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  1. getting 1 mbps speed on BSNL broadband 4mbps plan

    I have just taken a BSNL broadband internet plan of 4mbps and I am receiving only 1 mbps speed. The pings also looks to be stable but there is only the internet download speed problem. I have...
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    Gigabyte Z87X-HD3 usb 3.0 problem

    I am recently picked up this motherboard and when I am trying to install the intel usb 3.0 drivers then everytime all the usb port stops working including the usb 2 ports and front ports. I can...
  3. Counter Strike servers makes MTNL ping high

    I am using MTNL internet for quite some time and whenever I join any counter strike servers then the ping increases to 50 or above. I even called a guy from MTNL who changed all the wires but after 2...
  4. Antec VP450 or Corsair CX430 V2 power supply

    I am using an AMD processor on my Asus M5A97 motherboard with 2gb of RAM. I am looking to buy a budget power supply for my computer system. So, I was looking at the Antec VP450 or the Corsair CX430...
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    Magic 2015 crashes to desktop

    I recently purchased this new card game called Magic 2015 from Steam. The installation went fine but as soon as I try to launch this game then basically 2 windows opens with 'DotP 2015 splash' and...
  6. even after replacing mobo and psu, computer wont boot

    I have build up a Media Center PC. I was having major issue with my system so I purchased and replaced the motherboard and power supply of my computer. But even after replacing the computer is still...
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    Windows 8.1 Glass Theme download

    I am trying to download and install a Glass Theme on my newly updated Windows 8.1 operating system. I have read that if we update to this latest operating system of Windows 8 then the Aero Visual...
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    Which microSD card for Sony PRS-T3?

    I am looking to purchase a new MicroSD card of 32GB so that I can move all the library onto it and thus avoiding to connect to the computer quite often except for the new purchases. Can anyone tell...
  9. multiple link extractor program for windows 7

    I am looking to extract multiple urls from some websites and for that I have looked into many link extractors but they are only able to extract from one page at a time. I am just seeking to extract...
  10. EAMCET cut off marks and rank to get in Top 10 Engineering Colleges

    I have recently completed my HSC examination and have also wrote EAMCET. I got a rank in 10000+ in the EAMCET examination. So, I wanted to know in which top 10 engineering colleges can I apply for?...
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    blue screen with Kingston HyperX 3k SSD

    I recently put in a new Kingston HyperX 3K 240gb SSD in my computer but soon after that I am having too many problems with that. Most of the time many software will freeze up even though I can still...
  12. Re: TechArena and Kingston 'The Furious Four Contest'

    How HyperX Fury is The Next Gen Gaming RAM?
    The HyperX Fury RAM is the best memory ever. This RAM has a very great overclocking ability. The RAM overclocks automatically and thus we can enjoy...
  13. Can I use mac osx on my pc built on GA99XAUD3

    Guys, I am bit carried out by the idea of installing mac osx on my PC. Is there anyway I could install it on my pc. I have the motherboard(GA99XAUD3) and processor(FX8350), Graphic Card(MSIN260GTS)...
  14. Can I use the overclocking mode continuously in GA99XAUD3 mother board

    Guys, I have bought motherboard(GA99xAUD3). I have been wondering if I could you use it in overclock mode or turbo mode continuously.
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