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    Re: Will iPhone 5 has any 3D screen support

    There can be possibilities that this new device will be better and enhanced. I am not sure about the 3D screen, but somehow I would like to have that iPhone. I not sure how this will exactly work.
  2. Re: Plymouth Manager not working in Linux Mint

    I was trying the same. Then I gave up and re-installed Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop. Cinnamon itself is a awesome operating system with nice appearance. I hope you do not need any kind of theme...
  3. Re: Will i get Jelly Bean Update for First Karbonn Smart Tab 1

    I dont know why people are so excited to get the Jelly Bean update :whistling As per me Ice Cream Sandwich is the best OS (after the most stable Gingerbread). There are still many apps those dont...
  4. Re: Performance gain by overclocking EVGA GEFORCE GTX 690 Extreme GPU

    You can try Afterburner for that. Download this tool and run it. It is right that you can overclock only under limit. The maximum gain will stay below 80Mhz. It will help you to gain some more...
  5. Re: Where is World’s biggest database storage systems

    Google is not the biggest database storage system. Though it provides solution to almost every kind of query it is not the biggest.
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    Poll: HTML4 vs. HTML5

    Before starting with HTML 4 VS HTML 5, first we should know about HTML.HTML that stands for Hypertext mark up language, is basically used for presenting content on the Web. Its a mark up language...
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    Re: Hp Printer B110a network connection problem

    The manufacturer of your printer has an IP address configured by default. It is in the documentation provided with . As there is no chance whatsoever (or an address between...
  8. Re: Qosmio X505-Q870 Graphics Constantly Crashing

    According to the manufacturer and model portable form of the memory card and connector can be different. The solution is to check the model to use depending on your computer manufacturer's website...
  9. Best way to use external USB drive on Xbox 360

    I am sorry if am posting this thread in the wrong section. Actually am in need of some tips regarding using external USB drive on my Xbox gaming console. i have seen many of my friends facing...
  10. Re: Need Help With Gprs Settings For Apple Iphone 3Gs

    I have same issue since starting of April. ATT is at a loss as to why I only access the service within the 3g areas, there is no edge and no roaming at all . Took phone within the Apple store and...
  11. Re: Blackberry DesktopManager doesn't recognize paired Bluetooth Connection

    I have just done the upgradation of the software Desktop Manager v5.0.01.At the time of upgradation, it no longer detects my device through the Bluetooth. The computer detects my blackberry and the...
  12. You are currently not authorized to access this game

    Hey guys !

    Please help me from this error message which is showing that I can;t be able to play the installed gamed on my system . I have done the installation and it goes successfully but when I...
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    Re: How to use Nokia N73 as a webcam

    HI, I used to go with the Mobiola TM Web Camera for S60 third Edition v.1.0 software and it goes fine. I think , I have to try configuration from another com ports in the software on your computer...
  14. "Remember me" and "Remember password" in Java Swing

    One more post and yes on Java programming. So my concern now is being able to retrieve the most recent file a list of files in a directory and display the content . I think there are some lines to be...
  15. Thread: PDM Keylogger

    by Deandre

    PDM Keylogger

    I run the full scan of my computer and my files and that is the message I got : Proactive Defense Detected : PDM.Keylogger kernel mode memory patch. I quickly searched on the internet that it could...
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    Creating a Log-in Page With Xampp And Php

    I am using XAMPP, the IMAP support for PHP is disabled by default, which implies some version like Windows 7 error insoluble. I would like to create a user space on my website and I do not know where...
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    Java JDK 1.4.2 Keystore

    I am using JDK 1.4.2. When I changed the directory that is networked or there / jdk / bin and I did the same thing I've done locally in the directory c : / programme.... / jdk / bin to create a...
  18. Can't start any VirtualBox machines in VDI 3.1

    I had some problems with VirtualBox. I had to shrink the partition containing the vdi ( dynamic disk containing xp ). When I tried to restart, I found it was possible to run it. I am not worried...
  19. Adobe Dynamically-related files could not be resolved

    I have a little problem with Flash that I am not sure how to solve. I run a set of galleries of images loaded dynamically from XML files . I also have a number of different images ( bottom of pages ,...
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    Re: Acrobat 9.1.2 and Thunderbird

    Fine , this is what I have done to resolve . I moved into the windows registry and also gone via pretty much line by line, and actually got a couple of references to Eudora that I immediately have...
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    Acrobat 9.1.2 and Thunderbird

    I have tried to find out the solution on different forums to getting Acrobat 9 to use Thunderbird as it's email client. Doesn't seem to be any actual replies . However, I am running with a slightly...
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    Enable Single Window Mode in Acrobat 9

    Adobe Acrobat Professional a professional software for organizing efficient and secure workflow. It is not only allows you to create PDF documents and control their use but also makes it easier to...
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    From gtx 260 core 216 to ati hd 5850

    Over time, GPUs have become increasingly complex and finally become real monsters even in comparison with Processors last generation as the Core i7 and Phenom II X6. The 5850 MADD has 800 cores (also...
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    Bridge and Cache Errors - CS4

    I am using adobe CS4. An error message has been pop up " This program has performed an opration illgale and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor . " "Bridge is the...
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    Re: Booklet printing in InDesign

    :no: I am also working on mac system and installed but have little bit different as Isiah have. I am getting difficulties in the page maker but searching for the same functionality: Booklet printing...
  26. How to downgrade iPod Touch 2G from iOS4 to 3.1.3

    Many people wanted to move to the new firmware ios 4 offers more than 100 new features . And how many of you were not happy and we wanted to return to a OS jail -break older. But i want to know that...
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    Iphone + Wifi Router = Slow wifi Connection

    I have an iphone and wifi roter, I want to checks the connection speed 3G or Wi -Fi on your iPhone. The function is similar to Xtreme Speedtest and DSLReports Network Speed Test, but the interface is...
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    Cydia and PogoPlank Problem

    Probably know the software "Categories " , available for free on Cydia which allows you to store all your applications into a single icon . A new utility has just made its appearance on Cydia . His...
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    How will i get the iPhone 4 in T-Mobile

    I wanted to know if there is a trick to unlock my iPhone 4 officially knowing that:
    - It comes from T -Mobile, I bought the mobile for a long duration mission.
    - I am a customer of BT with a...
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    Jailbreak iOS4 using RedSn0w

    Redsn0w (Mac and PC ) allows ( currently ) directly to jailbreak your iPhone 3G / iPod Touch 2G in iOS4 final . A new version 0.9.5.B5 - 5 has just been made available by the dev team : It corrects...
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    Jailbreak for iPhone 4

    I say here for that the iPhone was jailbroken , but no tool to jailbreak will come out before an update of the four iOS to resolve network problems. But as said Planetbeing via its Twitter, the...
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    Laptops, SSD, Raid 5 and trim

    The TRIM can delegate part of the management of the wear of the flash memory to the operating system. Until now, even if the SSD was compatible with this technology, its use on a RAID meant that the...
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    Intel dh55hc boot problem

    I have a problem with a PC Intel dh55hc that does not boot .The motherboard is dh55hc Infinity. When I look at the diagnostic LEDs at the blockade , they tell me "Testing all memory "...So, I...
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    Adobe Reader Does not recognize any printers

    One day, I was trying to take a print out of my PDF document but got failed to do, I though there would be some problem with my printer but i used to print another document and that gone really well...
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    Iphone 3G to Iphone 4 Contacts

    I am recently purchased a iphone 4. I already had Iphone 3G. I would like to transfer all data from my old iPhone to the new ( contact , calendar , photos , downloaded applications , notes ...). Is...
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    DX58SO hanging at bootup

    Hi, i have a desktop computer at my home on which i did a fresh installation of Windows 7. Installation went fine, no probs. But now when boot the computer my hangs for a while at before booting....
  37. iPod software update server - Internet not found?

    I have received an unexpected error when I was doing the updation of my 5G 30G to firmware 1.2. Whenever, I click on Update or Restore, I received a pop-up which states that :

    Where as , my...
  38. After Installing Snow Leopard, torrent keeps stopping

    I have a problem with utorrent on Snow Leopard, when I want open a new torrent that it does not open, and even when i want to open the torrent file manually through the tab opening a torrent....
  39. Routine backup occur regardless of File/Directory

    cPanel offers an automated backup. Once installed, i will not have to intervene. Simply select the files to backup and encrypt that deals to keep them on their servers securely. Thus, your data is...
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    Automatic cPanel backup with cron and PHP

    I want to do a full backup of my site before making me hack. I make regular backups of my databases (manually or with a plugin like WP-DbManager) and my files but I recently was looking to automate...
  41. Transferring accounts from old to new server

    I want to know that how easily move a account for comprehensive database server to another collecting all user accounts (NT + SQL) with their rights respective course. For information transfer that I...
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    Shared SSL certificate issue on cPanel

    I set up my first ssl certificate (there are others on our server but I have not installed). I bought cheap by SBS Instant, since it is just for web forms.Ultimately, I get the error message.I am...
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    Tomtom one locks up and keep restarting

    I bought a TOMTOM one few months ago and now TOMTOM GPS create issue since it restarted itself and no longer recognizes GPS signal. I turn, choose the destination and a few seconds after it restarts....
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    Logitech QuickCam driver for Mac

    I have a Mac OS X 10.3.9 and I want to buy a webcam primarily for use in further communication with Skype. So i already installed Logitech QuickCam. but i did not see the drivers for Mac. what do...
  45. Pentax Optio E40 8.1 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

    I Want to buy Pentax Optio E40 8.1 MP Digital Camera. We collected and analyzed 29 expert advice and 91 user reviews from international sources. The experts noted that product 70/ 100 and users rate...
  46. Forgot lock code for LG Chocolate VX8500 mobile phone

    I am need of some urgent help. Yesterday i was changing the lock code of my LG Chocolate VX8500 mobile phone due to some personal reason and locked the phone. Today, when am trying to unlock the...
  47. Logitech LX8 Cordless Mouse battery indicator error

    I have a power indicator that flashes constantly saying that we must change the batteries in my wireless Logitech LX8 mouse. However, I replaced the mouse with a corded mouse that has been recognized...
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    HTC HD2 cannot sync with WMDC

    I have to switch to mac, I have a macbook pro with snow leopard and I should soon have a HTC HD2. I wish I could synchronize my htc but apparently my mac and mac os are not compatible. When using...
  49. Sony BDP-S300 Blu-Ray Disc Player Stops playing

    I have a BDP-S300 from Sony is an excellent basis Blu-ray but its shortcomings in management level formats Audio and dynamic interactivity eventually paralyze the user. And in this price range,...
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    Re: Google Calendar on Samsung S5560

    Thanks for discussing this important topic friends. Am having a similar problem too with my phone browser's bookmarks. Whenever am trying to open some of my saved bookmarks of my mobile like...
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