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  1. Re: Google Drive is continuously refreshing, help

    What is the problem that you are facing while accessing Google Drive, can you specify in details? You need to use a Gmail id in order to access google drive on your computer. I dont think google lets...
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    Re: Gigabyte H77TN motherboard

    Everywhere I can find only that Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI is compatible with 3.4ghz i5-3570K, I dont know about the Gigabyte H77TN model series. You need to check with the motherboard manufacturer to...
  3. Re: update firmware 5.06 on Corsair Force GT SSD

    You can download another software called Intel SATA Solid-State Drive Firmware Update Tool that does the same thing of updating the firmware of SSD like Corsair SSD ToolBox. If you are a Windows...
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    Re: Calibri Font and Printing

    My bad, here is the link -

    And it might help over again if you reinstall it, just give it a try and hope for the best.
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    Re: Calibri Font and Printing

    Actually, this calibri is one of the many new fonts included with Office 2007. When you will download and install the free Office 2007 compatibility pack that is detailed in this kb article -...
  6. Re: startup repair is taking time in windows 7

    As per the error that you have written, there could be many things related to the problem. Was the acer, from the start itself was having the problem of restarting? If not then you could try a system...
  7. Re: Free Download Games & Applications for China Mobile

    I am of the opinion that you just missed out the above post of yours. It will be great if you can just see for the same. The manufactures of China Mobile have come up with common PC suite that will...
  8. Re: Toshiba Satellite p750 goes to startup repair automatically

    This is happening to you because it is looking for the recovery partition on your C: drive. This is just a though about this and I am not very sure about this.
  9. Re: Alienware Area-51 m7700 (Clevo D900T) turns off automatically

    Another reason why the laptop shuts down and reboots may be due to some hardware incompatibility. For example, a video card not compatible with the system, but one thing for laptops is remotely...
  10. Re: Slow response from Dell Vostro 1000 while accessing any program.

    If this is only for some specific programs then there might be issue with the program that you are running. If this is same all the programs then there is possibility that your computer is infected...
  11. Re: Can I rewrite Toshiba satellite M10 BIOS through crisis recovery mode?

    To restore your BIOS simply copy a picture of a BIOS to a disk and rename it as AMIBOOT.ROM, insert the disk into the drive and reboot the machine, after about four minutes you will hear 4 beeps,...
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    re: Toshiba camileo x100 stays in focus

    Just set the settings of that to its default and see if that solves the problem for you or not.
  13. re: Failed to copy media files on to Toshiba STOR.E TV+ with LAN

    Are you having some firewall protection on your computer? I am asking this as this could be due to that protection that it is not allowing the transfer of file of certain file size. So, just to...
  14. Re: Toshiba StorE Art 3.5 is not detected by notebook

    So you are saying that the hard drive is working fine with the Toshiba notebook and it is just having problem with the hp notebook. So this is clear case that there is some problem with the other...
  15. Re: Suggest a good cooler for Toshiba Qosmio X505

    You can get anyone you like but the only suggestion that I want to give you is that you should get the one which is made of the aluminum and not the plastic.
  16. Re: Toshiba Satellite A30: modem not working

    The first thing that you will have to verify about this is that you are having correct driver installed in your computer and it is from the Toshiba support site. Corrupted or improper installation of...
  17. re: Modem dropping connection with Toshiba Satellite L650

    I am a bit confused here. If you are using the modem intended for Internet connection then you have the analog phone line and through the analog phone line you will be just able to either call...
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    Re: My PC reports out of memory

    If RAM is your computer is insufficient for the games then you might get the issues like this. You can just check the game requirement and if your system is fulfilling the game requirement. As your...
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    Re: How to format a Recovery Partition Drive?

    Normally, the recovery partitions are hidden and therefore not so easily erase reformat. Let’s see if someone can post some way to do that.
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    Re: Missing "My Computer" icon

    Do you have Windows XP on the computer? Then right click on the desktop -> properties -> Desktop -> Customize Desktop and make a catch in the workplace.
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    Re: Nokia C7 Split Screen

    Just contact the Nokia Support and they will answer the solution for your problem.
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    Re: Question for Symbian Anna Update/Apps

    I think that Kickapoo is talking about the hard reset. But before moving to hard reset, you must try to do the soft reset to your phone. You can do this by just dialing *#7370# from your phone....
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    Re: How to restore Nokia X6 mass storage

    I assume that you have done the backup from C memory to E as there is no other way to do this. Therefore, if you are not having the backup as of Ovi Suite to your computer then I think that you have...
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    re: Is Nokia X2-01 push email really works?

    I would like to tell you that nokia is working on two new solutions for the mobile operating system Symbian S60. The first one is called Nokia Email, which is I am going to talk now and the second...
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    Re: Nokia X6 Calendar is one day behind

    I think that you have set the Automatic time update off in your phone and that is the reason for this issue. So what you can do is, just go to the clock settings and from there set the Automatic time...
  26. Re: “Shuffle/Repeat all" plays some songs repeatedly in Sansa Fuze+

    I think that you will have to reset the Sansa Fuze+ and this can cure the problem. I am not 100 percent sure that this will solve the issue but there is no problem to give it a try. So to reset that,...
  27. Re: How to use MediaMonkey with the Sansa Fuze+

    Other than the things posted above you can also back up your songs with a built-in CD and DVD burning software. Other than this there is a "Party Mode", which is prevented in that your settings can...
  28. Re: What are the available accessories for Sansa Fuze+?

    Here is the list of the most useful accessories which I am listing:

    Portable stereo speakers from Altec Lansing and Macally Peripherals.
    Bags and Bracelets from DLO, Griffin Technology, hand...
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    Re: Lost music files from Sansa clip

    There is one trick that you can try with this and that is to connect that in the MSC mode and after that just delete the file named as mtable.sys from the root directory. Once you are done with that...
  30. re: Sansa clip +: Cannot get High setting for music volume

    I don’t know about others but I found that this is having great sound and numerous functions in one compact device are still not all the benefits of the Sansa Clip MP3 Player. In addition to...
  31. Re: Sansa Clip+ is not working with 16gb Micro SD

    If the samsung 16gb Micro SD card is not working for you then the best thing that you can do is to return that to the place from where you bought that and after that get the SanDisk 16gb Micro SD...
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    Re: Sansa Clip takes long time to refresh

    There is no need to reset the device. As you are using 8 Gb card with that then this means that you are having many songs in it and so it will obviously going to take some time to all them to the...
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    Re: Sansa Clip not working

    Below are the steps that ou can try in order to get this problem resolved.

    First of all, ensure that the player is completely charged.
    Connect the player to the PC.
    Make sure the computer...
  34. Re: Home drives not mapping to the correct paths

    First try using GPO to enforce proper DNS settings under Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Network/DNS Client. Remove the Net Use command from the login script. You may use folder...
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    Re: IMEI Changer for Black Berry

    You can make use of the Radio Lab Tool which is one of the best tools available for this can help you. You can search on google for more details about this.
  36. Re: Proximity sensor not working properly in iPhone 4

    Although the problem of antenna of the iPhone has received considerable attention since the launch of the device two weeks ago, other issues have emerged, including with sensors near the phone. ...
  37. Re: How to increase volume in ACER Aspire 7551-7422

    The volume for the Acer laptop can be attuned through the volume key on keyboard. There must be an ‘up’ key which once pressed, should permit you to turn volume up. Similarly, the ‘down’ key...
  38. Re: Lenovo ThinkPad T500 turns off after Screen Unlock

    Try to make contact to the Lenovo support and ask them for the same. They will tell you that what you will have to do in order to resolve this.
  39. Re: Lenovo ThinkPad T400 turns off after connecting monitor via VGA

    I think that you will have to update the video driver that you are having and along with this, try to update the BIOS as well. This can resolve the problem that you are facing. There are some of the...
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    Re: MS Project - actual vs planned vs delivery

    You're welcome.

    As to the new question - no, I'm afraid it actually works in reverse. The summary tasks ("Main Task" in your example) will add up all of the work from the subtasks. Summary tasks...
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    Re: MS Project - actual vs planned vs delivery

    You can create an autoscheduled task with 5 days duration. (Project will calculate the end date). Set a deadline equal to your "buffer". Temporarily set the task as fixed duration.

    Create a...
  42. Re: How to make Skype video call on Flytouch 2?

    I would like to tell you that it is not possible to make the Skype video call on Flytouch 2 and this is because it is not supported Flytouch 2. It has just the Voice support. Let’s see if someone...
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    Re: PS3 Wheels vs. Controllers

    According to me you will get many of the people with the Logitech GT5 and this all a subject of individual preference and there is no benefit of having a pad instead of the wheel actually. I can say...
  44. Re: How to install overdrive directly on ipad

    I would like to tell you that the only application that is able to installed on the iPad should come from the App Store. This can be accomplished on the iPad otherwise within the iTunes in your...
  45. Re: What errors are related to light colors of PlayStation 3?

    If you found that the power status light is flashing red after you used the PS3 system for more than 3 hours then it indicated that the PS3 system is overheated. There may be many of the possible...
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    Re: PS3 backup failed with Error 80010038

    Thank you for such a quick reply on this, but I have already tried with this but also give me the same thing. Please give me some alternate solution to this.
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    Re: How to root Palm Pre?

    My suggestion to you is not to "root" the Palm Pre at the start. If you want to do that then you should download and go through the instructions that are there in the Preware Homebrew Documentation...
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    Re: O!Play HD2 USB Dongle Support and tips

    There are ASUS USB-N10 and ASUS WL-176G V3 which is supported by this. Other than this, there are no additional settings required by this. All you have to do is just plug in that and then Choose your...
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    Re: File limit in Samsung TV media player

    According to me, this problem is related to the total number of the files in the folder hierarchy at a level and not the number of files within the total hierarchy. In my case, I am having many...
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    Re: Nokia N900: Full Portrait Desktop

    I would like to tell you that the Package is based on the cssu hildon-desktop package and it indicates that this will include the new features. You will get the enhanced task navigator through...
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