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    IBM ThinkCentre keeps restarting

    I am using a IBM ThinkCentre MT-M 8183 model computer. It was working fine till now but recently when I left it running for a while and came back then I was getting an error message stating "PXE-E61...
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    Re: Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD not detected

    Alright, I will try to connect it in my friends pc today and run CrystalDiskInfo tool to test the SSD.
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    Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD not detected

    I recently purchase Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD 240GB and connected it and installed Windows 8.1 on it and also copied some games. Everything was working fine but yesterday when I turned on my computer,...
  4. best between Corsair Dominator Platinum and Kingston HyperX Savage memory

    Can anyone tell me which is the best RAM sticks between Corsair Dominator Platinum and Kingston HyperX Savage with both running at 2400mhz speed? I will be using this on Asus board with Intel I7 Core...
  5. Gigabyte GTX 780 Ti error "Display driver stopped responding"

    I just made myself a new computer build with GTX 780 Ti and I am continuously getting error message "Display driver stopped responding" when playing a game and the computer locks completely. When I...
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    hiding system tray arrow in Windows 8.1

    I am running Windows 8.1 on my computer. I want to know a way on how to make the System Tray arrow transparent on this operating system. As you all know, this various icons stay on this system tray...
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    Radeon R9 290X graphics card crashing

    I recently bought Radeon R9 290X video card 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I was trying to play Assassins Creed Unity on my machine and was facing to much of stuttering problems. So, I quit it and started...
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    Antec HCG 400W for HD 7870

    At this moment I am having a very old graphics card which is not good enough to play recent games. My computer can barely run Battlefield 4 on low settings which gives me only 20-40fps. I was...
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    removing GS Supporter 1.8

    I dont know how my computer got infected with the GS Supporter 1.8 virus. When I was scanning my pc with the AVG antivirus then it says that it is in my disc C or something. I went to the path and...
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    best between Teamviewer and LogMeIn

    I have a Windows 8.1 64bit laptop and I live in India. One of my cousin lives in the US and he has a HP laptop that is also running on Windows 8.1 64bit. He uses this laptop for basic purpose like...
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    getting rid of Dmwu.exe IBUpdaterService

    I am having some virus problems in my computer. Recently I ran Malwarebytes and it found somethine called on my pc. There are also some problems with fake toolbars in my pc and a malware called...
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    TheCrew.exe has stopped working

    So, I have recently downloaded The Crew from Steam and have installed it on my pc properly. After launching this game I am able to play it but soon after every 5 minutes The Crew game crashes to...
  13. Unidentified Network problem with new Tikona internet connection

    I have recently got a new internet connection from Tikona and have already paid in advance for 6 months. After this connection was installed I am continuously facing regular problems of Unidentified...
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    Assassin's Creed Unity unlocked already

    I have checked some random post on different forums and even on Steam that Assassin's Creed Unity for pc is already unlocked for few gamers without any reason. Some people who got the retail copy are...
  15. Paypal page badly formatted in Firefox browser

    There is a website which automatically redirects me to the Paypal Sandbox website in Firefox browser and site page doesnt look very good, all text and link are badly formatted. When I am opening the...
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    Sony PRS-950 battery needed

    I am looking for a new battery for my Sony PRS-950 ebook reader. The current batery model number that I am using is 7/8" long and 3/4" wide and it is also very thin like 1/8" approximately. When I...
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