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    Re: How to get Firefly in Kindle Fire HD 6

    Even I got Firefly option in my Kindle Fire HD6 device. I dont know what it is used for because I havent played with it too much yet. The least that I have found is that it recognizes pets and also...
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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 dead, ways to recover?

    It might be possible that someone might be slipped your Kobo Arc 7 ebook reader and the micro-usb connector could be lifted from the circuit board and inside the ribbon cable might be ripped. So, you...
  3. Re: How to turn off Archive indexing in WordPress

    You can try removing the urls if you want through Google Webmaster tools. There you can find the list of things you want. All you have to do is login to the webmaster tool. And from the left you can...
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    Re: hiding system tray arrow in Windows 8.1

    Well, I think that you will need to edit the .msstyle with a resource hacker tool such as the UxStyle_Core and then make the image transparent by editing it in the software. So, you will also have to...
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    Re: remove demo software from Kindle Fire

    Most of the Kindle Fire ebook reader usually come with a restore to factory option in their settings but in the demo units this part of the settings is kind of locked out. I also found out that once...
  6. Re: What kind of pc is good for php programming

    Well you don't really need a very high end system for that. Here a first generation Core i3. I have this one at my home with 2GB RAM and things work goes well here. It is good to add a good amount of...
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    Re: Kindle Fire HD7 carousel issue

    It looks me that you might have your ebook reader option set up to show everything in your Amazon Cloud. You just need to set each category on each Kindle Fire HD7 to display only the things loaded...
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    Re: question with margins on my Kobo Aura H2O

    If you are looing to convert to kepub to change the top and bottom margins then you should note that the built-in kepub bottom margin is exactly the same size as the built-in epub bottom margin. You...
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    Re: Hidden Folders in Kindle Fire HD

    Did you try to go into the downloads file? Can you also try to ask this querie to Amazon Kindle support for some help? Usually if you have downloaded a digital download then I wont do it since I know...
  10. Re: How to lock all download files on Wordpress

    If you sell your download then you can try using Easy Digital Downloads. This plugin is very impressive and it gives you a nice way to download files. You can configure different payment gateways on...
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    Re: Difference between Wordpress 3.7 and 3.8

    Sometime it happens when you blindly update to a new version some plugins in the website stop working. I had always face this problem when I am on a new wp site. Many of client complain about plugin...
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    Re: Desktop Android app maker for Windows PC

    I do not think there is any desktop based app available for development of Android apps. You have to use a online one and many of them are chargeable. If you want to checkout a free one then you can...
  13. Re: What is the best way to test a speed of website

    I use a website name as feed the bot. This site is really awesome and gives you lot more information about your site status. Feed the bot has different tools in them. Google Page speed is one of it....
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    Re: script to get MAC address info. from DHCP

    I dont think that you will be able to get the Mac Address information via DHCP. Normally DHCP artibutes IP from MAC and it is not the other way around. IP to Mac coversion is done by ARP and its the...
  15. Re: LG Launches W1941S LCD Monitor 18.5-Inch Widescreen in India

    For more than 3 years I have been using this LG W1941S monitor in my office and I just love to work on it. It has a very good performance. There are many graphical work that I do and for that a nice...
  16. Re: Need a bit information on Javascript Object

    I am going to list you a books here. That can give you more information about learning Java. The name of book is Java 7 for Absolute Beginners. This book is really amazing for those who just want to...
  17. Re: What is Google launching in July 24th Press Event?

    I am eagerly waiting for this event as most probably they will launch the next Android version, Android 4.3. This was about to be revealed in the Google Developer conference two months ago in May but...
  18. Re: Which text editor will be great for writing website codes

    I will stick with Notepad++. I am using this from long time and I am quiet use to the same. It is extremely easy to use. It is having some kind of error detection which tells use in red if the code...
  19. Re: Looking for some excellent books on best coding practices

    I am giving you a link below that offers you nice coding techniques on clean codes. The link below has more references to understand well about coding practice here. It is great for both beginner and...
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    Re: Is it worth to go for HTML5 right now

    HTML5 is good for multimedia, offers great accessibility, works on various platforms, has a much cleaner code, and improve interaction. There are many features which I am missing here. The language...
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    Re: What does Link Wheeling means

    Link Wheel consist of some regular process to follow. It starts with location relevant keywords first. Then you have to on the internet and search for websites which has those keyword or which are...
  22. Re: How to create a simple widget for Android Devices

    Try Widgetsoid if you are looking for a free widget app. This app is available for android. Whatever apps mentioned above does not allow you to develop a android widget. But through them you can...
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    Re: Looking for information on Linux Process

    You will need a task manager kind of tool that can give you information on the current project. Every process in Linux is usually identified on the basis of Process ID. This is unique for each task....
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    Re: Good Ebook Software with templates

    If you want to share the files on web then you will need to go with a standard format. In pdf or ebook reader you have to work more in creating all those files back again. While you can do one easy...
  25. Re: Wishtel Ira Comet HD vs Micromax Funbook Pro

    Yeah, thats correct. Thats the only difference but there is a doubt as well. As i checked on Wishtel's official site, they say there is only 1.3 MP rear camera, whereas various sites have mentioned...
  26. Re: Ecoxgear waterproof bluetooth speaker for $99

    They might be not interested. I own a iLuv Boom Cubes that came for $30. It is fine square speakers with reasonable sound. But then I saw this waterproof speaker from Ecoxgear. They are had not...
  27. Re: IE 10 missing from my Windows 8, can i install it separately

    You can get it for download anywhere. Only thing you can do is re-install entire windows , If it is SO IMPORTANT for you :cool: I am too using Windows 8 and i must tell you that i dont even open IE...
  28. Re: Windows Server shared drive unaccessible on Linux Mint

    It looks that you are not making a proper configuration because of which you are not able to locate the right shared space. Here is a manual method you can go for. First open Network Places click on...
  29. Re: Google plans to take strict control on sites which provided Pirated content

    This things must be done after time interval. Google does not differentiate among sites web. It gives exposure to all and that is the reason this search engine rocks. But many smart people tries to...
  30. Re: Risk involved in downloading multimedia files from web

    Malware are the most common threat. To some extent it is not at all possible to add a virus in media file. Sites like Youtube use FLV format, while some use Quicktime content. This all content needs...
  31. Re: What does Windows Phone 8 Software Development Kit offer?

    The first thing you will notice in a Windows Phone 8 Software Development Kit is that it has development features for desktop PC as well as Windows phone. While using these development kits, you will...
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    Re: Print 4x6 Photo from Hp photosmart 6510

    I think the printer would be having some settings for that. It is as All in One printer. So the printer software can help you in that. There would be a separate option under the Scanner tool where...
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    Poll: Re: CakePHP vs. Ruby on Rails

    Another bad things about CakePHP is that it lacks Polymorphic associations like that in Ruby on Rails. I can’t say that Polymorphic associations are missing from CakePHP, they must be present...
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    Re: Tips to choose Best Boot Manager Software

    I am using Easy BCD. This is one of the best for multiboot operating system. I am here not talking about dual boot. It is the best to use and give you clear output on the screen in GUI mode.
  35. Re: What is the cost of 3D printer and how it works

    Objet is another powerful 3D printer that you can find on web. I had seen a intro video which says that this product has around 107 different materials that you can use to create a object.
  36. Re: Can VLC on Android play any kind of audio and video file

    Yes VLC can play anykind of video format and you can install that blindly. The new version which is updated on Google Play offers you the same support. It is recommended that you must install and...
  37. Re: Battlefield 3 crashing constantly with MSI GTX 580 Twin Frozr II (SLI)

    I have the same GTX 580 SLI MSI Twin Frozr II that's overclocked out of the box at 800MHz . i used to be having the casual crashes . The only way that I managed to resolve this problem is to...
  38. Re: VB script or code to open copy and paste in file

    In a simple language the above person means to say that in such programs the codes are written on the basis of the file format. Copy Program is a good option I must say. This program is something...
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    Re: How to Program Sata Controller

    For that you have to first learn how to send ATA commands to a drive with sata interface. That is actually important or else your board cannot identify the device connected. ATA commands is something...
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    Re: Allshare application for Samsung galaxy y.

    You can also use Samsung remote application to connect it to your Samsung smart TV. This application allows you to connect the Samsung TV and BD devices. You can use your mobile phones bluetooth to...
  41. Re: Samsung Galaxy W I8150 screen flashes randomly while on lock state

    Did you connect charger or earphone something to the phone? Remove it and see what it shows now? It looks like your phone is showing notification as blinking the screen light. Do you have any extra...
  42. Re: Difference between Abstract classes and Interfaces in C#

    There is a basic difference that you can check. If you are working with library for external clients you have to use abstract classes for that purpose. This have advantages as they keep getting newer...
  43. Re: How to upgrade iMac G3 from Mac OS 9.2.2 to Mac OS X

    To start a Mac on an installation CD, it must meet two conditions:

    The CD should contain an OS installation compatible with the Mac in question.

    The CD in question must be acceptable to...
  44. Re: iChat Accounts disappeared, Preferences option Grayed Out

    iChat offers two ways to set up accounts. When you first launch iChat , a wizard runs through the establishment of the complete results. Subsequently, account changes in the iChat preferences are...
  45. Re: How can users automatically login using form authentication and active directory on ASP NET 4.0?

    If you have used Form authentication before, it’s no big deal! In IIS you will need to enable Integrated Windows Authentication and disable anonymous access

    You can simply check for codes online...
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    Re: Need help in making the Native Application

    That is the Windows API operate. That is used to remove the files upon next system startup - that is what you primarily appear to be wanting. So, probably it should be of facilitate to you -...
  47. Re: Need help in retrieving and posting data to the database (ms access) from

    If you want then you can try out the below code, here the name of the table is customer information, when you will enter the customer name in one text then you will get the other information of the...
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    Re: binary and text conversion java

    There are certain tools on web which can help you for this. You will need to just find the right convertor on google. There are many programmers who had uploaded a ready to use code for this purpose....
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    Re: is it safe to delete missing shared DLL's

    I have discover that any .dll that is prefixed with the name of the application can be deleted so if you need to uninstalling is okay to do so . It is the entire of the others that reason too has ...
  50. Re: Does web designing plays vital role in e-commerce

    If the design is not attractive then the eCommerce site will be having nothing. For making your site alive and complete in the market it’s should be having the unique design and the different looks...
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