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    Re: Dirt 3 not working on windows 8

    Yeah there are many others with the same topic. Anyways I have come across a guy who has installed Dirt 3 on windows 8 and is having it running without any issues. According to him, there is some...
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    Re: Overclocking Dell inspiron 17R SE

    Yeah, you can try overclocking your Dell inspiron 17R SE if you want only if you have experience in it. If you haven’t tried overclocking before then better refer to some guides and tutorial for...
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    Re: Motherboard + Processor under 8000 Rs

    How about combination of these???

    AMD 2.1 GHz FM1 uPGA A6 3500 Processor - Rs. 4515

    Gigabyte A55M-DS2 Motherboard - Rs Rs. 3604

    You will probably have to spend 120 Rs over your budget.
  4. Re: Avast antivirus says "Some files could not be scanned"

    Yes I have, you don’t need to worry about the same. I don’t know what cause that error message to come up but I am sure that it won’t make any difference. It says that every time after I run...
  5. Re: How to change Windows 8 start screen picture

    You can download Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer from devianART as well. You just have to download it, extract it and rename MordenUIStartScreen.ex_ to MordenUIStartScreen.exe so that it becomes...
  6. Re: Logitech c920 webcam lags while making video call

    Which operating system you are running? Which version of skype you have installed?? Have you tried testing the webcam with latest version of Logitech Webcam Software? If you haven’t, then download...
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    Re: Best DNS for BSNL Dataone Broadband

    I’ll suggest you to use Google Public DNS. If you are not aware, then ill like to inform you that Google Public DNS is a free global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service. One can switch to...
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    Re: Gaming monitors under 10 K

    If you don’t mind spending a bit more then I will suggest you to get Dell 23 inch LED - ST2320L. I think it will be the best option for you.
    Key Features of Dell 23 inch LED - ST2320L Monitor

  9. Re: HTC Windows Phone 8X has turn by turn GPS or not???

    I am using Wisepilot and I sill suggest you the same. One of the best things that I like about Wisepilot is that it uses Navteq and Bing map data and doesn’t stores maps on our phones. It features...
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    Re: Need best heatsink under $40

    If you don’t mind spending $10 more then you can get “Thermalright HR-02 Macho” It will be better than all of the above ones. It has multiple support bracket system For Socket...
  11. Re: NVidia Geforce 8600GT is not getting detected

    See no one assures you that their product will surely work fine for so and so time period. Sometimes they work fine for more than a year and some time they turn faulty within a week. Since you have...
  12. Re: ASUS P8P67 LE B3 Revision seems to be booting twice

    I want to know if you are overclocking your system?? If yes, than stop that and see if things turns up normal for you. While I was checking out for similar cases, I came across some people saying...
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    Re: Dlink 802.11n 130 wlan card driver

    I mean if you will do a search with “Dlink 802.11n 130 wlan card driver” than you wont find its driver. There are many Dlink 802.11n 130 wlan card, you should have searched it with its model...
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    Re: Dlink 802.11n 130 wlan card driver

    You wont find it like that, Just let me know the model number of your Dlink 802.11n 130 wlan card driver so I can cross check if it’s driver is available anywhere.
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    Re: Cannot run Angry birds space in windows 7

    Did you tried updating your graphic card driver?? If not than update it first and try running the game again. Let me know your system specification as well for better solution. Other than that check...
  16. Re: Windows Phone Store - Error code: d0000011

    I have found some people mentioning that they have fixed the issue by reading their credit card to my Microsoft account. I am really not sure if that will work but I’ll suggest you to give it a...
  17. Re: Best board for AMD FX8120 and Radeon HD 6950

    Rather than getting AMD FX8120, I will suggest you to get i5 2400 and Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H. I think combination of these two will do better compared to FX8120+ GA-B75M-D3H. You can get both between...
  18. Re: Shortcuts for messages not working since updating to iOS 6

    I have checked out for this and have found that this issue is because of iCloud syncing. Just check and see if "Documents & Data" is turned off in your case. If yes than turn it on and try to use...
  19. Re: ASRock X79 Extreme9 Motherboard freezes randomly

    Are you using Intel SATA ports?? If you are using anything else than that like Marvell SATA3 than switch it to Intel SATA ports and check if issue continues or not. I have come across people who were...
  20. Error Message is shown during startup of Windows Defender

    I am using Windows 7 home 64-bit version edition. I have Avast anti-virus installed on my system. Whenever I try to enable the windows defender, an error message saying “This program is blocked by...
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    Even I was having the same issue on my pc. I...

    Even I was having the same issue on my pc. I tried all suggestions given to fix this issue but nothing seem to work then finally I found a solution to this problem. When I went to this website -...
  22. Re: selectively block some programs from accessing the internet

    You can use Zonealarm that does the outgoing, you just need to allow or deny every software one time as you use it and then it will remember it also. Download the free version of zonealarm from its...
  23. Thread: Best DS Games

    by JUSTICE

    Poll: Best DS Games

    What do you guys think is the best Nintendo DS Games? Basically my list consist of Pokemon HeartGold Version, Pokemon SoulSilver Version, New Super Mario Bros., Pokemon Diamond Version, Pokemon...
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    re: current driver of MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S

    You will need to specify your toshiba laptop model on the toshiba website and then if they have any drivers for your model sepcific laptop, they will provide you the same. Normally, the drive...
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    playing .asf files

    Well I can provide you few suggestions regarding this. Either use third party ASF playback application, reencode the ASF to use a different audio codec, or ask the camera provider to use a different...
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    Re: SBS 2008 - SQL sa password

    You can reset the sa password with sql password reset tool, like MS SQL Server Password Unlocker. you can change sql password instantly.
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    Re: Windows 2008 admin pack

    You can download something like Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista from this link -
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    Re: Sysvol and Netlogon Security Permissions

    I would say that you should not play around in the default settings of Sysvol and Netlogon shares or the other folders, what ever you are seeing is properly set.
  29. RE: Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.3.

    Well, I have seen that if you install any kind of antivirus software such as the AVG, Norton or Avast on your machine then the inbuilt windows defender gets disabled automatically. So what you can do...
  30. There is also a Step By Step Guide on how to...

    There is also a Step By Step Guide on how to configure Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2. Windows Server Update Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 (WSUS 3.0 SP2) provides a comprehensive solution for...
  31. You could try to do the below things: First...

    You could try to do the below things:

    First of all you can try to upgrade to Vista Ultimate by using Anytime Upgrade, and then you can try to install the english language pack.
    Or else you...
  32. Thread: Rundll

    by JUSTICE

    This kind of errors appear due to various reason....

    This kind of errors appear due to various reason. Like incompatible applications, incorrect settings, malware in the system and ample of wrong installation procedure. There are some nice system...
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    The days difference ie. ( Y - X ) days that you...

    The days difference ie. ( Y - X ) days that you are thinking about is a Delay, which is not, it is called Finish Variance and is measured in days. The amount difference ie. $(Y-X), that you are...
  34. Re: Find computer name from which user logged on last time ?

    Hey I don’t think those information is stored in Active Directory. What you try doing is enable or modify auditing and comb through the security event logs so that you can see who, where and when...
  35. black screen after sleep mode on HP Pavilion DV2418nr

    I recently bought a second hand HP Pavilion DV2418nr laptop and by mistakenly I put it on sleep mode and now it will just stay on black screen and nothing happens. I have tried to press the keyboard...

    You will need to go to the below link and download the most recent version of Windows Media Player that is available:

    Note, that...
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    Even I was facing same problem but now I have...

    Even I was facing same problem but now I have solved it. I downloaded all Vista updates and it looks to have fixed the problem for me. I can say that there was no hardware issues, no change of the...
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    RE: WSUS SP2 Requirest Updated Report Viewer

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your post and sharing. : )

    Best regards,
  39. Thread: Assert Failed

    by JUSTICE

    Re: Assert Failed

    I had also installed that. I thought it would be a good application but it was just an waste of time. It make my system slow and also was not very simple to remove. System restore does not work here...
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    need for speed most wanted cheats xbox 360

    Hello, I have again started playing need for speed most wanted on my xbox 360 console which I finished off years ago on my pc. I got this game from my friend and was wondering if anyone can give me a...
  41. RE: How to install x86 .inf file over Windows 7 64 bit?

    As far as i am aware x86 drivers can't be installed on x64 systems but i have come across some people who have install a Virtual Machine inside Windows 7 x64 and have setup an x86 OS inside for...
  42. Re: ATI MOM.Implementation Error on Windows XP Professional X64

    Even I was facing this same problem on Windows 7 64bit edition. I think that the problem has nothing to do with the operating system but with the Catalyst drivers instead. I noticed that there was...
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    dragon warrior monsters gameshark codes

    Hello, I am looking for the gameshark codes of dragon warrior monsters. I have searched many sites but cannot find it anywhere. I would also like to know what is the difference between a gameshark...
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    registration code for dreamweaver cs4

    I have the licensed version of adobe dreamweaver cs4 that I bought some time back. Due to some virus problem in my computer, I had to format my pc completely. After installing Windows XP as fresh...
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    RE: Windows Downloads - 'Status.msi' problem

    Which antivirus or Antimalware are you using on your Vista system? I am asking this because i guess your system is infected. The first thing i will suggest you is to run MBAM/SAS as an additional...
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    Re: error using admt sbs 2003

    Well there is no way to migrate from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 using a different Domain name. Also There is no possibility regarding AD. For more info on this, you can check the following article:

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    I think my problem was caused by the power...

    I think my problem was caused by the power failure. Windows was shutting down in appropriately and this happened at the time of automatic update. I had here tried to perform system restore but it did...
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    Re: STOP: c000021a {fatal system error}

    Unless, installing different drivers or software isnt helping much then my guess would be that it is a hardware problem and you will need to take your computer to a repair shop to check what exactly...
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    Re: DHCP Reservation (active)/(inactive)

    This may because IIRC is a lease that is yet not expired. By the way how long it has been since that machines expired? Also until you will release on the ip address it will be considered in use until...
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    vdmad.vxd device loader help

    I am facing many problems because my dma drivers have been disappeared from my hard drive. I cant get all hardware devices to work I get this dma drivers. I have tried to install its driver which is...
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