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    Re: How is DEN Broadband?

    DEN broadband is still not available in most of the metro cities, it is only available in Delhi as if now. One of my friend is using this broadband from past month shifting from MTNL. He said that he...
  2. Re: configure nokia siemens SL2_141 wifi with reliance ADSL wire with rj45

    First of all connect the modem to the computer. After that open internet browser and type and press Enter. You will be taken to the router page, just put admin in both username and...
  3. Re: how to limit broadband speed of Airtel ADSL

    Well, you can actually cross the Fair Usage Policy download and upload limit of 20GB and then your internet connection will automatically switch to the lowest 512kb download speeds eventually. Or...
  4. Re: Best Wifi Router with Modem for Reliance broadband connection

    As you have already said that you are using the landline from Reliance then I am guessing that you are actually using an ADSL connection. There might be one cable coming are your place, if I am not...
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    Re: Hathway HD Stream 3 in Pune Question

    I was also using the Docsis 3.0 HD Stream 1 plan of 50mbps with 10gb download Fair Usage Policy. After this FUP is over then the download speed drops down to 512kbps. For the first 2 months I was...
  6. Re: BSNL Home Combo ULD 999 download speed very low

    It might be possible that the ADSL profile that you have is set at 4096kbps, so it seems that you will only get a maximum of 4mbps speed and not above than that. Also, in that there might be...
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    Re: How is the AirWire broadband?

    I have taken Airwire service from my cable operator long time back. At that time they were offering a combo of 5mbps speed limit with 20gb post limit to 1mbps for Rs. 1399. So, it does seems that it...
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    Re: images on google not enlarging

    I would recommend you to use Google Chrome browser and then download one of its extension called ‘+Photo Zoom’ that makes you enable to zoom the pics on the Google Plus Profiles or Streams as...
  9. Re: cant use binatone DT 845W wifi modem installed by airtel broadband for bsnl broadband?

    First of all download the DT4W-A1.002 firmware from the below attachment. After installing the firmware, you will need to do the below:

    Tab: Interface Setup -> Internet
    Select Virtual Circuit as...
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    Re: How to use Airtel Rs 1 Entertainment Store

    Long before in this offer only videos were offered for Rs. 1 but now they have included games, music and many more things because it has become popular with Airtel users and is also very successful....
  11. Re: Which is better for cpu protection thermal pad or thermal paste

    I am using thermal paste here whic his working fine. I change that in a time interval of 6months. I think there is no necessary requirement of a thermal pad. For a regular system where you perform...
  12. Re: best among Samsung 840 Pro and Kingston V300 SSD

    With the new V300 model, Kingston has operated a new controller that gives good results. Also with the new 19 nm chips, the V300 is not always the most efficient, but it still offers benefits that...
  13. Re: ram installation problem in gigabyte H61M-D2H

    By stock settings he meant that you have to set your ram to the stock values and then run a memory tester on it, to see it doesnt produce any errors, if it does then you will need to test other rams...
  14. Re: booting issue with newly purchased gigabyte mother board. h61m-ds2

    So are you still getting the rebooting problem even after unchecking the check box next to Automatically restart. Please report back.
  15. Re: booting issue with newly purchased gigabyte mother board. h61m-ds2

    Well, in Windows XP, you need to open Control Panel and then click on System and then click on the Advanced tab and then find the Startup and Recovery area and then click on Settings button and then...
  16. Re: booting issue with newly purchased gigabyte mother board. h61m-ds2

    Since your pc is restarting then I would recommend you to disable the Automatic Reboot after Blue Screen Errors feature in your system. Right click on my computer and then go to properties and then...
  17. Re: booting issue with newly purchased gigabyte mother board. h61m-ds2

    Well, nobody until now has asked about whether there are any heating problems with the CPU or not? Did you check or tried to monitor the temp of your computer with some tools like Real Temp software...
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    Re: Skype not working on Samsung galaxy s3

    No, I haven’t heard of anything like that. However, even I see others facing same kind of issue with their Samsung galaxy s3. It seems as if this is a common issue with Samsung galaxy s3 users...
  19. Re: i cant able to create a profile in batman arkham asylum pc game?

    The game might have not got installed properly or its installation might have got corrupted. In both cases reinstalling the game will be a better idea, give it a try and post back if that...
  20. Re: HD Radeon Mobility 5650's driver causes artifacts when the aspect ratio is stretched

    Which version of windows you are running ? Is it windows 8?

    If yes, then you can try running the game in compatibility mode and check out if you are able to get rid of the artifacts there....
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    Re: Skype not working on Samsung galaxy s3

    I have installed the latest version of Skype from Google play. I have tried using it after checking "Enable Video Calls" in Skype settings but that’s not making any difference. I have tried...
  22. Re: Toshiba satelite L550-OCD wifi has stopped working

    If you are quite sure that there is nothing wrong with your home network, then this might be due to driver issue. In that case I will suggest you to uninstall and reinstall your laptops wireless...
  23. Re: Toshiba satelite L550-OCD wifi has stopped working

    It’s hard to guess your issue with the information you have provided. I want to know if you remember the changes that you might have made within that 24 hrs?? If yes, then do you doubt any recent...
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    Re: HTML5 eBooks for beginners

    Top 5 HTML5 eBooks for web designers:
    Pro HTML5 Programming: Powerful APIs for Richer Internet Application Development
    HTML5 for Web Designers
    Smashing HTML5
    Beginning iPhone Web Apps: HTML5,...
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    Re: Dirt 3 not working on windows 8

    You should have provided more information regarding your issue. “Dirt 3 not working on windows 8” doesn’t say all, I want to know if you are getting any error while launching the game. If yes,...
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    Re: Oracle PL/SQL Ebooks

    Just get the below book, it’s more than enough.
    Learning Oracle PL/SQL:
    Publisher: O'Reilly Media
    By: Bill Pribyl, Steven Feuerstein
    ISBN: 978-0-596-00180-3
    Year: 2001
    Pages: 424
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    Re: Best 2.1 speakers under Rs 2000

    Even creative have cheaper and better choices:

    Creative SBS A335 2.1 Speakers - Rs 1700
    Creative SBS A235 2.1 Speakers – Rs 1400
    Creative SBS A120 2.1 Speakers – Rs 1400
    You can spend...
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    Re: How to change Windows 8 start screen picture

    In that case you can download Stardock’s latest Windows 8 customization app called Decor8. It will help in removing the limitation allotted to user for selecting any picture they might be willing...
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    Re: How to change Windows 8 start screen picture

    It’s there in setting. There are limited color schemes and 10 stock background images you can switch between the same.
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    Re: Max overclock for AMD Radeon HD 7750

    Yes keeping an eye on the temperature is necessary. Cooler Master Hyper-TX3 CPU Cooler will be quite enough for handling the temperature that might rise after overclocking your GPU but check it...
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    Re: Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 Sound not working

    There's surely something wrong with your sound chip on the motherboard. That’s the reason you are not able to install driver for the same and you are getting “VIA HD AUDIO NOT FOUND” error...
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    Re: Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 Sound not working

    Try installing the driver manually rather than using the update feature. If you have your motherboard CD, then you can click on update, select “Install from a specific location” and point the...
  33. Re: Bing Voice Search doesn’t work in Nokia lumia 710

    First check if any latest update is available for your phone.
    Go to Settings > phone update and turn on “Notify me when new updates are found”
    You can also turn on “Use my mobile data...
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    Re: Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 Sound not working

    There might be something wrong with your sound card driver. I want to know if you have tried updating it???
    Just go in to control panel > Administrative tool > Computer management > Device manager...
  35. Re: HTC Windows Phone 8X has turn by turn GPS or not???

    As far as I am aware HTC Windows Phone 8X doesn’t have free turn by turn GPS application. Currently the turn by turn GPS application has been included up to WP7.5 and it has not been ported to...
  36. Re: USB 3.0 devices are getting recognized as USB 2.0 under windows 8

    Quite weird, hope you haven’t made any hardware changes in your system. I want to know since upgrading to windows 8 have you tried upgrading your bios?? If not, then download and install the latest...
  37. Re: Best MD (Ayurveda) colleges in Maharashtra and Karnataka

    These are best private MD (Ayurveda) colleges in Karnataka:

    ALN Rao Memorial Ayurved Mahavidyalaya
    Koppa, Distt.Chikamgalore – 577126

    AV Samiti’s Ayurved Mahavidyalaya
    (Affiliated to...
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    Re: Dell Dimension 2400 computer is too slow

    Have you tried to reset the BIOS of your dell system to defaults because there are some dell pc's that have useless setting to slow down the computer to make it compatible with operating systems like...
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    Re: Best hard drive for upgrading PS3 slim

    You can get one from the below ones:
    Seagate Momentus 1TB 5400RPM SATA 3Gb/s 8 MB Cache 2.5-Inch Internal Notebook Hard Drive STBD1000100 - Bare Drive
    Western Digital WD10JPVT Scorpio Blue 1 TB...
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    Re: X12-30107-DLM.EXE Virus or Hacker Hook

    I will like to inform you that some third party antivirus are not capable of judging exe files properly, they simply report it as Threat. However you can try installing Microsoft security essential...
  41. Re: App store on iPhone comes up with white screen

    Why don’t you all just download New App Store from the Apple website? I think doing that will be a better idea. I have downloaded it just after updating my iphone to ios6 and I haven’t faced any...
  42. Re: Error "Frequency out of Range" while running Dishonored

    Can you just let me know make and model of your monitor so that I can have better idea of your case? If your monitor is capable of displaying resolution 1280x960 than you can try setting frequency to...
  43. Re: ASUS P8P67 LE B3 Revision seems to be booting twice

    Yes this is a very common issue and i am not sure if it is with ASUS boards specifically. We have quite a few system having ASUS boards in our office and I have seen this behavior with some. Some of...
  44. Re: External hard drive appears in device manager but not in my computer

    Were you using that drive with Mac or another non-windows device?? If yes then there are possibilities that it might be having incompatible format. In such cases drive is listed as Unknown or...
  45. Re: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550's doesnt work in sli

    See if you are having another working machine around you than you can check your card in there. I think there is something wrong with your board rather than video cards. If you find your video cards...
  46. Re: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550's doesnt work in sli

    Are you having sli bridge installed in your system?? As far as I am aware not all card comes up with sli bridge and one has to buy them. If that’s not the case than try what Sha-kaal has mentioned....
  47. Re: chrome gives Http/1.1 403 forbidden error message while downloading youtube videos via I.D.M

    Try updating to IDM ver 6.12 build 20, it has been released recently and it is latest as well. Since you are using crack version you can check out for it on torrent. I have seen it there and since I...
  48. Re: Best Motherboard to overclock i5-2500k up to 4.4ghz

    If you want to attain 4.5ghz 1.34v with i5-2500k than go for “ASRock Z77 Extreme3 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard “ I think this will be smartest choice in your...
  49. Re: Intel i7-2600k overclocking stability with Prime95

    Have you checked the temperature of the processor when you try to take it beyond the 4.5 GHz. Maybe it must be rising so high that your computer must not be able to handle it. So check if it is the...
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    Re: buzzing sound on cpu cabinet

    Have you done any overclocking on your system. I would suggest you to get into BIOS and load the default values and then restart the pc and check if there is no more sound problem. Also, incase if it...
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