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    Re: What is new in Huawei Honor 6 Plus

    It is a better version. If you are looking for a good model then going for Huawei Honor 6 Plus will be a good choice. This device has a 5.5inch screen and dual camera. It is a mid range phone. This...
  2. Re: Moving more than 1GB of data in Android storage through FTP

    You need a direct FTP file transfer process. This will be easier and fast. For that there is only one tool that you can use. It is called as eShare. This app is available for free on Google Play....
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    Re: How to add Gujrati fonts in android

    It is only possible after rooting as mentioned above. And there is no big risk in doing that. The first thing you have to do is find the stock rom of your device. So that in case if anything happens...
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    Re: Windows 10 update for LAVA Iris Win1

    It is right that Windows 10 might require more power to work better. And on budget phone this is not at all possible to get. So here if you are having a entry level phone then no use of expecting....
  5. Re: I replaced boot animation of Note 3 and it is not working

    Note 3 is quiet buggy with boot animation. I had also tried doing that but it fails all the time. The best thing you can do is use a custom rom that offers you different boot animation choices. It is...
  6. Re: Which smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

    It is a decent watch. Ideal for those who want a secondary device for getting notification. The only benefit you are getting here is that it is compatible with Android & iOS both. You have to install...
  7. Re: When Geeksphone is coming out and what is the cost

    Geeksphone is just announced. And the cost is around 289 euros. The cost in dollars and rupees is unknown. You can just figure out how costly it would be. The phone will be available on pre-order and...
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    Re: lava iris x1 grand cwm recovery

    It is a new device and yet no one has tried to root it or install a custom bootloader on the same. The device is great and it might work really well with custom rom. But the important thing is to...
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    Re: Kobo Arc 7 HD battery issue

    It depends on your usage. If you are using internet, playing games and doing multiple task at the same time, then the battery will drain fast. The best way to extend the battery output is by turning...
  10. Re: Which are the best android tablet of year 2014

    If you need something bigger in size then Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the best according to me. I am talking about a 2014 model. This tablet has a Octa core cpu that rusn almost all type of hgih end...
  11. Re: Which is the cheapest smartwatch in India

    If you need something with good features then have a look on pebble smartphone. They sell a $99 smart watch. It is costly but when it comes to quality I think you wont get anything better than that....
  12. Poll: Re: Android 5.0 Lollipop(L) vs Android 4.4.4 Kitkat

    All my friends have Android and all them are having Android 4.4.4 Kitkat OS on the same. I hope that in future we might get Android 5.0 update. Google must try to release a OS which can be compatible...
  13. Re: Sony E-Series VPCEH25EN black screen but orange battery light is on

    Try to disconnect the battery first. And then connect the laptop to the power adapter directly. And then try turning it on. If still there is no display then it means the laptop has some kind of...
  14. Re: Confused between buying iPad Air 2 or iPad 3 Mini

    Well I think both of them look exactly the same. I did not find much difference in the look here. There is very less difference in the thickness. And also in terms of weight iPad Mini is more...
  15. Re: Oppo will be releasing its new models today

    That is right. Oppo is working on two phone models which fall in he R series. The launch of Oppo N3 and Oppo R5 are going to appear soon and this two handset are going to bit unique in the design...
  16. Re: Which are the best budget android phone for the year 2014

    We are missing Asus Zenfone 5 here in the list. Asus introduced the Zenfone series. It starts giving you phone from a low end price rate and then slowly keeps on increasing. A worth buying device...
  17. Re: Loud buzzing noise in iPhone 6 while vibrating

    I am also dealing with the same kind of problem. It gets annoying when you keep the phone the surface. I am not able to find any settings for reducing the vibration power. Most of the time I keep my...
  18. Re: How to keep Wifi connectivity constant on iPhone 6

    Wifi issue is the most common thing here. And that is in may devices. The issue is also with the Bluetooth connection. I am dealing with both the problem. I am having two wifi connection at my home....
  19. Re: iPhone 6 Plus has the worst Screen Orientation

    I am also dealing with the same kind of issue and it is right that this phone is having a kind of worst screen orientation. I am unable to figure out whether it is buggy or it is just not properly...
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    Re: iPhone Ringer button random alerts

    Try to check the buttons and see that it is placed properly or not. Most of the time the displacement of buttons cause the issue. And it also occur if there is something stuck in it. You can try...
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    Re: iPhone Ringer button random alerts

    Try to check the buttons and see that it is placed properly or not. Most of the time the displacement of buttons cause the issue. And it also occur if there is something stuck in it. You can try...
  22. Re: What is the difference between Jolla and android

    Jolla is considered to be a fast performance phone. It is a kind of experiment and we can see how it can attract people. There are few phones that come with impressive models, but yet I am not sure...
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    Re: iOS8 more unstable than iOS 7

    It is actually true. iOS 8 is an buggy OS and many are facing the issue. Th crash rate is more compare to iOS 7 and this is mostly on those devices who had upgraded to iOS 8 from iOS 7. Some apps are...
  24. Re: What is the privacy issue with Facebook Messenger App

    It is being a issue and yet Facebook has not worked on the same. It is not easy to monitor things on the app on android phone because that can cause performance issue. Someone has found this bug in...
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    Re: What is Google One Android smartphone

    Yes I saw that news. Most of the models that fall under Android One series are around Rs.6400. Google is just trying to bring all budget models together so that people have option to choose more....
  26. Re: Vertical lines while taking pictures in Sony Xperia Z2

    Many phone have a self test things. I had seen this commonly in Samsung. You can find that somewhere in the Settings > About Device. You can find troubleshoot or self test type of thing. Tap on it...
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    Re: How does wireless charging works

    It is a new type of thing that just been started. And there are adapters that are going to be used for the purpose. This thing is called as Inductive charging. This means you can just charge your...
  28. Re: Suggestion for budget DOS based laptop for sound editing

    The above one is best configuration according to me. But if you want a more cheaper then there is one model I had seen recently. Dell 3542. This one comes under Rs.29000. It is not a high end but I...
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    Re: Poor battery life of Macbook Air

    There can be many reason behind poor battery output. It can be due to a lot of application working in the background. Now there is a Energy Saver feature available in the mac that you can choose to...
  30. Re: Blue Screen error on HP Compaq 15-s001TU

    There are two common reason behind this blue screen error. The first is a damage hardware like ram and the second is damage system file. From the software end you have to find which application can...
  31. Re: Will Xolo Q510s can be a good budget android phone

    It is essential to have a great touch quality with good design. It is good if you can wait back for the video review of Xolo Q510s. Because in that you can find how effective the phone is. You will...
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    Re: Karbonn A9+ stuck on recovery

    Rooting is a risky process. Because you might loose your device stable performance. It is always good to go with the process which is being tested and work on your device. Now to restore the things...
  33. Re: List if horror games for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

    There are ample of good games available for the android device. I agree with one thing that most of them are zombie type game. I want something that is based on tower defense. There are many horror...
  34. Re: Fake sms app cause malware warning on android

    It is good to format the tablet and then install everything back again. Backup your important stuff first. Backup your images, and other files and keep them on a folder. Then run a full factory...
  35. Re: What new features Android L is going to bring

    I had seen on some articles that android l is going to bring out some major improvement in the device battery. There will be more longer battery life if you are gong to use the same. If your existing...
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    Re: Tweaking Windows 7 for a netbook

    If you need something really lightweight and good in terms of performance then you must go with Linux operating system. You can install Linux Mint in your system. This Os is very light and fast and...
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    Re: How to install xampp on Android tablet

    There is one more similar tool which can help you to get what you are looking for and I am quiet sure this will be more simple for you to use. It is called as KSWEB. It is a free tool and it is guide...
  38. Re: Best movie manager app for Android tablet

    You can find ample of apps on Google Play. But before buying anything it is wise to test the free apps. They are also good enough to give you smart features to manage your app. I am quiet sure you...
  39. Re: No Bluetooth device detected after updating to Windows 8.1

    Bluetooth has a major issue after having Windows 8 installed. Most my Bluetooth devices stopped working after that. I am trying to troubleshoot the drivers but still it fails. I am quiet sure there...
  40. Re: What is the process to install Android L on Nexus 4

    The developer preview is just for testing purpose. So it is good to stay away from the same. That is because it is not the final update and there can be issue if this does not work. So it is a good...
  41. Re: What Apple is planning to put in the new iPhone 6

    There are lots of rumors about iphone6 on web, the fact is there is no confirmation available about its cost, features and other specification. We are also not sure about it, but let me provide you...
  42. Re: What is the best way to avoid malware on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

    It is correct that still android users are increasing and its also insecure. That is because of hackers, cyber crimes, virus etc. In order to keep your phone safe from malware the first thing you...
  43. Re: Where to find a good tablet under Rs.15000

    There is lots of other tablets which are available at lower prices, let me provide you the information. Lenovo A1000 which is comes for just Rs. 6,999, has battery upto 3500 mAH. Lava Ivory S at Rs....
  44. Re: Enough amount of ram every android phone should have

    There must be atleast 1GB ram. This is more than enough. Because Less than that can cause freezing of mobile phone. If you have a 512mb of ram and if you install a launcher on the same the phone will...
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    Re: Increasing battery life of Sony DSLR

    A DSLR comes with many additional features. You can turn them off to save the battery. You can find those things in the camera settings. Like the image stabilization. This feature simply try to add...
  46. Re: Advice on buying Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo falls somewhere at the budget of Rs.30,000. There are few more phablet at the range. Like Sony Xperia T2. It is cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo. This device gives you...
  47. Re: Wireless headset or a portable bluetooth speaker

    Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120 are big one. They are not really meant for mobile phone. They are for desktop and laptop. If You are looking for a good sound quality then it is essential that you must...
  48. Re: What is new in Facebook Messenger of Windows Phone

    The new update is specifically rolled out for Windows Phone only. This new update bring out a few things not many. One of the major benefit is performance. The app work smooth and faster than before....
  49. Re: Which one is the best quad core tablet in the market

    Above all the best tablet is Apple iPad. And it is the most successful product in the market. You had seen how blindly people buy Apple products. Because of it amazing features. It is durable and...
  50. Re: What are the additional features of Android Kitkat Operating System

    Kitkat brings out more benefit for accurate gps. That means you can now get more accurate location because here now the location settings is not just limned tot he gps. You can select from different...
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