cause for the power setting option. Go to the control panel from there proceed to power option, click on it. It...
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    Re: USB printer is not detecting in Dim 8400

    I think there will no issue with the windows upgrade. This might be the software or the hard ware issue. I don’t have any idea whether the same driver will allow you to run the printer in another...
  42. Re: Not able to connect second monitor in 8500GT compatible machine

    I recommend you to download and install Driversweeper and Ccleaner. Now un-install the graphics driver that you installed in your machine and it will normally ask you for the system reboot. Do this...
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    Re: NVIDIA GTX 285: appears black screen in MAC OSX

    As per my opinion I think this problem should be occur for the partition problem, the partition that you mad in your machine from these two platforms, there should be the graphics driver is not...
  44. Re: Dell Inspiron: How to activate Broadband WWAN 5520 connection

    As per my opinion I had the similar, where as I was also using the Dell mobile Broadband WWAN 5520 connection in my laptop. Though this was also works fine, but the problem was that, it breaks...
  45. Re: HP Color LaserJet 2600n printer not recognized in windows 7

    I think this should driver issue, un-install the printer drive and along with that also remove the software application which is installed in your machine for the printer. Go to the control panel and...
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    Re: My brand new Inspiron M5010 keeps freezing

    I suggest you some of the simple tips about the problem that you are facing in your laptop. First of all by adding so many programs in startup is might be slow up that one. So I recommend you to...
  47. Re: windows XP: after turn off, AHCI drive still staying inside the machine

    After turn off the drive did you try by refresh my computer window, because I think this will definite go away from there. Try to refresh my computer, and if still the same problem occurs, then I...
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    Re: how to remove pop3 email from server

    I don’t think so there is any option for delete the mails from directly the server, you need to delete them from the account or if you are using any email client then you able to delete them from...
  49. Re: Windows 7: Windows Desktop Gadgets has stopped working

    I recommend you switch the user account. I heard that this kind of problem is solved either by uninstall the gadget application, as this is the only solution and if you after the solution if still...
  50. Re: Microsoft Office 2010 Pro not installing in windows 7 X64

    I think also this problem might be occurring for the permission of the system administration. Go to start menu search option and insert "regedit" into the command prompt line and hit on ENTER. Now...
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