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  1. Re: Can't open Word File because of end tag/start tag mismatch error...

    This done by appending the zip to the file name that you are using. Later on to run the same you will need to get a extension for opening the zip file. This can be seen in the document parts as well....
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    Re: Is Virus Attack on Action Center?

    There might be the affect of Trojan, so try to make use of Trojan downloader to detect if trozan is there in your system once the trozan is found there in your System, just quarantined that. After...
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    Re: Fix paf file error on Powermill

    That was really helpful rely. I tried a lot to fix this and but there was the same paf file error. One thing I noticed that you have to copy the Flex folder inside Program Files\Dellcam\PowerMill...
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    Re: How to Share folders in Windows Xp

    To share the folders over network you need to access Simple File Sharing UI by viewing a folder's properties of both the computers . Through the Simple File Sharing UI, you can configure both share...
  5. Re: My computer getting restarted again and again

    There is CD-ROM and Floppy Disk you can try your computer to boot from Last Known Good Configuration , due to improper shut down of your computer there might be some problems arrived in Current...
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    Re: C drive disappeared from my computer

    As you are not able to connect to any of your drivers try connecting to internet explorer and download the software called tweak ui from the official website of Microsoft . Install this software and...
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    Re: Trash cannot be empty on Mac OS

    Mac has not allowed user to modify the data randomly. The files and folders in Mac are given with settings to define what you and other users can do to manipulate any file or folder . As you are not...
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    Re: The evaluation copy of Windows 7 got expired

    As you are not able to start your computer try to start in safe mode by perssing F8 when you start your computer untill you get Advanced boot Menu using arrow key select Safe Mode opton and hit Enter...
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    Re: K-Lite Codec Pack VS Shark007 Codec Pack

    The easy way to enjoy HD audio as well as video playback is to installing the Shark's Codec application. This is the codec which help you to Watch High Definition video playback, and Listen to bit...
  10. Re: bridged network, DHCP not working with Lion OS and Fusion 3.1.3

    Can you try to run the uninstaller and re install the VMware fusion 3.1.3 and then also try to install the UBUNTU 11.04 with the network setting which has been set on the bridged mode. And also try...
  11. Re: I am looking for VMware workstation 8 Beta downoad

    I am waiting for release of Vmware 8. The reason are its new feature. Vmwre 7 is nice but 8 is nicer because of many additional updates. Like in this version we are going to get an better remote...
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    Re: PDF creator for Apple OS X Lion

    Recently I bought the new Apple OS X Lion and this is working good. But in case when I am trying to create the PDF files at this stage I am getting some problem. The problem is that when I create...
  13. Re: Changing the font color of outgoing mail message body or make it default in Mac OS X

    It makes me definitely distraught that Apple makes a point not to give you an alternative to update the font of your outgoing mail send. I sent a few email messages yesterday to a few split...
  14. It is right that you need to remove the old...

    It is right that you need to remove the old edition. I had tried a upgrade process before. Due to that office application on my pc just keeps on crashing on its own. So it always good that you must...
  15. Re: Where to find Service Pack (SP1) for Microsoft office 2010?

    Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) furnishes the latest updates for Microsoft Office 2010. This aid pack combines a few existing classifications of fixes: Previously unreleased alters that...
  16. Re: Side by side configuration error in MS office 2010

    Hey if your MS office 2010 is not launching in the word excel or in other application then I will recommend you to Uninstall and re-install Office, you can also do the same by using the Office by...
  17. Re: MS word 2003 files open as read only in MS word 2010

    I am also satisfied with Badrunath and i will suggest you to try to enable the clean boot to verify if any non-Microsoft application is conflicting your word documents. For this you have the steps to...
  18. Re: how to Enabled Bitlocker enhanced pin on Lenovo thinkpad T520

    I think that for the higher level of the security you can configure BitLocker with the personal identifier number. This is user created and it should entered each time the computer starts. So I think...
  19. Re: Need some feedback on Asus Version Firmware update

    I visited your link. And above there is an post which says about download location issue. That is right to some extent. The router firmware is related to some download locations. If you go below you...
  20. Re: need help: INTEL RST V9.6.0.1014 control panel is not working properly

    Hi, I was also having the same problem while installing 9.6 on my Server 2003 x86. To solve my problem I run as following: sc create "Intel RST DM Service" binpath= "c:\program files\intel\intel(r)...
  21. The remote works well on Mac system.You have to...

    The remote works well on Mac system.You have to go in Applications for that and click on Utilities. Then go in Java Applications and click on General Tab. You have to update the remote here. If you...
  22. Re: Features of Acronis true image home 2011 software

    Acronis True Image will effectively duplicate your whole hard disk, as well as split files and email message. There are various alternate and duplicate settings incorporating circle cloning,...
  23. Re: When using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer on Sony Vaio VPC-L13M1E, screen get blanks. Need help.

    I am also experiencing this thing. After creation of all the changes and updates, I think that this is a trouble that YouTube has with Safari. I will recommend you to fix this as soon as likely....
  24. Re: drivers for Toshiba Satellite A500-1EE after reinstalling window

    When I required the driver product for my Toshiba Satellite A500-1EE then I attempted a significant number of special-unexpected driver of unexpected produces laptop mark, but this result is...
  25. re: Audacity is not recording voice calls properly or similar to that.

    You can avoid this by splitting the tracks, pulling away and the rest of the mix, but that does not explain what is happening. Let me know if I can make bad assumptions. Never explained step by step...
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    Re: who is better among Aperture & Lightroom?

    Although Aperture and Lightroom both attack the same problem, they are not clones. In fact, they differ in some respects original. The most important difference is in how each program approaches to...
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    Re: Copy protecting a pdf file

    For an copy protection of an electronic documents like a pdf file there are several solutions. One of them is encryption. Encryption is the process by the content is substituted, in a clear text and...
  28. re: Extra Reply-to Address is added to Outlook emails

    I am not sure whether this will actually help in solving your issue but I will recommend you to visit the official website of Microsoft Outlook and download the latest available version of Microsoft...
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    Re: Can I choose Mypcdrivers software?

    Why don’t you try advanced driver updater I have used it and this has been a satisfactory product so I think you can try this out too well I have never heard about this application ever so I think...
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    Re: How to install backtrack 5 in usb stick

    Universal USB Installer is a Live Linux USB Creator that allows you to decide from a range of Linux Distributions to place on your USB Flash Drive. The Universal USB Installer is very much easy to...
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    Re: How to get armitage in backtrack5 Linux

    You just need to search for the tutorial for how to setup the armitage which will be going to penetrate the testing on the backtrack5 you can even search for how to setup the backtrack5 without...
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    Re: Unable to open nero vision in windows 7?

    Well dude I don’t know what’s wrong with you but right now what I can only think of is you must have downloaded a faulty program it must be having some error or it must have been attached with...
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    Re: Nero 10 cannot be installed in XP x64?

    Yes dude that is true Nero Multimedia Suite 10.0.13100 will work on you OS because this is the same OS which I have been using from long and I have this Nero 10 version, same problem was faced by me...
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    Re: Nero 10 disc speed

    I immediately re-installed and updated Nero Version 10. I immediately tried to open NDS and not still come into view in the taskbar. I had a lot of windows open at once. After closing a number of of...
  35. re: How to install Nero 10 Ultimate HD on Windows Server 2003?

    Have you tried just running the MSI file in the root directory of the CD Nero Suite 10 Platinum HD requires that your PC is running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 of Windows, at least at least Vista...
  36. Re: Problem with itune while playing music file?

    Would suggest some steps try them I think this would help you to go to device manager and then to sounds and remove the ac97 entry and then restart the system then it should display that windows is...
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    Redirection virus are one of the most annoying...

    Redirection virus are one of the most annoying thing. I had faced this before. They are not easy to remove. You need a good anti-malware in your pc. Or else it will keep on appearing back again....
  38. Re: HP Solution Center fails to work after installing Adobe Flash Player

    I think you should possible wait for the new update for Adobe Flash Player which would be having a fix for this issue. But still I would recommend you to try few more solutions, like first update the...
  39. Re: The positioning of Adobe Flash player is on top left side

    According to me the issue seems to be with the web browser which you are using inorder to view those videos in youtube. So I would recommend you to download an install some other web browser in your...
  40. Re: How to disable Facebook tab in Skype via GPO or REG?

    Not all the features are activated in the free version of the Skype application. I am not sure but there might be some feature to disable the facebook tab from Skype interface in its paid version or...
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    re: How to upgrade wifi driver kernel 2.6.36

    Yes, I really did but never found any replies. Here it is, it goes into more aspect: here. Since you have found a Broadcom card, you might need to appear at this page. It appears you can utilize...
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    Re: I want to use icloud on mac os x

    To run iCloud you need the latest mac os version. It also work on the older one, but if it is new then you won't face any problem in configuration. To setup you have to enable the same from the...
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    Re: converting xps to PDF or Word Doc

    You can probably used a PDF printer as PDFCreator or CuteWriter. But if you use Reflector addin and SequenceViz to quickly export your sequence diagrams, XPS files generated give a blank page (or...
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    Re: Nvidia drivers causing DVD drive failure

    I am very much thankful for your given reply as suggestion given by you I had checked all the drivers and even reinstalled them but even after reinstalling the drivers my DVD drive was not working...
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    Re: Under Linux how to control the fan speed?

    I am also using ubuntu and never faced such issue. But I just wrote this script in my Zsh shell and I am giving it to you just run this script and let me know if it works for you. It will just set...
  46. Re: The target drive letter is not obtained by recovery C: drive

    If the C Drive is not found then likely one of the two reasons could be there: Partition error for this you can try running the hard disk diagnostic test and if this test passes on the hard disk...
  47. Re: Not able to play Blu-Ray Disks after windows 7 upgrade

    I had the same problem with my Dell XPS 15; I wasn’t able to play Blu-Ray discs. When I bought this laptop it was playing the discs without any problem. Then I formatted the hard disk to make the...
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    You have to format the external hard drive for...

    You have to format the external hard drive for that. It looks the drive is not in readable format due to which you are getting that error. You have to move the data somewhere and format that drive in...
  49. Re: Want information for changing the burn speed Of Built-in Dvd Burner

    Thanks for all the answers. Yes, I have done all process that you told me.. I have a laptop that I use to burn my dvd's at 1x. It has good brand. I can still utilize Adobe Encore and burn at 1x with...
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    Re: W2K3 Smartcard Logon with third party CA

    Smart Card Authentication Active Directory necessitate that the workstations Smart Card, Active Directory domain controllers and Active Directory are configured appropriately. Active Directory has to...
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