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  1. Re: Windows Store stops in Windows 8, says not connected to internet

    You can easily try to solve this problem by pressing the Windows Key + R key on the keyboard and then type msconfig. After that choose Normal Startup and then press apply. Now you simply have to...
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    Re: navigation software on Windows 8

    I dont think that there are too many apps for navigation purpose for Windows 8 tablet, but still you can try to search for some apps in the windows app store. So try to open the Metro Screen and go...
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    Re: navigation software on Windows 8

    After searching for some GPS software I found the Microsoft Streets & Trips navigation software for your tablet. You can use it with an external Bluetooth GPS receiver on your tablet which is running...
  4. Re: How to enable Charms Bar in Windows 10 Technical preview

    I am thinking that the if you use the mouse and move it the pointer to the top right or bottom right then you will find that it has been disabled but it will still work with touch screen swiping in...
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    Re: RamDisk for Windows 8

    I am thinking that your computer is using less RAM because of any SSD that you are using. If you are using any SSD then the prefetch is simply turned off so windows might have a lot less to put in...
  6. Re: Powershell has stopped working error in Windows 7

    This problem that you are facing could occur when the broken version of Hotfix 979744 is installed on your computer, and when security update 2449742 or 2446709 (part of security bulletin MS11-028)...
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    Re: opening .wcl and .w01 file in Windows 8

    There was a solution given to fix your problem. First of all you will need to rename the image restore files into "init.*" keeping their former extension. After that there might be a Samsung Recovery...
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    Re: unable to sign in to Windows App Store

    Have you tried clearing Windows Store Cache in your Windows 8 computer, if not then follow the given method. First you have to press the Windows + R keys on the keyboard to open the Run dialogue box....
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    Re: how to install .net 1.1 on windows 8.1

    Even I was facing similar problems. I was using a product called The Print Shop before upgrading to Windows 8.1 but later it was not working. So, after a lot of research I found a tool called...
  10. Re: Windows 8.1 error "The stub received bad data"

    Can you please tell us what is the error code that is displayed along with the error message "The stub received bad data" that you are getting on your computer? This error that you are facing could...
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    Re: cant install Realplayer 16 on Windows 8

    That is quite weird because even I checked the Compatibility Center and it says that version 14 and 10 is compatible. But there are no version 16 metioned on the list which will work on Windows 8 or...
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    Re: software to take screenshot in Windows 8.1

    The best screenshot software that I have used so far is Screenshot Captor. It is a program to take screen captures in a simple way. It has many features and configuration options. Its purpose is to...
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    Re: How to delete Real Player's system folder

    I have found a way to remove the System Folder, you need to open Regedit first and then go here HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace. Try to...
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    Poll: Re: Best Advertisement blocking software

    There are many ad blocking software available on the internet. I personally use Adblock Edge which is an extension for Firefox that is very useful and reliable, inspired by Adblock Plus. It offers...
  15. Re: cant create Windows 8 rescue disk with Macrium Reflect

    Well, I was able to use the Macrium Reflect on my Windows 8 machine and was also able to create images and rescue cd without any issues. For Rescue CD, just click on Windows PE option > Pre-built...
  16. Re: default location of Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 7

    I use Windows Photo Gallery and I usually type Windows Photo Viewer exe in the search bar that can be found in Start menu and then I right click on it and choose to open file location. If you want to...
  17. Re: Windows Scheduled Task: Unable to start task. 0x80070005: Access is denied.

    Have you checked whether the "Run with the highest privileges" option is checked or not? If not then I will recommend you to tick mark it and see the output. It is usually required by one server and...
  18. Re: Link to download Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition

    I found a link to an Office suite but I dont know whether it is the 2003 Office Student and Teachers or something else. Anyhow you can download it from this link and test it all by yourself -...
  19. Re: Unable to activate "advanced emulation" in Daemon Tools Lite

    Are you following the proper method to activate the Advanced emulation in Daemon Tools. If not then first of all try to right click on the Daemon Tools icon in the system Tray > Preferences >...
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    Re: Download Msizap.exe

    If anyone doesnt know how to use Msizap.exe file then I will explain it here how to use it. After downloading the file, you need to press Start and then in Run type cmd. After that navigate on the...
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    Re: Microsoft Office 2010 Language DLL error

    Even I was facing the same issue on my computer. I was running Windows 7 with a Student version of Office 2007 on my pc. I already uninstalled and installed Office Pro 2007 but nothing worked. After...
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    Re: get line number in Notepad and Wordpad

    Can you try to check whether the option Word Wrap inside the Format in Notepad is selected. If yes then the Status bar option will be grayed out. So you just need to uncheck the option of this Word...
  23. Re: "Turn on media streaming" button greyed out

    If you want to turn on media streaming then click Start and then click All programd and then click Windows Media Player. After that click the Switch to Library button at the top right side of the...
  24. Re: How to print playlist from Windows Media Player 12

    With the help of MediaMonkey software you would be easily able to print playlist in Windows Media Player 12. It also allows to reorganize the files on your hard drive and rename it as well based on...
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    Re: VB6 in Windows 8

    You can try to install and run Virtual Machine and then install Windows XP or Windows 7 in it. After that you can easily install VB6 on these operating systems if you want. There was a used who was...
  26. Re: Facebook Photo Sync app error "Something went wrong"

    The problem that you are facing occurs not most of the time but sometimes when there could be some server issues. The best thing you can do is to wait for sometime and then try to sync the facebook...
  27. Re: How long do you use and shut down your computer

    Even I turn off my computer evey night when hitting to bed. But if I am not doing anything in the day then I will shut down it as well. I believe that leaving it to stay up will just keep the fan...
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    Re: In Adobe Reader X, spaces in url is %2520

    Even I am facing this similar kind of problems. I have also contacted the Adobe support team but was told that I will have to pay for a support agreement to be solved. But I refused to take it...
  29. Re: Adobe Online Services cant be removed from welcome screen even after disabling it

    Well, if you want disable features then you will have to set some of the values from this regsitry key - [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\(product name: Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat...
  30. Re: The new version 10.1 of Adobe player got installed on my computer

    Hello friend, I went through their problem and they are really very afraid of your data and your PC. There is a time a problem in the use of any product in the beta. Beta version are the products...
  31. Re: The new version 10.1 of Adobe player got installed on my computer

    Try to install the player by removing the Add / Remove Programs and download and install the new. This will help you delete all files that were present in which it was damaged to my knowledge. There...
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    Re: Troubleshooting drivers of HP DeskJet

    As happened with the hardware, you will be much easier to solve a problem if you know where. For that, you find the pattern that caused it. This can be installed a program, browse the pages that were...
  33. Re: HP 1315 printer driver for windows 7 compatibility issue

    If you don’t find the any driver for Windows 7 on list of drivers, then I would like to suggest you to install the Windows Vista on your system and so that you can solve your issue. Some time...
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    Re: Need driver for HP Photosmart 3210

    I have gone through this same issue and I have tried lots of solution but none of them helped me to solve mine issue and finally I decide to contact the manufacture and they are solved mine issue. So...
  35. Re: Need driver for HP Photosmart c4580 on Mac OS X 10.3

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this you need to have internet connection on your system. If you have that then go to the HP official...
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    Re: Need driver for hp Photosmart c4280

    Far as I know everyone get drivers CD, along with other accessories to buy the new printer. It must also have received the CD driver HP Photosmart C4280, when you bought your new printer. So we need...
  37. re: Media Center won't work due to Conexant 23880 Video Capture and Conexant 2388x MPEG Encoder.

    I have faced the same problem in the system of the mines, and after a long search I found the solution. I'd suggest updating the driver and to be able to solve your problem. First, go to Device...
  38. re: Need drivers for Chicony webcam on Toshiba Satellite A305-S6843.

    I have gone through this same issue and I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. Go to the windows Explorer and under that go to the C drive. Now on the C...
  39. Re: Need windows XP Drivers for hp pavilion dv6-3124er

    The thing is, for the driver software it needs to go to Internet, otherwise you can contact the dealer from whom you bought your PC / Laptop. If not have Internet access, you can go to cafes or may...
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    Re: Need sound driver for Compaq Presario c795tu

    Hello friend, in my opinion does not have to worry about these issues. Anyone who missed his second CD, and no big deal. If you encounter problems installing the sound driver, I have a solution for...
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    Re: Drivers for Toshiba Satellite L300

    The leading manufacturer of Laptops that is Toshiba in the Globe has come up with a new model L300 for its users. They had come up with four models in L300 series. They are ST2501, ST3501, ST3502,...
  42. re: Toshiba Satellite C55D-SP4131L Drivers needed for Windows 7

    New Latin American Model of Toshiba is launched. It’s a great launch, but they do not have drivers for Windows 7. If anyone is looking for these drivers I would suggest them to visit the technical...
  43. Re: Hotmail saved Files are not appearing in windows explorer

    In my opinion I think your c drive some files are hidden and so that I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your all issue. To do this go to the windows explorer...
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    Re: My zune some time won’t turn on.

    In my opinion, is a wonderful device for you, apparently the Zune 2.5 software will also remain in the new review, but still no confirmation? The updated player price is not known, but could leave...
  45. Re: At the time of hardware updates the Zune HD lost internet connection

    Should probably do the basic checks first. Make sure if your wireless Internet connection is functioning correctly or not. Make sure you have associated the HD to Zune Wi-Fi network. You can cross...
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    Re: Unable to play mp4 movie on Zune Software

    I would like to suggest you to restore your Zune device software and so that you can solve your issue. to do this go through the following steps:

    Situate the Hold Switch to unlock.
    Press and...
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    Re: Unable to play song on Zune 32 GB HD

    You must synchronize the songs on Zune Marketplace. As you may have not sync after doing the grading above, you are getting the Zune 32 GB HD problems. If you must have taken the songs on the disc...
  48. Re: Getting error code 0x80070643 while installing Zune 4.7

    In my opinion you have registration corruption issues on your installation and I would like to suggest you to install the registration cleaner. To download this makes click here. Now once you finish...
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    Re: Unable to sync on Zune, error code: C00D124D

    Hey dude, you need to check first, the Zune software settings. See, sometimes the Zune software setting can be changed due to the virus or can be for different reasons. So, if you modify the setting...
  50. Re: Error code: 0x800040005 while opening Zune software

    I have gone through this same issue and I would like to suggest you to uninstall zune software and after that reinstall the zune again. To uninstall zune go to the following steps: first make hit on...
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