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  1. Re: Camera app stopped working on Samsung Windows Phone 8 after update

    One of my friend have been through exact problem on Samsung phone (i dont remember the exact phone model, but it was WP8). The only difference was the problem started suddenly, i didn't updated the...
  2. Re: Sony releases firmware updates for Xperia S, Xperia SL and Acro S smartphones

    Yes surely the update is also for Xperia SL, the only reason you might have not received it yet could be because the update rolls out region by region and it may take some time to reach yours but you...
  3. Sony releases firmware updates for Xperia S, Xperia SL and Acro S smartphones

    Here is some good news for Sony Xperia S, SL and Acro S smartphone users. Where SL is still running on ICS, Xperia S users never received firmware above Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Finally today Sony...
  4. Re: How to create folders to store emails in Windows 8

    Have you created folders manually on your web based Gmail inbox? If yes, it should sync the same on Windows Mail as well. There is no way to create or manage folders in Windows mail. It should be...
  5. Re: Airtel 3G credit card recharge online never works

    When you send “3G” to 121, you will get a prompt message on your mobile screen. It will contain the tariff plans as per your location. Select the one you want to activate. That much of money will...
  6. Re: How to get Airtel 3G data balance information

    This is not because of Data Balance because if you don’t have any 3G data left than it will also not work on your smartphone. It is as simple, right?

    Probably there is a problem with your PC...
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    Re: Tata Docomo 2G is costlier than 3G

    You may be correct to some extent Osman84 but what do you have say about Docomo’s 250 Rupees plan? When you recharge for Rs.250 you get 250 rupees talktime plus 1GB 3G data for 30 days. I don’t...
  8. Re: How to transfer ebooks in Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Yes using Titanium is nice options. There is a free edition available. Titanium creates a backup file on external storage. If you don't have that then you need to manually specify the location in...
  9. Re: How to create an unique website design

    Many web designers try to create a site template based on some other inspiration. They have a look on others design and modify the same to create their own. This is not recommended. Think something...
  10. Re: BoomStream great wifi speaker for Smartphones

    I would trust Creative in terms of quality. Creative offers you portable speaker under TravelSound and PlayDock series. Those are some of the best speaker I had seen. If you are not willing to get a...
  11. Re: Do we need to register with MTNL for using its broadband on WiFi

    I guess you made a mistake while reading the page. They have clearly mentioned "As per Department of Telecommunications (DoT) directive all customers using Wi-Fi Modem need to register themselves...
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    Re: When can we expect Steam on Linux

    It would not be complicated to install and run games on Linux. I hope there will be a better way. I would love to dual boot my system using windows and Linux next to each other.
  13. Re: Is it necessary to have a separate antimalware application

    It is not bad to pay Rs.1500 for Malwarebytes Antimalware. Spending around 3000 yearly on your system security is worth. It protects your sensitive data.
  14. Poll: Re: What type of Monitor do you use with your system ?

    The LG brand has good prices on LCD, and now this brand has excellent displays on all LCD sizes. I recommend 32-inch LCD, for example 32LD320 (HD) or 32 LD450 (FULL HD), and that may help in open or...
  15. Re: Problem setting up Voice chat in DC Universe Online

    There is a new update available which can solve the voice chat problems. Even after having Beta testing, they seem to have problems, which can now be resolved by the new brand update. This will help...
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    Re: Disk dissapeared from system

    Moved into the Event Viewer and the error source for the error was PlugPlayManager and suggests as suggested following . According to me, the issue got removed and now it seems as it should be...
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    Re: Disk dissapeared from system

    Fine , it got invisible from the device manager (Windows XP Pro SP2) but again displayed on the rebooting of the same (I have not moved into check the BIOS on restarting though. Do you know about...
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    Disk dissapeared from system

    In some case, my another connected hard drive got invisible from Windows Explorer and I am unable to find this until I reboot the system . It contains the capacity of 80GB Maxtor 6Y80P0 7200rpm ide...
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    Re: Frequent Firefox crashes

    I am running with the problem where firefox is crashing in short period. Sometimes, after a crash I will have to kill the pid to even re-lauch the application. Probably , I am able to launch the...
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    Windows 7 (advanced) search panel

    I have been working with the installation of Windows 7 for some time , and I like to continue with the same ! However, when I was preaching to my family and friends, they wanted to know from that if...
  21. Re: Error Code 800F0902 on several Windows 7 64 bit updates

    Yeah , I am running with the downloaded anti-virus installation which is the version of McAfee Internet Security Suite and it has been installed on my system and was working in free-trial mode means...
  22. Error Code 800F0902 on several Windows 7 64 bit updates

    Hi guys ! I got some issues when going to perform the installation of the updates. Actually, the scenario is that whenever, I am going to install the appropriate updates that is suggested by the...
  23. Re: Need Help With Gprs Settings For Apple Iphone 3Gs

    I am running with the unusual issue with my iPhone 3G. My iPhone is unable to get an EDGE or GPRS signal. I can only find the 3G signal - that, in my location, with my provider, is so rare. This...
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    Re: Skype Mobile Installation

    I have performed the succesfull installation of Skype on HTC 3600 which is on Windows 5. Then I have the upgrade of my htc software and so the GPS module got enabled . The google maps seems working...
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    Enable Xmanager on solaris 10

    Hi guys !
    I have installed recently and now started working on Solaris 10 with V20Z , I have issues the command as sys-unconfig , after proper inputs system is starting and moving into the multiuser...
  26. Re: Why doesn't Photoshop see my scanner or the plugin?

    Thanks for your prompt replies . As I stated before, the scanner driver seems to work well in stand-alone mode. I have done the importing of scanned images which is directly from within Photoshop.
  27. Why doesn't Photoshop see my scanner or the plugin?

    I have recently loaded CS4 on my Mac 10.5.7. I have downloaded and also performed the installation of the newest OSX Epson 1240U scanner program and also taken the copies of the Twain plugin from...
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    Re: Scripting photoshop image browser

    Thanks for such a wonderful help and suggestion. The image browser which suggests the file browser found under the Photoshop CS. I am unable to use this anymore? Photoshop CS4 does not contains the...
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    Scripting photoshop image browser

    I need your help to create a script , Is this possible to script the image browser? I requires to make the browser to:

    Move to specific directory or network location
    Display specific images...
  30. Re: Change version of Flash Player that Flash uses to "Test Movie"

    I have created a swf file which is capable to load the dynamic images; the name and the location of the images which are getting captured from the XML file;When I try to check them with the test...
  31. Re: Adobe Reader v9.3 getting "unknown file type" message on download

    The 9.3 update is flawed according to me, I am running with the version that has been auto updating for years and now it poped up with the error message as "Version 9.3 failed to install". Clicked OK...
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    Re: Huge torrent and no connections

    IPS is welll and I am working with windows firewall only, where utorrent contains both the public and local exceptions. I also used to go with the firewall in off mode but its the same thing. Not all...
  33. Error:the process cannot access the file

    Guys ! I received this one error message as follows :-

    I am getting this one message quickly after every interaction between client and tracker. And I have no clue what so ever why it is going...
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    Re: Huge torrent and no connections

    The torrent is made private. Currently, I am having 80 leechers in swarm and none of them are connected ? Commonly , they connect in proper manner with the differemt torrents. Is there anything else...
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    Huge torrent and no connections

    I am running with the following problem. I have uploaded the torrent on a private tracker and I am one of the member there and I have 60 leechers in swarm but 0 upload speed and of course 0 peers...
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    Re: Ipod Nano Corrupt?

    I also have an iPod Nano. It was going fine in the first two weeks or so, but somehow it seems corrupted. I am not positive as to why it got damaged but I think it is because once when I was...
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    Re: Multiple Albums in nano

    Fine,After some hours of matching everything up, I received it sorted out, but after getting the solution of that problem, I am suffering from another issue. I have some artwork which shows up in...
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