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    Re: Antec 1200 vs Antec 900 case

    As far as I can tell, the Antec 1200 case are very much similar to the Antec 900 case, so better get the 900 case because it will cost you less compared to the heavy price you pay for the 1200 case....
  2. Re: android device not getting recognized via usb with recent Windows 8.1 updates

    This seems to be a problem with the driver or an improper driver allocated issue. First of all enable USB debugging mode and then go into Storage and press Meny USB connection and make sure that usb...
  3. Re: cannot copy more than 2-3gb of data on Kingston MicroSD card

    If you have bought the MicroSD card recently and think that it is faulty then you can try to replace it since it will be in warranty. Other than that since it is a MicroSD card it doesnt have that...
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    Re: Antec VP630F for GTX 770 graphics card

    Well, if you are not looking to overclock your system then you can also buy the cheap Corsair CX600M power supply. This PSU remains very quiet once you boot your pc. You will hardly notice any fan...
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    Re: error code 0x000006f7 installing printer

    Can you try to enable or disable network discovery and see if that works. To do that open Advanced sharing settings by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box,...
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    Re: Samsung 840 EVO vs Kingston V300 240gb SSD

    Can you tell us for what purpose you are going to use the SSD? Whether for gaming or booting operating system on it, no doubt, it will boost up your system. Most of the different SSD will perform...
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    Re: Leadex Gold 650W vs Antec TruePower 650W

    You can also check out the XFX 650W XXX Edition 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular Power Supply. This PSU seems to be the best power supplies in the market and it has got itself made by Seasonic as well. It is...
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    Re: SeaSonic M12II-520 Evo vs Antec HCG-520M PSU

    If your processor is Haswell then let me tell you that the SeaSonic S12II-620 is not compatible with the Haswell processor however the Antec HCG-520M is Haswell compatible. Still all this PSUs are in...
  9. Re: Corsair Vengeance 2100 vs Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

    Even I agree that the Kingston HyperX Cloud is a very comfortable headset which sounds awesome. The price of this headset is also worth it as compared to many other good headphones. You will recieve...
  10. Re: Cooler Master Thunder M 620W vs Antec HCG M 620W

    I would suggest you to go with the Antec HCG M 620W Power Supply. The best characteristic of this psu is that it has a very good voltage which remains fairly stable. Since it is a modular psu, the...
  11. Re: kingston microSD card error "Unsupported type or empty SD card"

    After reading your post, it seems that the Kingston MicroSD card that you have is corrupted. It might be possible that you could have got a defective card in the very first place. And since it is not...
  12. Re: Kingston DataTraveler pen drive without any space even after reformatting

    Can you try to use diskpart to format your flash drive and see if that works. To do that launch command prompt in admin mode. After that type diskpart and press Enter. Now, type list disk and press...
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    Re: cannot paste anything on USB flash drives

    It looks to me that there is some virus which is affecting the copy-paste work. Have you tried to scan your laptop with any antivirus program? If there are any malware in your laptop then you can...
  14. Re: Antec HCG 750M Power Supply making loud noise

    Can you tell us what is the plastic connector attached to? Do you mean to say that something is connecting to the Power Supply or is it something attached to the computer case only? In any case you...
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    Re: Kingston pendrive shows 0 mb?

    Can you tell us whether the file system of the Kingston pendrive that you have is showing as RAW? If yes, then you can simply perform an elevated prompt format option. To do this you will need to...
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    Re: Seasonic SS-400BT vs Antec VP450 PSU

    The Seasonic SS-400BT power supply is also a good choice. Anyhow Antec VP-450 can be allowed for a GPU upgrade to the "R" series Radeon graphics card. This psu is also not very costly and you get a...
  17. Re: getting "Restart to repair drive errors" in Windows 8

    I would suggest you to check the drive installed in your computer with some hard drive diagnostic tools. There are many that you can get, among them is Seatools. This software is a complete...
  18. Re: LG Launches W1941S LCD Monitor 18.5-Inch Widescreen in India

    I was looking for an inexpensive computer screen with a good display quality and after choosing this W1941S model it is more than adequate for the price I must say. I am satisfied with the quality of...
  19. Huawei Ascend W3 with Windows Phone 8 GDR3 may finally be announced at CES 2014

    Huawei remains one of the few supporters of the Windows Phone platform now that Microsoft has already purchased the mobile industry Nokia. Its model Ascend W3 could finally be announced at CES 2014...
  20. Re: computer freezes after installing Samsung SSD 840 EVO

    Even I had a similar problem but later I was able to solve it. You need to power off your computer and then disconnect the power lead. After that press and hold down the on/off button on your...
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    Re: Kingston HyperX 3K vs Intel 530 ssd

    Since Kingston HyperX 3K is a little more costlier and also it has a warranty period of only 3 years then I will recommend you to go for Intel 530 SSD which is lower in cost offering 5 years of...
  22. Re: problem after upgrading firmware on Corsair Force Series 3 SSD

    Can you both try to install the latest firmware freshly and see if that helps. To do that, first update the firmware on your SSD to the latest version and then update the BIOS of you motherboard as...
  23. Re: blue screen with Corsair Force GT 480GB SSD

    Disable Pagefile for the SSD and see if it solves the problem. Can you try to disable the Pagefile for your Corsair Force GT 480GB SSD and check if that fixes the problem. To do that, go to Start...
  24. Re: gaming mouse problem in Windows 8.1 preview

    I am experiencing this problem currently with my Logitech G9x mouse which is running with Logitech Gaming Software 8.50v. Games such as Battlefield 3 is working properly with Source Engine type of...
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    Re: Antec 520W for Radeon R9 280X TOXIC

    Well, you can even try to get the SeaSonic S12II 620 Bronze 620W ATX12V V2.3 / EPS 12V V2.91 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply which will more than enough to run the Radeon R9 280X...
  26. Re: Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901 problem in Windows 8

    To get this printer working in Windows 8, you will have to go to Print Management. After that on the left side click Print Servers > User (local) > Printers. After that on the right side, right click...
  27. Re: Samsung 256gb 840 pro ssd problem with gigabyte motherboard

    What you can do is try to take the CMOS battery out to clean the CMOS and then only attach the SSD and dvd drive. Do not connect any other hard drive. Now go into the BIOS and then set the DVD drive...
  28. Re: Chill Control software problem with Antec Kuhler 920

    Yes, even I agree that you should download KUHLER Chill Control V1.2 software from here and install it on your pc. Then go to the device manager and find the device that could be having the yellow...
  29. Re: Logitech T650 Wireless Touchpad drivers for Mac

    I dont know whether this T650 is supported or not but you can try a tool for Mac called BetterTouchTool which is a is a free utility that offers many additional settings for the latest MacBook...
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    Re: upgrade cabinet fan for Antec P280

    You can try to go with Xigmatek AOS (Aeronautical Oil System Bearing) XAF-F1255 120MM PWM Fan with Copper Bushing Axis Black Blade White LED that will cost you $16 approx. It is a quite cabinet fan...
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    Re: HP Compaq 6830s battery failed

    First you need to check if the fan is working. If the fan is running when the CPU gets hot, then there should be a fan problem. If the battery is actually taking a charge, but it seems that the...
  32. Re: HP Officejet 7139 printer not working on windows 7

    Examine the printer for any previous work on the printer jammed. Previous jams, torn paper, printing of ticket or extra overseas substance in the printer can reason paper jams reappear. Do not mix a...
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    Re: HP Officejet J3680 cartridge error

    i have gone through this same issue and i would like to suggest you to check the USB cable that attached to the printer and the your computer. Most of the time you get this error due to the...
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    Re: HP LaserJet 2840 Cartridge not working

    I think your issue occurs due to the expiration date of the cartridge is finished. Most of the time refilling cartridges has validity and so I would like to suggest you to check validity of the...
  35. Re: HP 2840 scanner is not recognized by the computer.

    I think you have issue on your router and so I would like to suggest you to configure your router and after that go through your issue. As you said you have upgraded the windows and therefore you...
  36. Re: Getting error code:” OxC19A0035” on HP Photosmart plus B209a

    I think the printhead installed incorrectly, or that no traces of ink or the electrical contacts of the printhead. Follow these steps to check and clean the printhead.

    First press the power...
  37. Re: Black & white printing only from HP Officejet pro 8500A

    I have gone through this same issue and I goggled out lot of solution but I didn’t got the any solution but after that I have reconnected mine all connection and after that mine issue was get...
  38. Re: HP psc2175 printer not working on windows 7

    Well the problem is clearly in the drivers for your system. And here is to install the same, but make sure before you are installing the drivers that fixed the latest version and get to the...
  39. re: HP Photosmart c2680 printer grayed out in printer properties

    I have faced the same issue and this may be due to some problem of connection may be faulty USB port on your computer, printer or defective USB cable. This can also be the problem of printer driver...
  40. Re: HP Photosmart 8250 printer error:”ink systems failure, error # oxc18A0408”

    I would like to suggest you to repair your ink cartage. To do this follow below steps the steps:

    discover the cartridge taking care not to break
    remove the cartridge and cleaning sponges
  41. Re: Unable to take color print on the HP Photosmart C7280

    I have also this problem, recently bought the Macbook and the new HP Photosmart C7280 printer. I also call Apple support and do what the candle, but I cannot get my solution. I was told to download...
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    Re: HP Photosmart C8180 Printer showing Offline

    At the same time so that other users can attach to print on a wireless LAN, which are required to enable print sharing on the laptop computer that hosts the printer. Primary, you have to go to...
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    Re: HP DeskJet F4480 wont scan

    Try this; I hope that no doubt will work. Because it was against him last week after Google on this topic. I searched a lot on this, then one of the sites I have the solution. I definitely sure it...
  44. Re: HP Officejet 6500 Wireless Scan is not working on Macbook Pro

    I would say just follow certain steps to get away from the problems they face. What you need to do is go to applications and then click HP Uninstaller. And then it must still click continue. After...
  45. re: Getting error message:” remove and check color cartridge” on HP2610 printer.

    I would like to suggest you to reset your HP printer and after that you can solve your issue. To do this go through the following steps:

    push the power badge to turn off the device.
  46. Re: HP Officejet J4680 Series Disconnected on windows 7.

    I would suggest to uninstall it again before uninstalling the printer off, and once you think you have uninstalled the whole thing, home use, devices and printers as well as to highlight one of the...
  47. Re: How to install HP Photosmart 375 on windows vista

    I think before you download the driver from the website, you need to check out the printer by connecting to the new team and try to turn it on and see that Windows 7 can detect and map the printer...
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    Re: Unable to connect HP OfficeJet 6500 printer

    If you have problems connecting HP OfficeJet 6500 printer and system which means that some software problems. I this case you have to do the correct version of the operating system selection win7 and...
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    Re: HP C4385 Wireless not working

    This error may be associated with unacceptable driver installation. Otherwise, it is likely that the driver installed on your computer is contaminated, so is showing you that problem. So my...
  50. Re: Cannot Eject through Right Click in My Computer and missing Safely Remove Hardware

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this you need to follow the following steps: first go to the start and after that make hit on the control...
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